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why not?

Lordy. I've been meaning all summer to clean out my room, since I'm here all year for the first time since we moved to this house. Today: the closet. LOL

Man, the things I found!! Like the first 421 chapters of Steal Your Heart, by BallerinaJ. What's scary is that I started skimming, and then READING. Parts of it were so good and cute and funny and I adored it! And then other parts of it sucked. Really badly. But I actually kept a few of the parts that I loved this time around. LOL

I also found a few binders of Silk Stalkings stories. Dude, I didn't even remember that I'd read any or printed them out!! I was astounded by how badly written the majority of them were. Yeesh. When I see stories like those in my fandoms now, I skip them. : ( But some were good, and so I still have a binder of Silk fic on my bed ready to be reread. <.giggle>

Then I found tons of stuff (jewelry, ceafts, pins, stickers, folders, etc) from junior high, and even when we lived in Chicago. LOL Oh, and a Spice Girls CD. Then, of course, there were the pots and pans crammed in there. Just don't ask.

But it's mostly clean now. Just have to go through all my clothes and weed out the ones I don't wear anymore. Hopefully, this will be done without bloodshed on either my part or my mother's. LOL

I watched Pride and Prejudice on A&E the last few nights. God, I adore that movie. It was the Colin Firth version - I've still not seen all of it, including, sadly, the wet shirt scene, but I live in hope. LOL My copy of the book is totally falling apart, so I think I'll grab another one at Border's tomorrow. Yay Borders!

What always strikes me about the movie P&P is how very much Lizzy looks like Kristine. Same smiley eyes and round face and curly dark brown hair. <.g> Quite a lot of fun. Have you seen it, Lady K? You'd love it, it's so romantic.

Also, pretend today is August 13: Hope you had a lovely, lovely anniversary with Eric. I was going to post a pic of you and froggie here and everything! You pop up a lot from the wedding weekend on my screensaver. <.g> I also can't believe it's been three years since I last saw you! I wish we lived closer so I could visit you again. We could crash on the couch and watch soaps together. And, did I tell you, I'm really good at making your stuffed shells now. LOL It's one of mom and mine favorite recipes from TRK, and we make it pretty often. <.giggle> So, see, I could make dinner and everything! If only, you know, I didn't have this pesky job. ; ) So, in the meantime, if you didn't see my e-mail, um, can I have your address? LOL

We watched Lizzie McGuire movie tonight. SO CUTE! I do so love it. Because I am a dork. This was our third time, and Josh knows it so well, he'd tell us what scene it was before it happened. (FIREWORKS!) <.giggle>

I'm gonna go sing What Dreams Are Made Of for the rest of the night now.

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