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Work has been unbearable, decisions have been made. Moment of reckoning in about an hour. I haven't said much here because I can't lock posts.

Had my one class yesterday, archeology and ancient Egypt. Gonna love it, man. A really lot. ::nods:: I won't mind 8am for this class.

It's COLD. It's currently -4 with a windchill of -26. We're going up to 3 today! Wheeee? Fricking COLD.

So. Going to work at 9:30. Class at 10, class at 11:30, class at 1, class at 2:30, class at 5. LOL Doesn't that just sound fun? But it actually is. I hope I get into the 2:30 class!! Although the 10 class wouldn't be bad, either - more work, little less fun (movies rather than politics), but still a good class.

Tonight is my mom's chat with DynamicDuos - we're really looking forward to it. We're doing it in the s-d chat room -Lady K? Any way to save that you know of? Other than copying and pasting into an external document? <.g>

Okay, cold now. LOL Let's see, what I need to get done today:
get dressed, eat breakfast, pick up transcripts, talk to boss-lady, hit classes, stay warm, write blurb about SibShops, read for class. Really bearable, I think.

So. Of to get dressed. Need something cute and confidence inspiring today.


Good luck talking to the boss today Rina!

And, it's cold here in D.C. too. When I walked by Suntrust's thermometer this morning, we were at 14 with a wind chill of 1!!! COLD!!!!!

I hope it all went well, luv.


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