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Work has been quit! Boss-lady was pleasant and understanding. I was stunned. <.g>

{{HUGS}} to miggie and holly - thanks for the well wishes, guys! And man, Holly, I've missed you. : )

Super cold again here, today, only less so. <.g> -6 when I woke up. Um, not conducive to class-doing. Bad me! But I figure this way, I'll have to meet someone on Monday to get notes. ::nods::

Jazz was....interesting. It was better than last time, but she seems to think we know more than we do. I think it's more hip hop than anything, but I love the music. But she'll show us part of a dance, ask if it's okay, and we say yes. Then she adds to it! A really lot! And then we go, and we all get messed up, and pretty much just fling our arms out and shake. <.g> At least I'm not the only frustrated one - most of the class was quietly freaking out. LOL But I love the dancing, so I think I'll stick with it.

Super tired and unproductive today. but I packed, because I am GOING HOME tonight!! Wheee! I can't wait to see my family again. I've missed them. I hated the short break.

So, today I pick up my last paycheck, most likely grab a sandwich at Panera, deposit said paycheck, and get ready for home. I'm excited, man.


I missed you too Rina! Have a great time at home!

Whee! No more slavery at the copy shop *and* then home! Sounds great to me. :o)

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