January 10, 2006


Ostrich! The restaurant had ostrich!!

Years ago, when Melissa and I began our tradition of having one dinner a year at this ultra expensive restaurant, she had ostrich. (And I had the nachos appetizer because I was horrified at all the prices.) She made me take a bite of ostrich (I mean, really. *Ostrich*??) and despite myself, I adored it. And regretted not ordering it. So we went back the next year...and there was no ostrich. I lusted after ostrich while I enjoyed venison the next several years. And then came tonight.

Ostrich was back! Ostrich was back! And hot damn, was it good.

(SO was my marnier margarita that is making spelling a challenge. I say I want to drink more and stuff and then I go out and realize that it takes, like, 3 sips to get me dizzy spinny. But for the first time ever, I finished a drink here. Actually, most times when I go out I don't finish my drink. But I did tonight and it was good.)

Theme of the night was chocolate. Crabmeat tamale with mole, ostrich with mole and a mexican brownie. I'm so stuffed up that I'm gonna go watch the new GIlmore and take Benedryl and sleep. But they had ostrich! I'm so excited.

I told her my picture for that challenge and she came up with a murder suicide. Gotta love her. And then I showed her the 350 words I had - full of death and abandonment. Because of that's of course what you think of when you see empty deck chairs in a lush green summer lawn. If you're us.

I also spent my Gap gift card + $50 tonight, since it was down the block. A cute new bra, a white lacy sleeveless tank and a cute white/grey rugby hoodie. I love it all muchly. I love the Gap. And I love ostrich.

November 27, 2005

That time of year

Hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving! Me, I was sick, so it was more foggy than anything. We ended up postponing until today. I can't wait for turkey! Yummy.

Before getting sick (at work, I might add, which is a pain in the ass), I hit the craft store and am ready to make Christmas cards. $150 in supplies, my friends. $150. Am I insane? Yes, I am!

I love buying presents for people. I just want to keep buying! Some people are easier than others. I'm at a loss for things for my dad, but Jennie? I'm forcing myself to not buy her everything I see that she'll love, but I know she'll love it! Decisions, decisions. Others I find one perfect thing and am satisfied. For most people, this year, they're just getting the card. But it'll be a kickass card.

I have on XM radios Classical Christmas station. Such pretty music. I finally got myself to turn off the RENT soundtrack. LOL I just loved the movie so much, and I love the soundtrack, and it's all so good. But Christmas is making me happy.

What's annoying about having been so sick is that I feel better, but I use up all my energy so quickly. 2 hours of computer and helping around the house = 3 hours nap to recover. I can't wait to be 100% again.

I checked my stats, as I tend to do months, and was stunned to see over 500 people hit this page this month. Plus feeds! Do I have a feed? People are accessing it, so I guess I do. LOL But no one ever comments.

I gave up on Nano, but finally got an idea for Sesa. Here's hoping that goes even a little smoothly. I'm so into SGA right now, it's hard swinging back into pop. But it'll be worth it on Christmas eve with all those lovely new stories to read.

September 28, 2005

sew happy

Running Stitch

need to add to sidebar

September 04, 2005

return a mi, cara mia su amor

Return to Me is airing on Lifetime now. I am so excited! I've been wanting to rewatch this movie for ages. Long time readers of this blog know how much I love and adore David Duchovny, and he made the perfect movie in my city, bless his heart. Bonnie Hunt is hysterical and the writing is fabulous and it's just a lovely movie.

Liss and I are talking about going to see the Downers Grove Plowboys play ball. They use 1858 regulations, rules and outfits. Should be a blast! Also a plus is that it's totally free, and that fits my budget perfectly.

Awwww, David and his wife are dancing to Return to Me. Always makes me cry as they segue from them dancing and happy to him bloody and running with her stretcher down the hallway, all with Return to Me playing a capella in the background. Beautiful, beautiful, and so sad.

Dad got me a new toy - an i-Dog. It dances and barks and moves in time to the music, and it's mood depends on how often you use it and what kind of music you play. How freaking cute is that? LOL

Now I have a craving for cake. LOL Perhaps it's time to make that box of cinnamin swirl cake I have in the pantry.

August 13, 2005

Happy anniversary

So 5 years and 5 days ago, I flew to Washington state for the second time in my life, off to visit my dear friend Krissy. Five years ago today, I had the honor of standing up as bridesmaid in her wedding to Eric.

I still can't believe it's been five years, because I still remember the trip and you and Eric and the girls so clearly. You are a dear, dear girl and I was so happy for you and Eric and remain happy for the two of you. I love checking your blog every day to see what you're working on or reading about, and seeing the pictures of you two and your family.

I actually have gifts for you, but you know me. Expect them this autumn. ;)

Regardless - happy anniversary, you guys. I wish you a lifetime of of continued happiness and love. {{HUGS}}

May 25, 2005

off to see the con

Off to the airport in an hour, to go to Media west Con with Biz. I'm excitedly nervous. I'll be gone just about a week! Tonight through Tuesday night. Should be an excellent time.

Since Thursday, I've been in CSI mode. I watched Nicky in a box, and it reignited my love for the show. I used to watch S1 and 2, because my mom watched it and said she thought Grissom and Giles were alike. I agree. So I've been watching two eps a night with SpikeTV. Good stuff. I love Nicky and Gil.

Gah. Nervous. Nervous. Bringing my Winnie baby along. No internet connection, but she's still pretty. I also managed to download the entire first season of Queer as Folk and burned them to CDs to watch. Score! I even was able to watch the first two episodes of the new season that started last week. I love the internet. I can't wait until I have disposable income and can buy the seasons for myself. While I wait, this will suffice.

Gah, need to go hug people. LOL! See ya on the flip side.

May 16, 2004


I can't remember the last time I wasn't totally exhausted. This is no fun.

Went to my parents' friends' son's communion party today. It was fun - Jess was there, and we hung out. Talked JC, made plans, all that good stuff. My kid and her family were there, too - they're also friends with my parents friends. She was so cute and so sweet and I love her smile. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed her parents, as well. Once I'm not working with their kid, I think my parents will spend more time with them. The dad, especially, was funny and snarky and sweet, and the mom and I talked Luke and Laura. <.g> So, yes. Think we'll have new family friends once the work aspect is gone.

JC's album is lovely to listen to in the shower, I gotta say. I was grooving and singing as I shampooed this morning. <.g> At one point, while it skipped to the next song (shuffle), I started chanting "100 Ways! 100 Ways!" and lo and behold, JC listened and began singing 100 Ways. I was impressed. <.g>

I'm feeling cute today. Swingy flouncy short black skirt, paired with one of my mom's black tanks with diagonal grey lines. With the lengths of both items, it looks like a 20s flapper dress. Really neat how that worked out. Also super comfy. I've been wearing more skirts lately. Guess I am a little bit girly. <.g> Just don't give a damn about makeup or other such annoyances.

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! HP3 commerical!!! So exciting.

Dad wants to know why I'm bitchy tonight. Well, I *hadn't been, but that got me pissy. I'm going up and down stairs, doing and getting whatever they want, looking things up for them, giving them my chair and kneeling on the floor while they use it, there should be no comments on my mood.

March 30, 2004

texas honey

Howdy from Texas, my loves.

I have had such a fabulous vacation! Dude, seriously. I love it here. Except the heat, of course. LOL I was in sleeveless today and was sweaty. It felt like June, man. <.g> It's nuts.

Jennie and I watched all of season 3 on BUffy. <.g> 19 episodes in one weekend, and the last 3 eps yesterday. How insane is that? But it was so much fun, and so great to see them all again. Makes me laugh, because that's how I spent my first visit to Krissy's too. <.g>

Also watched a bunch of West Wing. Noel right now. Lovely fun.

Hey, Krissy - remember that XFiles story with me and Mulder? It's been rewritten and it's no longer me at ALL. Ever. It just ain't. <.g> It;s been bugging me for years. In fact, the next step may be to rewrite part two so that there is much happiness. In fact, yes, I can see it now. Happy endings all over the place. ::nods::

So, yes, it's been a wonderfully relaxing four days, and I love spending time with Jennie. But of course, I can't wait to get home, either. : ) I miss my family, and my kid. And all of my kids. And, possibly, the weather. Although I take that back if it snows this week. <.g>

See you from Illinois!!

March 25, 2004

flying and more

I'm leaving for Texas bright and early Saturday morning. I'm nervous. But not half as much as I was before Biz talking me through things to expect. Because, yes. Like, almost panic attack feelings for awhile there. Jennie, this is how much I love you. <.g>

Things are going well. Josh had more tests done. Results will be back next week, but things look good. That's a relief.

I have tickets to see JC in Chicago on May 7. I cannot WAIT to see him live. Does anyone want to come with me?

I've been falling behind here. I think about posting almost every night, but I have nothing I want to talk about. How boring am I.

5/7 grad schools have weighed in - 4 say nay, one waitlisted me.

I love my job. Even when I don't exactly. <.g> But overall, it suits me well.

I'm making a Rainy Day mix CD. It was rainy and dreary today, but still kinda fun. So that's my CD theme. LOL I had JC's Build My World stuck in my head all day, so that's my cornerstone. It's sad, a little, but hopeful. I think. <.g> So we'll see what comes of this.

Where'd my time go? I need to pack tomorrow, leave at 5:30am Saturday. Eeeep. What was I thinking? LOL And I have to make Jennie do the same on Wednesday to come home, because my flight then is at 7:50am. Nothing like feeling bottled in by a schedule.

This is making me tired just thinking about it. LOL

February 27, 2004

Waiting, waiting, I know you'll come to me

I'm still hugely loving JC's album. A really lot. Eee! Everyone should buy. It's so eclectic and fun and sing alongy.

Bizarrely, Kate's blog has disappeared. Also, she gets no e-mail. But I'm having no problems anywhere here! All this after her blog decided it wanted her to post here instead. Very odd.

My friend knows people at one of the schools I applied to, and she's talking like it's a done deal that I'm in. This terrifies me. I hate tempting fate. But...does she know what she's talking about? eeeek!

So far, Joshy's test results are looking good. Cross your fingers!

edit: Holy fuck, what happened to my sidebar? LOL!
#2 - okay, I think it fixed itself. A link randomly decided to break and then fix itself? Bah to it. LOL

February 17, 2004


For all ya'll playing at home, I don't have a 21 one year old sister. LOL Kate, however, does, and somehow when she logs into mt now, she gets my blog my default. And now we can't get that post to delete. (EDIT: Now it's gone! LOL)

Um, happy birthday, Jess. LOL

I find it completely hysterical that the one post on my blog in weeks isn't mine. <.g> And I was doing so well, too!

Not much has been happening, though. Karey's coming to visit me for a few days at the end of the month. Work is proceeding apace. I'm writing more now. Only one more week until JC's album comes out! Tonight starts his media "blitz." TiVo is my new best friend.

I need a life. LOL

January 12, 2004


I get to eat ostrich tomorrow! Yay! Liss and I are going out to dinner, then coming back here to watch American Pie (which she's never seen!) and burn CDs before she goes back to school. Gonna be awesome, yo.

Also, I got American Wedding today! Never got to see it in theaters, so this will be much fun.

I was pecking around, and found some HP theories that I think are brilliant, even if unlikely.

SS Chess scene as forshadowing entire series

Ron is Dumbledore is Ron.
(Timeline and more details here)

FAQs, such as why did Ron/Dumbledore let Harry's parents die, put Harry in danger etc.

I just can't stop thinking about the theory that Ron, after seventh year, goes back in time and is Dumbledore. LOL How fucking neat is that! Like I said, I don't think it's canon, but I adore it anyway. Even if that breaks my Ron/Hermione shippish heart. <.g> But, yes. Fascinating!! I'm such a geek. I love time travel theories, because they're so messy.

January 01, 2004

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!!!

I've always believed that what you do at midnight and on January 1 sets the tone of what you do all year long. So I was chatting with Karey, smiling, and reading an nsync story, and now I'm writing an nsync story and posting here. Because I want to be doing all that all year long. <.g>

May 2004 be happy and peaceful and sparkly for everyone! Love you guys.

November 27, 2003



Hope you all have a lovely and special day. {{HUGS}}

Especially Kate, who is 23 today. Happy birthday, sweetie!

May 02, 2003

birthday presents!

I got birthday presents today! <.g> Hell, I got MAIL today! LOL Of course, I had to open. Willpower of a rock.

Kate got me the Chicago soundtrack, so I've been listening already. <.g> Thanks, girlie!!!! I love it. And the card is too cute for words. LOL {{HUGS}}}

And Karey! GEEZ! You rock, but as usual, far too much, even for two occasions. <.g> Christmas romance novels, nsync lip gloss, Lance calendar, Stevie Wonder CD,'re just so sweet. Have a blast in Europe, honey. {{HUGS}}

Now, who do I want to wear? Hmmmm. <.g>

April 13, 2003


Krissy upgraded my MT! And now I attempt to figure out what exactly pings and trackbacks are, and how to do them. <.g> Let's give this a shot.

March 15, 2003


I didn't feel like cleaning my apartment, so I decided to clean my computer. You know, delete extraneous files? So I'm going through a folder of Krissy-made graphics, and what do I find but a chat I saved from, like, September 1999. LOL! Dude, sweetie, we were both highly excitable, apparently, because there were more than our share of exclamation marks. <.giggle>

Shoot, the copy of Traveling Solider I downloaded is Bruce Robinson and not Dixie Chicks. Back to Kazaa go I. : )

February 12, 2003


Fricking exhausted, man. JC did an interview in LA last night that Kate, Karey and Alicia were in studio for, and three other friends of mine got calls in and talked with JC. So cool, man. But he was on at 11 until after 12, and I was seriously dragging by that point. And so was my computer, so I let it sleep overnight. But I had to take a shower. So I did, at 1. And then there was a good movie on TCM (The Divorcee - love Norma Shearer). So I was up until 2. Then woke up at various points in the night. And then had to get up at 7:15. To find out that my e-mail worked, but not internet or AIM. So I rebooted. And internet worked, but not e-mail or AIM. So I rebooted. And then nothing worked. Until 8:15, when AIM loaded an old account and icons were moved and it was all weird. But I'm mostly online now. AIM works, e-mail occasionally does, and the internet mostly does. Take what you can get.

So, have my first session with E this afternoon. I'll just observe from behind the mirror, though. I can't wait to see what their session is like and how it's different from K's.

New WW tonight!! I cannot wait to see this episode. I really want to find out what happened with Donna and Jack. Oh, and Buffy last night? Bloody marvelous - loved the last scene! That was incredible! Continuity! Wheeee!

Joshy has his appointment with his orthopedic surgeon today. I think mom's pretty stressed out. We talked this morning, and she seemed kind of shrill. I hope it goes well. I don't know what well would be, though. Being able to postpone surgery until fall? I don't know, man. It's just a suckt situation all around. : ( Happy thoughts welcomed, though.

February 02, 2003

make it one for my baby...

Not a very special day - did some work - did some playing - did some chatting. Okay, the computer eating my breakfast was kinda special, in its own way. And, all right, yeah. The sparks coming off my plate several inches into the air in the microwave added a certain something, too. But overall? Nothing really bad happened. And some fun things did, too.

Hope you guys all had good days, too, with smiles and hugs!

January 13, 2003

I did it!

Thanks to the wonderfulness of Kristine, this place looks human again. <.g> So, welcome to the Valentine's design that wasn't supposed to be a Valentine's design. <.giggle> Oh, well. It's cute, and will do nicely for the next month or so.

Also, updated some side bar stuff.

Watching the AMAs as I did this. Justin and JC are so cute, man. Justin was supposed to present with Aimee Osbourne, but I guess she backed out. He and Sharon were adorable though, and he kissed the dog with great grace. <.g> Much fun, man. I taped the nsync bits, so I can actually watch later. I was more listening and squeeing over figuring out certain bits of MT/CSS stuff. LOL

I think, however, I need dinner at the next commerical. ::nods::

December 12, 2002

whiny and visit

Tonight seems to be a whiny night. I guess I'm just exhausted. I'm done with classes for the semester, 3 classes totally done with 3 finals remaining next week. That's exciting. But I'm ready to crash now. LOL Going backwards, let's see what happened this week.

AR final. Eh. I think I did okay. I know I got the last question wrong. It was about the internal hardware of a cochlear implant, and answers A and D were the same. I knew it had to be B or A/D, but I figured that even if she was scattered, she wouldn't be so scattered as to put the right answer twice. She was. GRRRR. But I'm sure I aced the 375 quiz. And Dr. K got my letter of rec in!

My tap performance! Kate came, which was fun. The whole thing was fun. I'm going to miss that class!

Tuesday: Dr. K e-mailed me and said he felt it would be in my best interests to find someone else to write my letter. This was days after reminding him I wanted to get everything sent out tomorrow. I cried. I then e-mailed him, thanking him for his honesty, but tough cookies, because he was writing the damn letter. He agreed. Also, got a B on my voice test, a class in which I've never gotten higher than about a 70. I cried.

JC and Justin were awfully cute on the Billboards. I feel sure I did something else. Eh.

Lost Jon and Dave, did not talk to Jon and Dave.

Isn't it fun going backward? LOL Jon and Dave got here around 7:45. We ate pizza, and Jon and I talked about a lot of things. Dave was really antsy and bounced around a lot. We went out to their friend Billy's frat around 10. Don't like Billy's frat, don't like Billy. Went to a bar until 1. It was fun! Jon bought me a malibu rum and coke, we talked. I talked more with Kate, but hey, still. At 1, they wanted to go to a club that Billy said closed at 1:30. Kate and I decided to go to a coffeeshop until then, and Jon said they would meet us at 1:30 outside the club. Yeah, they never showed up. They didn't call the next day, and they didn't say goodbye even though their car was one block down from my apartment. GRRRRRR. Silly boys.

Oh, well. So there's my week. And there's more than one post on my main page! LOL Tonight, I rest and relax. And yell at my internet, which connects for 30 seconds at a time every half hour or so. <.g> Maybe I'll play Sims. And go to bed early. Because tomorrow? I send out ALL of my applications, yo. By the close of business tomorrow, it will aaaaaaaall be out of my hands. WHOOOO!

Now to find food.

December 06, 2002


Okay, Jon and Dave will be here tomorrow around 6. What do I do with them? LOL Can't see MBFGW - Jon already did and doesn't like it. Although it's "amazing how pretty she was when she got rid of her glasses and started to wear make-up." Great, says the woman in black glasses and no make-up. <.g> Eh, well.

So really, what do I do? Eeek! I guess we'll order pizza or something at first. Kate, what time do you have to be at work?? Maybe we can all eat together at least, decorate a little? Then maybe go out? I need to find people to go out with us. Maybe Jill? Aarti? Kate, really wish you weren't working. <.g> Oh, maybe Nicole. I'm such a stay in person, this is foreign territory for me. LOL So, really, ideas welcomed.

December 02, 2002

I'm alive!

Shocking, isn't it? A post from me!

Let's see. Brief rundown of break - I saw Santa Clause 2 (and it was fantastic), got a new ID card so I'm legal, cooked a lot, and went to the circus (also fantastic). Also went to my cousin's engagement party in Greektown, bought cool gifts, drank ouzo, and got asked to be a bridesmaid. Wheee!

So Saturday, when I'm out shopping for card materials (dude, Lady K, need your address. Not like I'm going to send you something or anything. ::rolls eyes:: Surprise), Jon calls to see if we're on for him coming out. I'm out, obviously, but mom tells him I'll call at 9 when we get back from Rae's party. 11pm, mom reminds me to call him. I forgot Jonathan! His entire existance, poof, in my mind. I suck. So I call, he just left. I leave my cell number. I call last night, he's at work. He calls today, I'm in class and accidentally hang up on him when trying to send him to voice mail. He calls back and leaves a message. I call after class, he's busy. He calls five minutes later, I tell him to stay on the line because I'm busy, but won't be for long. LOL

So. Done playing phone tag, and we talk. He's so fucking cute. We talked and joked and talked on top of each other constantly. Anyway, he and Dave are gonna come down Friday or Saturday, whenever he can get off work.

Jon: Oh, is it okay if my brother comes with?
Me: Of course!
Jon: 'Cause I was telling him about going down to see you, and he asked, "What about me? Was I invited?" I told him I was pretty sure he could come, but I'd ask. Because-
Me: No! He can't come! Ever! He's not allowed in Urbana.
Jon: See, that's exactly what I thought.
Me: He comes with you, and he can stay out on the street! There's no snow, he'll be fine!
Jon: You have no snow? That's not fair.
Me: I know.
Jon: Anyway, yeah, I figured I'd ask if he could come along.
Me: Duh. Like he's not welcome here.

He's so cute. Watch him fall in love with Kate in front of my very eyes. LOL And I love Dave, he's such a sweetheart, but he had a crush on me for years and therefore never talked to me. Seriously. 17 years, and from about age 7 on, I could only get a few words out of him. Hopefully he'll talk now! I'd like that a really lot.

So if they come on Friday, we'll go to an on campus a capella concert and go out to bars. (And Kate, MBFGW is playing this weekend, too. What time is the concert? Maybe we could do both? I wanna see.) If they come on Saturday, we'll go see MBFGW and go out after. And decorate my apartment for Christmas earlier, maybe. Something fun.

Although he laughed at me when I said if they came on Saturday, I'd go out Friday with Kate and her friends and take them out the next night. Apparently it's funny that I might go out and drink. It's funny that I drink in general, actually. Wait until he sees me drinking. Jennie found the chat she saved from the last time I got drunk, and is laughing at it. A lot. I'm sure he'll be equally amused. I sing and everything. Just ask Jennie.

This weekend should be fun. <.eg>

October 08, 2002

little baby with the sundress on

I found Justin clips again! This time 35 seconds of each song on the album. Run now before the RIAA finds these, too. <.g> (The title comes from Right For Me.) This seems to be the British track list (which makes sense because it's an Australian page.) So not all these songs will be on the US version, like Love Don't Love Me. So it's not totally spoilerly. <.g>

I suck at updating. I realize this. Sorry? <.g> Feel free to yell at me to remind me.

Had fun at home this weekend. The play was seriously disturbing and so very cool. What was it about the 1970s and incest? <.g> This play, the VC Andrews books. But it was SO interesting. And the theater was cool - only four rows, three sides around the floor, only four actors playing more roles than you'd realize. <.g> Neat stuff.

I was IMing Jon last night, just randomly saw him on and went for it. I'm more than a little glad I did. (Recap: Jon, his brother Dave, Erin and I have been friends for 17 years. I've had a crush on him nearly as long. Things kinda started to heat up my freshman year, when his son Austin was a few months old, but he met someone his mom said was just like me only younger and closer to home. Exit me. <.g>) So we ended up talking for well over an hour last night. Touching on such important subjects as do I have a boyfriend (no), does he have a girlfriend (no), and when can he come visit (any damn time he pleases). LOL I was surprised that he asked - I had actually planned to invite him down for a weekend, and he beat me to it! LOL But he's coming in November. EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! And he seemed pretty enthusiastic about it, too. Heaven knows I was. LOL There was much squealing going on last night. (Um, Kate? Jennie? Thanks for putting up with me. <.g>)

Finished listening to Justin's songs. Hmmmm. Well, they are just clips. And clips don't necessarily represent the entire song. I'm not disliking the songs (except the one ballad. Which surprises me, as I usually love his ballads), but they're not grabbing me as much, either. Oh, well. Still excited about the CD. And these aren't all the American songs. And he's still mixing some. So they could change a little. <.g>

Okay, now I need to quick each lunch before class at 1. <.g>

September 26, 2002


I've been informed I need to update. <.g> So, here I am.

Exam recap: Tuesdays went well, except for the essay. Got it back today - missed 4 points on m/c, 17 on essay. <.groan> Yeah. Wednesdays went better than it did last year. Todays? Yeah, well, there will be more tests. Hopefully I'll do better then.

This weekend ROCKED!!!! I went to get Jennie Saturday night. We got dinner and her Dr Pepper, then came back to watch baby!sync with Kate - Reel Nsync (Oh, my God, laughed SO HARD. It really makes a difference if you watch it vs. just listening, as I did my first time) and *n the mix. Much fun!!

Sunday, we all hung out in the living room. Jennie wrote a story, Kate and I studied. As we listened to, um, nsync's Christmas album. LOL And Linda Eder's "It's No Secret Now," which I burned a copy of. Love it! But mostly nsync. Although Linda is what got Kate and I planning an interesting little nsync story. LOL It's gonna be hysterical when we get around to writing it. <.g>

Then, later that night, the Emmys weren't interesting us much. And all along we had planned to try this drink J and I had read about - Dr P with SoCo. So. Kate proposed a drinking game to the Madison Square Garden concert. This is what we looked for:
JC bouncing
JC being "Happy"
Justin's sweaty knees
Justin calling attention to himself
Chris's Glare of Hotness
Actually hearing Joey
Lance's dorky dance moves

We then added Kate going, "Oh, he's so CUTE!" about JC, me going, "Oh! You can hear Lance!" and Jennie going, "Oh, fuck." Those got the most drinks. LOL

In the middle of this, after we've all finished the first drink and moved onto Malibu and coke, Kate remembers that she needs to record a conversation for her writing class. You know, the one I took last year? <.g> I've included that below, hope it's okay with you, Kate! I can take it down if you want it on your blog instead. <.g> But I'm S and Jennie is N, because I refused to let Kate identify me by my real name. Since, you know, her professor KNOWS me. LOL It's absolutely hysterical, IMO. <.g> Even if a bit humiliating if John ever finds out it's me. LOL

So then we all decide to go to bed around 12:30, since we have class in the morning. Jennie goes to her couch, Kate goes to bed, I go to my computer to check up on mail that I haven't done all weekend. I hear random squeakage, but mostly disregard. Kate knocks on my door. "You awake?" "Yeah." "Do you hear squeaking?" "Yeah! You hear it too?" "What IS it?" Jennie calls out, "I think it's bed springs!" "YES!" Kate and I chorus, and collapse giggling. (Bear in mind, it's 12:30am and we're still tipsy. LOL) We're cracking up, Jennie included, and then Kate goes, "Oh, my gosh, it's speeding up!" That kills us. LOL Anyway, it stops, and we go back to bed, giggly. Then five minutes later it starts again, and Kate's like, "Oh, NO!" LOL It continued for awhile, happened again the next night, and once at noon. It's amusing, but MAN, annoying when trying to go to sleep. LOL

So what else? Monday we went to classes and watched Justin on TRL, which was HIGHLY amusing. I adore that boy now. Found exclusive clips from Justin's album. I like Right For Me, but What You Got is too busy. Which is a shame, because I like the lyrics. LOL Oh, well. Still excited about the album. I've mostly liked all that I heard, definitely enough to pass the "three songs" test I give every album. Not that he needed to pass it, given that he's an nsync member, and I'd buy anything from them based on loyalty alone, but it's a good sign. <.g>

Jennie left at 5:30am on Tuesday, which started the whole exam trip I've been on. She saw Rent Tuesday night, and got Joey's autograph. EEEEEE!!!!!!! Lucky lucky girl!! I really want to go - I checked out tickets, and if I order now, Kate and I can get 7th row, near center, $91 each with tax and mailing. I think that's pretty good. So. Just need to find money fast, and I can do it! ::bounce::

So, that's my update. LOL I'll try to be better about posting in the future. : )

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September 12, 2002

sorry, Karey

Okay. So Karey came on after that last post, and found me quite depressed and insecure. I was really, really upset. And she tried so hard to make me feel better before ultimately whacking me upside the head and calling me an idiot for doubting myself. <.g> And we had to just leave it there (after she made me smile with a little SDB drabble <.giggle>), because my mom was on and mom and I had the same reaction to my scores. I had gone to individual college's pages to find their GRE requirements, but none had them up. So I e-mailed a few places. She went to Ask Jeeves to see about GREs and grad schools.

So, with my scores, I can't get into Harvard, the #2 grad school in the country. But I can get into UCLA, the #3 grad school. And unfortunately, they only gave the top three schools' info for free, and my top choice, Columbia University's Teacher College, is #4. LOL But hey, I can get into UCLA. Things could be worse.

So, Karey, sorry for doubting you. You were right. My scores weren't bad. (Which doesn't mean I wouldn't have preferred at least a 650-700 in verbal, or that I don't know I could have attained that with proper focus, but what I ended up with wasn't as bad as it could have been.) So, yay! Thanks, dearie. {{HUGS}}

Meanwhile, she linked me up with an AWESOME trickyfish story called Green, which I had read before, but not saved, and I love it! So sweet and funny, and adorable. So, if you like nsync slash, go read! (Trickyfish is Chris/Lance, for those going, "Hunh?!" <.g>)

September 10, 2002


I have, seriously, the most amazing friends. I'm sure I've mentioned the nail polish and JC pic from Alicia. And random nsync and QaF stuff. And now. Just. Wow.

Karey built me a bunny! He's in a leather jacket, with leather pants, and he was born August 18, 2002, and his name is Po Presley. And he has a guitar. And he and she made me cry. But happy tears! And there was also a copy of Elvis's Gospel CD.

Really can't stress how wonderful my friends are. Karey, man, you rock. Love ya! {{HUGS}}

June 01, 2002


Today was so much fun! Liss invited me to go to the Printer's Row book fair thing downtown today with her History club. The club that has 6 members. Of which one, besides Lissa, showed up. <.g> It was this guy named Keven, who Lissa has been wanting to set me up with, so she was pleased.

Anyway, so we headed down late this morning, walked to Miller's Pub on Wabash and Adams, which my mother had told me about last night. When she bartended at Sophie's when I was little, one of the brothers who owns the place would come in to visit Sophie. She said they were in love, had an affair. He proposed, she turned him down, but they were still friends. So she knew this guy pretty well and was telling me all about the restaurant they owned, with the walls lined with pictures of famous people, because *everyone who is everyone and comes to Chicago goes there. So we went, and it was awesome. We sat right next to Humphrey Bogart. <.giggle> I had a taco salad, and ordered a Floridian...absolut manadarin, grand marnier, and orange Crush. It was GREAT, but really really strong. LOL So we ended up watering it down, and Liss drank most of it. LOL

Then off to Printer's Row...I swear, I was in heaven. Three blocks full of old books and posters and stuff! I almost bought some old soda ads from the 30s and 40s...they were so neat. The only thing I bought, though, was a book on Pearl Harbor. I wanna try and find this other book about "Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler," though. Looked very cool.

After that, we just kind of wandered. Went to Walgreens where I got mom some bronze nail polish for her birthday Monday, then to Waldenbooks, where I got, ahem, Twit magazine (Chris's head blocks the s <.g>), then got on the train. We were waiting awhile to pull out, so I grabbed the magazine and started giving Liss and Keven some of the quizzes that nsync took. nsync was highly amusing, especially their thoughts on "coffee," but K&L were hysterical. One was where you ask what word comes to mind with, say, "dog," and it stands for what your personality is. Lissa said cat, and Keven said bark. <.g> Coffee stands for your opinion on sex, Lissa said tea and Keven said plant. LOL It was just downhill. (nsync-wise, Lance said hyper, Joey nasty, Justin something about waking up, JC daily routine, and Chris was double shot <.g>) So then Liss gave him the magazine and he started giving us the male perspective on what they were saying. Totally hysterical. <.g>

So we got home around 6, I had dinner, put on a skirt, and headed over to the theater to see my last play, Dearly Departed. It was great! They had these four choir singers who would come on between scenes every so often and dance. Two were old men, in their 70s, and two were woman about in their 40s. At one point they had on ballet slippers and did leaps and twirls (the old men were best), at other times they did Rockette dances, did soul dances, it was so funny! It's apparently been made into a movie with Whoopi Goldberg and Jada Pinkett Smith, called Come Midnight, or something like that, but apparently it really lost a LOT in the translation. Shame, because it was such excellent writing.

Okay, but now I'm totally exhausted. Not to mention sunburned...but only on the tops of my shoulders. <.g> Gonna finish the latest letterboys story from Lucy and go to bed. : )

May 07, 2002

Corner of the Sky

Whoooo! The last of my s-d friends is finally onboard! Eve has entered the domain with her little Corner of the Sky. She just got it today, so, yes, a little on the empty side, but it'll be full soon. <.g> Go say hi and welcome her to the neighborhood! : )

April 28, 2002

fun stuff

First off. According to Human For Sale, I am worth $1,516,250.00. Not bad, I guess. <.g>

D and I had a blast last night! As per usual, I showed up five minutes early and he was five minutes late. <.g> He greeted me with, "This time, I said I would be on time. This time, I said I wouldn't keep you waiting. This time, I left early. This time, I realized when I was half way here that I forgot my wallet. This time, after going back to get my wallet, I went to the wrong building." So, basically, I should be glad he got there. LOL We talked a little before the movie started...the presentation didn't go all that well. Something about typos on notes and calling DNA, RNA and calling RNA, DNA a few times, among other mistakes. Oops. <.g> He explained his internship to me, but I got lost after nucleolles, or something like that. LOL

The movie was so great! I always forget how much I love it. Ron and Hermione are so much fun, Ron cracks me up, Oliver is SO hot and so the only one who can *really act well, and Seamus blowing things up is so adorable. LOL I really can't wait for the second movie in November.

So after the movie, we went to the union for hot chocolate. But of course we both had work to do after the movie, so we couldn't sit down and chat. No, we had to stand in the foyer of the union and talk for over half an hour, under the guise of leaving. <.g> Then we walked a bit farther and stood for another 40 minutes or so outside of the union. Then he walked me home and we talked some more. LOL I've missed him this year! Stupid MCATS, taking all his time. <.g>

Okay. So, yesterday, I only got half a page done. But that's okay! Six pages left, three days of work, two pages per day. I can do that easily...I started out with two pages last Sunday, I can do it again. Summarize a few studies in my notebook and then type them all up. Very doable. Of course, I still need to research proprioceptive and internal, but that's okay. I'll ask mom tomorrow...she's amazingly good at finding studies online. LOL So. Food and work. Can't wait. LOL

April 27, 2002


Happy Saturday to all! <.g> I'm bouncy today. Damien e-mailed me last night and asked if I wanted to see the HP movie with him on campus this evening, so I've got plans for tonight. Yay! I've missed Damien. I've even missed the clothing freak-outs that occur when I make plans with him...I've had times where I went through about five outfits. LOL I'm so silly!! Anyway, I also made breakfast for me and Kate...yummy french toast made with applesauce. I'm really happy with the way they turned out, floating smoke on the first and second floors not-with-standing. <.snicker> Hey, nothing burned, it just got smokey, okay? LOL

So. I'm going out with Damien at either 7 or 10. Before then, I need to do another 2 pages of my paper. At least. I'm rather excited, I'm in the mood to be accomplished today. Bodes well, I believe! Off to work go I.

April 25, 2002

happy birthday, baby

Pssst.....a little birdie told me that someone very special is having a birthday today!

Lady K, have a super nice relaxing morning, tell the twerps at work I told them to give you a break today (and to keep in mind I do know where they work and can come chasing after them ), and have a lovely dinner with your family. Love you so much! {{{HUGS}}}

March 28, 2002

growing up and classes

Oh, man. LOL Current poll on g-w is who do you find sexier, Rupert (Ron) or Sean (Oliver) from the HP movie. My dear, sweet little Carol, whom I have known since she was about 2 months old, said Sean. As well as, "Does the name Biggerstaff seem dirty to anyone else here?" ACK! LOL I mean, of course it does. And his character's name is Wood. Yeah, plenty of thoughts going there. But she's my baby! She's not supposed to be thinking that way. LOL

Still didn't do more than 2 pages, but I started the next section and found class options for my last class next sem. I think I might take a one hour dance class, either Modern or Jazz, to get some excercise in my life. Other than that, I've narrowed the last class down to an English class on American war films, Intro to Public Policy, and Acting. Okay, and maybe the intermediate version of the writing class I'm in now. But I'm really torn by the first three. Less on the acting, but I really think I need to try and break a little out of my shyness and what better way than to become someone else and be in front of big crowds? <.g> It's the sledgehammer approach. It might even be fun. I think the war films sounds absolutely fascinating, but really, my heart is leading me to public policy. But acting! And movies! I adored my film class freshman year. And I loved my drama class the following semester. But that could also be because of Dan, my TA both sems. <.g> Well, and I got to write about Mary Pickford and stuff, which I couldn't in war films. But war films! What fun! But public policy. The very words just thrill me. Public policy. It just rolls off the tongue. Beautiful phrase. I need to pick one to be my first choice to type in. Which means that I have to really want it in case I get in, but know that my luck, I won't get in after all the deciding. LOL

I need sleep. I'm getting goofy here. Damn, I wish I had written more.

March 20, 2002


Let's start with my Josh stories. I'm kinda on edge tonight, and I'd like to not be.

We started reading Bunnicula today. It's SUCH a cute book, by Deborah and James Howe. Well, we were going over character names. Now, we say Bunnicula as Buh-NIC-u-la. Well, JOsh's device (and therefore Josh) says it as Buh-nih-CUE-la. It's so cute...he's been saying it all day. LOL

Yesterday, we were walking down the hallway to his SLP's room when we stopped to read a small board of camp brochures. We couldn't have been stopped for more than a minute before continuing. We get to the room, Josh sits, and starts typing. I WANT TO GO THE FISHING, he says. Mom and I look act each other. Where on earth did THAT come from? Fishing?! He sees our looks of confusion and says CAMP. BUG JUICE 3 CAMP. LOL Then he says "ma" and my name and points to himself. He wants the three of us to go to camp and go fishing. We're not sure if he just saw the camp sheets and connected it to fishing, or if there was fishing mentioned up there, but isn't he so smart? I guess it's a good thing that we're going to Camp Chatterbox this summer. LOL And that it's just going to be the three of us. <.giggle>

Between letting my brother make me smile and spending a good 20 minutes bitching to MA about a friend, I think I'm feeling much better. Far more well-equipped to handle the stress of being Julie's friend. LOL MA's right...we have such a sibling dynamic sometimes. We like each other, but don't REALLY like each other, but can't stay away from each other. I don't get it. We're close, I think, but sometimes I can't stand to be around her. But I don't really want to not be around her, as much as she drives me insane and hurts me. It's not big hurts, it's little hurts that add up and I think hurt more. I don't think I'm making sense. LOL The last few months, everything seems like a competition. And I know I'm a very competitive person, and I wonder if I'm making things harder than they need to be, or if she's contributing. Or both...we're both competitive. I think we're both too alike for our own goods. <.g> I don't know. I guess I need to learn to relax more...not everything is a competition. She's not better than me. I'm good in my own right, and I need to let go of things she's done that I didn't like so much. Why is that so hard to do? I like her, I honestly love her, and she's so fun to be around. Most of the time. So why do I get this icky feeling in the pit of my stomach sometimes when I even just see her? Or read an e-mail from her? Or even THINK about her, for heaven's sake? Am I that jealous? That pissed off over things that happened in the past? I shouldn't be. I want our friendship to be good again, and I know I have to take the first steps. I just don't know what they are. Or maybe I do, and I just don't trust myself to make them and not screw everything up royally.

She's not better than me. Good things don't always just happen to her. I am a good person, and I can make my own good and happy things happen. Maybe if I do that, I'll feel better about myself and can be a better friend to her again.

March 16, 2002

good heavens!

So I went to this page in order to hit my dailys and reads, right? It looks so much different on my parents' computer! The scrolly things are read, there are dotted line thingies surrounding all of my headers on the left sidebar and around each post, and the little dotted line thingies appear under a link when I click on it! I'm sure this isn't new to all of you, but it is to me. <.giggle>

Oh, but Kate, your site was, like, crashing me. Kinda. All the text blurred together. It was kinda weird, like what happens to me everytime I hit YahooGroups. DOes anyone else have that problem?

March 13, 2002

love you

Because I love all of you! (Well, most of you. <.g>)

Everyone needs to click here. It's good, I promise.

February 16, 2002

ashley and britney

My mom's friend Deb has a daughter named Ashley who uses an AAC device, the same on that Josh uses, a DynaMyte. She's a very sweet girl, I've met her several times, and I know her mom pretty well, too. Ash has this extremely high sensitivity to noise, and her mom took her to NYC to meet this doctor to see what they could do about it. While there, they went to the Rosie show, and got to watch from backstage in the Green Room, where it is much quieter. Well, Ashley is a pretty big Britney fan (as is her older brother. <.g>), and she was there on Thursday, when Britney was. So of course she wanted to meet her. They told her they'd try, but apparently Britney is pretty afraid of meeting fans, so not to get their hopes up. Well, Britney did stop by, bodyguard in tow. <.g> She was the sweetest thing...asked questions about Ash's device (so did her bodyguard, who apparently totally turned into a teddy bear over Ashley LOL), signed a lot of autographs for Ash and her friends, and also one for her brother. He had wanted them to give Britney his phone number, but his mom decided Britney might prefer signing something. LOL Then Ash gave her an ASL I love You pin, which Britney put right on. Isn't that the sweetest thing? She jumped up SO highly in my estimation today. <.g> Plus, hey...three degrees from Lance now. ; ) Ash-Brit-Lance. LOL But yeah, I'm really impressed by her.

After britney left, Rosie came in and spent an hour with them, chatting and signing things and everything. Ash's grandfather had made some ASL plaques that said "I love you" and Ash asked Rosie to sign them and put them up on eBay to raise money for the 911 Fund, which Rosie did. All in all, it seems like they had an amazing day with the show, and I now think Rosie and Britney kick ass. LOL

February 14, 2002

Sarah and Brad

Sarah's engaged!!! Kate, Aarti and I were in Kate's room watching men's skating when Sarah came home from dinner with Brad. She managed to keep it quiet for about 20 minutes before Aarti saw the ring. <.g> We were all screeching and screaming and hugging and stuff. LOL So much so that we totally missed the hot Russian skating 6.0s. LOL (I'm totally in love with him, BTW. He was full out sobbing after he finished skating, and I just wanted to hug him. Among other things.) But she's engaged!! I am so excited for her! What an awesome, awesome day for her.

But it does beg the obvious point that while one person in our apartment is engaged, three have never had boyfriends. <.g>