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dance of the new books

West Wing was actually good tonight. Not great, mind you, not even close to S1 or S2, but I enjoyed it and will be coming back next week even though the previews look like crap.

Not much to say about the election. Pretty much everyone has already weighed in, and we'll leave it at, I agree with you, you and you, but not you or you. ::nods:: Or, to sum it up a bit more, disappointed, angry, afraid, determined.

I focused on the pretty today. Made a new wallpaper, like the daffodil one I made a few weeks back. Only...snowier. <.g> And perhaps too busy? But I kinda like it.

Christmas letters 800x600 // 1024x768

Also played Sims last night. Lorelai, ironically enough, was playing golf with her boss. She decided to play to win, even though her boss the president really wanted to win, and he ended up promoting her to VP of the company. She went home, woo-hooed in celebration with Luke and is now pregnant. Luke is now a waiter. I don't think he's very happy. Perhaps he and Lorelai will both leave their jobs while the baby is growing up. They have quite a bundle saved up, and now Lorelai wants to sell some great book and art masterpieces.

I wonder if their house is a bit buggy - Rory does her homework every night and goes to school happy, but cannot rise above the C+ she entered school with. I know there's a problem with the dart board in the kitchen; they can't play anymore, just stand there sidewise, and I can't delete because it's "in use." I'll just have to block it.

Also fun is that Luke and Rina are always talking. In the way that Rina is always calling him on the phone. LOL Actually Lorelai and Rina really hit it off last night, too. What really amused me is that it didn't even occur to me that I was Rina and therefore I was practically stalking Luke, et al. <.g> Then I just started giggling.

Simmy pictures:

The Gilmore-Danes family. I cant find the shot, but now that they're married, he has his arms around her.

Some evening fun on the couch.

The happy day!

Luke napping while Rory reads next to him.

Lorelai's first day of pregnancy. She's yelling about how tired she is.

Yelling even more on day 2 about the tiredness. And she wasn't even that tired - barely in the yellow. <.g>

Lucy and Jem Blythe's wedding. See her bump? She was a few days pregnant with Gilbert, and ultimately was too tired to attend her own reception - she slept through the whole thing. And then decided she was too pregnant to go on the honeymoon, too, and went back to sleep. <.g>

Hit the bookstore this evening. Fuond the fourth book in the Thursday Next book series by Jasper Fforde. I am VERY excited. I also picked up an application to work there. The guy who waited on me was about my age, maybe a year or so older. He went to grab one from the older lady manager there. She promptly looked at me and said, "Are you of the age of majority?" I, eloquantly, said "Uh?" She clarified, "Are you old enough to work here?" "I'm 23!!" The guy's response? An immediate, "WHOA!!!" Yes, once again, Ipass for 16. Yay?

Also met with a librarian tonight to talk school and such. She was so nice! And after every other thing I said, she wuold repeat, "I can't believe how perfect you are for this job!" WHich is nice to hear after so many SLPs telling me I'll be a bad librarian. I'm gonna go down to her law library next week and poke around. And I think I'll ask her for a letter of rec - she seemed inclined to write one. So, yay.

So, my goals this coming week: do grad app, talk to letter writers, apply to bokstore job, find library job. Uh. Scary. Back to the pretty pictures.

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