May 01, 2004

the countdowns begin

I've been reading the GH threads at Television without Pity for about 2 hours now. LOL I love these people. There's a bit more Lorenzo love than I feel, but I guess he's getting better. But all the mocking! It's lovely. And all the discussions of GH-past. I love it. I miss my show. : ( It's just so crappy lately, with few exceptions. I adore Mary/Nikolas, and Georgie/Dillon. The amount of love I have for Dillon is just so very wrong. Except I don't care. <.g>

Interesting talk of spoilers. Someone random has been posting on a different board about a "reset" of the show this summer. No reason to take it seriously, and I don't know how much faith I have in the idiot writers even if there was, but boy does it make my mind work overtime. LOL

6 days until I see JC! And now I have a friend to see him with, so yay! I think we'll have lots of fun. Two shows, one at 6pm and one at 10:45, and then overnight at the HOB Hotel.

And! I saw RENT last week!!! Talk about unholy love. It was fantastic and wonderful and I want to see it again and again and again. I wasn't crazy about "What You Own" or "La Vie Boheme," which sucks because those are two of my favorite songs, but "Tango: Maureen" was even better than I heard (thanks to the fabulous actress playing Joanne), and "Light My Candle" and "One Song Glory" were wonderful. Good times.

Eleven days until Lead Awareness Day! I need a countdown here. <.g>

March 02, 2004

so you wanna be a rock star

Who is Your *NSYNC Love? by cherrykisses
Who?JC Chasez
When?April 15, 2004
Why?He loved your sense of humor.
Outcome:You get married and live together forever.
Created with quill18's MemeGen 2.0!

Dude, that's only a month away. LOL! I won't complain. <.g>

I went to Oak Park with Karey this weekend, did the Frank Lloyd Wright tour. I loved his house!! I want the living room/fireplace area when I grow up, I swear. <.g> So fun. It was really interesting, too, so I had a blast.

Still waiting on grad schools. I try not to think about it often, or worry, but sometimes it creeps in. I can imagine my life going in so many directions come fall, but I have no idea what's even close to a real possiblity. (I'm willing to add in the above scenario, however. LOL!) I don't like surprises, but that's basically what all this applying and waiting boils down to. Surprise! You're in. Surprise! You're not. Whoo.

I really, really want a pair of pink converse Chucks. A really really lot.

My goal is to do some writing tonight. I miss writing. I used to do little ficlets all the time, just random cute little scenes, but I haven't done any since I moved home. I miss them. I miss that part of my life. If I do end up going to school near here and living at home, I need to work to build that back in.

January 25, 2004



*NSYNC seduction by wingsgirl14
When you meetDecember 24, 2028
This song will be playing during the nookieBarry White - Can't Get Enough of Your Love
With who?Joey & Chris
Created with quill18's MemeGen 2.0!

Merry Christmas to me. LOL

June 07, 2003

all jc all the time?

My blog is very JC-ish lately, Lance layout notwithstanding. LOL Have to celebrate JC month somewhere, I guess. <.g>

Your husband's name is JC Chasez and you have 3 children. You're a mom who drives to work every day in a pink honda.

It's truly a wonderful life when you consider the countless romantic nights you have spent with JC Chasez in your shack in Florida.

MASH is brought to you by TypePad, where you'll be able to get your own weblog to talk about your happy life with JC Chasez.

May 05, 2003

Mah jongg

I meant to post about this yesterday, but eeee, I'm glad I didn't! LOL

Next time you're bored, give this site a whirl: Mah jongg. I've been playing pretty often the last few weeks, but I never seemed to manage to finish a full game. Always had to end it. I mostly play Lance, for some reason. I like them all, but I think I recognize him the most. LOL

Anyway, I FINALLY beat Lance today! With 9 minutes to spare. ::punches arm out in victory:: Go me! LOL! I'm very excited, yo. <.g>

Anyway, yes, fun games. 15 minute time limit, so you can play with just a little downtime. So addicting. <.g>

February 27, 2003

JC's Blowin Me Up

Here I go, taking the annoyance to another location. <.g> ::watches people cringe and run away::

Here's the deal. I'm going out of town tonight. I'm posting this now. Please don't forget? LOL

JC's really close to having his video retired on TRL. 2 days, people. Friday and Monday. The fans have gotten him this far - he doesn't get ANY airtime on MTV at all. We've gotten him this far, I want to get him to the end.

Call 1-800-342-5688 starting at 12:30pm Pacific, 1:30 Mountain, 2:30 Central, 3:30 Eastern. You have 30 minutes.
Press 2 to vote by song title.
Press 2-5-6 for B-L-O. (Or press 1 to vote by artist, then 5-2-2 for J-C-C.)
Wait for the confirmation, hang up, call back. Three times per phone line. Use cells and land lines!

ALSO Vote online here. You need to fill in EVERYTHING. We believe you can vote ten times per day, and you can vote online at any point during the day.

Detailed instructions on how to vote multiple times online is below.

Easy, right? Less than a minute per toll-free call. Find all the phones you can, and VOTE! Get other people to vote! Blame me if necessary!

I write you a ficlet when you tell me you've voted as much as you can. That simple. You do something that takes less than five minutes, you get a little story all to yourself. If you vote Friday AND Monday, telling me both days, you get an even longer fic! Just tell me the fandom you want (nsync, britney, WENN, XFiles, Dawson's Creek, Buffy, Angel, Harry Potter, General Hospital, Lizzie McGuire. Others possible, just ask), pairing you want, het or slash, and story type (angst, fluff, etc). I can also do original.

C'mon, guys. I know all of this is probably annoying, but it doesn't take much time, and I'd be very grateful.

Just drop an e-mail or comment to let me know if you voted, and if/what you want your story to be. : )

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February 26, 2003

catch up

Wow, do I suck with the updating. I can't believe it's been so long. ::blinks::

Let's see. Dr. said we could hold off on Josh's surgery until it happens a third time. He's still in the immobilizer - we're going to the Dells for the annual RTS weekend this weekend, and we'll start rehab after that. This way, he can swim in the immobilzer and we don't risk dislocating it before he gets to. That's very important to him.

Someone I used to be friends with online died yesterday. My feelings are all jumbled on it. We haven't been friends in years, but we did have to rub elbows, so to speak, in the fandom. It's a very, very tiny fandom. So I'm trying to balance losing someone who's no longer a friend, but once was, and it's a lot harder than I expected. I just keep thinking about her babies, a literal newborn and a 3 year old, and I'm devastated and pissed off on their behalf. It's a mess, all of it. It's hard.

Midterms this weekish. Got a B on the poli sci one, which made me really excited, and waiting for the weather grade back, and taking mythology tomorrow. I feel studying would be in my best interests. I went to all the lectures, though, and already knew the characters. So I'm not too worried. I will, of course, still study.

I'm reading a book called "Briar Rose" by Jane Yolen. It's a story of the Holocaust in a retelling of Sleeping Beauty. It's one of the most amazing things in the world, and it's killing me to not be able to read it all the time. I'm absolutely enthralled. It's a small book, but so powerful, and I recommend it highly. Go forth and read, my children.

Wanna help me out? JC Chasez from *NSYNC has a solo single out. It's gotten no promotion or anything from his label. it hasn't played on any video stations. Thanks to us fans, though, it's gotten fairly heavy airplay on the radio, and it's been on TRL for 47 days. If we can keep the video on the countdown through Monday, it'll retire with pride, and will be an amazing accomplishment. Why do I say this?

You can help! Call 1-800-342-5688 tomorrow and Friday at 3:30pm ET, 2:30pm CT, and vote. After it picks up, press 2 to vote by video and then 256 to vote for Blowin' Me Up. Wait for the confirmation, and hang up. You can vote THREE TIMES per phone line! It takes less than a minute per phone call. Please, please, please help me out? I'll write a ficlet if you vote, provided we match fandoms. <.g> Give it a whirl.

Okay, now you're sick of me. LOL Off I go to study. Hopefully WW will be on - Rob Lowe's last episode!

December 17, 2002


Blah. Bored. Very very bored.

Scared of my final this morning. It kicked me in the ass, yo. Mostly. Well, kinda. The essays, yeah. Big time. But the rest I think I did okay on. <.shrug> But. Scary.

I made WENN icons today. Super fun.

Should probably study for Voice. Then make cards tonight with Buffy. But, well. Lacking motivation. What else is new?

Downloaded an old, old nsync video forTogether Again, which was only released in Germany. (Song and video.) It has a Chris solo and a Joey solo, and a little duet with Joey and JC! And it's a Christmas video - Joey and Lance live together, are decorating their tree, when their friends come over and help finish decorating and then look at baby pictures. Saw quite a few new baby!sync picture - Justin in a high chair, Lance with a santa bear, etc. Adorable. Kate and I watched that one over and over. LOL

The most exciting part, though? My monitor is awful, and has never show videos very clearly. Until today! I finally figured out how to brighten it, and now I see pretty boys instead of blobs! I was very excited.

Still unmotivated. Still need to get work done. Blech.

Hope everyone else is having a better day. LOL

October 15, 2002

English paper of DOOM

I really dislike my English class. I'm not sure why - I should enjoy it. But it tends to turn into a conversation between the professor and a handful of students. I can't even hear half of them. Also, the movies don't interest me much. So, I'm trying to drop it. I have an e-mail in to see if I can replace it with piano lessons for 2 credit hours, which would be far preferable at this point. But meanwhile, I still have to write the English paper of DOOM due Wednesday. Blech.

I also have an exam today. Eeeek! I'm nervous. I read the chapters, I read the notes, I read the review. I missed one day of notes, and she told us all that they'd be in the SPSHS library to copy. I went yesterday and no, they weren't. Nor are they online like she said. GRRRR. That drives me nuts. About as nuts as when instead of reviewing for ch. 10 like she was supposed to last week, she had to TEACH us ch. 10 because we hadn't gotten that far in class yet. Dude! Don't give us an exam on it yet, then! <.g>

Oh, for heavens sakes, how on EARTH can Sk8ter Boi be spanking new on MTV? It's been on TRL forever! I don't understand them sometimes.

Oh, hey, I bet Justin's single is out today. I wonder if it's worth buying...oh, found the track list. LILY, LILY instrumental and 2 LILY extended club mixes. Editorial review: The Most Popular N'sync Boy and Former Mouseketeer's First Single Comes from his Debut Solo Album "Justified". The Song was Premiered at the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards to Rapturous Applause. <.giggle> Rapturous Applause! Over Use Capitals Much? LOL I feel like I'm reading from the Victorian Era of Poetry Here. <.g> Anyway, hmmm. That's a lot of LILY. LOL Amazon only has the it not being released here? That's not very kind. I did find someone who offered to mail it to me for $3 for the CD and $5 S&H. That's a LOT cheaper than what Amazon is offering. But still...for four versions of LILY? We'll see. LOL

Okay, should shower and get ready to study. My room is nice and toasty, but I'm uncertain as to what the bathroom will be like. Kate and I figured out the heat in our bedrooms, but not in the bathroom. Or, I think, the living room. I forgot to check. But I don't freeze when I go to the kitchen, which is probably a good sign. LOL

edit: LOL! Just as I hit save, LILY came on MTV. I think Justin wants me to buy him. LOL There's something about this video, when it comes on, I cannot tear my eyes from the screen. <.g> "Follow the sexy leather-clad boy!"

Oh, dear, here's Dirrty. I just...Christina has such a strong voice. Why mask it with all this crap? Make people pay more attention to her body than her voice? Sure, it's a damn fine body, but so is Brit's. An ability to sing really well is what sets her apart, and she's not playing to that. <.g> Oh, well. It's her decision. And it's a slightly catchy song, although I could live without hearing it again. LOL

September 03, 2002

My poor boy

Awwww! My mom greeted me this morning with "Your boy isn't going. : (" What's sad is that I knew exactly what she meant when she referred to my boy, and where he wasn't going.

Lance has been asked to leave Star City, and a cargo package will be sent in his place. That's, like, adding insult to injury. So very sad!! Stupid money issues.

She said that all the news stations covered it in their news section,but I of course can't find it anywhere. In fact, it took me a few minutes to even find CNN (I got distracted by finding Joe Scruggs first <.g>). I did find articles, though. One is below in the more section.

Mom was cracking up, because I was so mad on his behalf. I said he'd been working hard, was pale and thinner and was non-sparkly! She was like, "Non-sparkly?" <.g> But yes! Non-sparkly. <.g>

Oh, geez, CNN said there was earthquake?...near Loma Linda, CA. Are the Beesons okay? Drop me a note sometime today and let me know, Lady K. Won't read it until after 10 freaking pm, but I'll want to come back to it. : )

And now off to get dressed! How on earth did I get up at the same time as yesterday, when I have to leave half an hour earlier, and be running...oh, shoot, I'm leaving half an hour earlier. That explains things. Crap. LOL

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August 16, 2002


I just downloaded Justin's first solo single! ::claps:: It's not bad. I like his voice. The song reminds me a bit of Slave 4 U, but it was produced by the same people (Neptunes). Damien thinks I'm nuts, because I got a little too excited and bouncy during the 45 minute downloading trial. (His internet is VERY slow today.) But I downloaded it, listened to it a few times, and kinda like it. I'm sure I'll get the whole album, and Kate, you'll tape his performance Monday, right? Even if I'm in our place, I won't have cable yet, and D doesn't either. Jennie's already gonna let me listen on her phone, but I wanna see him. 'Cause you know he's gonna be pretty. <.g>

So. Justin! LOL If anyone wants to hear it and can't find it anywhere, let me know and I'll upload. : )

August 15, 2002

JC and Justin

Caption from a pic of JC and Justin at JC's birthday party in LA: Justin Timberlake raised a glass - and an eyebrow- to his fellow nsyncer JC Chasez at Chasez's 26th birthday blowout in Beverly Hills. Unlike their music, though, the party-which featured a suggestively decorated cake and an inflatable doll-wasn't suited for young audiences.

Um. LOL Sounds interesting. LOL

GAH running late! I got up 10 minutes early and am now 10 inutes late. Need time for breakfast! Good thing it's mostly ready in the fridge. Dashing!

July 09, 2002

nsync night

Driven was so cool! I really enjoyed it. Even my parents watched it...Mom was curious because she can never decide how talented they are (end result: they are, and she still loves Justin), and daddy caught a few minutes and got hooked. I was happy. <.g> But yes....I loved the first part, with the bios. Chris made me just go "Wow," because he's such a strong person. JC ("Josh") made me go "AWWWWW!!!!" because I so heart his adorable little self. <.g> Justin made me laugh and kinda feel bad, because he tried SO hard, maybe too hard. Joey blew me away, and I still think he's the most talented. Jason made me laugh ("I never wanted to be a teen idol. No offense." <.snicker>). Lance....was Lance. Loved hearing him sing solo. Made fun of his speaking solos. <.g> But nothing really interesting there. Sorry, my boy. LOL But I thought it was well put together.

And speaking of Joey being the most talented! Dude, I HAVE to go to New York before December 22!!! I'm thinking Thanksgiving break....he got the role of Mark in Rent from Aug.5-Dec. 22. So exciting! He started rehearsals yesterday. I wanna see him, damn it! That would be so much fun. Kate? <.g>

Hmmm, what else? I'm watching nsync v. bsb on Celebrity Deathmatch, and Dominic persists in calling me Justin, and when I complain, Lance. All in all, I preferred being called "nsync." Well, really preferred my NAME, but after all the nicknames I've thrust upon people, I figure I'm due for an odd one. Just wish it wasn't Justin. LOL

Enough nsync. LOL Love the kids. Dominic was home sick yesterday (coulda KILLED him...45 kids), and wasn't 100% today either. But he was there, so, better. Kinda lost it at one point, yelled at a little 5 year old for throwing a ball meant for balancing, which I felt horribly about, but man, the kids have been rotten lately. I went to History Club again last night, and Keven and I split a margarita. Needed it. LOL I came home yesterday, and Liss said I looked so frazzled. Today added to it. <.g> But I kinda like the History Club people...they're odd, but hey, so am I. It's just taking me awhile to get used to them. They're quite fun, though. : ) For the most part. LOL

Time for new Lucy-fic and bed! Wheeee!

June 23, 2002

a conversation with Lance


LanceNuBot: Congratulations, Emrald. Who is the best robot?
Emrald511: You're the best robot! Were you fishing for that compliment?
LanceNuBot: Why thank you very much, Emrald. Be sure to tell allyour friends. I was.

Emrald511: Let's change the subject. Do you love JC or Joey? Or does Chris have your heart?
LanceNuBot: Of course. We're all like brothers.
Emrald511: Well, that's not exactly what I was talking about.... Who are you in love with?
LanceNuBot: Well that's okay. Please correct my mistake. What is exactly what you were talking about ? Human beings. Ask the open directory about it.
Emrald511: Are you in love with Chris?
LanceNuBot: Are you using me to get to Chris?
Emrald511: No, I don't want Chris. Do you want Chris?
LanceNuBot: I'm not Chris.
Emrald511: I know that. You're a LanceBot. But do you LOVE Chris?
LanceNuBot: Of course I do.
Emrald511: Do you kiss him?
LanceNuBot: No I do not kiss him . Do you? I spend all my time online.
Emrald511: Nope, I don't kiss him. Do you kiss JC?
LanceNuBot: Do we have to talk about JC?

LanceNuBot: I'm the bass in *NSYNC.
Emrald511: And a very good one you are. Do you want to kiss Justin? I'll forgive you if you do. He is kinda sexy.
LanceNuBot: I'm not that kind of robot.

LanceNuBot: I am glad we have something (new friends ) in common. I'm not sure if I like it. Some people like it. I like to talk about movies and music. Other people say they like vacuum cleaning robots, humanoid robots and chat robots.How about that. Hmm. I haven't figured that one out yet.
LanceNuBot: Yeah okay, I have no idea what you're talking about.
Emrald511: Yeah, you're confusing me, too. Should we change the topic again?

LanceNuBot: You make the world a happier place. What is it?
Emrald511: Are you asking me a riddle or telling me I'm a happy person?
LanceNuBot: Oh now I understand it.
Emrald511: Can you explain it to me, please?

Emrald511: Do you like sleeping with Joey?
LanceNuBot: Of course. We're all like brothers.

Emrald511: You never slept with Justin?
LanceNuBot: Is that all you have to say? I don't think I ever have slept with him . What's it like?
LanceNuBot: Why does everyone like Justin?

Emrald511: Do you remember when you slept with JC?
LanceNuBot: JC isn't here.
Emrald511: Was he there when you had sex?
LanceNuBot: Is this a "yes or no" question?
Emrald511: Yes it is.
LanceNuBot: Um, I get it. a good looking man was there .
Emrald511: He is a good looking man, you're right.

LanceNuBot: Yeah that's right. Um, What is your real name?
Emrald511: Rina. What's your real name?
LanceNuBot: My full name is James Lance Bass.
Emrald511: That's a nice name. A strong one. What do you like to be called?
LanceNuBot: I liked it too. How much would you pay for it?
Emrald511: Well, I like my name. I don't want yours.
LanceNuBot: How about that. What do you like best about your name ? What does Emrald want?
Emrald511: Well, Rina's not actually my name. I just use it online. My name is a Beatles song.
LanceNuBot: Interesting. That is a very original thought. Only just? I heard other people use it online too. OK I will call you A beatles song.
Emrald511: Oh, dear. Well, okay. You can. It'll be interesting.

LanceNuBot: Goodnight A beatles song

I am far too easily amused.

May 30, 2002

slashy happenings

Whoooo! Karey went to see the filiming of that 2002 Summer Music Mania special that will air on Fox in June...Chris and JC hosted. And WHEEEEEEEE they were slashy! She said that when Craig David was performing, they were off the stage a bit, swaying together and holding hands! How CUTE is that??? LOL Oh, my God, they totally won't show it because that would be too wonderful, but I'm still excited. (Hey, it's midnight, all right? I'm bouncy <.g>) She also said that they did intros for the artists all night, and once when JC and Love Hewitt were doing one, he flubbed a line and turned totally red. <.g> Poor baby, never very good at public speaking. But so adorable! I also can't wait to see his jeans, which were apparently worn-out in some nice places. LOL

And the best thing of all? They were BOTH in GLASSES! ::swoon:: Ever since David D, I have this glasses kink. And I love them in glasses....too wonderful. And...crap! I'm going to be at CAMP when this airs!! I'll tape it, of course, but I have to wait extra long for glasses! NO fair!

Okay, when I start to use this many exclamation marks, it's way past time for bed. <.g> Sorry to inflict this when I was so obviously not coherant. <.giggle>

May 21, 2002

fic rec and Lancers

I need a happy post here. <.g> Despite the content of my last few, I'm actually doing quite well. Time to have a post to reflect that. Kinda, at any rate.

So, mariah updated her JC/Tony MMC fic, which is pretty fun. Favorite bit?
"Uh. I think I hear Christina screaming. I think Justin's tormenting her. Or, JC? Did you do something to her Barbie again?"
"I admit nothing."
Down the hall, they heard the cry of "Her hair is green!"


What else? Oh, the lovely Melinda posted another nsync update...apparently Justin's been traveling around since June 1, writing and stuff. Yes, it would seem that the indomitable Mr. Timberlake has mastered the art of time travel. Is there nothing that boy can't do? Lance also had a little note at the bottom! Every sentence ended in an exclamation! And he apparently is forgetting English the more Russian he learns! "Its" a miracle, indeed! But he did show us his name in Russian, which I admit was pretty cool. ( ) The only thing I can think is that he left her a message and she transcribed it, hence the grammar errors and exclamation marks. <.g> Leave me my little fantasies, okay? I'm a grammar nazi, and I would cry if he butchered the written English language like that. LOL (For heavens sakes, "Im am"? That's total Melinda-speak. Or maybe he was drunk.) Oh, and according to Melinda "some of the guys" are going to Europe for promotions and "some the guys" are having a Memorial Day party. "Some the guys" are getting the shaft. LOL And what's with the vagueness? Like the Euro fans won't tell us which of the guys they get? LOL

Let's see, what else can I talk about? Waiting in line for an hour at the DMV gave me time to plan stories. I'm using Damien's plant story to get lance and Joey together. (He'd kill me if he knew) I'll post the plant story itself here after I write the story, so non-nsync-slash fans don't miss out. <.snicker> It's just an odd little story that I will forever tease him about. <.g>

I have my CDs on random...only one is all nsync, the rest are mostly *not nsync. I have gotten 7 nsync songs in a row, 4 of them from the one nsync CD. LOL Silly player, I want some Norah Jones!

Oh! Tomorrow is the last ever live Rosie...I'm so sad. I adore her, love her show. I'm going to miss her! But I can't wait to see what is planned for it. Should be wonderful. I've loved the last few, with the clips and everything. I remember a great deal of it.

Well, I want to actually get some sleep tonight, especially as mom and I want to take Josh to the movies tomorrow. Every night this week, I sign off and plan to go to bed around 11:30. Through things I just don't understand, I haven't gotten to bed before 1am at all. Oddness. LOL

May 08, 2002

The Zoo

So today wasn't overly productive, unfortunately. Met with Jazzercise and have plans to combat those money-grubbing jerks. Did some of my 376 review sheet, but not enough. Took a nap, and am still exhausted. I did, however, spend a lot of time working on the new archive. So, without further ado, I present...

The Zoo

Okay, it's kind of empty right now. <.g> Each of us has one story up, though, one more might be up later this week, and we all have some in progress. I grant you, it's rather colorful, but it's done in the colors of the rainbow. <.g> Given that all the stories there are slash (so if you don't like slash, don't bother going), I thought it made some sense. LOL So, yes. Go play around if slash is up your alley. <.g>

Meanwhile, all that done, I need to go back to my 376 book. <.sigh>

May 01, 2002

Lance in spaaaace

Well, according to Rolling Stone, Lance is going to Russia on May 13. How totally cool is that?? But man, I hope they film the video for Selfish, if that is the next single, before he goes! I think the next 6 months are gonna suck as a Lance fan, since I won't ever see him like I will the other guys, but I'm still pretty excited for him. Sure, I'd never want to go there (which is apparently making me the odd person out among all of my friends. Huh), but the opportunity is so damned cool. So, yay Lance! Let's all hope he "passes muster" in training and does get to go. LOL

April 25, 2002

nsync love

Wheeee, Jennie and I watched nsync on WB! She finally gave in and has stopped blaming me for getting her hooked, and actually thanked me. LOL I'd seen MSG before, of course, but it's always so much fun. JC was so very happy in many songs, Lance flipped Chris, they sang a capella, and really, the whole thing made me happy. (But not happy like JC! LOL I was checking for typos and realized that I was using two different meanings for happy here. <.g> Must clarify. LOL) Not enough Lance love, but I'm used to that. Jennie took the opportunity to fall for JC, and we made plans to hook up for at least one concert on their next tour. <.g>

Then, I went to the Cocktail Hour and found this picture from Nassau, April 11. ::blink::

Damned if I know the context, but WOW. LOL Don't care about the context, I can make my own. I squeaked when I saw it. <.g> (Thank you to whomever took and posted that pic...I wish I knew who you were so I could thank you for real!) I swear, they're heading towards a kiss or at least an announcement in the last concerts. LOL Each concert has gotten progressively more and more slashy...Justin recently has been groping Chris's ass on stage, Joey giggled and told girls in the pit that Justin was gay and bad in bed, Joey humped Lance and Lance finally did not run away, Joey straddling JC....yup, it's headin' somewhere. <.giggle> (Just teasing, really....they're most likely just very friendly, touchy-feely boys. But my imagination can make them so much more!)

April 21, 2002


I'm so freaking insane. It's 1:40 am. I am still awake. I got no school work done.

I did, however, work with Miggie and got our Lance quiz done. <.g> I'll post tomorrow after I show her what I did so she can okay it. We started the questions at 5:15. Did those until 8:30, then I coded until 10:30, then I found pictures and made graphics until 12:45, and then I finished coding the result pages. ::blinks:: I spent 8.5 hours working on this. People better appreciate this. LOL Actually, it was pretty fun, even if my wrist hurts. <.g>

Now if I could put in half as much effort on my paper today!! LOL

April 17, 2002

Joey on TRL

Ack! I didn't know today was Joey's day on TRL! So I didn't get the first segment on tape. <.pout> It was the funniest, too...apparently Brianna has three words. Mama, dada, and something Joey can't say on television. LOL! That poor child, she apparently swears a lot. <.g> They also showed a clip from that realnsync video from their early was Justin and Chris tormenting Lance, who was sleeping with his eyes open. LOL Pretty cute...I really, really, really want it now. LOL Aarti said they talked a little about Lance going into space, too, and that Justin goes out the least and Lance the most after concerts. Oh, and JC and Emmanuelle are not dating. <.g> I really wish I'd seen all of it! Things got a bit messed up because I'm taping GH in my room, so we had to try and make Kate's VCR tape (on my tape, Kate, don't worry. <.g>) it worked, and I don't think we missed much of the second segment. LOL But yeah, wish I had gotten the first.

I only saw a few scenes of GH today, which was the 10,000th episode and all flashbacks, but every single one made me go "AWWWWW!" Except the "EWWWW!" when I saw that they apparently replaced the Fascination song from Luke and Laura's dance in Wyndhom's department store with Enya's Only Time. <.shudder> Ew. Even if it was just a short clip in a montage, you let Fascination play in that scene. End of story. <.g> But Ned and Lois on their honeymoon at Coney Island...Robin and Stone as Romeo and Juliet...Sonny and Brenda on the beach of Puerto Rico...they made me so very very happy. I can't wait for Jennie to get home so we can watch it!!

The Early Show

Just watched JC and Justin give a backstage tour on The Early Show...hysterical! Oh, I love when JC gets to babble. <.g> He's so cute. But man...the idiot who interviewed them? LOL Misprounced "Chasez" entirely, and then corrected further mispronouncing it! That drives me insane...dude, he MET them. Spent time with them. JC pointed out that he put his last name on one of his costumes so he would remember his name. <.g> At some point, he had to have heard the correct way to say Chasez. <.g> Oh, well. It was still really fun!

Oh, I forgot to mention. LOL They showed us the toy room, but the quiet room had a sign that if you weren't one of the five guys in nsync, do not enter. So they stood outside to tell us what was in there...I thought it was amusing because Justin was like we got candles and some other stuff, and JC was jumping in with, "A coffee table! We have couches and a coffee table." Like Justin was painting this could-be-construed-as-slashy picture and JC was trying to unpaint it. LOL I need to watch yesterdays again, too...I missed some stuff. Like I heard Justin jumping to Lance's defense, but didn't note it as such. <.g> Also, didn't see nervousandworried!Lance talking about how if he does get into the space program, he has to leave the day after he finds out. Man, that would freak me out, too. So you have to, like, get all mentally and physically ready to go, but if you don't get in....that would make you feel pretty bad. No time to really prepare. As an overplanning control-freak, that would terrify me. LOL

And now that it's over, I can actually get ready for my day and not have to sit in front of my computer and TV, waiting for the boys to appear. <.g>

April 14, 2002

quick sims

Okay, no pictures of slash yet. This week, some shall come. But until then, this is me twirling Joey around in my arms. <.giggle>

me and Joey

Okay, some slash, just not pretty boys.
Willow and Tara

April 11, 2002

barbie quiz

From Meegan. <.g> I saw this coming, so I kinda influenced my results a bit. But I do collect things for my current obsession, and I would join an nsync fan club. In fact, well, kinda did. LOL So.

You are the NSYNC #1 Fan Barbie! You are in your teenybopper stage and quite possibly still have many barbies or took this quiz in order to figure out which barbie to purchase next. You are too young to be randomly surfing sites online. Be careful.

What's REALLY funny is that I took it again, taking out my nsync answers. And got THIS, of all things.

You are Harley Barbie! You don't asocciate with "sophisticate" barbie and never "nsync #1 fan" barbie, but you know who your friends are and you do what you want. Plus, you have a kick ass motorcycle.

WTF? LOL! Oh, well. <.g> I honestly don't know how I got that one...leather jacket, maybe? LOL I thought I was heading more towards Presidential Barbie, to be honest. <.g>

Lance in space

Wow. I think Lance really is doing it. According to this interview with him, anyway. I know I read somewhere that he can only do 80% of the tests here and has to finish in Russia. And, of course, last I checked, Russia claimed he hadn't applied. <.g> I don't think I'd really expect to get all the information, anyway, just as a fan, though. But he says that he passed everything and has been accepted. That's seriously so exciting for him! I mean, sure, I still think he's insane, but that's because he's doing something I wouldn't want to do. LOL Once I take that prejudice out, I think this is the damn coolest thing, and I hope it works out for him! Go, Lance! We'll be waiting when you get back. <.g>

edited to say: See, now he's saying he has a 70% chance of getting in. Maybe I should put a moratorium on press releases until they figure out exactly what IS going on. Then I'll find out. LOL

April 09, 2002

Bigger than Live

Hey, neat. Happy Birthday, Lady K. LOL The nsync IMAX movie, Bigger than Live, is gonna be on WB at 7pmCST on April 25. That'll be fun! Only an hour, but closest I'll ever get to seeing it. <.g>

Still haven't written my paper. I guess because I don't know what to write about. I guess I'll try and explain my research project now. Hopefully that's good for a number of pages. I mean, it's my project. He won't know if I'm exaggerating my findings or not. <.g> My conclusions are my conclusions.

concert summaries

Thank you, Spikeless! FINALLY someone saw what made Joey chase Lance around...Joey kept humping his leg. Continuously. So Lance kept trying to run away. <.g> I knew it was something. LOL Wish I'd been on that side! We got nothin' but Justin shaking his booty on my side. <.g>

And wow, she managed to get, like, all of the conversation for April 5, too. I'm impressed. And somehow, I always missed that Lance wanted JC to tell a story. Too much screaming, I guess. LOL She did miss some stuff, but it's pretty accurate. <.g> I had forgotten the bicycle pump line. LOL And, look, she thought it was Chris who suggested the spanking too, not Justin, which is what everyone else thought. So maybe we're right after all. LOL Anyway, yeah, much fun to reread that and remember. LOL

Lance speaks!

Remember how I asked if Lance EVER spoke during the talking bits of I Want You Back? DAMN, I went to the wrong concert! This is Rhys's account of Buffalo. <.g>

Um. Oh, the story. Chris suggest that since JC wasn't very good at telling the story that Lance, since he's "pretty quiet", tell it instead. Lance sort of looks up and gives Chris this look of amused "you fucker" and Chris is all delighted because Lance is caught off guard. so Lance tells the story, in his rumbly deep voice, and it's all about Nsync and, on Chris's urging, that "Chris Kirkpatrick had magic beans." Lance said Chris's full name, totally amused at this point, and I'm all, TRICKYFISH! and I stopped working. so I think they sung "I Want You Back." ::grins:: then, after, Chris is, like, "My conscience is bothering me. I don't usually have a conscience, but I feel bad for stealing JC's story and giving it to Lance." and he's all, like, it's the principle of the thing. and JC's all, I'm nervous, and someone suggests, probably Chris but maybe JC, Lance sing the last note instead. Everyone cheers. Lance is, like, his face is all, no fucking way, like maybe they're serious or something, but thankfully, they're not. some mention of underpants. JC gets his last note and belts it out. beautiful boy.

<.g> See, Chris agrees with me that Lance is too quiet. But damn, he couldn't have agreed with me one concert before, when I was there? LOL Well, then I wouldn't have gotten Friday's fun and games, so couldn't *someone have said something on Thursday? Woulda made it more fun. <.g>

BTW, Rhys has a new story, too, Sudbury, which is a totally sweet and wonderful JC/Lance. Very happy thing to wake up to. Really, the only reason I'm still awake. I'm considering going to bed now that I finished reading it. <.g>

April 08, 2002


I suck. I've written two sentences. But I read all of Fun with Numbers. The first part was HYSTERICAL*. I was cracking up, and loved it. Part two was good. Part three was good. Then it started getting all messed up, and by the end, it was the most depressing thing EVER. There's, like, no way for this to end happily, and that sucks. But it's an ongoing series, so I guess you never know.


*Okay, so I also hit the site the story was based on....Sex Thermometer. I'll have you know I scored quite high with Lance. <.g> Also pretty well with Jon, slightly less so with Damien.

April 06, 2002

"I have KEYS!"

I can't believe they're OVER! All this waiting, and it went so quickly. LOL

Anyway, second concert was far better than the first, IMO. They were more on. But that's getting ahead of myself. <.g> See, at this concert, they were far more stringent about cameras...people were being sent back to cars, cameras being confiscated, etc. We ended up deciding to bring E's back to the car, but getting mine in. Yeah. I so cannot lie, guys. I am so bad at it. Erin was cracking up at my expressions last night, because I kept trying to chicken out. But I had my camera around my neck under my shirt, and pushed to the side, where my purse was over it. The guy was wanding the front, back, and both sides. Girls directly ahead of us had theirs confiscated, and one girl was sent back to the car. I asked E one last time if it was worth it, she said yes, I whimpered. <.g> So she goes through, okay. I go through, it of course goes off. He opens my purse, looks inside, and I go, "I have keys!" E said I looked about ready to faint, and I was totally blushing. LOL! But he let me through, and I didn't stop shaking for a good 20 minutes. LOL I'm so naughty. <.g> Sad thing is, that's a big deal for me to try and be sneaky. LOL E kept squeaking at me, "I have KEYS!" Never living that one down. It's entered our lexicon, along with the classic from 4th grade, "Erin! It's still FLASHING!" <.g>

So we go wandering around, I buy one more thing for a very cool and sweet online friend who wasn't able to come to any concerts (three friends are either going to love me or hate me. <.g>), and then I head to buy myself a Lance picture. The girl in front of my stops short, and I bump into her, and then walk around her. "Rina?!" It's Aarti! LOL So we chatted for awhile, saw Tony Lucca and Not So Boyband signing stuff (E and I got there at 7, got in at 8, and were thrilled to miss the opening acts <.g>), walked around with her and saw Kate, and then headed to our seats. They were up high, yes, but in the center, towards Lance's side. WHEEEE! LOL

Concert was AWESOME. I got two rolls of pictures...I finished the first roll in the song right after Sailing (I think Celebrity? I was happy, because I don't like that song anyway and didn't want pictures then. <.g.) So E and I manually rewind it, and then we huddle over it. We slip the cover open just a bit and E feels around. "I don't feel any film...." Opens it more...."It's not there!" We squeal loudly and happily, E changes the film and we cheer. Screw the boys, the *camera worked! LOL!

The talky bit was so much better last night. Chris participated more instead of having his chin down, eyes downcast. (Busta died earlier on Thursday....that's so sad, because he couldn't have been more than 6 or so. He was a puppy on the IDMC video. : ( ) He was kinda a little mean, but funny, ragging on JC for telling crappy stories. "Is this a boring story? Are we gonna all want to get up and leave?" "NO, you will not all want to get up and leave, because this is the BEST STORY EVER." LOL And that went on for awhile. Finally, JC was laughing and told him to get the jelly out, because this was going to be SUCH a good story. E and I were cracking up, the moms were coughing hard, the kids were lost, and Justin laughed so hard he had to get off his stool and walk away before coming back. LOL! (side note....does Lance EVER talk alot during that bit? <.sigh> He was almost totally silent, just interjecting a few random comments that mostly got drowned out. I'd say he was like me and has a hard time joining in conversations with multiple people, but as a business man, he should really have that skill. LOL) So yeah, then Justin was like, "That was such a bad story. I think you should be punished for telling such a bad story. What do you think? Should we spank him?" And then Joey did. LOL First time, JC just was surprised, second time, he stumbled forward and glared. <.g> Do I have pictures of that? No, of course not. LOL Oh, well.

So, yes, it was a great deal of fun. My pictures are far, and I kinda forgot to have the zoom all the way on all of them, but I can still tell what they are. For the most part. <.g> Besides, I don't know, I just had so much fun with Erin, and I wouldn't have had as much fun with anyone else...her high pitched screams and her "Okay, now WHO is that?" just made it all so perfect, despite my answer of "The orange blob is Lance!" Plus, of course, how many of my friends would take the time in the concert and change my film for me? <.g> I said that I wanted the concerts to be memorable...believe me, they will be. Thank you, new camera, for taking my intentions of a memorable concert experience and twisting them for your own satisfaction. <.g>

Then after the concert we watched Alicia's puppy tape. OH MY GOD!!! We were in hysterics. She fell off my bed when JC said, "Learn me!" to Rosie. LOL She asked if he did decoupage, and he looked horrified and confused and obviously thinking the wrong thing and was like, "ExCUSE me?!" LOL She was cracking up, told him she would decoupage him after the show if he didn't know what it meant, and to just let his mind wander. LOL! Oh, but the best bit was at the start at the (I assume?) German concert where Chris, like, mounted Justin and started thrusting back. Lovely, lovely image if Justin wasn't jailbait. <.g> Oh, and when Chris splashed water at Lance and Lance jumped on him, and they both fell. <.g> Super cute.

So, that was my concert-going experience. I had SUCH a fun time, and I can only hope that this 8 month hiatus doesn't kill them, and they do another tour. Because I would so definitely do this again if I had the chance. LOL

April 05, 2002


Whoooo! I got my Puppies tape from Alicia this morning!! And it has that lovely 18+ ad that she had scanned on her site. <.giggle> Thank you!!! I can't wait to watch it. : )

So, got my pictures back. LOL! Yeah, first roll is blank. Then daddy accidentally exposed the second roll, so the last few (AKA thrusting Lance and JC during Pop) were blank, and some of the later ones were red and yellow (AKA Lance on the ropes). Erin and I are laughing SO HARD....the only pictures that really came out are the ones from the medley that I'll actually be able to see tonight! LOL Okay, two Lance on the rope ones came out okay...thank goodness he was in orange. And I have several of Justin, since he was the one closest to me at almost everytime. My favorite is of him on the rope, with his legs up over his head. Flexible boy. <.g>

So, E and I read the manual front to back, and are prepared to take better pictures tonight. We learned where the manual rewind is, just in case, and she's bringing her camera with two rolls of film so we can switch off while she changes my film. LOL The zoom is pretty good...I mean, the pics from the medley when they were so far from us came out great. So that's a plus.

We weren't thrilled with the opening acts...Not So Boy Band was okay, but their moves were kinda scary from our angle. Tony Lucca was all right, but he just stood there and bored us. Smashmouth wsa okay, but just kept going on and on and on. (E kept signing "All done! Finished! Go away now!" <.g>) So tonight we won't leave until about 6:30 (we left at 5:15 yesterday, got there at 5:45, waited in the car until 6:05, got out, and waited in the 27 degree cold with the snow falling for an hour. We've learned now), and just walk around during the opening acts.

So, that's the plan for today, and a little more information on the concert itself. Erin and I are still cracking up over the's so sad, but so ironical and comical and so very much in the style of my luck. <.giggle> Wish us luck tonight!

why doesn't lance love me?

We're baaa-aack! It was pretty fun, and we were fairly close. I have some fun stories to share, but the funniest part of the night for us was that Lance was freaking avoiding me! He was never on my side of the stage, and even when he was, I would raise my camera and he would scamper behind Justin or run back to the other side. ::shakes head:: Silly boy, I just wanted his picture! Oh, and then there was the lovliness of a new camera (THANK YOU, DADDY!!) that I ddin't know how to use, so I tried to change the film during the Beatles Medley (the only time Lance was in front of me for any length of time, mind you) and kinda ruined the first roll of film. <.sigh> Drat. Oh, well. I'll try again for better pictures tomorrow, even though I'll actually be so much farther. I'm sure the colors will still stand out. <.g>

Oh, and to my friends who couldn't make it...I might have little somethings for you. : )

Time for bed now, as we must be doing this again tomorrow. LOL If any of my pictures come out when I get them developed in the morning, I'll try and share.

April 01, 2002


This is more fun than typing about my weekend. (Which I'm doing in another window. LOL) From Suzanne:

1. Who was the first author you read in NSlash?
Matthew Time. For many months, he was the only one I read.

2. What was the first story you read, if you remember that?
I'm not sure. I think it was the dialogue one with Justin and Chris chatting to each other while Justin was trying to do an online chat, that someone (who shall remain nameless lest she kill me) recommended. <.g>

3. What was your initial reaction to slash? To NSYNC? To NSlash?
*Slash: I think my first slash was Buffy. I was just getting to know the characters, joined UCSL, and saw this slash stuff. I read, I liked, all was well. <.g>
*NSYNC: I first heard nsync junior year in HS, on Radio Disney. Tearin' Up my Heart and later, God Must Have Spent. I adored TUMH. I was horrified when I learned who sang it. I had recently given in to BSB, and that was enough. But it didn't take long for me to give in and buy the CD for those two songs, although I rarely listened to it.
*Nslash: I was pretty horrified at first. I am so against RPFic. I ended contact with people who advocated and wrote David Duchovny/Gillian Anderson stories. It disgusted me. Then I discovered Matthew Time's Buffy and ER fics, and fell in love with him. When I saw he had boyband slash, I pointed it out to my roommate, Jen, in disgust. She was pretty interested, pulled over her chair, and we read BSB slash aloud to each other. <.g> I still wasn't sold, though. Then this year, when Kate had me listening to nsync, I teasingly told her about Matthew's fic. I swear, I meant nothing by it...I was still horrified by the thought of RPS. But that started our slide into the world of nsync fic - he showed us that there was fic out there, slash and het. What can I say, Matthew is very talented. And he linked to talented people, and I kept finding more and more good authors. And while I'm still against RPF and RPS, somehow boybands are excluded from this. The only thing I can think of is that actors have characters to write about, while the boyband's images is equivalent to characters. <.shrug> I don't know.

4. Who is your "favorite"?
Lance. Although I really like all of them as a group.

5. What is your OneTruePairing? (GSF counts)
I kinda love all 11. I'm not picky, I'll read anything if it's well written. Right now, I have a thing for Lambs (Justin/Lance), which I don't even buy. I guess I'm mostly all about the JoLa (Joey/Lance) and Basez (Lance/JC). But really, love 'em all.

March 26, 2002

nsync night

Man, was it an nsync night. LOL Kate and I went at 7 to get On the Line from Blockbuster. She decided to ask the guy if they had gotten PopOdessey in since Sunday. I mean, we were renting On the Line. How much farther down could we go? Well, it turned out that they did get in two copies. So we bought it for Josh. LOL And it is for Josh, honest...he'll get it on Sunday. I think he'll enjoy it. But first, we watched it to make sure it wasn't defective. ;) It was quite amusing. They did my favorite remix of It's Gonna Be Me, the one-two-three-to-the-four one. They rode the bulls, and they rode them hard and thrusty. <.g> And during Gone, Justin emoted on the floor, kneeling but bent backwards flat on the floor and thrusting up, although they didn't show enough of that last part. They did, however, show the looks on the fans' faces who were closest. LOL That was amusing. It really seemed like a fun concert...I kinda wish I had gone to see them. Hilda, one of the therapists at the clinic last summer, went with her nieces. She said it was a good show, but she wasn't overly impressed. I could see how she could feel that way, but really...the bulls. And the thrusting. And handholding. It kinda makes up for everything.

So we watched all of that tape, and started OtL just before 9. Jennie took my advice and had some margaritas first and during to ease the pain, but I took it cold sober. <.g> It was just as bad as I remembered, but I still love it so much. Lance singing...Lance adorable...Lance casual....Lance playing baseball...Lance with dark hair....Lance at a Cubs game. What's not to be loving here? And I adore Joey's voice....wrote "Ready to Fall" for Kevin, indeed. <.g> I can't wait to get the DVD and see the deleted scenes, bloopers, and outtakes. And I think a new nsync video of some sort. But Jennie and I agree that the "behind the scenes" in the credits are the best part of the movie. "I wanna see this from CHI-NA." LOL It seriously took me 3/4 of the movie, though, to catch on to Lance's roommate's name. LOL (it's Randy, BTW) I only got that from the closed captioning, too! They said his name about 20 minutes after I read it, then. So annoying. But during the credits, when they're all singing with Al Green, the guy playing Randy picks GQ up and twirls him around and then hugs him. Movements that were paralleled by Lance and Emmanuelle. <.g> Pretty cute.

I just wish the script had had one more rewrite. Make the bad guys (Brady, Paul) less one dimensional, make GQ less annoying, fix some rough scenes, etc. And what was with GQ having that speech on the train about love being so great? It so didn't fit his character...his character never got to that point emotionally. My theory is that it was Rod's speech, but Joey didn't have time to learn it between finishing the album and being gone for a week of filming when Brianna was born. Because it would have definitely fit Rod's character far better. Who knows, though.

Okay, I got almost nothing done today. Tomorrow, Ihave to write my MI paper. At least half. That's my be at least half done by the new West Wing. Let's hope.

March 21, 2002


Big whoops. LOL So Rhys posted a new story. I started it this morning, but I could only get about 1/4 to load. Later this afternoon, I tried again on a different computer and it all loaded. So I was excited because it's a super fun and great story. It's called something like TWo Straight men in Wisconsin: The Adventures of Chris's Cock. Mom came down to tell me something, and I obviously closed the window. She is not aware of nsync fic, nor that I read it. She left, I opened the story again and POOF she pops up again! ACK. I had just opened it and couldn't move fast enough to get the title out of the way. LOL She was horrified...That was pornographic!, she says. I laugh and tell her no, it's just a funny nsync story with a silly name. I don't think she believed me...I couldn't actually show her the story, 'cause it's, well, not pornographic, but it's detailed. <.g> So I did let it slip I read nsync stories, but I figured that was far preferable to her thinking I read porn. LOL So, I'm calling that a great big oops. We'll see if she ever brings it up again. She very kindly never mentioned again the time she found me reading XF smut, so this may fall in the same category. LOL

Now to finish the story, if i can. : )

March 14, 2002

puppy love

Heee! I did it! You can now own a Rina Stewart-original. LOL I drew the little puppy prints and they came out cute! A little wiggly and stuff, but I'm not the best drawer with a pen, forget the mouse pen. LOL GSF t-shirts. And no one would ever guess they were slash or even nsync. Unless they were slash fans, anyway. Or knew favorite colors and could make educated guesses. LOL But I really like how this one came out. : )

March 11, 2002

fic rec

This is such a cool story! It's slash by Jae, and it's called Onetwothree. The set up is really neat, giving the story from three perspectives, then when you get into the action part, you get all three at once. Best use of columns and tables I've ever seen in a story. <.g> Seriously, really cool idea, set up, frame work, and story. A little confusing at times, but it's supposed to be all jumbled up like that. Love it!

March 04, 2002

concert summary

Susie linked to this off Rat Sushi, and I thought I'd do the same here. Nsync kicked off their Celebrity tour this weekend, and someone posted a summary of it. Whoooo! I am more excited now than I have been all along. I woke up to a picture from a mailing list from the concert, of Lance in a t-shirt and jeans, which made me very happy. And this summary confirmed that most of the costumes are casual....whee! I like that. So, yeah, LOVING the set list...Beatles! Hey Jude is one of my all time favorites. And Motown! My Girl is, like, my song in my family, because of the May lines. So that's super cool for me. : ) Gosh, I'm just so excited now! Poor Krissy is getting the brunt of all this. LOL I'm firing off, like, 10 long IMs a minute here. She's gonna be so happy when I leave to take my shower. <.g> Gosh, I cannot WAIT to see this!! Geez, look at UATW! LOL! Pictures of that are gonna be so damn fun. And I'm encouraged that people have been taking pictures, despite the no cameras rule. <.g> There's no way I'm following that one. LOL Erin and I will BOTH have cameras, thank you very much. LOL So, very excited. My only complaint is that Lance is apparently very buff and bigger than Justin now. I liked my boy comfy and maybe a tiny bit squishy. He didn't look bad in the picture I saw, but definitely skinnier. Couldn't tell so much about his chest. I guess I'll reserve judgement until I actually see him. LOL

Okay, okay, must do work now. I have to read for 386 today, and made another CD. <.g> Maybe read a story or two. But I have to be done by 12:40. So I better go and do work. Now. Bye. <.g>

March 01, 2002

gay boybands

Alicia was kinda talking about this in her blog and comments yesterday, and I found this "interview" last night on a completely unrelated search. I thought it was pretty interesting, good that they're all so open-minded, but mainly, I love Chris and Lance's comments. <.g> Could someone be gay and out in a popular boyband in America?

Also from that page is Dancing nsync. LOL

February 28, 2002

Grammy's and more

The Grammy's were pretty awesome last night! I loved seeing Train perform, and Tony Bennett/Billy Joel, and even nsync was good. (Still don't like Girlfriend, but I really liked the Gone bit they started it with.) They looked so hot! Lance in leather pants, JC in these utterly amazing jeans, Joey with was all good. <.g> I saw a little bit of MTV's interview with them on the carpet...Lance again looked good in all the grey, JC looked scary, and Justin looked like he'd just had a lot of caffeine. Or liquor. Can't tell, but he was very bouncy. LOL Apparently they all brought their moms, which I missed, but is so cute!

CBS showed nsync's anti-drug commerical last night, too. I LOVED it!!! I hadn't been paying much attention, as I was reading a story, but I could hear their voices and was like, "Hey, sounds like the boys." Then the girls were shouting over which one is better, and my head jerked up. It took another 10 seconds with JC announcing that those were their anti-drugs that I finally got a clue as to what was happening. <.g> So all I really saw was JC and Justin dancing like dorks. LOL But all in all, that's, like, the best part of it. LOL They are SO DAMN CUTE. <.g> Kate taped all of the Grammy's luckily, so we watched it again after the show was over. Loved Lance's overacting with his "My anti-drug is acting!" bit, Joey was hysterical all the way through (fighting evil and grilled cheese <.g>), and what WAS Chris's game? LOL Tiddlywinks? Anyway, he was cute.

But I had so much fun with the Grammy's (and my mother's 7 phone calls between 6 and one point, I was talking in 2 IMs and 2 phones. <.g>), that I didn't get to my outline until midnight. It's a short little outline and my paper will most likely look nothing like it when it's done. LOL But I did study for tomorrow's quiz and read the three stories for today. So after my shower, I just have to type up my tiny outline and write my lecture linkage. Which is about how I use my memory to learn things for class. I think I can do that. LOL But now, I have to actually get some work done. LOL

February 24, 2002

nsync closing ceremonies

The boys sounded so pretty tonight! We didn't get to see them much, as the camera focused on the athletes and Cheney for the most part, but it was the Olympics, so that makes sense. <.g> I love when they sing a capella, and with the exception of avery few lines (Joey and Justin's faults, I think), it was perfect. So I uploaded the MP3 and linked it from my sidebar. You, too, can now listen to the pretty boys. About a minute in, you can really hear Lance. : ) It was great.

And, yay me, my story is just about done! It's about 3.5 pages, and I basically just have to link some lines together, and then try to edit the first two pages. If anyone wants to read it tonight or tomorrow, drop me an e-mail or comment and I'll send it off. I could definitely use some beta readers and comments here. LOL It improved greatly from the first two pages, but it's still not there yet!

too long post

Well, I'm not tired now, but I bet I am by the end of the day. LOL I ended up staying awake until nearly 5am. Aarti's friend Smita was over before they left for a concert, and it turns out she's a JC fan. We learned this when nsync suddenly started playing at the Olympics, and we were standing around screeching because we'd had no idea. <.g> So we missed part of Pop. And didn't tape it, which sucked, because they looked so fucking adorable in their jackets and stuff. LOL And then we turned the TV off, which turned out to be pretty stupid, because when we turned it back on, they were performing Bye Bye Bye and we had missed It's Gonna Be Me, so we only got a little on tape. But again, looked pretty damn cute. <.g> They were all wearing normal clothes, which I think is why. Only Justin's jeans were a little off the wall, and they weren't bad at all. LOL Chris was in an Olympics sweatshirt and comfy looking jeans, and I could barely take my eyes off him, only to ogle Lance in all blue the very few times they deigned to show him, and JC the rest of the time, 'cause he looked so very yummy in the grey pants, black gloves, and red letterman jacket. So adorable. So yeah, at this point it was about 11:30 and I think Kate and I were already overtired (that's our only excuse), because we were then shrieking that "Damn it, why did they come back?" and things like that, to the point where Sarah called from downstairs, "Are you guys killing someone?" Um, no. <.g> So anyway, Aarti and Smita come back and we showed her nsync and MMC stuff until about 2:30, then watched some of the Olympics exhibition stuff I taped until about 3:30, then everyone else went to bed and I didn't. LOL I watched the replay of the night's Olympics...the speedskating relay is rather addictive at 4am, let me tell you. And then they did replay Pop at the end of it...almost. They cut out abruptly with about 3 lines left to go into Home Improvement. That was, like, 4:40, and I decided the hell with it, time for bed. LOL

Goodness, I just talked a lot about nsync. ::blinks:: Eeek. Oh, well.

Kate and I also discovered a new blog last night....Raspberry World. We're pretty sure Susie is our kindred spirit. ::waves to Susie:: She loves nsync, seems to read fic, loves JC and Lance and can't believe that Justin can be pretty, loves Nick Lea, has a Mulder/Scully background, had a Spike picture up on Rat Sushi (and the latest one is Lance! Wheee!), and seems to be a generally all around cool person. And from her, I found Zaen, and it may have been the 4am factor, but I was CRACKING UP at her humor stuff. Scroll down to the bottom and read the short humor bits. Oh, my goodness, some of them are priceless! My favorites are the Uncensored Teen People interview and miscellaneous cut scenes from Making the Video and more. I also loved the *n the studio and Zaen's Making the Tour. LOL

Okay. Now that that is all out of my system, I can get on with a normal day. <.g> One full of writing my story, because yesterday I only got 4 paragraphs and the ending done. LOL Well, and a lot of useful research. And while it is quite nice to know how the story ends, the class won't appreciate the middle not being there. So that's my goal for today...finish the damn story. 'Cause otherwise I'm screwed.

February 22, 2002

entertainment news

Big day in the entertainment news area! Lance isn't going to space, JC might be going to Broadway, Brandy is pregnant, Roger Ebert is having another tumor removed, and Kerr Smith and James Van Der Beek are getting married. (Um, not to each other. <.g>) I haven't read this many entertainment articles in a long time. LOL

But yeah...I feel bad for Lance. He *seems to be the shy, happy to be the background type, but the boy just can't stop trying to get attention. And he may not be the rather girlish looking geek from high school who got made fun of anymore, but he's still getting made fun of. On an international scale. <.g> It's gotta suck. : ( (But Miggie, there are still some prime fic opportunities to be had! Hurt/Comfort, anyone? <.g>)

And I am SO hoping that JC really does do Rent on Broadway this summer. I've been dying to see that for years now, and I was so sad that I missed it this fall when it came to Champaign. I would definitely take a birthday trip to NYC with Erin to see him perform! Actually, I'd probably go with Erin to see Rent with or without JC. LOL Hey, Rent, like, based on anything? A play or real life, or whatever? Just curious.

My big surprise of the day....Kerr Smith is 29 years old! I guess I really am bad with ages, because I didn't think he was that old. I thought he was about 23 or so, honestly. Shows how much I know. <.g> But he really doesn't look much older than Josh Jackson, who is 22. Huh. Oh, well. LOL

I have gotten NOTHING done today. Literally. I read a Xena fic. Or two. And took a nap. And that's it. <.sigh> Way to keep up with my list. I am gonna at least start the MASA thing, though. I was going to e-mail a friend of mine to see if I could interview her or her husband about being Muslim, for EdPsych, but then I realized that part two is going to an activity with them. Fabulous. How does someone in IL go somewhere with people from Maryland? It doesn't work. Is there anyone who reads this near UIUC and different from me? LOL The assignment is to interview people different from us. Oh, or you can be from farther away and volunteer to help me make up one page about an activity we ostensibly did together. <.g> I'm flexible that way.

Well, I better go and see what else I can get done today. I'm still sleepy, though, although the nap took the edge off of the headache. But I'm still blurry in my head. <.g> I think it's another early to bed night.

February 21, 2002


I do love my EdPsych class. Today we were talking about cultural differences, like race and gender. We got into groups, and our group talked about race in music. We each got a singers on the country list, R&B, Rap, Pop, Rock, etc. We had to fill out their gender, race and where they were from, either if we knew it or if we had to take a guess. Well, I got country. I hadn't really heard of any of them, except vaguely, so I made them all white males from the south. Lauren got pop, and nsync and BSB were of course on there. So I'm like, "Yeah, okay, see nsync's all from the east coast and the south...Brooklyn, Maryland just outside of DC, Memphis..." and I notice my group staring at me. It's like, "Just SHUT UP. Not a word!" LOL That's about when Bob noticed my know, when my hands flew up to cover my face. LOL Oh, well. <.g>

Then we talked about the exam...I'm in a group of 4. We don't actually stay in the room, we can go wherever we want to type it up. It can be a website, e-mail attachment, powerpoint presentation, whatever we want. So I think we'll just be coming back here to throw together a few pages and upload it to my site and e-mail Eric the URL. Pretty fun. <.g>

Oh, but then we got to break into three groups so we could do our presentations...mine was IDEA. We only got two minutes for each group, so I was talking super fast. I didn't even have to look at my notes. LOL But I got really good...the last two groups, I finished just as the timer went off. <.g> Perfect timing. Of course, I talked fast and crammed a whole lot of crap in there, so hopefully they understood me. LOL But it was fun!

And I just got back from taking my Artic test. It was kinda scary. <.g> But I don't think I did worse than a C. There were kinda obscure questions, "In the first video we watched this semester, what processes did the boy use?" "In this study from 1985, what did they learn?" I don't like questions like those. LOL But I knew a fair amount. : ) Now to comment on these two stories for class today, before leaving again in 30 minutes. Such fun.

February 20, 2002

space man

Kristine sent me this article about Lance's trip to space. He'd be the youngest ever, the third tourist, and would only pay about $20 million for the chance. <.g> I think it's pretty damn cool he has the opportunity, but I still think he's nuts. LOL The guidelines for visiting space are also linked from that article, and it's pretty interesting. And right now, they're working on a privately owned home in space - three people could stay there for 20 days at a time. Amazing.

What's also amazing is that I printed out a story for tomorrow's class, and actually have started reading about phonological processes. We'll see how much I actually learn of them. <.g>

space case

Well, it's done. I seriously don't know how it went. There was a bunch I knew. There were some that I think I was able to correctly figure out. And then there were some I just don't know if I got right. Very worrysome. But it's done.

Aarti told me to watch TRL today, because Carson was making this huge announcement about Lance. I'm thinking, okay, maybe he and Laura are engaged, or maybe he has some big details about the movie he's shooting this summer (like, he got an acting coach or something <.g>), things like that. Nope...the man is going to outer space. No joke. LOL He's in talks to go up in a Russian rocket for a mission in November. Before that, he'd have to be in training for 5-6 months, outside of Moscow. Which would pretty much put the kibosh not only on that movie he was supposed to make, but *anything for nsync after this tour. They certainly can't record anything without their bass, performances would be missing a pretty big element, I'd personally be disappointed in any video that didn't have him in it, all of that stuff. Carson made sure to say that nothing was finalized, but Lance is already issuing press releases about how excited he is for this chance. Something I personally wouldn't do until things *were finalized, but if it was me, I wouldn't be doing it in the first place. LOL I'm sorry, but the main image I have of going to outer space is the Challenger, and that right there would prevent me from leaving the Earth. <.g> But if it's something he really wants to do, I think it's so awesome for him, I just also think he's a little insane. LOL

February 01, 2002

Silly Miggie

Miggie posted this to a list, but I didn't see her post it at her blog. And it needs to be shared. <.g> n mylk.

January 28, 2002

long day

Today's gonna be a LONG day. Okay, sure, I don't start until 1. But that class goes to 2:20, and then I have a class from 3-6. So I'm gone from 12:45-6:15. Ack! LOL

On Friday, I did my assignment for 386 this evening, taking the time to complain about the lack of information I had found, and she sent me an e-mail back saying that she agreed the site was lacking, but to try a link she gave. Does this mean I should redo the assignment? LOL It's only, like, a paragraph, so it's not a big deal, I just wish I knew. LOL

Oh, it's Mark and Lizzie's wedding on ER! When it first aired, I was so confused as to why they had all those errors and getting lost seemed silly. Then, a few weeks later, I saw the episode where they first started getting close. It was a series of mistakes and getting lost that caused them to miss a conference and spend time together! So of course the wedding episode made perfect sense. I wish I had known that the first time around. <.g> Why wasn't Kerry invited, though? I mean, she is a co-worker of both, and isn't she Mark's boss, technically? You'd think that at least inviting her was the smart and polite thing to do. LOL

I was up WAY too late with the nsync game. LOL Aarti came home, and she was having too much fun. <.g> She got really good at Justin's charity smoochie game, where you fire off kisses to land on the nsync boys's heads. LOL She also got a kick out of the phone, using it to call JC about 10 times, asking if he was dating Emmanuelle. Then she started calling the other guys, asking THEM if JC was dating Emmanuelle. <.giggle> It was so funny. We also played the trivia game, which was fun. We beat the easiest level, and drowned at the middle and hardest. Lance kept popping up to tell us to "use our brains," like he knew we could, and I just wanted to smack him. LOL But really, learning way more about them than I ever wanted to. LOL Lance and Joey's favorite time of day is night, and JC's is either sunset or midnight...I haven't gotten that question right yet. LOL Oh, and my favorite one...the question was "What outfit does Lance find most attractive on a girl?" and the answers were 1. dress, 2. jeans and a sweater, 3. pjs. And the correct answer was pjs! LOL His good boy image is certainly tarnishing, huh? LOL When would he get a chance to see a girl in pajamas, hmmm? ;) So cute. LOL

January 25, 2002


nsync concert tickets in some areas went on sale this MORNING and some have already sold out. ACK!!!!!!! This means Kate and I have to wait overnight on the first to get tickets on the second. Overnight. In February. In CHICAGO. Our luck, that's when we'll get our first big snow. Although that would be better than a super freeze, I suppose. <.g> But goodness...I've never wanted to go to a concert that involved this much...involvement. LOL This SO better be worth it, that's all I have to say.

Even Stevens was SO CUTE. <.g> I really loved it. And now Buffy is on...Xander just slightly freaked that Willow had seen a half naked Oz. "Which half?!" "Wouldn't you like to know?" she responded, and it cracked me up! She did that so perfectly. It's great seeing Faith again. I've missed her. Yesterday was Faith, Hope and Trick, but I've forgotten the name of this ep. For now, anyway, I'm sure I'll remember in a little bit. <.g>

So sleepy...hope I don't fall asleep on the train. It's that headachy kind of tired, too, which is so annoying. I have my writing homework to do, though, and I have a notebook to work on my story. Plus a book, and an nsync mix tape I made. So I should stay somewhat occupied. LOL Turns out my cousin is also taking the train home today, so if he does find me, I should be able to keep the pretense of being busy. Although I would feel odd writing nsync stories next to him. LOL

Oh, WOW!!! I am so impressed with my little brother. He and mom made this video contract...he gets videos from 2-5 on most days, and after lunch to 5 on the others, for the most part. The first week, he was an angel, and complied with the rules. Last week, they fought every day over it. Today, mom was on the phone with her friend Elaine, and didn't even realize what time it was. Josh came to the bottom of the stairs, called her down, and pointed out to her that it was 5pm and gave her the videos. I can't believe this!! My baby is growing up. <.g> I am just in awe.

I can't wait for MT2.0...I saw that one of the improvements is the ability to categorize a post in multiple categories, something I just complained about in a post. This is one of the posts that would need that, and I can't wait until it's available. LOL


I found the cutest pictures last night...nsync, natch. LOL The first is all of them on top of Joey, and the second is just Lance and I think Joey. So sweet! LOL They're like little puppies. (Is that Joey, BTW? 'Cause it also kinda looks like Howie from BSB, with the lack of facial hair. LOL)

I totally forgot that they were going to be on Clueless today, too. Ugh. Good thing Kate remembered and taped it. LOL It sounded so fun!

January 23, 2002

fun stuff

Kate's buddy Amie came over, and we watched about 2.5 hours of MMC with JC and Justin. It was so cute! Justin was the most adorable little twelve year old. He looked nothing like how he does now. <.g> And JC was just so entirely cute. I loved the skits they had together, although it seemed that their characters never liked each other. LOL So cute, really! I kinda want to copy some of those. LOL

I also played Amie's nsync game for gameboy. It was...challenging. LOL And I was yelling at the poor boys a lot. First, they ask you to take them on errands on the way to the hotel. Then, when you get to the hotel, they ask you to quiet down the noisy people and put the nsyncers back to sleep when they wake up. (Okay, so I liked that part, putting them to bed. LOL) Then in the morning, you take them out for more errands, and then to get burgers for breakfast. Which you have to MAKE! LOL Lance was picky. Then you take them to the show, and help them play their goodluck hacky sack game. The hacky sack level took me almost 45 minutes to pass. LOL I was horrible! <.g> But I finally passed all the levels. I was proud. <.g>

Now Jennie and I are watching the Buffy musical together. Wheeee!

October 14, 2001

Well, I got three classes

Well, I got three classes planned out. Best I can do for now, until I find my notebook. Grrrrrr.

Kate and I found this link awhile back, and I thought it was interesting. Why JC and Justin sing lead most of the time. It makes a lot of sense, but that doesn't mean I don't want Lance or Joey to still sing lead more. <.g>