November 21, 2005

seasons of loooooooooove

I saw Harry Potter! I saw RENT! I saw Anthony Rapp from RENT! It was quite the movie weekend.

I loved HP. It was a romantic comedy. Quite odd, that, but I enjoyed it. RENT was just brilliant, and Anthony was so nice. Liss and I went downtown for the movie and reception. Worth the $80 to have such a neat adventure.

I also watched Snow Wonder last night. Eric Szmanda was so cute, but the script was awful. Very disappointing, since it was based on a short story by my favorite author, Connie Willis. Read the original - Just Like the Ones We Used To Know, which is quite good and very Connie-like. Subtle and witty and Christmassy.

October 23, 2005

Titanic Mystery

This is amazing! I just watched a PBS special on how DNA was used to find the name of the unknown child found at the Titanic. Gripping and fascinating and totally wild that this little boy finally has a grave with his name on it after 90 years.

Secrets of the Dead . Titanic's Ghosts | PBS

I've been jonesing for the Kate/Leo movie and this just kicked that into high gear. LOL But seriously, amazing.

September 18, 2005

Emmy talk

I love James Spader. He makes dorky look hot, totally. The glasses, man.

None of my shows were nominated, so no spoilers here. Just squee over dresses.

Lauren Graham: Beautiful in red.
Marg Helgenberg: Beautiful and natural looking. Great dress, lovely color, and perfect makeup. She looks far better than Catherine normally does.
Patricia Arquettte: 40s glam done right. I love her hair.
Felicity Huffman: Beautiful and cute and a doll all around.
Marcia Cross: Gorgeous.
Aly Hannigan: Interested dress, adorable hair that I covet.

Kristen Bell sang very well, and I totally fell in love with Gary Dourdan. What a smile!! Warrick doesn't smile enough.

I want to find pictures of all these lovlies. Hopefully they'll pop up overnight!

(Bah to the Emmy Idol winner. LOL) Ellen is cracking me up, Portia is gorgeous, and I love that Ellen's mom is sitting with her and the Arrested Development crew. Sweet. I love Whoopi's magnolia in her hair. I'm such a fan of hers. She's one of the celebrities I'd love to be friends with (along with Lauren, Felicity, and Ellen.) They all seem so cool.

October 31, 2004


Well, I'm officially unemployed - they found my replacement and so Friday was my last day. I'm not anticipating a very pretty paycheck, but it should be enough to get me Gilmore Girls season one.

Have I mentioned how in love with that show I am? Because I really am. It feels nice to be enjoying a show still on the air that I can watch regularly - that hasn't happened since season 6 Buffy. I'm madly in love with Luke; he's so delightfully grumpy and curmudeonly and kind and loving. Lorelai is a hoot, and Rory has grown on me. I can't wait to see how the show evolved - I've seen many episodes scattered through the seasons, and now all but one episode of season one, plus the last 4 regular new eps. So it's fun seeing the now and then differences, but the middle should be fabuous.

I'm still also fairly addicted to the Sims. Luke, Lorelai and Rory are obviously my new family, and Luke and Lorelai just got married last night. It was hysterical - she wanted out of her dress immediately and into her more comfortable and unique formal dress, and then they had a fight. LOL But it went off well and they are very happy.

Oh, shoot, meant to upload something. Look for another post coming quite soon. <.g>

June 17, 2004

shake it, do it, give me what you got

I have new cable channels! I've had the Food Network on almost nonstop since it came. (I LOVE Alton Brown. He's so fun.) Except, of course, when watching Buffy from 3-5 or watching TiVo'd Xena eps. ::happy sigh:: This plus getting high speed internet tomorrow is almost like being back at school. Only louder. And no school work. LOL But most of the perks have now followed me home, so yay!

Saw Shrek 2 today with mom, Josh, and two sweet and cute med students. (8 freaking years, and not one has asked me out. Damn them!) Oh, my heavens, I laughed SO HARD. I didn't really like the first one, but this one was just fantastically clever. I enjoyed it so much.

I am so going to the mediawest*con next Memorial Day. I squeal about it daily, it seems. I keep this year's panel list next to me in my room, and the topics make me very very happy. I cannot WAIT!!!! And, ooh, if Biz and I can get Jennie to come with? Heaven. Heaven, I tell you.

What's not squealworthy is that Britney had knee surgery, canceled her tour due to rigorous PT work for the next 8-12 weeks, and therefore I get no Britney OR JC this summer. : ( JC's touring with Jessica Simpson now (announced today), but I have no interest in seeing her. Darn. Oh, well. I saw him twice in May, so that will have to be good enough.

June 05, 2004


I forgot to post my Prisoner of Azkaban review!! Lordy, I loved the movie. It was great. I had a smile on my face for so long at the beginnging. But, with that in mind, I feel that they majorly fucked up several key points.

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June 03, 2004


3 hours and 6 minutes until PoA!!! Mom and I got midnight tickets for the new HP movie. Tres exciting.

The wedding was really quite lovely. Hopefully I can do a better recap, later, but anyway, Rachel is my cousin who's related to Tamara Braun - Carly. So Tam was there all weekend. She's so sweet! And so amazingly skinny. LOL Wow. But she was a lot of fun, chatty and bubbly and nice. We met up with her on Saturday night, and she bought me a drink, and then she was there helping us all get ready on Sunday for the wedding. She was supposed to do everyone's makeup, but Rachel was having a lot of nerves and jitters and problems, so that took up pretty much all of Tam's time. But Rachel looked absolutely gorgeous in the end, and didn't faint during the ceremony (we were all nervous <.g>), so we're calling it a rousing success. <.g> I didn't get any pictures with her (unless we're in some candids together, which is possible), but mom and Josh did. Sadly, dad didn't use a flash, so I'm still playing with the image.

Oh, and I also got hit on by her (extremely drunk) brother Eric. He seems like a nice guy, though. Told me that he and Tam had watched GH together when they were kids - it was the one show they never missed, because of Luke and Laura. Also heard a great deal on his theories of spiritual growth and the jewelry business. <.g>

Today was the last day of school. I'm so sad! I'm going to miss my wee little kidlets. They were so good, all of them, and I just loved them. I have off tomorrow, and then summer school starts on Monday. It's going to be a good job, I think. Monday-Thursday, 8:30-noon, 5 weeks, and I'm working with a darling little boy I've known for years. Sweet little kid.

I'm currently leaning towards becoming a librarian. I don't know, though. Need to plan.

3 hours and 3 minutes until Ron and Hermione!!! <.g>

January 17, 2004

hey ya

And the final step in graduate applications has been finished - letters were ordered to be mailed off. Now, we wait. And hope.

The restaurant does not make ostrich anymore. I was so disappointed! But the waiter was very helpful and nice and fun, and directed me towards a venison platter that I enjoyed just as much. It had this amazing chili-based sauce that was just this side of spicy, and I loved every single bite of it. The ostrich hunt continues, though. <.g>

This week, I got the entire series of Remember WENN converted onto DVDs. I'm in seventh heaven, I swear. I've watched the first 8 eps in the last three days. I'm going to keep watching every episode in order. It's so fun! I'm so in love with Victor this time around. I can't WAIT until Maple and Scotty show up. Also, it's interesting to watch Celia - she's not jiving with my remembered conceptions about her. She's flirty, but doesn't take it as far as I thought she did. So far, anyway. <.g> She's got standards, and so we'll see how much that changes/stays the same during her run.

I wrote a trickyfish fic yesterday. Go, me! Now to keep this up. I don't want this to be another two story year, man. I have plenty of ideas, it's time to get them out.

Spent over $100 shopping online last night. Eeee, the cuteness! I love Old Navy. I got this adorable pink trenchcoat. I can't wait to wear it! Also got some body lotions - for years, I've had this "tic" where I shrug my left shoulder, rather violently, and everything feels all weird and wrong. Clothes, my skin, everything. I hate it, but I can't stop doing it. So I started thinking, and maybe it has to do with winter and my skin being too dry. So, yeah, giving it a shot. Can't hurt. I made my own formula over at, and I'm excited to try it. Also created a sampler of perfumes, too. <.giggle> Hey, it was $5.

May 01, 2003


Y'all know me, I'm a spoiler whore. I know a bit about Buffy, and now I know a lot about Dawson, thanks to this site.

I swear, I read "Jen" so many times in that thread that a, it doesn't look like it has meaning now and b, I thought, "is that REALLY her name?" <.g>

But. Wow. Will I cry and cry and cry at this finale. <.sigh> Fellow DC fans/spoiler whores, let's discuss.

April 22, 2003


After all these years, it still must be said.

Happy birthday, Ingo!

It's all I could think of when writing down dates in my notebooks today. And I think only Lady K gets it. <.g>

April 13, 2003

War stuff

What I just posted for Poli Sci:
Was anyone else watching CNN from about 1:20-2am this morning? I think it extended earlier and later, but that was the portion I caught, and I think it was the climax of it all.

CNN was following their non-embedded reporter, Brent Sadler, and his convoy of 7 cars into Tikrit. They had been informed by a schoolteacher that US coaltion forces were negotiating for a peaceful turnover of Tikrit, and it was absolutely safe for them to go in and see for themselves. So they did.

Unfortunately, as Brent said, "Tikrit is still very much in control by Hussein." They were stopped, told to see the governer for permission to film (which Brent scoffed at) and hightailed it out of town. They barreled through a checkpoint, amid automatic gunfire, filming and reporting the entire way. They got a few miles out, and then a car pulled along side them and started firing again. Their guard returned fire both times. No one in their car was injured, but another in the convoy had the rear windows shot out and someone in there had a head wound.

It was one of the most fascinating and scary things to watch. Amazing and scary that we can actually see all of this in real time. It's something I hadn't yet seen in this war, real warfare, and it was oddly real and still movie-like. It was absolutely riveting, a real nail biter, and I have to wonder if the CNN PTB weren't disappointed it didn't happen in a more accessible time of day. It would have been perfect for prime time on WarTV.

It sounds a jaded at the end, and I do wonder that. But I was also blown away by Brent and his bravery, and by the situation as a whole, and yes. It was amazing to see. I'm glad he came out of it okay.

April 03, 2003


Now this will be fun!

David Duchovny is going from Téa to Nia. According to the Hollywood Reporter, he'll play the love interest of Nia Vardalos in ''Connie and Carla,'' the ''My Big Fat Greek Wedding'' star's next film comedy, which she wrote and is producing. The movie starts shooting the first week of May under director Michael Lembeck (''The Santa Clause 2,'' TV's ''Friends'').

(from eonline)

January 15, 2003

ATTN: West Wing Fans!

Attention! Everyone needs to watch West Wing tonight! Okay, I know my subject says attn: to west wing fans, but dude. EVERYONE needs to watch!

Especially the trout fishing scene. Why? Because that was filmed at Graue Mill, just blocks from my house. My neighborhood! They drove past my house! So, yes. Everyone watch. <.g>

Me, I'll be at work. <.sob>

January 14, 2003


Now this is a twist.

Angel Star Pregnant
World Entertainment News Network

CHARISMA CARPENTER is to have a baby - and her on-screen character will follow suit.

The ANGEL actress is due to give birth in March, though she kept the secret - and her shot gun wedding to DAMIAN HARDY - from television bosses. Now they have been forced to re-write the script, incorporating a naughty night of nookie for CORDELIA with Angel's teenage son CONNOR.

She says, "I am due to film on through March but I don't know if I will be able to... my waters might break on set! So far they have been camouflaging my condition by putting me in long coats."

So the baby will be Connor's? EW! She was like his mom when he was a baby. Oh, well, it's not like I can watch anymore. It's on opposite West Wing now. : ( So, no more Angel.

But congrats to Charisma. : )

November 15, 2002

Good Ship R/H

Dude! Chamber of Secrets! Loved it, man. Just plain old 100% loved it. Detailed spoilers and squeals below.

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Happy Harry Potter Day!

Okay, man I've been sleeping a lot lately. I'm just so tired all the time! I went to bed at 10:30 last night, even if I did read a little while. This seems to be my reaction to stress - I remember it from last January, too.

BTW, always a fun thing - hearing the phone ring just as you step out of the shower! I grabbed a towel and dashed. <.g> When they asked for Kathryn, I was a little less than forthcoming - usually people asking for our first names are telemarketers - but this one turned out to be someone from the company she wants to interview with. Ooops! I got nicer, Kate, I swear. <.g>

HP today at 4!! I'm wearing my Quidditch jersey today - I wanted to wear my other HP shirt, but I couldn't find it!! Actually, I couldn't find this one either until I discovered it crumped on my closet floor, mixed in with my thermal blanket. So it's less than pretty, but still being worn. <.g>

Oooh, mom just called - the kids are on The View! And they showed the scene where Lockhart removes Harry's bones. LOL Daniel is SO softspoken. Adorable.

Okay, off to look for songs on stupid Kazaa. If you have any of the following and wish to share, I'll trade with ya. <.g>

Lose Yourself - Eminem
It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday - nsync (a capella)
Islands in the Stream - Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers
Standing in the Shadow of Love - Four Tops
Bernadette - Four Tops
All Apologies - Nirvana
Leather - Tori Amos
I Want You to Want Me - Letters to Cleo or Cheap Trick

October 01, 2002

relaxation time

Exams are DONE!! I don't believe anything is due (that I'm doing, anyway), until the 16th. I feel like taking a nap. LOL

The exam today was stressful. It wasn't as hard as I had feared, but the professor is convinced we're all cheaters (apparently we've been under suspicion since last year) and so she was being all, "You canNOT leave the room to go to the bathroom! You will fail!" And that was freaky. And then she started moving us around from our assigned (yes, assigned) seats. We were annoyed. Then we started the exam, and those with version B were missing the last page of questions and those with A, the last two pages. <.sigh> Sucky. But it's done.

Meanwhile, yes, She totally has no faith in us. ::blinks:: We were so confused. But we think we know what started it.

Dr. Kuehn. He has this rule that when going over exams, you can't have anything on your desk except the error sheet he hands out that says what you got wrong and the correct letter answer, and a pen. You can take notes on the error sheet, but then you hand it in again and never see it again. Pointless. but last semester, he was collecting them, and a girl pulled out her notebook to check something. He threw a hissy fit, threw the notebook at her, and stormed out of the room in a rage.

It's the only thing we can think of. <.shrug>

So, yes. Kinda feeling like taking a nap now. I'm reading The Girls: Sappho goes to Hollywood, which I read an except of on amazon last spring, and finally bought this weekend, though. And I love it, and don't want to put it down. LOL It's pretty interesting how open and yet not things were back in the start of Hollywood, in like the teens and 20s. Did you know that 50% of city and college women surveyed in the 20s admitted to sexual or romantic relationships with their best friends? They fully expected to end up married, but in the meantime, they felt it was a perfectly appropriate time to be with anyone. Now granted, I don't know who was polled, and it does say that it was mostly big cities and colleges, not the heartland, but still. <.g>

I like this new designed on Trading Spaces. The one with the slicked back black hair that looks like Duke from General Hospital? He seems quite sweet.

June 23, 2002

baby boy

Sadly too tired to do much of any typing tonight. Grrrrr. Anyway, so, taking the time to congratulate David and Tea on their new baby boy! He was born on June 15, which must have been a great Father's Day gift for him. <.g>

Sneak preview of camp details:
*Getting stuck at a parade in Hudson for Prairie Days when already 3 hours late.
*Josh meeting his first girlfriend and all that entails (dates, dancing, kisses)
*The most amazingly beautiful point on the lake, with an altar and benches. Pictures to come.
*My mom and Suki will never be allowed back.
*Pizza debacle
*Bye Bye Bye

Intrigued yet? LOL

May 21, 2002

Two to Go/Grave

Okay, someone on Scullyfic asked opinions about tonight's Buffy finale. I wrote a novella. Here it is, follow the nsyncers. <.g>

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Buffy. Damn. Wow. Buffy. ::blinks:: Yeah. Wow. I wasn't going to watch next season. I didn't like this one. At all. All through the episode, was just drained. I was totally saying goodbye. Then the last scene. Last line. And suddenly...invigorated for the coming season. Please let it be October soon.

Meanwhile, was that Sarah McLachlan singing at the end? Pretty.

May 19, 2002

in the end...

Wow. XF ruled. I watched the first hour and half with my dad, which kinda detracted. He was great to watch with, don't get me wrong, but he's not a FAN like me. But he was totally sweet and left me alone for the last half hour. At about twenty till, it hit me that this was it. Then came ten till, and I was in awe. And then it ended, and I couldn't move. I need to gather my thoughts, so maybe I'll post tomorrow about it all. (Especially the last ten minutes. LOL)

In other news...finally, the person I wanted to win Survivor won. And did anyone else notice Rosie's ring? How long has she worn it? Oh, and Krissy...that guy from GL is Jordi Valsuso, who plays Tony. Yum. <.g>

Phile at heart

Well, this is it. 4 hours and some minutes until the last ever episode of the X-Files. I'm so sad! I'm also completely unspoiled, something totaly unheard of. LOL I haven't watched as much as usual this past season...only maybe 60% of the episodes. But it's still MY SHOW, you know? It's one of the shows where I will always say I was and am a fan, even though my interest waned near the end.

So, yes, getting as prepared as I can. Wearing an XF shirt, got some sunflower seeds to snack on, and given the storms that are off and on, I'll most likely have a flashlight with me, too. (Next to that is phone numbers of people to call if the power goes out and I need them to put me on speaker phone so I can listen to the show. <.giggle>)

Count this as your reminder, Lady K...XF an hour earlier than usual, at 7pm CST. I hope you and E watch!! My boy's coming back to his Scully. <.g>

April 28, 2002

X-Files: William

Tonight's XF blew me away entirely. I adore when David directs....he's so talented. The episode started out hysterical, but by the end, I was highly depressed. Details below.

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April 19, 2002

long live TCM

I am so addicted to TCM these days. Last night, they showed all musicals. I saw Singing in the Rain for the first time...LOVED IT. I'd heard all the songs, of course, and had seen some pieces of it, but never this much. It was fantastic. Then they showed a Fred Astaire one from the 50s that I greatly enjoyed (despite the one performance where they played infant triplets, sang about how they did everything the same, but "we hate each other, we hate our folks. We hate the jokes about what an art it is to tell us apart. I wish I had a gun, a wittle gun, to shoot the other two so I could be one." ACK! LOL I was horrified), then came Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, which was still on when I fell asleep. My favorite musical, Kiss Me Kate, was on at 1, but I couldn't stay up that late. <.sigh>

Now I'm watching The Philadelphia Story. I adore this movie, every bit of it. Don't always agree with everything, but I enjoy it immensely. I wonder what's on next. If it's nothing I want to watch, maybe I'll pop in my Jimmy Stewart/Carole Lombard movie. <.g> I could totally go for that today.

April 16, 2002

Xena lives!

Oooh, neat! I love Chicago. Someone on the Xena/Gabby list posted about something called Xena Lives!, which is a musical set after the series finale, wherein, obviously, Xena lives. I only really noticed it because the headline said May 11, which is also my birthday, so it jumped out. LOL So I told my mom, "oooh, Xena play on my birthday downtown!" Then kept reading to find out it actually extends to May 19, after she said to give her details when she signed back online. Then I kept exploring the site, and it sounds fantastic. Tribune raved about it. Then I read about the theater and discovered that it's apparently #1 in Chicago for lesbian, gay, and bi quality programs and stuff. <.g> Now that'll be interesting. I'm fine with that, of course, and take that to mean I'm gonna get a lot of really great and fun Xena/Gabby subtext here that might even venture a bit farther. Fantastic, I say. Problem being that my dad would have to be the one to buy my ticket(s), since I won't be home until the 11th and by then the last nights would most likely be sold out. So. Do I attempt to pretend I didn't know that and ask dad to get me tickets anyway? Try and get them myself without letting him know exactly where I'm going that night? (Which would never work.) This is going to take some consideration...I really want to go! But I also have to live at home all summer long. LOL

well, it's something

Well, I did a bunch of research and have two pages of notes to write off of for the auditory section of my paper. Which I actually started. Okay, half a page done only, but it's something. LOL So, feeling kinda good. I finally moved downstairs and watched a few WENN episodes while I worked. (Diva That Wouldn't Die and Emperor Smith) It's been a few months since I last watched, and it always surprises me 1, how much I still have memorized, and 2, how much I still love it. What was really surprising is that this time around, I remembered how much I used to love Betty before the fandom tried to ruin her for me (screw them! I don't care about their obnoxious and wrong portrayals! I like her, damn it. And I won't let me forget that again. Just because I like her doesn't mean I can't make fun of her, though), but I also realized that, um, I kinda like Betty and Victor. A lot. More than Betty and Scott. 'Cause then Scott can be with Maple. or Hilary. Or both. I'm flexible that way. <.g> I still want to be Hilary when I grow up, but I'd like to make a detour into being Maple for awhile first. <.g> I think Maple could evolve into a Hilary-ish person, so it fits. But that would involve toning herself down, and I like her too much as she is to have her change so much. But, yes. I miss that show.

And now must run to class. Ick. <.g>

April 14, 2002


Shoot, I was going to watch XF tonight! I totally forgot....they brought Leyla Harrison back. <.sigh> Crap. Oh, well. I watched the season premiere of Nero Wolfe on A&E instead, which totally rocked. But still. <.pout> I can't believe I forgot.

Tonight's Silent Sunday on TCM is called "The Merry Widow." Oooh, it was just introduced as having an orgy scene. LOL This was directed by the guy, Eric Von Stroheim, who's first film for MGM ran 8 hours. <.giggle> Anyway, it's from 1925, and features Clark an extra!! How fun is that? I think it sounds like quite a lot of fun. I gave up and set the VCR to tape now, as I know there's no way I'll be up until 1. I'm already falling asleep, but I am bound and determined to get this last article done for 386 tomorrow. Then I'll have gotten at least two assignments done today. <.sigh>

April 03, 2002

the horror

I'm horrified! Martin Sheen is not really the president! <.g> Article from LOL

Checking out my hits...hi to the people who searched for "Lance JC tickling" and "Joey Lance tickling." LOL Also, someone actually did a search for the Lance not dating women quote I have in my sidebar...I'm the only site that pops up. <.giggle> To the person looking for information on Dr. Rama Venu, good luck with everything.

Found some fun stories with the tickling searches...I meant to post this about 30 minutes ago. LOL

March 29, 2002


I was flipping through channels randomly, not wanting to get out of my warm bed, when I hit AMC. And it's Paris When it Sizzles!! That's the movie on my Amazon wishlist, that so rarely airs. And it's on, and it's the start! I think this is a fun movie...William Holden is a script writer who has two days to write the movie "The Girl Who Stole The Eiffel Tower," and Audrey Hepburn is the woman he hires to type it as he dictates. And as he dictates te script, often revising, we see the movie he's writing. Which is super fun when he revises, because we see the changes happening, as it switches from night to day, as he changes the car from a Mercedes to a Bentley. LOL So it's like two movies in one, and both are quite amusing, I think. I wish I had known it was on, so I could tape it! I guess I'll just watch as much as I can before class.

March 27, 2002


Well, watched On the Line again. LOL With Kate and Amie this time. Still cute. And I've come to the conclusion that the reason the chick with the book meets Randy is so that the writers/producers could reaffirm Randy's heterosexuality. Forget Rod and Kevin, Randy and Eric were so all over each other the whole movie. <.g> Hugging, touching, looking, the spins and hugs in the credits...yeah. So that's my theory on the random girl with the big book. ::nods:: Also, Kate had me in stitches with the cute little drawings she was making on her mini-etch a sketch. LOL The pineapple was best. <.g>

But despite all this, I did get some work done. Just not as much as I would have prefered. I got two pages done. Of eight. But I lent Jill my notebook so she could copy Monday's notes, and forgot I had my mini-outline in there. So I forgot what I was going to talk about! I'm gonna keep working on it, though, and if I bring in a point I hadn't meant to, well, that only makes this thing longer, which I need.

No real news on my grandfather yet. So far, he's not responding to treatments, but there's still time. He's sick, that's all. And he wants to see his daughter and his mother. And he wants his copies of his living will and stuff, which unfortunately my parents can't find. Or couldn't as of 7:30 when I last talked to them. But he still could pull through this. I know that he doesn't want to die in a hospital, and I don't think he will. Which means he'll get through this new thing.

So meanwhile, I need to keep working. Because if I stay on my computer any longer, I'll either open a fic to read, or reopen my latest story and work on that. Again. I wrote a page of that today before I settled in with my paper. Bad me!


LOL! I'm flipping between TRL and GH...Britney was hysterical. She was on a British talk show, the host asked if she was single, and she said, "I am single RIGHT NOW." With pointing and everything. <.g> So the guy said, "Great!" and turned on some music, got down on one knee and proposed. She accepted, he had the vicar right there, and they were ready to do it and head off to the honeymoon. LOL She was cracking up the whole time, and the host (young guy, rather cute) had an accent to die for. <.g>

Now if only GH was so amusing.

March 25, 2002

inclimate weather and more

When I went to bed, it was raining. I could hear it. When I woke up, it was just bright and grey. So I figured we were in for a cloudy day. I looked out...snow and ice everywhere. BLAH! It's freaking spring! Give me winter was warmer then.

I spent most of my day yesterday working on my last story for writing class. It's set in December 1941, about this guy, Christopher, getting ready to go off to war and spending his last Saturday night with his best friend, Roger, whom he's also in love with. Gee, that one sentence summary is better than the story! LOL I asked Jennie, Kate and Aarti to read it, and no one was mortally offended by it, which is good. <.g> So today I have to change my print cartridge and get ready to print it. It's 8 pages, so I haven't decided if I want to print all 18 copies out myself or just one and pay to have it copied. I do it doublesided, so that's only 4 pagesx18 copies, which is what...72? That does sound a lot. LOL

The other thing I did was drive with Kate for over an hour, hitting six stores, in an attempt to find and purchase nsync's PopOdyssey Live "for my brother." <.g> Not one place down here had it!! That is so annoying. But we tried, and took the time to procrastinate, and will just have to wait for the DVD on April 23.

I am SO COLD! UGH! I don't want to take a shower...I'm freezing as it is, without adding in the wet factor. Maybe I'll try and put that off as long as possible. <.g> Of course, I do have to go to both classes today. In 376, we might fight to NOT have the exam on Wednesday. He told us the Wednesday before break that he would tell us today if we were having an exam on Wednesday! I studied a bit, but nowhere near the level I'd need if I wanted to pass. Which I do. So we'll all yell at him if he doesn't push it back.

What do I need to do this week? I need to start researching my 376 paper topic...I decided to write about the feedback types in speech. I need to study for 376. I need to finish my MI tests and start writing a rough draft. I need to study for the 385 exam that is next Tuesday and CANNOT be pushed back. Or else I have to explain to my teacher that I won't be at the exam because I'll be in Chicago getting ready for the nsync concert. <.g> Wouldn't that go over well? I need a good excuse just in case. Something that involves already having plans to go home...perhaps I'll move the RTS get together to that weekend and promise to do a sample on one of the kids. Then do a sample on Josh over the weekend.

Well, that does sound fairly reasonable. This morning, I'll finish my tests. Tomorrow, I'll try and start researching 376. Wednesday, I'll start writing a rough draft of MI. Thursday, I don't have time for anything. Friday, I'll study 385 and 376. Saturday, ditto, plus some 376 writing. Sunday morning, ditto, Sunday afternoon, spend time with my parents, who are driving down for Easter. See, all sounds good. But I still don't want to move now. LOL

February 27, 2002

Spike's past

Oh, oh, oh! I don't know if this counts as spoilers as I know nothing of what will come, but it has to do with Buffy's birthday episode this year. So, like, two episodes back.

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February 23, 2002


Good heavens! LOL I was just telling Biz on Thursday that I had only seen 3 or 4 Xena episodes, including the finale, before I got hooked in November. I watched for a few weeks freshman year, at the suggestion of my Aunt Karen and Sue, who I was chatting with then. Thursday night's episode was one of the ones...Gabby and Argo get shrunk. <.giggle> Then I just realized that this morning's episode is one of the others! People in Tartarus and the Elysian Fields switched places, to the evil people were in heaven and the good people were in hell, and there were these pterodactyl type creatures attacking Xena and the hot guy she was with. <.g> I VERY vividly remember the pterodactyl type creatures. LOL I always love stumbling on the episodes I saw before I was a fan...I had one ep for Buffy (The Witch) and several for XF (Fire, WOTC, Small Potatoes, etc), and it's just plain fun remembering what my initial reactions were. LOL (Does it surprise anyone to know that I only watched WOTC because I saw previews of David running shirtless with tight jeans, and SP because I saw previews of the near kiss? <.g>)

February 22, 2002


I'm watching the figure skating's been fantastic so far. I loved Jamie and David's...she threw him into the air for a jump. <.giggle> The Russians were also fantastic. And then came Alexei, the gold medalist. Performed brilliantly, looked hot, I was nearly drooling. Then he finishes and heads off to the side, and he takes off his shirt for another one. Quite the defined chest. But obviously, the man is changing, right? So of course the camera is going to stay on him and not give him privacy, which means we got to see the tight little briefs he was wearing. LOL I wasn't really going to complain, though. <.g> So yeah, he changed into his costume for the short program, which he performed part of for his encore. It was very cool. Kinda nice to see, given that I missed it the first time around with Sarah's engagement. <.g> I've gotten a lot of the skate on tape tonight, which I'm happy about. I loved Tim Goebbel's dance to American Pie. <.g> He's such a cutie.

Okay, and the final skate with everyone was SO DAMN COOL! LOL I loved the pairs gold medalists skating together....they did a dual death spin, or whatever it's called. (The guy holds the girl's hand, and she's spinning around him low and almost parallel to the ice.) So the guys were pressed really close together, and the girls were nearly on top of each other, and they all spun in perfect unison. It totally blew me away! How completely and utterly awesome.

February 20, 2002


This might be considered a spoiler for the XFiles finale, even though there's nothing really plot related. So head down to the more section if you want to read. But first....David D is going to direct one of the last XF episodes!! It'll air April 28, and it's from an idea that he came up with with CC and Frank, that CC will write. I'm excited!

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February 15, 2002

kevin smith

I am so sad. Kevin Smith, who played Ares on Xena, died today. He had been in China shooting a movie, and the day after it wrapped, he had an accident and sustained severe head injuries. He was supposed to to fly to Hawaii next month to get ready for a role in Bruce Willis's new movie. : ( He was an amazing actor, and I wish he'd had his chance to break it big.

lucky and liz

Proof that I cannot escape nysnc, no matter where I go...I turned on GH today. Lucky was in Liz's hospital room, giving her a rose and asking her to be his Valentine. I'm torn between "awwwww" because it's sweet and I used to love them and "ugh" because now they're treacly and obnoxious. Then he leans over and turns on the music..."Can this be true? Tell me, can this be real? How can I put into words what I feel?" LOL Yes, Lucky is playing "God Must Have Spent" for Elizabeth. And why is that always the nsync song being played on tv, anyway? <.g>

Back to the book I'm reading excerpts from at I really want to get to Border's and buy this book! It's quite fascinating.

February 14, 2002

Buffy girl

Which Buffy Girl Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty

It never fails...I either tie Anya and Tara, or I get Anya. Am I really like Anya that much? I always identified with Willow or Tara most! LOL

charlie brown

A new Charlie Brown special! Charlie Brown makes me happy. *g* Even though it's kinda sad..."Can you cure loneliness?" "For a nickel, I can cure anything!"
"What if I meet her and I don't like her as much as she likes me? How could I break up with her?" "You're worried about breaking up with someone you haven't even met? You're hopeless, Charlie Brown, completely hopeless." "Maybe I can break up with her now and meet her later."

<.giggle> Anyway. LOL My Valentine's have been going over quite well. LOL! So silly. Nghi cracked up at hers, and Meg's gonna hang hers on the wall (she put the accompanying heart sticker next to Justin. <.g> She used to like JC best, but now he has too much hair. So she likes Justin. LOL).

OH! I knew Raiders of the Lost Ark was on Sunday, but I didn't know Temple of Doom was also on! Raiders is my favorite of the three, but Doom also rocks. This is quite exciting! But now I must watch Charlie Brown and study. YUCK. Happy Valentine's Day to me, huh? <.g>

February 13, 2002


I think this is Mercedes McNab on Dawson tonight. It kinda looks like her, and definitely sounds like her, but I missed the first few minutes with the guest stars list. if it is her, I am SO impressed...completely not Harmony at all. She's older and more mature, and nailing every single scene, putting Katie Holmes to shame. Quite an excellent job.

Meanwhile, I'm super sleepy. I read my stories and I read a chapter in my 376 course pack. That's it...I give up. No more tonight. I need a break. I get a night off now. Watch me waste it by going to bed at 9. LOL

fandom men

From Miggie....

Categorize Your Fandom Men In Three Categories:

1.- Sexiest: The one that makes you fan yourself, giggle, and say "what a man!"
2.- The Knight: The fairy-tale prince type who makes you sigh because men in the real world aren't like that.
3.- The One I'd Most Likely End Up With: Judging from past and present relationships, who's the most realistic guy for you.

Let's divide into fandoms here. <.g>
1. Dilemma....Remus, Sirius and Bill Weasley all inspire drooling in the books, while Oliver Wood demands it in the movie. I think, though, Bill Weasley.
2. Harry. He's practically perfect in all ways.
3. Hmmm. Probably Ron...I think our relationship would be pretty similar to mine and Damien's or Eric's. LOL Lots of goodnatured bickering and disagreements, but love spending time together.

1. Giles. <.giggle> Sorry, but the accent....the earring....the glasses. Just, yum.
2. Riley was pretty fairy-taleish. He was very accepting of Buffy, especially at the start. I think he got a bum rap, especially based on what he turned into.
3. Xander. He's a nice guy, and that's his special thing. I'd love a relationship with someone like him.

1. Mulder. I drool plenty over him.
2. Mulder. He's not perfect or anything, but Miggie's right...after what he's been through, most guys would be babbling. LOL
3. Not Mulder. LOL I have my own issues, I don't think I could handle the crushing weight of his. <.g> I think Doggett is who I'd end up with, and be quite happy with.

West Wing:
1. Josh. He's sexy and intelligent and pretty and did I mention sexy? And intelligent?
2. Sam. He's so sweet and cute and idealistic and believes he can make a difference. I WANT him to exist, damn it.
3. Probably Cliff Calley. He's smart, but not as dauntingly intelligent as the WW boys, who would probably all reduce me to monosyllablic, one word responses. <.g> He's also a pretty nice guy, once you get past the Republican issue. ; )

1. Scotty. He's just so SEXY. And even when he's pulling a con, I just smile affectionately at how adorable he is doing it.
2. I'm not sure here. I thought Victor, I thought Mackie, but neither is exactly right. I want a Mackie, though. <.g>
3. CJ. LOL Quiet, shy, loves technology, and a total sweetheart. Hey, maybe he's the one that doesn't really exist. <.g>

I think that's enough fandoms for now. LOL This is fun!

morning watch

This is a morning for celebrities. <.g> I turned on VH1 this morning, it was Elton John's Justin video. So I watched it, as it's been a long time since I saw it on. After I finished, I flipped up one channel to MTV. What was playing? Elton and Justin. How much Justin can one woman take?! LOL And now I have on ER, and it's Bradley Whitford's episode. Such a sad one, but a great one.

I spent last night studying for my 376 exam next week. <.sigh> I also organized some of my MP3s into folders that will eventually (hopefully soon) be put on CDs. Given my mood, I made two happy pop, one just songs that make me happy. The second one was, like, 75% oldies, and of that, a rather large portion was disco. I don't get it...I actually downloaded Funky Town and Dancing Queen yesterday. LOL When I was 7, I started out in the fifties. Then I slowly inched into the sixties. By the mid-90s, I had made it to the early 70s, but my mom forced me into modern light rock. Now I've finally caught up wth my age group and MTV, and I somehow simultaneously regressed into late 70s. <.g> I guess I'm just a freak. <.giggle>

February 06, 2002

Buffy villain

Find out which Buffy villian you are most like!

February 03, 2002


Wow! LOL I turned on Oxygen to wait for Xena to start, and Seth Green was on my TV. <.giggle> He was on Cybill, I guess! Very cute.

Speaking of Oz...can you believe that I completely forgot about Buffy this week?! If I had thought, I'd have asked mom to tape it on Tuesday, but I didn't, and I didn't even set my VCR here. <.sigh> I have been so bad with my TV shows this season. I haven't seen XF in months, I keep forgetting Buffy, I never tape West Wing, and the only reason I remember Angel is because Jennie is usually on then! LOL I need to get my act together.

January 30, 2002


<.GASP!!!!!> Amends! Amends! Amends is the Buffy episode! I had this on tape once, and I lost it. I was so sad. Now I can get it on tape again! Whooo!! I had been super hungry, but now I'm waiting until 6 to eat. LOL This is exciting. (Silly, but exciting. LOL)

January 29, 2002

random quotage

Today's General Hospital:

Carly: What's that in your hand?
Zander: Stapler.
Carly: Oh, good, you *can tell the truth. Now what happened with Sonny?

<.giggle> I just found that cute.

Oh, yay, Scotty and Alexis and Ned! Should be fun.


oooh!!! Michael's doctor is Chris Potter!! He was on Silk Stalkings...the second go around, after Chris and Rita left. I liked him! This is exciting. Even if I don't exactly like his character here, it's still him. LOL

Now to take a shower and get dressed before finishing my little marathon. <.g> Fun way to start the morning.

January 23, 2002

sleepy, sleepy

Wow, staying up until 1 am is not a good thing. LOL Mom came on at 11:30, and we were chatting through Oprah until after midnight. She was watching Dr. Phil, who I kept reminding her was the devil and would give anyone a complex. <.g> I didn't sign off until 12:30, though, because I was finishing Nik's new Lambs story on Helen's page. I *really liked it. LOL Then Sports Night was on, and it would be silly not to watch, right? Right. So I watched. LOL It was the one were Natalie refused to accept Jeremy breaking up with her. Amusing, to be sure, but he really doesn't always write women smartly. I think she had the right idea, but came off as an idiot doing it. Of course, Casey and Dan were fixating on the bomb threat through the entire episode, so the men didn't come out very intelligent, either. LOL Oh, and I saw the Chili's commerical again...same one on the beach. I love that Lance gets two solos. <.giggle> I want to see the others, what does four of them talking about Justin's solo career have to do with Chili's? Unless Justin went solo on the baby back ribs song. <.g> Anyway, they're just all so cute.

Okay, I love having these categories to organize my posts, but it's hard because my posts are rarely just about one topic. LOL Like this one falls into tv/movies, nsync, fiction, and family, all at once. <.g> Oh, well, it makes life interesting. LOL