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Christmas time is here

Our big tree is up! It looks so pretty. The last three ornaments we put on were from Disney World last January. God, I loved that vacation so much. I loved Disney so much. It was wonderful.

I can't believe it's only a week until Christmas. That's just crazy. I have one more gift to buy, and it's actually C's birthday present. Not bad. Well, and stocking stuffers for mom and dad. I'll get those in town on Monday or Tuesday.

Sesa continues. I'm over 2000 words now, double the limit, but it just wont' END. I really like it, though, and hope my person does to. I think it's turning out well, I just want it finished. I have until Tuesday ay 2am, though. LOL

GREs and transcripts are on their ways to my 4 graduate schools, and I refuse to worry about any other part of applying until January.

I wanna Sim and not write. ::whimper::

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