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Oh, my gosh! I was getting all set to post about how I quit my job today, but then I realized I don't think I posted that I had a job! LOL

So, I had a job. <.g> I started Monday. It was, uh, not for me. Segregated classroom, 7 hours of drills, almost no interkid communication, or communication period, all this stuff that gives me shivers thinking about them. My girl was sweet and cute and clapped for herself and me all the time, and gave me a standing ovation for my rendition of "Itsy Bitsy Spider" but it's not fair to her to have an aide who doesn't have the skills or ideology to best help her. I would get so frustrated, and I felt so bad for that, and I don't think I ever let her see it, but still. It wasn't fair to her at all.

So I called my boss and left a voicemail quitting today. Three days. Wow. But honestly, if I had been able to observe the class before he offered me the job, as he said I would, I wouldn't have taken it. Not in a million years.

I feel rather like a drifter this fall. Not exactly a pleasant feeling, but I'd rather feel at loose ends than be miserable. Well, I've earned about $100 to date, and we'll see how many more days I'm here (I offered to give 2 weeks notice, of course). $100 isn't enough for the 5 items currently waiting in my old navy cart, but it is enough for Gilmore Girls S1, and that's something. <.g>

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