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Ostrich! The restaurant had ostrich!!

Years ago, when Melissa and I began our tradition of having one dinner a year at this ultra expensive restaurant, she had ostrich. (And I had the nachos appetizer because I was horrified at all the prices.) She made me take a bite of ostrich (I mean, really. *Ostrich*??) and despite myself, I adored it. And regretted not ordering it. So we went back the next year...and there was no ostrich. I lusted after ostrich while I enjoyed venison the next several years. And then came tonight.

Ostrich was back! Ostrich was back! And hot damn, was it good.

(SO was my marnier margarita that is making spelling a challenge. I say I want to drink more and stuff and then I go out and realize that it takes, like, 3 sips to get me dizzy spinny. But for the first time ever, I finished a drink here. Actually, most times when I go out I don't finish my drink. But I did tonight and it was good.)

Theme of the night was chocolate. Crabmeat tamale with mole, ostrich with mole and a mexican brownie. I'm so stuffed up that I'm gonna go watch the new GIlmore and take Benedryl and sleep. But they had ostrich! I'm so excited.

I told her my picture for that challenge and she came up with a murder suicide. Gotta love her. And then I showed her the 350 words I had - full of death and abandonment. Because of that's of course what you think of when you see empty deck chairs in a lush green summer lawn. If you're us.

I also spent my Gap gift card + $50 tonight, since it was down the block. A cute new bra, a white lacy sleeveless tank and a cute white/grey rugby hoodie. I love it all muchly. I love the Gap. And I love ostrich.

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