March 25, 2002


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January 21, 2002

I am SO sleepy! LOL

I am SO sleepy! LOL Wow. I think the interview went well...only took about 25 minutes or so. They asked me questions about Gilliangels (they asked where I got the idea, I said it was based on one for Gillian that I had expanded so that more people could get involved, kinda implying that it wasn't for Gillian anymore. And it's not. It's for Gillian and nsync. ; ) ), about my major, previous jobs, and my knowledge of German. I'm really hoping I get this job, so cross your fingers for me.

So I got back around 11:15, and have been writing ever since. Got about two pages done...I think I'm heading towards a quick wrap-up, if I ever can get myself to write the next paragraph. LOL But beyond that, I've been playing with my new domain name. Everything is almost ready, I think, for my blog, so expect a new address sometime this week. YAY!! It was a lovely Christmas present from my Lady K, that took me and Kate weeks and weeks to name, when the name we ended up with is, like, so obvious for us. LOL

I LOVE this Buffy...I Only Have Eyes For You. Makes me cry every time. <.g> And Angel just said a line I have on my computer..."I just love to see you smile." LOL Actually, I combined two of his lines to make my startup sound, "Hello, lover. I just love to see you smile." <.g> EW! Snakes! I forgot this part.

Whoa, it snowed! LOL Wow.

Whoa, it snowed! LOL Wow. I didn't notice a thing when I opened my curtains. But I just looked out, and saw white on my balcony. And then on the trees. So I walked over and everything is covered in white. LOL Not a lot of white, but definitely more than was there at midnight, when there was none. <.g> Freaky.

So I've got just over

So I've got just over three pages, typed, of my story done, not including the ending that I already wrote. And do you know what happens? A lot of introduction. LOL I think I fell asleep just as I was getting to a real plot starting. <.g> Oh, well, I have all day today. After my interview. For which I am very very nervous. <.sigh> But I'm going to do my best and that's all I can do, right? I can't wait until it's over.

January 20, 2002

I finally am back

<.whimper> I finally am back and able to watch TCM's Silent Sundays. I love silent movies. They're usually only about 90 minutes, so I figured I'd have no probem staying up to watch tonight. Then I watched the intro. The movie is a classic Erich von Stroheim called Greed, from 1924. His original cut was 9.5 hours. The studio of course asked him to cut it down, which he did, to 4 hours. Then they took editing away from him and brought it down to 2.5, which was pretty much a travesty and destroyed his vision. The other 7 hours of footage have sadly been lost since then, but some film historians found his original shooting script and lots of production stills. And recreated the four hour version. How the hell am I going to stay up to 3 am watching this movie?! LOL What lovely timing...I get a chance to watch and they put on one of the longest silent movies ever made! Ah, well. I guess we'll see how much of my story I can get done while I watch.'s kinda hard to just listen to a silent movie. <.g> Ooops. Maybe it'll distract me from my total and complete nervousness about this interview tomorrow morning. <.sigh>

Today is such a nothing

Today is such a nothing day. LOL It's cloudy and gloomy and grey out. So I've written the first page and the last page of the story, and need to get my ass in gear to finish the middle. That's it. That's all I've done. Well, and read fic. <.g> I didn't take a shower, I'm still in pajamas, and I haven't eaten yet. Isn't that awful? Oh, well. Maybe I'll go down and make a tuna sandwich and keep on with my story. I'm loving it, but so far, it's very elf-centered. Lysandra needs a personality, stat! LOL

I slept late today! That's

I slept late today! That's fun. <.g> I don't get to tomorrow, since I have the 11am interview. For which I'm pretty damn nervous. ACK! <.sigh> Today's gonna be spent writing my little fairytale, which will hopefully go fast. And then the Golden Globes are on tonight...along with the premiere of nsync's Chili's commercial. LOL I'm hoping West Wing and Moulin Rouge have strong showings this year. Although now that I said that, they won't win anything. <.g>

Hmmmm, I feel like breakfast. Anyone wanna come over for blueberry pancakes? LOL

Lance was SO CUTE on

Lance was SO CUTE on MadTV. LOL And Joey was on, too, and he sang! Happiness! <.g> But the Lance bit was so cute, where she was interviewing both him and the show's Lance Bass, who insisted he was the real one. So Lance was asking him questions, "Just between us Lance Basses." LOL Pretty damn silly. And they really do have the same big Hollywood grins. LOL And then I watched my Saturday night cooking shows, until mom came on to ask who the hot guy singing on SNL was (Julian Casablancas of The Strokes, BTW). She's so cute...she likes to have a general knowledge of whatever I'm into so she knows what I'm talking about, but she's taking this pretty far, way farther than she ever did for XFiles, that's for sure. LOL She's really excited about Real World this season. And she watched Becoming, too. So MTV has joined her channel list, which had previously been the news networks, the Turner channels, and HGTV. LOL Much fun.

January 19, 2002

Kate and I watched Becoming

Kate and I watched Becoming NSYNC...I thought it was going to be the stupidest thing, but it was SO adorable. I loved those guys! They were so cute, and SO excited about being nsync. They cracked me up, and I had the hugest smile on my face watching them. Somehow, it was more fun because they were guys, who you wouldn't think would be admitting that they were such big fans and had little shrines and stuff. <.giggle>

Tonight's actually just been a total nysnc night. LOL First of all, mom called to let us know that Lance is gonna be on MadTV tonight, and the previews showed him with the guy who played him in the spoof she had seen over break, and they both had on the big fake Hollywood grins. LOL I can't wait!! The other fun thing is that I decided to ditch my old story for class on Tuesday and write a new one. I was just not enthusiastic about it at all. So Kate and I were just playing around with topic ideas, and she talked about rewriting a fairy tale. That spiraled into us laughing hysterically and naming some elves...Ecnal the albino elf, CJ the narcoleptic elf, Patrick the leprachaun elf, Tony the mobster elf, and Buck the southern elf. They're a little elf singing group deep in the forest called the Shortstacks. <.giggle> So what resulted is a fractured fairy tale of Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty all mixed up into one feminist, lovely maiden saves herself story. <.g> I've only written the prologue so far, but it's making me happy and giggly, and I'm excited! I'm thinking no one else will have such a bizarre little tale, so even if it's not exactly what he had in mind, it'll stick out. LOL

Wow. Gotta love timing. Here

Wow. Gotta love timing. Here I was sitting down to type about what a pathetic writer I am, and how every idea I've come up with sucks. Then I check my mail and my only new message is from a girl who read When Angels Cry and said it was the best Willow story she'd ever read. LOL So now I'm grinning and happy...and still convinced I'm going to fail this class. But at least some people like my stuff. <.g>

He's talked about genre writing...romance, mystery, sci-fi...and how we're focusing on literary. Well, uh, I can only seem to write romance. LOL Jess told me that last year, and she's absolutely right...I have big problems writing about two people if there's no UST in there. So I'm trying to write a story, and I'm so stuck because I don't want it to be stupid and pointless. Basically, I have this woman who gets killed suddenly and has a chance to go back and tie up some loose ends. What loose ends? No clue. <.g> See the problem? Kate and I were talking, and I kinda like the idea that she goes back to say goodbye and help her friend Scott, who blames himself for her death. Possibly because she was going somewhere or doing something for him, or to see him, and wouldn't have been there otherwise. Does that sound really stupid? Any ideas on what she could do, or anything?

I think what I have to do is just kinda keep considering the options and not write yet. That's how I usually write, but I'm not usually on a time schedule. LOL I need to figure out why she's there and what she does, and then I can go back and fill in the dots as I write. Help is gladly accepted. <.g>

Wooo, I finished my reading!

Wooo, I finished my reading! I wanted to be done by noon, and it's 12:06. Close enough. <.g> I still have to get my train ticket...who would have thought that they'd be closed from 9:30-10:30am? Certainly not us, who got there at 10. LOL So, let's see, what's still on my list?

Finish the story for Tuesday
Get my train ticket
Watch MMC
install my CD drive

This is pretty exciting! Not much to do at all. I better go check out my story and see how much work needs to be done. Not that I can print it right now...every printer in this house is on the fritz. That is SO annoying. I've got to figure out what went wrong with mine. : ( It worked before break!

People find me in the

People find me in the most unusual ways. Here are some of my favorites. <.g>

JC Chasez Mennonite (For once, a topic I actually *did discuss), lesbian hermione granger ginny weasley (Hmm, wonder if they found anything good?), buffy dawn incest slash (ack! LOL), fucking in baby doll pajamas (What on earth are they looking for here? LOL), several variations on harry and hermione shippers (NOOOOOO!!!!! LOL They must have been sorely disappointed), and many requests for Zenon music. Which I don't have, sadly, but if you want to find Zoom Zoom Zoom or Protozoa, go to and find their movie page. They have the songs there. <.g> A lot of people also seem to find me by searching for Sean Biggerstaff, which is fun. But that JC one was my first nsync hit that I saw. Amazing, with all the talking I do about them and Lance! LOL

We have snow!!!!! : )

We have snow!!!!! : )

Kate and I did a

Kate and I did a lot of our nsync things last night...listened to the CD, watched Making the Tour and Live from Madison Square Garden. We were up until 1 with the last one. <.g> Which led, of course, to nsync dreams. Nothing with them, really, but it was this really weird, involved dream about some guy who had moved into our basement and was ready to kill us to get the whole house to himself, and kept uploading false nsync news to my watch to try and throw me offbalance so I wouldn't come after him. But I just kinda shrugged off whatever he was saying, and dragged Kate and Aarti with me to go after him. I think this is what I get for watching that much nsync and then reading a few chapters of a murder mystery before bed. <.g>

So, with all the nsync stuff and Chili's for dinner, I only got half my reading done. So I need to finish that, run the morning errands (which is why I'm up this early on a Saturday. LOL), and then I'll have the rest of the weekend to write and watch JC and Justin on MMC. <.g> I'm excited. LOL

January 18, 2002

Whooo, I got an interview!!

Whooo, I got an interview!! For the language producation lab research assistant. I'm really excited. I just have to find Beckman. <.giggle>

TRL showed nsync's Chili's commericals. We were laughing SO HARD! LOL I loved JC with the Australian accent, and giggling as he had to contort his arm to keep the bug on camera. <.g> Also cute was Justin taking over the song, and Chris throwing his earphones down and looking ready to strangle him before storming out. And then take two, where Justin got SO into the song that he grabbed JC's shirt and yanked him right up into his face to sing to, while Joey had to drape himself over JC to extricate him. <.giggle> It was just too adorable and silly for words.

Now back to reading. LOL

Time for the Friday Five!

Time for the Friday Five!

1. What do you have your browser start page set to?
Blogger <.g> It's just easiest.

2. What are your favorite news sites?
I don't really have one....I get most of mine from AOL and their top news page by defualt. <.g>

3. Favorite search engine?
Google! I'm there every day.

4. When did you first get online?
Let's see...freshman year in HS. So, I believe that would be April 1996. I quickly found the General Hospital boards, found the Angels, and found Krissy!

5. How do you plan to spend your weekend?
See below post. LOL Writing, writing, and nsync. Very exciting.

Straightened up my room a

Straightened up my room a bit, and feeling much better. <.g> Garbage is out, floor is cleaned off, bed is made, it's all good. I like having only one class on Fridays....this week, it's like a four day weekend! LOL So what do I have to do this weekend? Let's see....

Read for the week
Review 376 for this last week
Write a story for Tuesday (ACK!!!!! Anyone have ideas? LOL I don't think I can hand in my current one. ;) )
Go with Kate to cancel the money grubbing Jazzercise people
Ask Kate if we can, at that time, stop at the train station to buy me tickets for my play the 25th.
Pay the cable bill
Watch all of Kate's nsync DVDs and stuff. <.g>

I think that's managable! I'll give myself a break until after GH and start reviewing and reading at 3ish. Then I'll take a nice little walk to the mailbox. We can't do the Jazzercise and train station until tomorrow morning, so that leaves three days to write a story and have an nsync day. I'm excited. <.g>

I went on another downloading streak today...oh, that's another thing to add to my list. Install my new rewritable CD drive. <.g> Anyway, yeah...I downloaded John Mellancamp's Beautiful World, which I love. Then I realized it features India.Arie, who I've heard a lot about. So I downloaded some of her songs, and *love them. I really want that CD. I need to clear off a lot of space on my harddrive if I'm going to keep with the downloading thing, though. LOL I already planned to get 700MB of pictures and stories onto CD, which will help. And maybe I can make some CDs of my MP3s and delete a bunch of those off. Even though it's kinda fun having such a mix on my computer. <.g> We'll see, I guess. And I was considering uninstalling all of my Sims programs and reinstalling them to get some more space. Most of the fun for me is setting up homes and stuff, and old games get pretty damn stalled. But I'd miss my SimSlutSelf and SimJoey. <.g> I guess that's another "we'll see." LOL

From Kate: Which drink are

From Kate:

Drink me!
Which drink are you?

I love Brandy Alexanders! LOL

January 17, 2002

I do love my writing

I do love my writing class. LOL We had to go around and say something interesting or a story idea or dialogue snippet from the maps we had done for today. And I was like "ACK!!!" because he has said that he didn't expect us to come up with story ideas from it. So I was nervous and just babbled, but he noticed my pages and had me hold up my sheets as examples of exactly what they should look like. <.g> So I felt least I was half way there. LOL Par for my course. <.g> Also very cool is that before class, half of us had our noses buried in books! Usually I'm the only one reading before classes start. <.giggle>

Dude, Kerry has brown hair. I liked the red.

Kate, Aarti and I just finished watching Model Behavior on Disney...Justin's movie. LOL It was pretty cute. I'd only seen the last half hour before, now I've seen the last hour. <.g>

Awwww, Sandy kissed Kerry! I thought that was going to happen. <.g> I hope it works out for them... Kerry was so happy last week with her.

OKkay, I'm trying to map

OKkay, I'm trying to map ideas and stuff. his example was "jeans -->little boy -->courderoy," so I'm thinking that my slightly bizarre "road trip -->Lance -->movies -->AMC -->Remember WENN -->WW2 -->teen magazines" is okay, right? Because his only makes sense to him and mine only makes sense to me. <.g> Hope I'm doing this right, anyway! I never had to do this before. I tested out of all those basic writing classes...

There's Kim eating those Ruffles!

There's Kim eating those Ruffles! LOL Now I have a taste for sour cream and onion ruffles. LOL

I totally forgot that I needed to buy a composition book thingie for writing tonight...ack! LOL I have to do that after my class, and spend some time mapping out random connecty ideas. Should be fun. LOL

Today's my long day...11-6:15. Okay, so I have a break from 1-3, and 4:20-5, but still. <.g> I'll be using that time today to get the comp book, do that assignment, and maybe work on my story. Should be fun. LOL

Ruffles!!!!! I'm watching ER reruns

Ruffles!!!!! I'm watching ER reruns on TNT, and Ruffles is on!!!! Whoooo!! I'm gonna be watching this a lot more now. <.g>

The End for XF. Wow...I'm

The End for XF. Wow...I'm proud of Chris Carter. Although, really, if he wanted to go out on top, last season or the one before was the way to do it. <.g> But still, this is a good time for the show to end. Hopefully David will come back for the finale, and give Mulder and Scully a wonderful, happy send off. Or at least one together. ; )

January 16, 2002

Wow, Lance got to run

Wow, Lance got to run with the Olympic Torch! That has to be the coolest thing for him. Kevin Richardson did too, according to VH1 this morning. Mom says they both raised money for the Olympics. Very cool indeed. How exciting would that be?

Okay, I did my homework. I think it's time for bed. If I sleep it off, take vitamins, and drink juice, I will not get whatever thing Sarah has and seems to want to pass around, right? Right. <.g>

Emode is just as dangerous

Emode is just as dangerous as eBay. This is the Open Book test.

Stop the presses -- you're a Hardcover!
Your score shows how much you value your privacy. Your emotions aren't out there in broad circulation -- you prefer to keep them hidden on the shelf. Clearly, there are many "chapters" of your life kept off-limits, even from close friends. This strategy can keep you from getting hurt by others, but there's a downside, too. With less intimacy, you might feel that your personal relationships are not very satisfying. It can be difficult for some people to open up to others, but perhaps you should choose a couple of chapters that aren't too personal and try sharing them with a close friend. Dust off that old volume and open it up -- you may find that your friend responds in a very positive way.

Somewhat right. Which makes sense since I kept answering everything with "somewhate true" or "somewhat false." LOL

Following Krissy, took the emode

Following Krissy, took the emode personality test.

Rina, you're an Observer!

Your personality is actually determined by two personality sub-types — your primary, or dominant sub-type, and your secondary sub-type. You are an Observer which means you are a Discreet / Golden. Your primary sub-type is defined by "Discreet" characteristics and your secondary sub-type is defined by "Golden" characteristics.

You like television. At parties, you lounge around on couches and watch other people flirt and act stupid. But at the same time, you're happy enough to go along with the group. You don't like drawing attention to yourself — red platform shoes or flamboyant, sequined outfits are out of the question. A perfect evening for you means a cozy chat with a good friend and a pint of Haagen-Dazs.

Yup, that sounds just about right. <.g> In fact, it sounds about exactly right...I think that's exactly what Gen and I were doing at Kate and Meghan's party. LOL

Ugh. Sarah's sick, Aarti said

Ugh. Sarah's sick, Aarti said today she wasn't feeling all that well, Kate's all headachy, and I feel like crap. Not a good way to start the semester. <.g> I've been ready to fall asleep for an hour now. I have to make it to 9, though, to watch WW with mom. After that, I think I'll beg out and go to sleep.

Does anyone have three aspects of their philosophy of education they would like to share with me in the meantime? : )

Wishlists are fun.

Wishlists are fun. <.g>

My goodness. There is a

My goodness. There is a squirrel menage a trois going on on my balcony! LOL Well, it alternates between that and chasing each other in circles. It's kind of amusing. <.g>

I love love love my EdPsych class. Let's put it this way...we started out with a wine tasting excercise. LOL And we saw clips from movies like Ferris Bueller, too. He says he likes to start out each class with a movie clip. Not going to complain. LOL We'll see how the discussion is tomorrow...that's two hours, as opposed to the one hour lecture.

Oh, geez. Miggie had to go and say that the nsync fantasy phone is half off on Amazon. ARGH! LOL It looks so damn cute and fun, and if the other guys' calls are as fun as Lance's, then I'm in trouble. I so cannot buy this. Don't let me anywhere near amazon, okay guys? Please? LOL I love the description on the page, though. And I'm comforted by the review from a 24 year old who loves it. I mean, c'mon...nsync magic 8 balls? LOL So cute. Okay, leaving that page now. LOL

Time for Trading Spaces!! I've missed that this week. : ) And awww, I got mail from Kate's grandparents. <.g> They're cool. LOL

January 15, 2002

Wow, I just read for

Wow, I just read for almost 2 hours. ::blinks:: It did not seem that long. How on earth can it be 10pm already? LOL The book for 376 is actually not bad, especially compared to last sem's. It was pretty interesting, actually...talking a lot about the people who have shaped the field. I was pretty interested throughout. And the last 45 minutes was spent with my books for the writing class...totally cool. Although I'm nervous about writing a story for class next week! Ugh, I need ideas. LOL

I think this is Kevin Richardson on whatever talk show is preceding Xena on, he has bushy eyebrows. LOL Oh, this is Daily Remix. But yeah, he looks like Bert, but with long hair. <.g>

Johnny found me a few

Johnny found me a few more details on Lance's new's called Mama's Boy, about a nice guy next door, it's filming this summer, and he's the lead. Which would explain a two month tour only. It's apparently a first time writer, which I think is exactly does one get a script to Lance? <.g>

Okay, so I'm not a fountain of knowledge or anything. LOL But it's something to keep an eye on. I only hope that he's gotten some acting lessons, and the editors don't butcher the hell out of the final product. I loved On the Line, but it's more the affectionate liking that you have for a project that a, stars someone you like and b, kinda feel bad for because it could have been better. LOL

I feel like getting some reading done for classes this week. Tomorrow, I actually have to be up to get to my 10am. LOL

I am SO going to

I am SO going to love my writing class! There's only 18 of us, and everyone is so much fun, including the teacher. We had to go around and say something interesting about us. Some of them were hysterical, like the guy who said, "This morning, I had a full head of light brown curls. Then I went to the butchers over on Greene, asked for half an inch off, and came out with this helmet." <.g> It was really close cropped, and not at all curly. LOL Poor guy. <.g> Then there's this study abroad student from Scotland who's pretty cute. I love his accent. LOL So we have to write four stories, the first of which is due a week from today. Eeek! <.g> Then the rest of the three will be workshopped by the class and him, and those will be done every 3 weeks. I think it's going to be a lot of fun, with a great group of people, and I can't wait for Thursday!

Whooo, my meeting is done!

Whooo, my meeting is done! And it was SO was seriously 3 minutes long. She was really nice, though...all I had to do was sign a contract that my grades wouldn't be so low this semester, and that was it. All I had to do was tell her that it was the cadaver class, and she said she understood completely. Apparerently, I'm not the first person to fail it. LOL Then I headed to the seems like the one job I found might already be filled, but i'll e-mail just in case. The woman didn't speak English well and didn't seem to know anything for sure. I'll also call the other libraries that are hiring and see what's up there.

Speech path 1 is going to be a fun class...Dr. Johnson isn't teaching it, though. : ( That's sad. But I do like the teacher we ended up's all about articulation and phonation and stuff, so I'll even like the class. Whooo! LOL 30 minutes until I leave for my narrative writing class...hope that goes as well. : )

Wow. My brother had an

Wow. My brother had an absolutely HORRID speech session said he was so bad, throwing things and hollering. So what was his therapists reaction? She invited Josh over on Friday to make milkshakes and watch videos with her. She says that she and Josh need to do some fun things together so that he'll enjoy going to speech with her. I love her. What a neat thing to do.

Oh, mom says we get snow tomorrow...I only get an inch, while they're in 2-4. No fair!

LOL! I'm watching Xena on

LOL! I'm watching Xena on Oxygen, and there was just another commerical for a talk show. The guy was like, "I wake up and think of Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears. They wake up and breathe and make three million dollars. I'm in the wrong profession." <.g> Then the woman starts singing like them, and it was hysterical because it was so bad and just basically "Oh oh oh oh," but sounded just like Genie in a Bottle. LOL

You know, I love having mornings free, but I have nothing to do! LOL There isn't anything to read yet, or work on. So I'm reading Xena fic....Mel and Janice. I've been reading boyslash almost exclusively for the last month or so, which means it's time for some femslash. <.g> And Mel and Janice are set in the 1940s with archeology, which I love. You know, speaking of 1940s femslash...weren't some of my friends writing Hilaryslash at some point? Biz? Jennie? I seem to remember, oh, Maple, perhaps, being involved? Hell, I'd go for more Susan, too. C'mon, we're the only slash writers in the fandom! We need to write more. And since I'm already working on a story (not WENN, but it's still a story), you guys need to jump in. <.giggle>

LOL My roommate just ran up the stairs, grumbling. I asked if she forgot her keys again, but no, it was her shoes. LOL Only her. <.g>

Yay, Miggie moved to tripod!

Yay, Miggie moved to tripod! Very nifty, my dear. : ) And there, she posted yet another quiz. So here we go:

What Psych-Ward do you belong to?

<.g> Fun.

Ugh...I woke up with this cut on my finger, and it really hurts. I can't think of *anything in my bed that would attack me! LOL Very bizarre.

Let's see, what do I have to do today? I have a class at 3, with Dr. Johnson (YAY!), and my writing class at 5. Much fun. But I also have my appointment with the Dean at 2. Not fun. Lauren said hers was a ten minute conversation, telling her to go to see Kathi. I'm hoping for something similar, as I have class at 3 and I think this Huff Hall is kinda far. Knowing me, I'll probably leave abominably early to get there, and be stuck with nothing to do. LOL

I'm watching the Daily Show, where they're talking about Bush and his pretzel incident. I kinda feel bad for the man...I would not want that knowledge public. LOL I mean, passing out by choking on a pretzel, bruising his face and lip? You'd at least hope for something a little more exotic. <.g>

Ugh, guess I better get dressed and stuff. Probably eat. I didn't do enough of the eating thing yesterday. LOL Tomorrow I'm back to the 10am class thing, and out by 2:30, which will be nice. But I have to get through today first. LOL

January 14, 2002

I like quizzes. They make

I like quizzes. They make me happy! Fun stuff.

Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz!

Angel and Cordy SO have

Angel and Cordy SO have to get together.

Angel gave Cordy Connor to hold, and she cuddles him. Wes and the others walk towards them with her presents.
Cordy: Oh, dilemma! Birthday presents or cute little baby face? (coos at Connor) (then, to Angel) Take the baby.
Angel: You're choosing presents over my kid?

<.giggle> He has such a cool deadpan delivery. I love Angel as a dad! I love Connor. Angel and Cordy need to get together soon, damn it. LOL

Whooo, I found two jobs

Whooo, I found two jobs that I might be able to get!

Number one:
Description: Student needed to work as a paid research assistant. Job duties include recruiting and scheduling subjects for studies, running study sessions, data entry, photocopying, filing, and other clerical duties. Psychology major preferred. Job is for spring semester, but may continue through the summer if the student wishes. Student MUST be dependable and reliable and have experience with Microsoft Word and Excel.

Number two:
You will be required to work one 8 pm - midnight shift. The Circ Desk needs energetic, detail-oriented students to work with patrons at the desk, and to retrieve, barcode, and sort books.

Cool, huh? Of course, the library one is only $5.85/hour, but they're both 8-10 hours, and the library can be more. Which I can definitely work into my schedule. So I sent off an e-mail to the psych lady to set up an interview, and I'll stop at the library tomorrow to apply for that job. I'm excited.

Ugh. First day of classes

Ugh. First day of classes and I'm already tired and grumpy. LOL Maybe I'll just close my door and read for awhile. It's not really that classes were bad. They weren't. 376 might not be so least, once he fixes the mic problem that caused feedback after EVERY SENTENCE. A big part of the grade is a term paper, on any topic relating to speech science, and I'm kinda excited about that. I'm pretty confident about my writing skills. So that's okay, once I get past the fact that he bores me greatly. And then my other class was language disorders...I kinda like the teacher. I think she's nice, and seems to know what she's talking about. I hadn't been thrilled with her, but then she was talking about this one kid she tested, and her reaction to the incompetance of many teachers cracked me up, because it's exactly what mine and mom's is....clutch at the wall and groan. LOL The class isn't going to be much new information...I've pretty much picked up a lot of it over the last few years. But in February, one day, we're talking AAC. WHOOO! Happy me. And it's only once a week, so not bad.

So why am I grumpy? Not a fucking clue. UGH. But I am.

This was fun, though...from Brendan. (Who I just realized likes JC. LOL Cool.)

Take the What Should Your New Year's Resolution Be? Quiz

Now that's a resolution I can get behind. Anyone want to be seduced? You can be at the top of the list.

From Miggie. You will marry

From Miggie. <.g>

M * A * S * H

You will marry CHRISTIAN (played by Ewan McGregor) from Moulin Rouge, live in a sparkling elephant at the Moulin Rouge, and spend your days righting wrongs and singing songs because all you need is love (and it helps that it's Ewan McGregregor you're living with ^_^).

What's YOUR M * A * S * H future?

Whooo! Works for me. <.g>

Okay, found a picture of

Okay, found a picture of JC's hair. LOL Lance is also freaking ADORABLE in this, which is a huge plus. I still crack up at JC's acceptance speech, though....I want to thank... people... yes... because... yes! <.g>

JC is a girl, Lance is a three year old, and Chris wants to sneeze. Aren't they adorable?

<.giggle> to Miggie, who posted about JC's hair at about the same time I did. With a different picture than mine, so go check it out!

Whoooo!!! Scheduled my appointment! The

Whoooo!!! Scheduled my appointment! The lady was super nice...I got in tomorrow at 2pm. Now I just have to find Huff Hall. LOL

Now I can relax! I have class at 1, but I have to stop at the bank first. So I'll leave around 11:45 or 12, and I can walk around the quad to waste time. Now, gee, what can I do for the next 2.5 hours? LOL

So Kate and I watched

So Kate and I watched the People's Choice awards last night. We had thought nsync was performing Girlfriend, but when only three showed up (the best three, mind you. <.g>), we figured it wouldn't happen. LOL So we were waiting for the category where they were nominated. We were on my bed doing my origami calendar (samurai turtles <.g>), when we heard something like "bands." We froze. As the presenter kept talking, we slowly turned our heads to the TV. By the time they started describing the bands, I leapt up to hit record just as Kate flew off into her room. LOL Of course, the boys won, and they came up on stage. Um. JC's hair? I need to find a snap of it. It's a GIRL'S hair cut. It's just about the hair cut that I asked for a few weeks ago and didn't get. <.g> I mean, it's cute, obviously....fluffy bangs, kicky ends. It's just a girl's hairstyle. <.g> And poor JC really needs to learn how to stand there and look pretty. Talking just isn't his gig. LOL Even Lance was making fun of him. Oh, but Lance looked hot...his hair is dark again! And he was wearing black silk. Yum. Chris looked great, but he REALLY needs to cut off those little pointy things on his chin. He's starting to look ridiculous. <.g>

I'm waiting to call the assistant dean this morning. <.sigh> Yuck. Lauren says all she says to do is call Kathi, our advisor, so I don't know why I can't just do that. But call Ms. Bloom I shall. And be totally freaked out nervous about it, too. I was fine for the last two weeks, just set on getting it done, but now I'm nervous. Probably because it's time to make a call and I hate making calls. Blech. So I shall take a shower and get ready and then call. Wish me luck!

Following Kate and Miggie, I

Following Kate and Miggie, I found my anthem:

My anthem is:
"Electro-Shock Blues," by Eels.
I'm a very giving person, which means I frequently cut myself short. Everyone sees me as being perfectly alright, without any huge problems of my own, but I beg to differ. Even when I ask for help, no one really believes me... I'm trying, but it's not easy.
Find out what YOUR anthem is HERE!

I think I want to find this song...

January 13, 2002

I know it's not Friday

I know it's not Friday anymore, but I wanna do this anyway. LOL

1. What was your first job?
I was a page in the children's library in WS. Most of the time, I shelved books (and read them). LOL Sometimes I got to help out with storytime and stuff, though.

2. How old were you when you had your first kiss?
2. LOL His name was Chris. Then when I was 5, it was Michael, and then Danny when I was 6. I bloomed early and faded quickly.

3. What was your first car? What happened to it?
'98 Ford Escort. It's "pacific blue" and I totally love it. We still have it. Eventually, I will drive it. (I have no less than FOUR people determined to get me my license this summer. Bobbi, Ruth, Sue (my brother's PT!! LOL), and my uncle Bobby. He was like, "I'm the professional driver in the family. [He drives a truck.] She'll get her license. She wants to drive trucks? We'll do that too. Motorcycles? Not a problem. She'll have every license known to man if she wants it." <.g>)

4. What was your first concert?
Okay, take a look at all my nsync things on my blog. Ready? Backstreet Boys. I went with my friend Jess, who was 13 (I was 16). She is a HUGE BSB fan, and was dying to go, but didn't want to go with her parents. Her mom is my mom's best friend and a good friend of mine, so she said Jess could go with me and then wouldn't need parents. So even though I really didn't know the band at all, I went. And I loved it, and started buying all the CDs, and it was fun. Then came nsync. LOL (Although I REALLY love Drowning.)

5. How do you plan to spend your weekend?
I spent it with my mom, mostly. Dad was at a retreat all day yesterday, so it was just the three of us. Mom is still reeling from the cancer scare, and is pretty emotional. She keeps telling me that she couldn't have gotten through it without me, I was a rock, etc etc etc. She's pretty upset that I had to leave so soon, so we spent all day yesterday together, hanging out and stuff. It was pretty fun. : ) We capped it off with a sleepover in her was a Trading Spaces marathon on TLC and we had fun laughing at Genevieve. <.g>

Back at school! Yay! I'm

Back at school! Yay! I'm happy to be back. : )

I'm also happy that I talked to Lauren...she too, failed A&P, 375. But she came down early to talk to the dean and our advisor, and she found out we can still take 376. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm really excited. I can so easily fit in just one extra class next semester, I'm sure of it. Lauren's considering changing her major, though. : ( I'm really going to miss her if she does, but I think she's so brave to make the change. I really wish I could do that. But I can't take an extra year here. <.sigh> So, no. Maybe after I make the huge bucks as a private SLP, I can come back to school and major in something I want to, like English or education. I think I'd like that. : )

I got fun stuff today! I'm such an nsync nerd. I got the piano book for Celebrity, so I can teach myself how to play the songs. I'm pretty excited, actually...I don't think I'm going to have a problem learning most of them. Which is cool. <.g> I also got an nysnc memo pad, but I can't seem to find it. <.pout> Lance was all cute and draped over Justin and JC. Then, at Border's for only $3, I got a CD of their old interviews and stuff. LOL It looks fun. So, my room is all nsyncified...I got the poster, calendar, camera, barbie, piano book, and the CDs are still out. It's kinda scary. LOL I better stop buying things. <.g>

Oh, but at the store, I found a whole bunch of new nsync cards. When I was shopping for Kate's, most stores didn't have any, and all that was available was NSA-era ones. Now it's Celebrity! Wish I had an excuse to buy them. ; ) They had some cool ones...Justin and Chris for birthdays, and several blank. One was my favorite grey cloudy sky one, and then there were actually a few shots I hadn't seen before. I love reading the facts on the back, and one of them was that among the five of them, there are 9 piercings. So I started counting. LOL Justin has two, right? One in each ear. I think Joey has three in his ears, plus one in his eyebrow. That's 6. So does Chris also have three? Or are they counting JC's really old one from MMC? I think Lance is the only one that hasn't had a piercing. That we know about, anyway. <.g>

Um, thinking that's enough mindless ramble for now! LOL Time to make my bed and put up some new pictures. <.giggle>

January 11, 2002

My mom's okay!!! It's not

My mom's okay!!! It's not cancer!! Just benign tumors. She has to go in every six months to make sure they don't move or grow, but she should be fine! WHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! What a total, all-encompassing relief. We totally screamed and jumped. My break was a stress-filled, emotionally draining mess for NO REASON! YYYYYAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!! I get to go back to school!! WHOO-HOO!!!

Hee hee!! Found this quiz,

Hee hee!! Found this quiz, find your nsync soulmate. Scarily enough, I could sometimes figure out which answer went to which boy. Sadly, each time, I knew Lance's and it wasn't my answer. LOL Kate had just signed off, so I made my poor Jennie girl take it with me Her's was JC. LOL Still waiting for mine...I needed a tie breaker between Joey and JC. LOL Gosh, it better hurry up! I'm exhausted. I was Josh's snuggle buddy last night, since he tends to flop and hug and hook during sleep, and mom couldn't risk him hitting her chest...she was SO sore. Still is. The needle they used on the right side was, like, the size of a straw around, she said. Very painful. So I was with him, and that meant that every half hour or so I would wake up and remind him to turn on his side, 'cause that's how he needs to sleep. Which means I didn't get much sleep. LOL

Oh, and for those raising eyebrows at my lyrics in the sidebar...I am on a Boogie Shoes kick. LOL I love that song, and it always makes me happy and dancy! So I've been singing and dancing with KC for days. Pretty silly. <.g>

Oh, finally! My soulmate is Joey. Time for bed. <.g>

January 10, 2002

Yay!!!! Blogger is back! People

Yay!!!! Blogger is back! People have been having a party in my comments section. *giggle*

I am having SUCH AOL problems. It's absolutely horrid. I think my 7.0 might have corrupted. My favorites went poof, I don't get images or text on my welcome screen, I can't access my e-mail. It's a total mess. At least I can sign on and IM still, though. Except, oddly, when I IM, I don't see my screen name. It's like :hi Kate instead of Rina:hi Kate. Kinda obnoxious. I mean, I know I know my IM name, but still! LOL

Tomorrow is the day of reckoning...we get mom's biopsy results back. We were kinda freaking out today, which translated into a lot of eating. Healthy? No. But when the tests come back negative, I'll start working out again with Kate in a few days. <.g> Please, God, let the tests come back negative. Sure, I'll have been gypped an entire winter break that was definitely NOT a break from stress. But I will gladly tease mom forever and ever about this horrid break as long as it was all for nothing. I want this stress and worry and unhappiness to be for absolutely no reason so we can laugh at how foolish and reactionary we were. 'Cause there's nothing wrong.

Happy stuff. OKay. oooh! Elton and Justin are gonna be on TRL tomorrow for the premiere of Elton's new video, which stars, of course, Justin. I'm super excited. I LOVE Elton John. I grew up listening to his music. I still regret that I didn't go to his concert freshman year...I know that I would have LOVED it. Hopefully I'll get another chance, either with this tour, or his next one. He's one of the top concerts I would die to see. I'd easily go see Elton over nsync, any day of the week. <.g> Which isn't to say that I hope to be put in that position. *g*

Um, what else? West Wing last night was phenomenal, although it was kinda like, "Um, that's IT?" LOL The whole MS thing is resolved now? I hope not. Also, I'm glad my JoshDonna list went all fic, or else my mailbox would be flooded with death threats to both Aaron and the fictional Amy. LOL I don't mind Josh/Amy, although I do prefer Josh/Joey or Josh/Donna. Oh, well....they're cute. <.g> I loved Charlie giving POTUS the totally cool. Although I wonder how he got such a treasure at a flea market on his salary. I kept expecting someone to point out that it was fake, rather than the nonexistance of Israel. <.g> Oh, and ER tonight was fantastic...poor Carter. And geez, what a birthday for Abby. Ouch. Douglas made me cry. I loved loved loved Kerry so playful with Sandy...she wasn't even that cute with Ruffles. I can't wait to see what Sandy does next week. Should be good.

Hmmm, guess that's it. I hope to God that I can come on tomorrow and give you all the wonderful news that my mother is fine and healthy and is merely worried about how she's going to stay sane with me away at school. <.giggle>

January 06, 2002

My mom is SUCH a

My mom is SUCH a cute closet nsync fan. Like on Friday, we were just driving down the road from Josh's SLP session, with Sesame Street Fire Safety playing, not talking at all, and she suddenly comes out with "So, Chris went to college?" I'm thinking, "Chris? Christine? Kristine? Do I know other Chris's?" So I ask her who she's talking about and it is, of course, Chris Kirkpatrick. LOL Then on Wednesday, after drinking a bit, she informed me quite seriously that Justin is her favorite, because he's the best singer and dancer. AHHH! LOL I asked her again when she was sober and her answer stayed the same. And then, today over breakfast, she was telling me excitedly about the MADTV spoof of them she watched last night. I MUST get a hold of this! It sounds hysterical...Lance had his Hollywood grin on 24/7...his expression never changed. He's at war, holding a dying soldier with a grin, "Don't die, mister! Don't die." LOL Justin was played by a girl, she couldn't rememeber what Joey did, and I forgot Chris and JC. LOL But it sounded SO funny!

Daddy and I hit Border's today, where I spent my gift card, to my mother's dismay. She was like, "Why didn't you let him buy it? You were supposed to save it!" Well, coulda told me that. Oh, well. I got a Joshua Redman CD, the new Yo-Yo Ma, two new mysteries, and this hysterical book called "Diary of a Mad Bride" which is much in the style of Bridget Jones. Kate, you should borrow this! You would love it. <.g> We got mom the West Wing book, which we both totally pored over. Loved it, loved it, loved it.

Hmmm, not much to say. Kristine, I hope you feel better, and Kate, I'm glad you're back! {{HUGS}} to you both.

December 31, 2001

I tried to get online

I tried to get online earlier, but it didn't happen. : ( It's been....a LONG day. Long, long, long. Thank God there's only 34 minutes left in 2002, as I type this. <.g>

So. Start out the morning at the ultrasound. The radiologist could tell it wasn't fluid filled cysts, but can't tell anything else. Mom's scheduled for a biopsy, both breasts, on the 9th. He did, however, say that they were both low suspicion. So mom is doing MUCH better today. It's perfectly possible that these two clumpy bits are just her and how she grows. <.shrug> That's what we're hoping for, anyway.

Then, Lisa and Baby Kate came over. I am so in love with Kate! Oh, I want her. <.g> She's adorable...she's not even 2 1/2, but she's so big and so cute and so sweet. She loves Harry Potter. LOL She adores the commericals. We have a HP poster up for josh, and she kept pointing at it and going "Harry! Harry Potter!" <.giggle> I got her a Cinderella princess sweatshirt and a Bear in the Big Blue House cup. She liked the sweatshirt, but LOVED the cup. She hugged it the whole time she was there. LOL She's so adorable.

Then, as they left, I brought in the mail. Report card. B+, some Bs....and an F. Yes, in anatomy. I cried. Mom and Dad were amazingly okay. I mean, I knew this was a possibility. For the last three weeks, I have alternated between hysterics, horror, and despair, before finally settling into, "It happened, it was a learning experience, it won't happen again, but it's not the end of the world." They seemed to be right there from the start. I think they feel bad for gave me a hug and mom keeps telling me she's sorry. Well, that and I should look into changing my major. Seems that she also noticed that my lowest grades are in my major. Funny, that, huh? <.sigh> But it's just too late to do that. Luckily, I've taken so many classes already that my senior year was going to be pretty easy....I should be able to fit a repeat of this class in pretty easily. Just sucks that I'm now on academic probation...I mean, geez, my GPA is a 2.9! That's not *SO bad. Thank God I'm going back into English classes next semester, though.

So, yeah. This was my day. What an end, huh? Towards the end, dad started getting cranky and grumpy, and he went to bed at, like, 7. Mom thinks it's because she made him worry so much with the tests, I think it's because of my grades. But who knows. Maybe he was just feeling sick. <.sigh> Ugh. I feel sick. But 2002 has to be better, right? I can make it better. Let's see....I should try for some reasonable resolutions.

1. Keep working out and eating well to lose weight.
2. Study name is now Hermione Granger.
3. Try to keep things in freaking out. What happens happens, just go with the flow.

Kinda manageable, don't you think? I have Kate to help with number 1, I can set a study schedule when I get back to school that I have to stick to, and the third will be more challenging. LOL

Oh, mom and I watched MTV for the premiere of nsync's new video. Um, I really didn't like it. It was not worth watching MTV for. Once again, it was like, 90% Justin. The song sucks, Lance and Joey were almost nowhere to be found, and it was really pretty boring. I did like the Chris bits, however. And they introduced it, which was really cute...Justin was taping it. He was pretty excited to have the little "directed by Justin Timberlake" in the corner of the screen. Plus Lance talked the most. Maybe the video will grow on me more, but frankly, I'm just happy I won't feel the need to watch TRL for at least the next three months. <.g>

Well, the countdown begins. 18 minutes until the new year. I have to get ready to wake up my dad (or try to), so I shall wish you all a lovely New Year, and see you in 2002!!!

December 28, 2001

Mom's still pretty upset. She

Mom's still pretty upset. She called Carol, and they talked for awhile. Carol has, of course, done a lot of research. Apparently the two on the right probably won't be a problem, but the one on the left is really close to the chest wall, which complicates things. <.sigh> She keeps calling all of her friends though, which is good, I guess. But she's so sad and upset and drunk, and it's hard. I have a hard enough time dealing with her drunkness without all this other stuff. I hate this not knowing. Carol said that if mom had told her earlier, she would have told mom to make sure they scheduled an ultrasound right after, just in case. So we didn't have to DO all this damn worrying. She probably won't be able to have that done until Wednesday now, and we're all going to be basket cases.

Happy, happy...need something happy to talk about. Got my hair cut today. Not very happy. I basically asked for Tea Leoni in The Family Man (which is similiar to Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail), and got Tea Leoni in The Naked Truth. Nothing more than a flippy bob with bangs and some layers. Kinda disappointing. I keep wavering about it. Sometimes I like it, other times I really don't. My face looks rounder, and when you're as roly poly as I am, that's not a good thing. And it's kinda juvenile. <.sigh> So. Yeah. Not happy. Trying again.

I installed Sims Hot Date tonight. That made me squeal and giggle. There are all sorts of new options that I tried out on SimShelley and SimJoey. There are now several different kinds of kisses. So, with Shelley selected, I chose "fiery kiss." She grabbed his shoulders and swung him down in a deep dip, kissing him. <.giggle> Then I tried a few more kisses with her selected. Deciding that she was doing all the work, I switched to Joey and went for hugs. There are now a few hugs. So I chose the "jump in arms" one. This is where I squealed...Joey took a running start and ended up being swung in Shelley's arms! I was cracking up. Then they went to the couch to watch TV, where I found there is now a cuddle option. So Shelley giggled, yawned, stretched and scooted close to Joey, slipping her arm around his shoulder. LOL! Then they sat all close together, heads leaning, stroking hands and watching TV. It was *adorable. I tried to hook up Shelley and Lance after this, and felt SO guilty. It was funny. <.g> So I decided to leave them alone as just friends and set Lance up with the single mom next door. He gave Shelley a polite kiss on the cheek goodbye, and I'll be damned if Shelley doesn't have a crush on him now. <.g> Oh, well, she's still fully in love with Joey. I like them now. LOL

So, that's my happy, I guess. Plus I saw a preview of nsync's new video, but that was mostly Justin, which is less fun. <.g> There was a brief shot of Lance, though, which will keep me going until New Year's Eve.

Oh, boy. Mom had her

Oh, boy. <.sigh> Mom had her first mammogram last week. A little late, yes, as she's 43. But not too bad. It went super fast...I went with her, and we were home in 30 minutes. But they warned her that since it was her baseline, they'd most likely call her back for more shots, just because it was the first time. Fine. They did call, and she went in today. They said it would be a little longer, and we figured that meant she'd get home at about 3:30, after a 2:45 appointment. She got back at 4:30. We were pretty nervous by then. She called from the car on her way home...she had been SO nervous about the callback. I mean, really nervous. And then what does she tell us? They found three...things. Cysts, tumors, who knows. She has to have ultrasounds next, and then biopsies. I mean, chances are they're just three fluid filled cysts, which would be good. She's just freaking that there are three of them, and not just one. It's hard for her. Her best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer in September, and mom takes her to chemo. So of course the worst is totally on her mind. Plus, Po got some blood test results back, and it seems the cancer spread to his lungs. He had a CAT scan yesterday, we're waiting for the results. So how can her mind not be in the worst place? There's cancer abounding right now. It's a very scary thing. But I'm sure it's going to be fine. Right? Right.

December 27, 2001

Reading Kate's dream reminded me

Reading Kate's dream reminded me about my own...I've been having bizarre ones lately! Some centered around Lance and JC. LOL But last night's was really odd. I lived on the third floor of an apartment building in Jim and Carol's neighborhood with Jen, my roommate from last year. It was the top level, and the roof was ours, too. So I'm going down the street, heading home, but I'm in ice skates. Bear in mind that there's no ice anywhere. <.g> So I'm going along, and I see this really cute guy getting out of a car ahead of me. I stumbled, and somehow managed to slice my arm open with the skate blade. He sees, and starts to walk away. He turns back a few times, until finally he comes back and asks me if I need help. So he helps me upstairs, with my arm gaping open, and we run into Jen. I'm laughing about the fact that I'm in ice skates, since I haven't skated in years and didn't really even like it then. Which wasn't true, I was just talking for attention because Jen and the cute guy were hitting it off. LOL Then mom and Josh, who lived on the second floor with dad, came up and brought Lance and Kate. And so Lance and I were talking, as mom was freaking out about my arm. And then Lance and I were alone on our roof patio, with all the palm trees, and I woke up. <.g> My mind works in such bizarre ways. LOL

Yay, blogger is back! I

Yay, blogger is back! I missed blogging yesterday. <.g> I got some super cool presents for Christmas that I've been playing with...ram, a rewritable CDdrive (to be hooked up this weekend), some DVDs (Moulin Rouge, Pearl Harbor, Sound of Music and NSYNC. LOL), some blank video tapes, Sims Hot Date, Roanoke (the book on the sidebar under "wanted"), and a new addition to my Chirstmas village...a firestation! Very appropriate for this year, I think. Also, my big surprise....a gold and diamond tennis bracelet! It's incredibly gorgeous. It's like little gold and diamond x's. Very pretty.

Went to Liss's house today...saw half of her pictures, heard some stories and got my souveniers...a hand painted tile from Venice, a backpack from Paris's Latin quarter, and a lovely Parisian scarf. I've missed her SOOOOO much. Then we headed to her place so she could model some old clothes for me...she lost some weight in Paris (only on the top ) and we had to figure out what still fit and what didnt. Then tomorrow we're heading to Oakbrook to go shopping. Much fun!

The other thing we're doing tomorrow....haircuts. ACK!!!!! I'm going short. Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail/Tea Leoni in The Family Man short. With bangs. Kate and I are looking for pictures now. Pray for me that I don't end up looking silly. LOL

December 25, 2001

Merry Christmas!! So far, I

Merry Christmas!!

So far, I am having a wonderful holiday, and I hope you all are too. {{{HUGS}}} Now do me a favor and pray that my daddy and I don't kill my computer as we try to help it. <.giggle> Yay for ram and rewritable CD drives!

December 24, 2001

Okay, feeling more like Christmas

Okay, feeling more like Christmas now. LOL Daddy came home, and we headed out to pick up Chinese for dinner. We also rented Legally Blonde and What Women Want for tomorrow...both were his choices, which is exciting. LOL If he hates them, he has only himself to blame. <.giggle> We're also all in our new pajamas...mine are red with blue moons and silver snowflakes. Pretty cute! So far, this year has been ten times better than last year. I have high hopes that tomorrow will go well. It would certainly be hard to beat last year, that's for sure! Possible, of course, let's not jinx myself, but I'm going to focus on the positives, and there have been a great many so far. : )

Carol and I were chatting about how we couldn't wait for tomorrow since we've both run out of things to read (only us. LOL), and so I sent her to Alicia's site to read In Every Dream. Then she was enjoying it so much (every five minutes I got an "AWWWW!" or "LOLOL!" IM from her, that I decided I needed to reread. LOL It's so sweet and fluffy, perfect happy Christmassy stuff!

Then, *completely out of the blue, Eric IMs me! We went to HS together...he's a year younger than me, goes to Cornell University now. Brilliant son of a bitch, and one hell of a sarcastic bastard. I love him. LOL We were always bantering and snarking at each other, and I've missed that. A conversation with us is sure to be interesting, and always intellectually stimulating. Sure, there have been multiple times he got me so riled I wanted to beat him repeatedly over the head, but hey, that's part of his charm. <.g> family together and happy, new pajamas, a fluffy story, and Eric. That's what I need to be happy, apparently. LOL

Merry Christmas, my loves! Hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow. : )

LOL Kate's watching MTV and

LOL Kate's watching MTV and feeding me nsync facts. Like, Lance passed the preliminary test at NASA to be an astronaut. Which is cool. <.g> And in the early days, they went to school in the day and rehearsed at night. I'm guessing that's Justin and Lance, and not, like, Chris or something, but fun. LOL And from Carolyn I learned that Lance is Brianna's godfather. Very sweet! I'm adding to my nsync facts portion of my brain, which I don't know that I like so much. LOL I mean, I know way more about them than they'll ever know about me, and that's kinda freaky. I guess they put the info out there themselves. But, still. Makes me uncomfortable sometimes.

An update!! Gosh, dearie, when

An update!! Gosh, dearie, when did you do that? I love the design! So pretty. I've missed you...I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, sweetie. {{{{{HUGS}}}}} Be sure and buy SOD this week if you haven't already...Sam and Nora!! And Biz, there's an interview with Lex from Smallville, so you might also wanna check it out. <.g>

It's Christmas eve!! I can't

It's Christmas eve!! I can't believe it! I am thrilled that it snowed, though. It's so pretty out!! But it still doesn't feel like Christmas. Don't know why....I decorated the tree yesterday, wrapped mom's presents (doing dad's now), we have Christmas music playing through the speaker system in every room, and there's SNOW on the ground! But it still doesn't feel right.

Busy morning today...we drove to the city to drop off presents and soup at Grandma Esther's, Great-Grandma Calahan's, and then Grammy and Po. They told us that Po has been gaining weight on the 4000 calories a day and is back up to 118, but I don't believe it. He looks much skinnier than he did at his 110 in August. It's horrible. But we were laughing and joking, and they're coming out this weekend. He's still driving, we have no clue how. He's bringing a list of Elvis songs, and we're going to make a CD together for him. <.g> I think it'll be fun.

Okay....I put five CDs into my CD player two days ago. Christmas nsync, nsync from Kate, Nutcracker, 1940s Christmas, and Mannheim Steamroller Christmas. I set it to random. It's not very random. LOL My CD player loves nysnc! It's cracking me up. It'll play like five songs in a row off an nsync CD, and finally switch to a different one...the other nsync CD. So funny. <.g> See, here's Tearin' Up My Heart, after Falling and Everything I Own. Not very Christmassy, but amusing nonetheless.

Probably should start wrapping now. LOL

December 22, 2001

For goodness sakes!!! I forgot

For goodness sakes!!! I forgot the excitement of the day! I'm sure you've all heard about the flight from Paris that had the guy with the C4 plastique stuff in his shoe that he tried to explode, right? Well, imagine my delight when I heard that, because guess who is coming home from Paris today? Yes, Melissa. We should have known somethng like this would happen...after all, she's the one who was supposed to be flying out there on September 12. <.g> But we called her parents, and luckily she was on a slightly later flight, one that was going to Atlanta and not Miami. <.sigh> Man. I know Liss loves to tell stories of what happens to her, but I am SO GLAD that this is not one of them!! But we were pretty worried there for awhile.

December 20, 2001

Fun day!! Mom and I

Fun day!! Mom and I baked Christmas cookies. <.giggle> I made kolaczki and peanut butter cookies, she made holiday rice krispy treats. Tomorrow, Erin and I will finish off the rolled sugar cookies, and we'll do my Christmas shopping. I can't wait!

Oh, and I made mom watch NSYNC: Road to Celebrity while we baked. Can't you imagine how thrilled she was? <.g> I think she did enjoy it, though...she was laughing at them a lot with me. Like their first appearance on MTV, and the Armegged'n sync thing from the MTV movie awards. <.g> I told Josh about it, and he set MTV to be one of his favorite channels for easy access. So whenever Bye Bye Bye came on, I'd tell him and he'd flip immediately. It was so cute. <.g> Plus, it's kinda and I will be doing something random, like the dishes or playing Family Feud with Josh, and she'll suddenly come out with an nysnc question. Like, do they and BSB really hate each other? Why did they have to sue to put out No Strings Attached? Why do people say they're from Florida when they're really not? I don't know where she hears half this stuff, nor do I know if I'm telling her the right answers (except the Florida thing, I know that much. <.g>), but it's just kinda funny to be peppered with such silly questions! LOL

I am SO sleepy right now. And we have to get up early to take Josh to Easter Seals for his speech therapy. He still sees Christine, she who hasn't even received her CCCs and has NO CLUE what she's doing, but now he also sees one of the top AAC therapists in the country. Mom is SO EXCITED that finally, Josh has a speech therapist that knows more than she does. <.giggle> I'm sure I'll learn a lot from watching Kathleen work with him.

Oh, quick awesome thing before I head to bed...I did a random search for my name before, while searching for something else, and found out that the Waterboro library in Maine links to my disabilities bibliography!! How awesome is that?? I was so excited. <.g>

December 18, 2001

My computer is finally hooked

My computer is finally hooked up!! Yay! Happy to be back. Home's been good so far...watched Titanic with Josh on Sunday and last night, was his snuggle buddy the last two nights, hung out with mom quite a bit. Tomorrow we go to her mammogram appointment, then grab the boys to see Harry Potter, and out to dinner at IHOP. Should be a fun time. : )

Huh. I had things to say, but just don't feel like typing or saying much at all. I've been having odd dreams I'd like to investigate more. One was pretty damn obvious, but the last few haven't been. We'll see what I find out.

Oooh, Kate made a site for Alicia and her nsync stories. Go check them out! In Every Dream is huge, but the vignettes are short and really well done. Not that IED isn't well done, it's just easier to start with the short ones, because IED is seriously like a novel. What is it, over 140 pages so far? And not even close to done, really? LOL It's definitely worth tackling, though. So keep busy with those, my lovelies, and maybe I'll be more chatty tomorrow. : )

December 15, 2001

Oh, and I forgot to

Oh, and I forgot to mention....Abby and James posted more Domestic Pirhana. WHOOOOOO!!!!!!! Of course, it's 11 parts and I don't quite have time to read them all right now. <.g> But the first part was quite good. Poor Wesley. : (

Okay, I have 2-3 hours

Okay, I have 2-3 hours to get ready. Really just a short list of things that I need to do...pack and vacuum. And work more on my story. <.g> With other little optional things like put up the scary shelves and see if I can start a grocery list for January. Sarah and Aarti left for the wedding, so I have the whole place to myself once again. Wheeee! <.g>

Okay, but getting ready means that I have to miss part of my movie. <.pout> I'm so used to being able to watch TCM in bed on weekend mornings! I'll miss that. Today is The Blue Dahlia, with Veronica Lake and Alan Ladd, about a war vet trying to prove he didn't kill his wife. It's very good. I have it on a list of videos to rent (along with Smilin' Through, which I started to watch last night before falling asleep), but I can almost never find the movies on TCM at any video store. It's very obnoxious. Someone needs to start a video store with only classic movies from before the 60s.

December 14, 2001

See, back. There must have

See, back. There must have been something wrong with the code I was using to make them all go away like that. But now they're there, and less painful to the eye. <.giggle>

Okay, except now the archives

Okay, except now the archives seem to have gone away. LOL Oh, well, they'll find their way back eventually.

"Hello, gay now!" Willow's so cute.

Spike! Spike with chocolates, beating

Spike! Spike with chocolates, beating his Buffy-quin over the head in a rage after trying to explain and apologize for showing her Riley and the vamps. And then starting over! "Buffy. There's something I wanted to tell you." I adore this episode.

I'm playing with my archives, trying to make them look prettier. Lookin' pretty good so far, but I'm still futzing. Man, I could seriously go to bed right now. LOL But where's the fun in that?

Miraculous love! They have a

Miraculous love! They have a miraculous love. I knew I'd remember it at some point. LOL

Hee hee, mom gave me

Hee hee, mom gave me more songs to download! I love her taste in music. Now I have Long Tall Cool Woman in a Black Dress by the Hollies (which I already knew, but didn't know a name for), Saturday in the Park by Chicago (I need to cave in and buy a Chicago CD. I adore them), I Just Want to Celebrate by Rare Earth, Tiny Dancer by Elton John, and two that I found on my own...Billy Joel's For the Longest Time and a JC song from MMC. Yes, another. <.g> Oh, the Rare Earth song is playing now...I know this one, too! I am so bad with song names. LOL So I knew all of the songs. Excellent.

No one else is here, and I'm rather taking advantage of that fact. LOL Music blaring, etc etc. Hey, I had to put up with the guy next door warbleing some tune, he can put up with my classic rock. <.g> I keep reading the directions for these "easy to install" shelves that don't do anything to the wall. For something that's so easy and non-damaging, it sure seems scary. <.g> "Don't touch here, here, or here. Practice clicking the switch before you attempt on a wall. Practice in a discreet area before putting it up where people will see it." Eeek. LOL I figure I need the extra room for my newest additions. We exchanged Christmas gifts last night...Kate made me an nysnc mix CD of my favorite songs and those heavy on the Lance and Joey, plus an nsync Barbie doll. LOL Not the one with Lance's card, but that's fine...I got Joey! Plus, I liked this doll's clothes better, anyway. LOL So that's cool. Then I opened Aarti's gifts...I got the cutest little flexible doggie picture frame that nearly made me burst into tears. Of course, we all know what condition I was in last night, so who's surprised? LOL But I'll have to try and find a little Liesl pic to stick in there over break. But then I opened the other gift from her, and almost burst into tears for a different reason. LOL She freaking got me the Lance bobblehead from Best Buy! It's an ugly, evil looking motherfucker, let me tell you. LOL But yeah, now I need shelf room for the evil Lance and Barbie. <.g>

Whoa, insaneness! I turned on FX at 5 for Buffy, and it wasn't FX, it was Fox Sports. Or maybe Fox sports stuff broadcasting on FX, I don't know. But I turned on Xena instead, flipped to FX just to check one last time, and it was Mutant Enemy. So apparently Buffy came on at SOME point in the hour, and the next is on now. Riley's gone...I don't think I mind missing that episode. <.g> Anya and Xander are so cool...they're my favorite couple. Anya telling Xander that if he leaves, she wants a warning, like a ticking bomb that's going to go off, only they pull the right wire with three seconds left and he doesn't leave her. <.g> So cute. Oh, I think this is Triangle, maybe! Or the one before it. Where Buffy sobs on Tara's shoulder about Xander and Anya's beautiful love. No, not beautiful...something more melodramatic than that. <.g> And oh, here's Buffy asking the nun how the abjuring of men works out for her. <.g> "Do you have to be super religious? How's the food?" So fun.

I AM DONE!!!!!!! Done, I

I AM DONE!!!!!!! Done, I say! WHOOOOO!! About damned time. <.g> Lang dev was okay...not what I had expected, that's for sure. I read the book a few times, read my notes a few times, and did and reviewed the study guide. Two questions were from the study guide, maybe five from the book. <.g> I'm not sure where she got half the questions! They seemed to be from earlier units. Oh, well. I knew a great deal, got the extra credit, and I think I did well. And I'm DONE!!!! ::dances crazy like Anya::

Time for the Friday Five!!

Time for the Friday Five!!
1. What did you want to be when you grew up? Me being me, I went through a few different stages. <.g> The ones that lasted the longest, however, were an archeologist and a writer. Plus, I always knew I would have a big family. Speech pathology didn't get in there until senior year in HS, and it's still not what I want to be, just what I am going to be. The closest I'll come to being an archeologist was the Archeology and the Bible class I took last sem, the closest I'll be to a writer is writing for fun, but I still have high hopes for the big family. <.g>

2. Do you have any nicknames? Yup. Lots and lots and lots. Most relate to the name I don't use here, though. ; ) Rina wise, I'm called Rina-doll and Rina-Rina, and Rina Bass. <.g> My mom calls me Beans.

3. If you could change something about yourself what would it be? Well, besides my entire body? LOL I guess I don't like how I focus so completely on one thing for a short period of time. I wish that I could find one thing I love and stick to it. I'm so shallow, bouncing around from interest to interest.

4. Have you ever bought anything from an infomercial? Yeah, ProActiv acne stuff. From Judith Light? Great product.

5. How do you plan to spend your weekend? Tonight, I'm going to relax, watch Speed on FX, and write my story. Tomorrow I'm heading back home for a month, and God knows what I'll do Sunday. Wish I was back here, possibly. <.g>

Well, finished nysnc and the

Well, finished nysnc and the review sheet. It all seems pretty basic. I read the chapters, I did the questions, I know the answers...I don't think there's much more I can do! I guess I'll keep reviewing, but it seems like overkill at this point. LOL I could clean my room, I could get my few things together that I'm bringing home, but that's what I have planned for this afternoon and tomorrow morning. <.g> Oh, well. I honestly hadn't planned on the audiology exam taking less than an hour. <.g>

Oh, my gosh!! So I

Oh, my gosh!! So I went down to eat breakfast. Poured myself some cereal, sat down to my review sheet, and looked up almost every one of them. Got up to dump my bowl of cereal out before leaving, because I had been too nervous to eat much. It didn't sound like rain anymore, but something was certainly coming down. I opened the door, and just stood there, stunned. It was snowing! These were HUGE snowflakes, too. I mean, HUGE. It was a snowglobe winter wonderland out there!! I was absolutely delighted. So I walked to the exam with a big smile on my face, happily being lambasted by snowflakes. And then when I got there and got the scantron sheet, my name fit in! It never ever ever has before. <.g> So I counted that as a lucky thing. Then I got the was the review sheet plus 20 more questions. How freaking lovely is that? I love Dr. Gooler.

So, yes, last night's freaking out wasn't quite necessary. LOL But it's done and I think I did well, and that's what counts! Now to copy some nysnc things before finishing my lang dev study guide. : )

Wow, mom said that it

Wow, mom said that it snowed at home!! I checked here, and all we have is rain, though. <.g> Damn...first snow is supposed t to be lucky and all that stuff. It's what Frosty is made of, you know. LOL

Okay, time for breakfast and studying with Buffy. Wish me luck!! The exam is from 8-11, although I doubt it'll last that long. But I need all the help and support possible. <.g>

You know, there's a large

You know, there's a large amount of sleeping involved on least the ones that start at 6am. <.giggle> Riley just covered Dawn with his jacket as she slept. Not fair! Although I'm kinda feeling more awake now. And substantially calmer than I was during the last post. <.g> Luckily Gen came back right about when I posted that, and we talked for over an hour. Poor thing, it was her night off, too, but I had to talk to someone! She helped a lot. I went back to studying and realized that I knew more than I thought I had, and a lot more seemed familiar. Plus I learned a few diseases, and I think I got the tymps straight. So, 100 multiple choice questions? I can do it. I'll just study a bit more this morning as I go, and everything will be fine.

December 13, 2001

Stress...stress...stress...I am so tense, I

Stress...stress...stress...I am so tense, I am ready to snap. I could explode at the next nice person to walk by, or I could burst into tears with the next nsync song. I am just sick. I'm terrified about my anatomy grade. I'm terrified about my audiology exam and grade. I shouldn't be. I got a C on the first exam, didn't check the second, got all my points on the assignment, did mostly well in the labs. I should be getting a C+ or a B in the class right now. But I feel like I know nothing. I know that I do know some things, but I don't think I know enough. Thank God this next nsync song isn't a ballad, because Here and Now was thisclose to making me cry. I'm going insane. I need someone to talk to and no one's online. Thank God the internet came back because I needed to blog this out. Not that I actually am, but the act of random typing is helping even though studying is what would really help and I'm so upset that I can't study. And now AIM doesn't seem to be working, is this even going to go through? God, I need this week over. Next semester will be better. This sem was science and hearing, and I knew I'd do badly. Next sem is English and speech, and I do good in those classes. Good thing, 'cause communication is what I'm aiming for here and science and audiology aren't quite it.

Hmmm. So I got an

Hmmm. So I got an e-mail from a guy at the undergrad library, asking if I want hours next semester. He gave a few, I can only work one of the shifts, but I think I can move a class to pick up a second. I told him that. He responded about half an hour German! I'm guessing the guy has my resume and application in front of him. <.g> It just really freaked me out to open the e-mail and see the foreign language. LOL Especially since my German is rusty, and I only was able to pick out about half the words. <.giggle> So I responded, few sentences in German and a few in English to confirm what I think he said. <.g> We'll see if I get a response. LOL

I think the exam went

I think the exam went quite well, actually. Yay! The mandatory question was my favorite of the four, which I was excited about. And she gave us a choice for the last one, and neither was the fourth question that I didn't pay much attention to. <.g> So that went well. Plus Lance kept popping up on my watch for luck. LOL Oh, but our professor is so cute...after an hour, she was like, "pens down." We looked around at each other, confused, 'cause we had 2 hours left. <.g> She told us we'd been writing for an hour, we needed to take a break, shake our hands out, and she told us a little story. LOL She's so fun. Of course, I had been in the middle of my last sentence, and it was kinda hard to finish it after the break, but I managed to get a train of thought back. LOL

I'm back at computer must hate me. <.g> I downloaded 1979 by Smashing Pumpkins, a song that I adore. Then I asked mom for a suggestion, 'cause I was at a loss. So now I have Brand New Key by Melanie, Windy by the Associations, These Boots are Made for Walking by Nancy Sinatra, and Me, You and a Dog Named Boo by Lobo. LOL Quite the mix, huh? Super fun.

Now I really need to start audiology. I have an 85 question review sheet to go over. Joy. I think I'll start at noon, give myself a tiny break between final and studying.

Eeeek!! Send me happy, lucky

Eeeek!! Send me happy, lucky thoughts that I can churn out some decent sounding essays, please. <.sigh>

Okay, I love the opening

Okay, I love the opening to Family. Willow under the covers, all cute and sleepy, and asks Tara to tell her a story. Tara tells her a silly little story, and Willow says she's very sleepy. Tara asks if she can leave the light on to work on spells, Willow says that's fine, she "doesn't need to be snuggled." Tara grins at her and says, "Vixen," before putting away her books, climbing into bed, and snuggling her. Really sweet and adorable, right? It's freaking CRUEL at 6:01 in the morning to a girl who has to be awake to take a final in 2 hours. AHHHH!

Like Willow I'm pretty damn sleepy. <.g> Unlike her, I can't go to bed, snuggled or not. Sucks. LOL I totally don't want to do EPS anymore. I hope my notes are enough to write whatever two essays she gives us! I have learned the usefullness of outlines and such (thanks to years of hearing Krissy rave), but I do also have this slight nagging problem that if I was able to get it so nice and concisely into a short space, why drag it out longer into a long essay? LOL But I'm thinking that once I get started babbling, things'll be fine. I mean, it's a final...we're writing these in limited amounts of time, and he has limited time to grade. It works out well for everyone. <.g>

Anya and Xander are so cute. LOL I love Anya and her money. Adorable. "With Willow, she has this whole new thing in her life, but she's still Willow. I can always figure her out. But Tara, all I know about her is that she likes Willow, but she already has one of those." <.g> Poor Tara, they don't know what to get for her birthday. LOL "You're in a magic shop, and you can't think what Tara would like?" Spike and Gods, I always forget this scene. LOL With her legs wrapped around his face and his "Come and get me!" "Oh, I'm coming, all right. I'm coming right now."

Hey, how'd it get to be Thursday already?? Finals week is zipping by, and I'm not sure how much I like that. <.g> I need to take a shower before the awesome ending of Family, and so I can tape Fool For Love. See, I'm so much less cranky waking up early to Buffy. Of course, these were pretty much the two best Buffy episodes of last season, which just makes this 6am thing even more bearable. LOL

(being written at 9:45pm) Done,

(being written at 9:45pm) Done, done, done! Did I finish before West Wing? Hell, no! But it's done! LOL

Oddly enough, the internet is down, but I can still get outlook express mail. No one else, just me. Bizarreness!

Okay, so I didn't study at all for audiology. But then, I didn't expect to spend 5 hours sleeping this morning, either. If I had been able to work then, things probably would have gone a little more smoothly. Oh, well. It'll get done, just maybe not as completely as I would have liked. Really wish it wasn't cumulative, though. LOL I'm not really worried about lang's only over one chapter, and it's not really new information for me. So tomorrow I concentrate on Audiology. After I get through with EPS...I feel like I've put in so much effort this afternoon that I should be done now. Sadly, it doesn't work that way.

December 12, 2001

Wooo, half done! LOL The

Wooo, half done! LOL The goal is to be done by West Wing, which is brand new. I think it's do-able. <.g>

Buffy ROCKS!!!! Tonight was Family and Fool for Love. I had thought FFL was on tomorrow, but I guess I was wrong. I thought there was an ep between the two last year...kinda odd to have two eps in a row about minor characters. But hey, not going to complain. LOL I think I'll tape it tomorrow morning to show Aarti a "normal" looking Spike. <.g> He was so cute...I still laugh so hard with "Ow. Ow ow. Ow ow ow!" <.g> I'll be able to watch both tomorrow morning, since my exam is at 8am. Eeek. LOL

But now I need dinner and to finish the last two essay notes.

AIM was cranky, so I

AIM was cranky, so I finally upgraded. Went from, like, v.4.3 to v.4.7. LOL Seems pretty nice, even if it took me awhile to find my sounds again. Man, I have gotten NOTHING done. I don't want to get anything done. I need to get things done. <.sigh> It's just such a grey, rainy day, and I want more sleep. Maybe if I just skip the first question for now, the second one won't block me.

Gotta stop with the quizzes!

Gotta stop with the quizzes! LOL Blame Miggie. LOL (BTW, watch out for her new trick...I decided to keep it for this post, too. <.eg>)

Very cute quiz. Take the

Very cute quiz. <.g>

Take the What Cat Are You? test by webkin!

A Christmas survey from Sagan!

A Christmas survey from Sagan!

1. Do you buy a real tree (live or cut)? Do you have it flocked? Do you drag the colossal box down from the attic (or up from the basement) and spend an afternoon sorting the J4 branches from the K3's and fitting them in their appropriate slots?

We've always had a live tree. It's one of my favorite parts of the season, going tree shopping. My mother, however, hates it. She looks at it as a six foot pricky thing leaking sap all over her living room. So this is probably our last year of a real one. : ( Does anyone have recs on how to make a fake tree smell like a real one, at least? <.g>

2. What special ornaments are a MUST for your tree?

We have several that were on my great-grandma's tree that my mother adores. Those are pretty important. We also have the paper links that she made in kindergarten, I made in kindergarten, and my brother made in kindergarten. They look remarkably similar, but I love them. I also have a set of Disney character ones I got when I was 2 from my great-grandmother when she lived by Disneyland. Those are all the first things to go up.

3. Garland or icicles?

Tinsel! I'm tinsel gal. No one else in my family can stand putting it on, but I love it. Not one strand at a time, mind you, but I don't just throw it, either. <.g>

4. White lights or multi-colored? Blink or non-blinking?

Nonblinking rainbows for the tree. Blue lights for around the house. White is elegant, and we use it on the fir tree in our backyard (because my mom prefers those), but I need rainbow. I love going in there late at night, taking my glasses off, and just seeing the glow of the colors because yes, I am that blind. LOL It doesn't have the same look when they're all white. As
for blinking, I just don't like it ve much. Plus the action is bad for my brother's seizure disorder.

5. Do you decorate outside with a creche? Icicle lights? The new rope lights? Santa and Rudolph on the roof?

We mostly do lights outside now...the netting ones are cool for the bushes. Oh, and we have a few lighted snowmen out there because my mom adores snowmen. (She's not a very Christmassy person, so anytime she shows interest in something Christmas, we almost always do it for her. ) We used to go all out for decorating, but no one really wants to anymore. Well, I do, but I'm deathly afraid of heights and therefore can't go up ladders. We had toy soldiers along our wall, angels on either side of the door, a Santa on the roof by the chimney, and reindeer flying between the trees.

6. Church? Midnight mass? Christmas caroling?

None of the above, anymore. I used to be in the children's choir, from 5-8th grades, and I sang at Christmas Eve mass every year then. I did love it...there was something about the atmosphere and the songs that always got to me. But when I left that, we never went again. We're not a very church-going family. I always had a hankering to go to midnight mass, though. I think that would be lovely. And caroling would be tons of fun...especially if I could actually sing. LOL

7. Christmas music: Are you more the classics kinda gal (Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Ray Coniff singers, etc.) the modern Christmas tunes ("A Very Special Christmas" 1-5, Country, Rap etc.) or do you prefer orchestral/chorale music?

All of the above. <.g> Really, I've listened to three Christmas CDs today...hits from 1935-1955, nsync, and the Nutcracker. I adore the Nutcracker....every year since I was 6, I've listened to that on Christmas eve as I fell asleep. Christmas music in general makes me very, very happy, whether it be Frank Sinatra or Kenny G, or whatever. All great in my book. I just have one quibble about one nsync Christmas song, however. It's track's about waiting all day to be together under the tree, two becoming one, etc etc. Sounds sweet. Until the line "I wish that Santa could be here to see." Voyeurism is just peachy if it floats your boat, but does it have to be SANTA? I think we found my second squick. LOL

8. What about food? Are you a sucker for Aunt Ruby's Eggnog? Do you use the annual fruitcake for a doorstop? Do you make fudge or candies and cookies for your friends and co-workers or neighbors? Share a recipe.

Not much to share here. Sometimes my mom and I make cookies, and we plan to this year, but it's not a usual thing. All the recipes are at home, sorry!

9. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

One Christmas eve, the rest Christmas morning. And Christmas eve is always we look good in the pictures the next morning.

10. What's the ONE thing you have to have/see/do/eat that makes it feel like Christmas?

For me, I think it's the lights. If I don't have lights up, it's not Christmas.

11. Tell us about your favorite Christmas memory.

Wow, I had to think about this. <.g> The last few have been pretty bad, so a lot of the good has been buried and forgotten. But I found one!

It was just after we'd moved from Chicago to the suburbs. We were driving around, looking at all the Christmas decorations. I was 10, Josh was 2, and it was getting late. We were all a little cranky. My dad was like, "Just a little bit longer, and then we'll go home." I agreed, and we drove down one last street. I had my head turned to look down side streets, and my jaw
DROPPED. We had just driven past the most decorated street in the entire world. I called my dad's attention to it, and we made a quick U-turn. It was amazing. Every single house on the block was decorated, be it for Christmas or Hannukah. We drove around the entire subdivision, just staring in wonder at everything. And then we got lost in it. <.g> We found a road that we thought led out. It didn't, it led us to another subdivision, and this one had toy soldiers lining every street. It was beautiful. We finally exited out of there, and went home. Now, every year, it's part of our traditions to drive down those areas. They're less decorated now, but enough people still participate to make it look lovely. So, I guess if you live near Westchester, IL, go check out Beckett and Wakefield streets, near the Dominicks. Wakefield is off of Ogden, and Beckett is off of 31st.

Justin in in Elton John's

Justin in in Elton John's new video, playing a younger Elton John. He doesn't even look like himself! Great costuming and make up job. And you have to give the kid credit for being pretty secure with his sexuality...he was totally flaming in On the Line, and now he's playing Elton John. LOL

Okay, so no, I haven't started studying yet. <.g> But I did respond to a topic of Scullyfic about Christmas, and I think I'll post here as a survey for y'all to steal and take. LOL

It's noon. What I have

It's noon. What I have done, you may ask? Well, the notes got moved from my drawer to my bed. <.g> And I took lots of naps. I got up, moved around, felt like crap, got in bed, fell asleep, got up, moved around, felt like crap, got in bed, fell asleep, and so on. LOL So now I really do need to work. I think I'm going to implement a one hour hour per topic. I mean, that's all I'm using to write them tomorrow, so that's all I should use to prepare for them, right? Then I'll be done about 4 or so. Well, knowing me, closer to 5, with breaks in there. LOL

Oh, damn. <.pout> Janet just called...they don't need help at the clinic over break. <.sigh> Apparently they usually just close for the week or two around Christmas except for any therapists who want to work. But she does want me to work there over summer vacation, and maybe spring. Neither which helps me greatly...I kinda wanted to stay here this summer, you know? But if that's where I can get a job, what can I do? It's an option, I guess. And maybe there is a place I can get over the summer in LaGrange...there are colleges around, some students might want to sublet. But La Grange might be just a wee bit out of my price range. <.g> I guess we'll see what happens.

My roommates are insane. I

My roommates are insane. <.g> I woke up to a note in the bathroom that said, "Good morning, Rina Bass! How are you, my dear?" written with hearts *everywhere. Especially on the !. LOL

It did make me giggle, though, something I definitely needed as I popped three Tylenol for the cramps. LOL I woke up at 7 to watch Buffy (the one where she discovers that Dawn isn't really her sister), but kinda dozed through it. Then woke up for the Tylenol, and went back to sleep for an hour that passed FAR too quickly. I do feel better now, though, and I put up Christmas lights in my bedroom last night, and those are making me hppy. <.g> So I guess I could give up that hour this morning, but I really do have a lot to do today. EPS is tomorrow, and while I'm not nervous about it, I have four essays to write notes/outlines for today. Plus I haven't even begun studying for audiology on Friday morning. Eeek! So that's what I have to do today. Fun, huh?

Oh, last night, I made a pretty Lance wallpaper. <.g> I just cloned and pasted a better Lance over the one she used in hers. I'm not entirely thrilled with how it looks yet, even though it's probably one of the best I've done like this, so JC is still gracing my computer screen. LOL I have a few ideas on how to make Lance better, though, which hopefully I'll have time to play with tonight!

December 11, 2001

I am suddenly in the

I am suddenly in the holiday mood. LOL It's been a long time sites may be decorated, the apartment kinda was, but it never really got me. Suddenly, I'm got. LOL Sarah and Tony put up lights in the stairwells, which probably helped a lot. Then, Kate and I found really cool nsync wallpapers that has a band member looking out of a snowy decorated window. They're so beautiful...we each have a JC one up now. Her Lance one was horrendous, so I'm gonna try and make my own similar to hers but with a better Lance one. <.g> If I can't, well, JC's cute. So my computer looks much more holiday-ish now, which I love.

Oh, and stats? I love math. Math is beautiful. <.g> The first forty questions or so of the exam, I breezed through. The last thirty kinda went downhill from there, but I know I got a bunch of them right. Plus five extra credit points for doing all my notes. Very exciting!

Geez, compliment JC and my computer goes played Up Against the Wall, followed by a JC centric song (featuring nysnc) called Give In To Me, then Buffy, and now it's playing JC's Now and Forever, from MMC. LOL

So, off to try and find a snowy window picture or make my own, and insert Lance. <.giggle> Tomorrow I have to do all my EPS notes and start Audiology, but tonight is just for me.

Having some definite problems concentrating

Having some definite problems concentrating here. LOL I don't want to study anymore! And I really do need to. I mean, sure I got solid Bs on all three exams without a lot of studying. But those exams were kinda awhile ago and it would be bad to have forgotten everything I learned for all of them. <.g> So I should study so I don't forget things, but I really, really don't want to. And I'm afraid I'll sit down to the exam tonight and be amazed at all that I don't remember.

So, yes, studying. After lunch. <.g>

Kazaa is evil! LOL I

Kazaa is evil! LOL I keep downloading songs. I did a search there for Remember WENN, though, and nothing came up. So I headed to Rodney's page and downloaded the Christmas songs in my share folder. Now there's a bunch for people to find, plus I get to listen to Christmas songs. Everyone wins!

I can't believe I've been awake since 6am. LOL I was so tired yesterday, I went to bed at 10. So I decided to set my alarm for 6 and watch Buffy this morning. It was a lot of fun. <.g> Good way to wake up. LOL I still need to study, though. When I got out of bed, I kinda started working on my story, got another page done. LOL Which is super fun, but I still need to get actual work done. LOL The exam is at 7 tonight, but I don't need to study *that much. I mean, I'm getting an 85 or 86 in the class...not much can kill my grade, or make it an A. So I'm not too concerned...I know my stuff. And it's multiple choice! So I'm gonna finish watching Xena (Gabby had her baby yesterday), and get cracking. Such fun.

December 10, 2001

Oh, Tom Cruise is going

Oh, Tom Cruise is going to be on Rosie again! On Wednesday. I'll totally be watching that...I remember the first time he was on. She was so excited! LOL I bet it'll be fun.

Okay, she's interviewing Penelope Cruz now...they're not communicating well. LOL I didn't know Penelope's English was so poor. How does she do movies here?

Well, it's over. There were

Well, it's over. There were 20 questions I know I nailed...cranial nerves and swallowing, mostly. Then maybe 10-20 more that I'm pretty sure I knew. Then the rest (about 40), I could eliminate down to 2-3 choices and make educated guesses on. There were only 2 that I had no clue on whatsoever. So I don't think I failed. I'm thinking a C or so here. Could be worse.

Oh, David and Tea are going to have another baby!! This one is also due in the spring (West was born in April...right by Krissy's birthday!). How totally awesome for them.

Okay, I need to crash about now. <.g> I'm going to hide my A&P book and do something *completely fluffy and without meaning for a few hours. LOL

Must breathe, must breathe...trying to

Must breathe, must breathe...trying to relax with the Buffy movie on FX. <.g> Pretty fun. But still with the note reading. Anyway, wish me luck! Happy thoughts will be most appreciated the next three hours or so. LOL

There are four stages of

There are four stages of swallowing. Oral prep (chewing), oral (moving the bolus to be swallowed), pharyngeal (pushing it down the pharnyx, terminated when it hits the esophagus), and esophageal (finishing swallowing by pushing it to the stomach). The first two are voluntary, the other two are involuntary. The pharyngeal stage can ONLY be done in humans if there is food or liquid in the mouth. The last stage is the longest, at 8-20 seconds, the others are about 1 second each.

See, I do know things. I know a lot of things. I just can't help feeling that the things I know are really basic and that he'll be testing us on more complex things. I always feel that way...if I know it, everyone does, so I should be knowing more than I do. I wish I knew if I knew enough. I worked my ass off for this.

Twelve cranial nerves 1. smell

Twelve cranial nerves
1. smell
2. vision
3. visual accomodation
4. moving eyes
5. chewing
6. moving eyes
7. taste and salivation
8. hearing and balance
9. taste and salivation
10. swallowing, breathing, digestion
11. swallowing
12. swallowing

So, that sums up most of what I know about cranial nerves. <.sigh> I'm figuring that since I know what each nerve *does, I can therefore suss out what muscles go with them (vision will be eyes, taste will be tongue, swallowing will be the palate and phaynyx and stuff) and therefore also disorders that match them. That sounds logical, right? <.sigh> I'm still gonna be studying until 1, though. I'm getting nervous again.

FX! FX! Kate just told

FX! FX! Kate just told me we get FX!!!!! BUFFY!!!!!! I can watch BUFFY!!!! This is a good day so far! Very good indeed!! This bodes well, right?? <.giggle>

December 09, 2001

I'm so sleepy!!! Geez. Kate

I'm so sleepy!!! Geez. Kate and I went to sign our lease...we put down the security deposit and signed an application. So we didn't actually sign the lease, but it's pretty much a guarantee. We checked out the apartment today...#206. Really nice place! Plus, apparently, we can have pets, since they had a cat. LOL (A fact we're hiding from my mother, who would freak out. I'm pretty damn allergic, so we'll just clean it *really well when we move in!) So that's kinda exciting. But I took those 2 hours off to go do that and run errands with Kate, and now I'm sleepy and lethargic and totally want to be asleep. <.g> But I shall perservere, because now it's a matter of pride. LOL

So, back to the grindstone.

From Biz, Are you as

From Biz, Are you as interesting as your blog? Me:

You have an interesting weblog and an equally interesting life. You don't need to exaggerate to make your stories sound exciting. They already are. You have a small circle of friends, both online and offline, and they all love having you around. You're an all around nice person and the best friend anyone could ever imagine having.

Good to know! LOL Wonder how *true it is, though. <.g>

I HATE studying. I am

I HATE studying. I am so ready to be done. But I'm kinda proud of myself...I'm really getting into this. I'm doing all the reading, reviewing notes, things are sticking, and I'm actually making connections. So this may actually go well. Of course, the way his tests are, it's probably doing no good. But that's not a postive way of thinking....I am studying, I am learning, and I know way more than I think I do. Probably would have helped to have been doing this all along, but oh, well. <.g> This is probably the most I've ever spent studying on one test in my life. I'm sure it's gonna work out well. Because damn it, I'm putting in EFFORT!! Plus, it'll be over in about 25 hours. That's a lovely thought. 'Cause my second test is stats, and I know I'll do well there.

See, I'm gonna get through this! Just wish it was over already. LOL

December 08, 2001

My mother cracks me up.

My mother cracks me up. <.giggle> We were chatting after they got home, and she was like, "I don't think I can survive Josh's teen years. You were too easy. We didn't get buffed up for this. This is all your fault!" LOL I apologized and offered to give it a whack now. I mean, Kate and Aarti would help me, right? <.g> Anyway, Josh is very anti-mom right now. Probably since they spend all day together and she homeschools and stuff. So he was quite upset when she left him and dad in the car to help me carry in things, and then <.the horror> Came Back! LOL He was yelling all the way to the highway, poor child. <.g> Mom says that while I'm home, expect her and dad NOT to be. <.g> So I'll be hanging out with him a lot this break...won't he be excited?? I can teach him Pop, we can read Harry Potter, we can do yoga, and he'll be so sick of me, he'll welcome mom back into his life. <.giggle>

Oh, my gosh!!!!!!! My parents

Oh, my gosh!!!!!!! My parents told me to expect a package today, so not to leave. Mom calls about 1pm, I look out my window....there they were!!! They drove down to surprise me!!!! They took me out to lunch and brought me a bunch of food, like the raspberry chicken salad that I love so much from our local deli, and it was so awesome! That was so totally awesome of them. I was grinning like an idiot for such a long time. <.giggle> Wow, that made me so happy! I love my family. I'm not even looking at it as three hours of studying I missed out on, 'cause really, this was so much more important.

I seriously still can't believe they did this. I'm still smiling!! LOL

I'm a silly girl....wearing Christmas

I'm a silly girl....wearing Christmas clothes to keep me happy while studying. LOL

From Brendan, How british are

From Brendan, How british are you? Me:

I am 32.5% British, just like
Just as happy in LA or London. Aren't the narrow roads in the UK quaint.

Take the Brit Quiz at

Quiz written by Daz

Yesterday was 60 years since

Yesterday was 60 years since Pearl Harbor. Amazing, really, that so much time has passed. And I have to agree with Biz that it's about freaking TIME people remembered our day of national remberance. All of the special things they're doing this year is what they should have been doing all along. I hope they continue these specials every's so important to remember what happened, and thank God for the men who defended our parents and grandparents with their lives.

I'm watching the History Channel, which is reairing their Parade and Live from Pearl Harbor salute from yesterday. It's really fantastic. I can't imagine what it would like to be there, especially yesterday, but I would love to. Oh, this guy who was a sergeant during the attack is almost in tears while he's talking. It's almost enough to make me cry! Almost this entire show is, with the fly overs and now the soliders and their wives dropping flowers down into the wishing well on the Arizona Memorial, for the dead. Wow.

Well, yesterday was the 60th anniversary of the attack, and today is therefore the anniversary of FDR's a date which will live in infamy speech. I have that one on my MP3 player, and it came up several times yesterday. Now he was a gifted speaker.

December 07, 2001

I am now downloading 4

I am now downloading 4 JC songs, a Joey song, two nysnc songs, and three Bach pieces performed by Yo Yo Ma. This joins the two Britney and Shaggy songs I downloaded earlier. Never let it be said I am not very open minded. <.g>

Okay, now I'm studying. And eating. Because I've been stuffing my face ALL DAY. PMS and finals...lovely combination.

Man, maybe I was better

Man, maybe I was better off without the internet. LOL I keep heading to Kazaa and looking for more music to download. Right now, I somehow got onto a JC kick. LOL He covered a lot of Richard Marx songs while on MMC, and I'm curious as to how they came out. Then I found a song Lance did with O-Town, and a song that Joey apparently did on his own. So they're all downloading, and my computer will hate me. <.g> I did get my Stats done, though...five bonus points on the exam for me! yay! And everything is on my bed waiting for me to review the three A&P labs we'll be tested on. Of course, two of them were on yesterday's quiz, so they should be pretty well known. Then I can read the chapters. That's my plan.

But first I think I need more pretty music.

Copying cool kids again! Comin'

Copying cool kids again! Comin' at you is my Friday Five.
1. If you were to go to a movie this weekend, which one would you pick? Harry Potter, of course! <.giggle>

2. What movie would you like to rent this weekend? Something Christmassy! Maybe Holiday Inn. Or Miracle at Morgan's Creek.

3. What one TV show do you always try to watch? Just ONE? LOL I have a few. I guess Buffy. And West Wing, Xena and Angel!

4. If you (and your S.O.) were cool with it, what five celebrities (at the most) would it be 'ok' for you to have a fling with? The nsync boys? LOL I think they'd all fling pretty well, in their own ways. Well, except Lance - I don't know why, but I prefer to not think of him as a flingy guy. <.g> So maybe I'l subtract him out and add in Gillian. Maybe. (And yes, I'm just weird enough to think that the one I like least, Justin, would fling the best and therefore prefer him to my favorite, Lance. LOL)

5. How do you plan to spend your weekend? Studying for finals. <.whimper> But my daddy sent me a package that should arrive tomorrow, full of some finals time treatskas. (Just realized that I've never typed that out before, just said it. LOL Huh. <.g>) Oh, and Kate and I are signing a lease on an apartment for next year. So, yeah. Super exciting, huh? But geez....this is my last weekend here before break. AHHHH!

I was telling Kristine that

I was telling Kristine that I had deleted a lot of nsync songs this week, and that reminded me! LOL I opened my St. Nick's gifts yesterday, and I got the nsync calendar. It's so funny...Kate and Aarti have been, like, coming in to borrow it. LOL There are some really fantastic pictures in there. Sadly, few are of Lance. LOL I mean, Lance is in just as many as the other guys, he just looks...not fantastic. <.g> Seriously, the guy needs to spike his hair. See them from China. When it's flat, it's just bad in many ways. <.g> But other than that, my only complaint is that the pictures are very long, about 3/4 of the page, leaving a very tiny area for the calendar portion. Then, the dates part doesn't have boxes to write in, just stars with the dates in big numbers in the middle. And each month is a different color, and most of them are too dark to write in anything but silver or white. What's the point of a calendar if you can't keep track of things on it?!?! That made me go grrrr. But it is a pretty nice calendar, and I love the font they use....I've used it before for story graphics. Matura Capitals, or something like that. Oh, and they also label each of the boys's birthdays...I could have lived without that. LOL But all in all? Much pretty fun.

Wow, it's been a full

Wow, it's been a full year that I've been blogging here! It seems like I've been doing it forever. This has been a total rollercoaster year, and I'm so glad I always had this place to come to. I've met such awesome people, and it's been a great experience all around. Happy anniversary to me!

46 FREAKING HOURS without the

46 FREAKING HOURS without the internet!!!!! I've been going insane. LOL but the guy finally fixed us up and got us online. Now to read my thousands of pieces of mail (or delete them) and get started studying. Because classes are done with, and now there's only finals remaining!

December 05, 2001

Following the cool kids once

Following the cool kids once again, I decided to see what piece of art I am.

If I were a work of art, I would be Piet Mondrian's Composition A.

I am rigidly organised and regimented, although my cold and unapproachable exterior hides a clever way of thinking and a rebellious and innovative nature. A lot of people don't understand me, but I can still affect them on an emotional level.

Which work of art would you be? The Art Test

That might be pretty accurate, actually. Hmmm. Now is that good or bad? LOL

Today was my last Anatomy class and it was SHORT! We were out at 2, instead of 2:30. Pure bliss. I'm free! Until the exam. And next semester.

I don't know why, but

I don't know why, but I've been totally remembering my dreams this week! First there was the Anya/Xander one. The next night, I dreamed about Jon and Jon and I driving around as he told me the "real" story about Austin's birth and us just kinda hanging out together. Then last night it was nysnc, but Not. Like there was something about a Brooklyn orphanage and Joey was in charge of it. Then there was a Lance one that wasn't a happy one, and then there was one at a mental institution during "Gone." It was weird...I woke up several times last night remembering the dream, going, "What the HELL was that?" and falling back asleep into another bizarro one. I wish I could remember the "Lance" one...something about death, I think. That was the one where I was like, "Okay, not going back into that sucker." <.g> But it wasn't really them, just some things that made me think of them. <.shrug> I don't know. LOL

You know what today is? My LAST Anatomy class!!!!!! Of course, that means the final is on Monday, but you take what you can get, you know what I mean? Today, I really have to study for tomorrow's quiz...I feel extremely confident about lab 11, but I would be happier if I could FIND lab 12. LOL It's gotta be in a notebook somewhere. Hopefully Meghan will bring her copy and I can copy it during lunch and give it back to her.

Oh, gotta remember to download this song I heard this The Calling? Forgot the song title, oops. LOL And I think it's time to delete some of my nysnc MP3s...I don't need all of those clogging up my space! There are some songs I like, but are on CD, and I just go past them whenever they try and play, anyway.

December 04, 2001

Whooo! Got my 383 project

Whooo! Got my 383 project done and stats. Know what this means? Story time!!

My mom is SO cute! She, too, was watching the Billboard Awards and came on to tell me to watch. Of course, I already was...the three of us were downstairs watching on the big TV. LOL But she gets many points for knowing the song, knowing Lance, commenting that Joey's hair was growing out, and that Chris must be freaking out with his phobia as he grips the handrail of the scaffold. <.giggle> And hey, JC looked awesome...his hair was perfect. And Lance was dressed normally! They all were, really, in tan and white. Quite yummy, indeed.

I do have things I

I do have things I could be doing now. I could be studying. I could be typing out my 383 project I did last night. I could typing up my EPS and hoping more comes to me. Am I? Nope. Writing a story.

If I didn't have to

If I didn't have to go to EPS and pick up th exam questions, I SO would be asleep right now <.g> I don't know why I'm so tried lately...I slept late all weekend, I went to bed at 10:30 last night, and I wanna be asleep right now.

Oh, I love Max's hair in this episode...with Jill's dad? The guy's a bastard, but her hair looks nice. Plus, she sure has an interesting relationship with Jimmy. And Jill. Seriously...what is up with this? I do love this show, but the relationships and characters are pretty convoluted.

Hmmm. You know, kinda sucks,

Hmmm. You know, kinda sucks, but it also kinda cool, to be the only one awake at such an hour where everything is dark but not exactly. I did a solo abbreviated workout, and now back to bed. <.giggle> Perk of not having class for, oh, over 3 hours.

December 03, 2001

So I was in A&P

So I was in A&P today, and working on my story. (Hush, all right? I also discovered that because I studied so much this weekend, I knew the muscles he was talking about. I was highly excited <.g>) Anyway, the story was just coming out, and it was cool. I was rereading what I had, though, and realized that it wasn't my usual style. I'm not sure if it's because the character was talking through me, or because it's a sleepy boy talking to himself at 3 am, or if my style is just changing, based on betaing Kate's stories and Ev's, and everyone else's. Just made me think. <.g> I finished the story in class, so I guess I'll just have to pick up a new one and see how that character goes.

Meghan said that the 383 project only took her about 30 minutes, so I'm gonna start that soon, and just get it done today. If I do that, I'll be satisfied. I did some studying and EPS writing during lunch, when Lauren and I split some Chinese food. Yummy yummy! I'm still not sure what else I can say about the role of a teacher inside and outside the classroom, though. If you have opinions on the topic, e-mail me or leave a comment! I'd love to hear what you think.

Oh!! Look at Amy's holiday

Oh!! Look at Amy's holiday design!! It's so awesome. I love it! And Hilary is all Christmassy, too! So very cool and awesome. I love the countdown!

See, Gone is on MTV

See, Gone is on MTV now, and I'm just cracking up. Read the lyrics, keeping in mind she's been at the beauty parlor for three hours, and tell me you're not laughing at the words. <.g> It's even funnier watching the video, 'cause it's all melodramatic and stuff. LOL

Awwww, I missed the Lois

Awwww, I missed the Lois and Clark finale! But now we're back in season one again, where the good eps are. <.g>

I had the oddest dream last was Anya/Xander, except I was Xander, and she was writing a paper for me. And it was hysterical because it was in her stilted, overly explanatory and descriptive talk. It's making me giggle just thinking about it! I so didn't want to get up this morning. LOL When I went to bed, I was really warm, so I put on my little ducky tank top, took off my socks and threw the covers to the foot of the bed. By morning, I was snuggled very securely under the flannel sheets, curled up in a little ball. Very comfy, and not conducive to actually getting out of bed. <.giggle>

So. Goodness....this is my last week of classes. AHHHHHH!!!!! LOL Today, I have to write some EPS, study A&P, and start the Lang Dev project. I can do EPS and A&P at lunch, and the project shouldn't take long. Then I can study again this evening. ::nods:: That's my plan.

December 02, 2001

Okay, I can NEVER listen

Okay, I can NEVER listen to Gone again without cracking up. It's such a sad song, right? Not anymore. <.g> Carolyn heard Justin say he wrote it while Britney was the beauty parlor. <.g> Apparently she was gone for, like, three hours and he was wondering what the hell could be taking so long, so he wrote the song. LOL The words have such a new meaning now, and they make me laugh!

ARGH! Every time I restart

ARGH! Every time I restart my computer, my color settings go back to the dark! But then all I have to do is go into the color preferences, and it automatically goes back to where I set it, without me having to click anything. Why can't it do that from the start?! It's so obnoxious.

I have done nothing today.

I have done nothing today. I'm even still in pajamas!! LOL I woke up at 11 today, which horrified me - I hate sleeping that late! And then I sat down to my computer and haven't quite moved. I found some Lance fan journals, found a Lance quiz (I'm 48% addicted to him, as is Kate. Where's Lance's scar and how did he get it? We lost two questions not knowing that he had one. <.g>), and found LOTS of Lance wavs. Lots and lots and lots. Most came from the nsync hotline phone game, where you get random calls from the boys. I refuse to buy this game, but the wavs are hysterical. (I do want to find the other boys's, though. Kate's had no luck finding JC.) I added some that I found to my sounds...when I open a program, Lance says "Awww, you're sweet!" When I close it, he says "Oh, man. Oh, my goodness. WHOA!" When I restore a screen up, he says, "Hi, this is Lance. I love ya!" There about about 6 other Lance sounds on my computer now. <.sob> I can't believe it. Oh, well. It's cute. Makes me laugh. Although I put wavs where I hadn't had any before (pretty much those I just quoted), and they may drive me insane soon, so I'll lose them. LOL We'll see.

Okay, I AM going to study. If I do nothing else today, I will study, damn it. Should probably eat at some point, too...

UGH!!! LOL I am SO

UGH!!! LOL I am SO nsync-ed out, man. Seriously. I spent the morning sleeping after Kate's party (and going to bed at 4:30am, thank you very much), spent the afternoon reading nysnc stories, then watched about *7 hours* of nsync. GAH! LOL I never want to see those boys again. Or at least for a few hours. <.g> Kate was doing Miggie's tape, so I was in her room while she did it. LOL We started at 6, with the Atlantis concert. Then she left and I watched Buffy, which totally freaked me out. Then at 8, we started again, and I swear we *just finished. But I was a good girl during all of this - I wrote half of my EPS paper and studied a lot for Thursday's A&P quiz. Plus we checked out apartments this afternoon. So I did manage to get everything done on my list for today. Yay! Tomorrow I study more, finish the EPS, and come up with topics for g-w this week. Pretty manageable, I think.

But now I must sleep. I cannot believe I am up this late. ARGH!

November 30, 2001

Oh, my goodness gracious. LOLOL

Oh, my goodness gracious. LOLOL Kate finally got her *nsync *n the mix DVD...we started watching it while we were decorating our little tree. Then she had to go pick up her cake, so I kept watching, mostly just the music videos. It was hysterical! Lance is SUCH a cute little spazz! There's this one bit where the camera is on in the limo, and that I'll Walk 500 Miles song comes on the radio. He, Chris and JC start singing along, very loudly and boisterously, dancing around and bopping their heads, and I haven't laughed so hard in ages. <.g> They were so cute and into it! Then I watched some music videos...You Drive Me Crazy is such an interesting video. <.g> JC writhing around, tied to a bed, Lance and Joey totally all over each other, and their eyes are so insane, it's amazing. I kept laughing throughout that one, too. (Noticing a theme? Wonder if it was supposed to be this funny. LOL I laughed more than anything while watching this.) After that, I watched the "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays" video. It was soooooo cute!!! They were flying around in Santa's sleigh, delivering presents to all these little kids. I loved seeing them with the kids...they were awesome. And then, jeez, I don't know WHAT JC and Lance were thinking, but there's this one part where JC is standing very, very close behind Lance, both of them laughing as they're bouncing up and down, and then JC bends Lance over a little, and, yeah. LOL I was laughing from surprise that time. <.g> Much fun, all around!

So the happy cake turned

So the happy cake turned out a little bit too moist. <.g> I think there was too much pudding...I was cutting three slices to bring for Lauren, Meghan and Jill today, and they were totally falling apart. And then in the realm of possibly not too smart, I licked the knife and ate the bits that had fallen off. There was quite a bit. It's very schnappsy. LOL And I haven't eaten breakfast yet.

You know, I really don't like the women on Sports Night too much. I don't think Aaron writes well for women. CJ kicks ass on West Wing, and Donna is great, but Donna kinda wavers between intelligent and not, and CJ sometimes gets ignored. Which may be a common thing in a male-centered thing like the west wing, but I don't generally like it.

I was up until 2:30 this morning. Eeek! Went to bed shortly after that post, but stayed up to finish A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks. It was excellent...I think I'm going to get my mom a copy for Christmas. I think she would love it.

Freakiness. I found a nsync/Buffy

Freakiness. I found a nsync/Buffy crossover. Chris/Oz, Lance/Joey, JC/Justin. Primarily Chris/Oz. It's really fun, and has a totally cool plot. Once you get over the fact that Oz and the Sunnydale gang is fictional and Chris and his gang aren't. But yeah, totally cute and cool and fun, and well written. Anya is hysterical, with the "pretty, rich boys" and JC is so cute with the magick. I like.

Need sleep. Why am I awake? bad me.

November 29, 2001

Okay, seriously. How could anyone

Okay, seriously. How could anyone deny Xena and Gabby had a thing? They're always touching, hugging, holding hands, Gabby's face is buried in Xena's chest every other episode, Xena smiles all the time when she's there, it's beautiful. And obvious! I love it, love it, love it. I love watching this show.

Okay, I'm looking over my

Okay, I'm looking over my page. I'm astounded, honestly, that the base of my christmas light dividers are green. Although now I'm curious...the first it blue or purple? And wow, look at the banners on my sidebar! I can see everyone in the twisly pic!! I can see Darla and Dru in homoeroticism, yay!!!! All I could ever see was darkness before!! Everything is so clear.

Ooh, damn. I loved Zander and Carly...this better be one of those stupid storylines where Zander is "keeping an eye on her" and then falls in love with her.

0A7B50 096E44


Oh, WOW, Kristina sounds good...singing

Oh, WOW, Kristina sounds good...singing jazzy riffs. They have got to reopen L&B Records. I wanna hear Ned sing, wanna hear Kristina sing, wanna Lucky sing ('cause DAMN is Jacob Young good). And I think Nik is, too. Ohhhhhh, they're talking about Mae Mae! I miss her. I miss music on this show so much.

Okay....the greens on this page

Okay....the greens on this page are truly hideous. Although they're not quite olive on my screen, more of a yellow-green, so I'm probably STILL not seeing what you all do. <.g> I'm so going to have to play with this. Someone tell me when I hit forest green, or kelly green, 'cause I'm sure as hell not going to have a clue.

WHHOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I got a B

WHHOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I got a B on my last EPS exam!!! I'm so excited. Plus, I actually SPOKE in class today. Extendedly. And apparently it made sense, because the TA agreed and elaborated and got exactly what I said. <.giggle> Me being me, I was totally shaking as I talked, but I did it!

This new Alexis doesn't sigh very well. <.g> She's not that good of an actress, either, although she does look kinda like Nancy. Only less beautiful. I guess it's temporary, so only a few more days. And I'm going to be pretty lenient, given the circumstances. It's not like Nancy could give them warning that her father was going to pass away. : (

Oooh, Carly and Zander. I like. Although I still like my theory that they were brother and sister, too. So I can't in good faith go, "Oooh, how cute," until I completely rid myself of that theory. LOL This scene is REALLY helping in that manner. She's so cute and forceful with him. I could get behind them. And hey, Jax is flying a plane! Been years since we saw that. Is it too much to hope that he'll crash?

Kinda getting used to the

Kinda getting used to the light colors everywhere. My wallpaper is so weird, though! LOL The formerly greenish color is now grey, and Lance looks *really weird in one of the pictures. And then he looks yellow in another one, where it used to be golden, but the middle one now looks awesome...he has a face! It was mostly hidden in shadows before, now it can be seen. That is kinda exciting. <.g>

What's really exciting is that fmr. IL gov. Jim Edgar is speaking in my EPS class today! Wheeee!! I can't wait. Then I have to come back and write a paragraph on my definition of education, and which reform movement supprts my definition best. I'm really, really hoping it goes well and fast.

November 28, 2001

Wheeee, my favorite holiday commerical

Wheeee, my favorite holiday commerical was just on! The Hershey Kisses as bells, which I think is so cute and fun!

I so need to go to bed.

Ugh, I did it. I

Ugh, I did it. I changed my gamma/brightness level thing. I was in Kate's room, looking at MTV's nysnc flip book, and we were admiring a slashy picture of Justin and Chris they had up. (Well, I was admiring, she was hitting me, upset that she saw the slashiness. LOL) So I went back into my room to save it, and it was so dark I could barely see anything. <.sigh> So I gave in and changed the default from 1.00 which it should be, to 1.42 which is much much brighter. I can see the pictures better, see a shadow of "Chasez" on the original picture that started this all, and am kinda getting used to the huge amount of glare everything has now. <.sigh> All the colors look so weird on everything, though, and I miss the blue my wallpaper words used to be in. But at least graphics are viewable now, right?

I wanna see The Magestic.

I wanna see The Magestic. It looks fabulous, and I love Jim Carrey. He's a much better serious actor than people give him credit for. And he's cute.

Oh, wow. LOL This article

Oh, wow. LOL This article about Buffy and Spike having sex got posted to my Scullyfic list. Good heavens, that was the CUT version?! LOL I totally have to see the uncut version. <.giggle>

Dr. Kuehn is really loosening up in class these days. Monday's quote was about the cabinets. Today we had two...he was talking about how English is becoming the internation language, and ended with, "At the gain of communication, I suppose there is a loss in culture. Oh, well." We cracked UP! He was like, "Oh, dear. Oh, dear. I didn't intend to make light of it." <.g> Then, I was kinda spaced out for the first part of it, but about ten minutes later, he came out with, "You may not think it, but I'm here to tell you that an elephant and a squid have much to do with the production of speech!" I'm a little nervous to find out where that one came from. <.g>

November 27, 2001

Okay, Kate informs me that

Okay, Kate informs me that my dates here are not in forrest green, but in olive. Hmph. On her monitor, yes. On everyone else's monitor, most likely. On mine? Forrest green, I swear to God. I've got to get this changed.

Okay, so I had what

Okay, so I had what one could easily call an unproductive day today. LOL I did get some stats done, though, so yay me. But tomorrow...I need to go to all three classes and write my EPS assignment. Optional is half of my stats homework, which I'll probably do because I love the labs. Shouldn't be a problem.

But baby boy is going to be THIRTEEN tomorrow!!!! Unbelievable. Damn, I remember when he was was overdue, and we went for an ultrasound, where we learned that Josh was losing oxygen. So dad drove me to my grandparents, who lived down the block from our house, and went back to mom where she had a c-section. Then, of course, Josh had to stay in the hospital because he had two holes in his heart and was very sick. My grandparents moved into my parents' bedroom, and Erin came over for many nights. We stayed up a lot, reading and coloring and watching old movies. Every morning when I woke up, there was a present from my parents in the bathroom. One was an orange Puffalump that I still have. <.g> There was such a high, high chance that Josh was going to die, that they were trying to shield me from it and giving me happy things to remember during that time. I remember several mornings after that first week, when my grandparents had gone back home and mom was still with Josh 24/7, daddy was doing my hair, which was down past my waist at that time. We giggled SO much because he had no clue what he was doing, and would forget strands in my braid, or forget the top ponytail holder. It was fun...they did a very good job of hiding how sick Josh was from me. I really do only remember the happy things...Orangey-Orange (I was 7, all right?!), the Barbies, Erin, the first time we saw Josh. That was SO funny. My grandparents had been there to see him once before me, and Josh was a very very hairy baby. <.g> But when they took me, the nurses pointed out the WRONG baby. LOL Po was like, "What happened to all the hair?" <.g> Yeah. So we asked again, and they took us down the windows to the NICU where he was, in all his hairy, bluish glory. So yeah. That's what I remember from when my little guy was born. And now he's a few short hours away from being a teenager. Unreal.

Okay, also from the site

Okay, also from the site with the mennonite "article" comes this...nysnc's story from the official website, complete with hysterical comments and so many holes being poked in this story, it looks like swiss cheese. <.g> These people ROCK. You must read!

I found the transcript! It's

I found the transcript! It's so awesome. Lance sings!! Okay, only one line from In the Still of the Night, but I LOVE that song! And it was really interesting and fun. Like, their religions...Lance said he was very religious, which I kinda knew. Justin said he was more spiritual, which I identify most with. Chris is Lutheran, Joey is Catholic (big surprise. LOL), but JC did surprise me...he said Mennonite. That's a liberal form of Amish...I would NOT have guessed that from looking at him! I so loved Chris saying that Lance was dating him, since they were the only two unattached ones, and Justin was like, "Okay, the National Enquirer is watching now." Then, Lance was like, "I date everyone!" <.g> And I totally keep getting the impression that Lance's mom is very similar to mine. And I love my mom to death, but damn, I feel bad for him. <.g>

Oh, my GOD. This totally has to be a joke. LOL I told Kate that JC was mennonite, and she went to look up the religion because she didn't know anything about it, and I only knew the basics. She did a search for "mennonite chasez" and found that link. We were CRACKING UP!! It's totally hysterical, so go read it!

I, meanwhile, need to somehow track down a copy of this interview somewhere. <.g>

Okay, so I was reading

Okay, so I was reading an nsync fic, Chris/Lance, and it was based on Chris saying on Larry King that Lance was dating him. And I was like, how cute and totally Chris. Then I remembered they really HAD been on Larry King, and asked Kate if that really had happened. Carolyn said that it did! How totally adorable and fun! Now I gotta find a transcript and wav or MP3. <.giggle> See, they're totally helping me out with not feeling bad about reading nysnc slash...look at what they say and do! LOL

ARGH! Okay, I know my

ARGH! Okay, I know my monitor sucks. This wasn't exactly news. But today I realized just how bad it was....Kate is reading a JC story, and at the top of every page is a graphic. In her room, I admired the pretty graphic. Then I had her send me the site so I could read the story. I noticed that I'm not exactly getting the full graphic, thats how dark my monitor is. (Check out the pretty picture.) All I can see is the picture on the far left, and "joshua scott." Not the right hand pic or "chasez." I am SO ANNOYED. Not because I can't see the JC pic because it's JC, but because I can't see the full graphic. What else am I missing?!?! I'm trying so hard to adjust my color settings so I can see it. If I do some fancy work with my red, green and blues, I can see it just fine...but everything on my screen is tinted yellow, blue, neon green, purple, or any number of other colors. Or, it's just super bright and giving me a headache. Kate's computer isn't that bright, or colorful, and she sees it just fine. <.pout> I wish I knew if there was a way to fix this. I don't want to be missing graphics. And hell, who knows what the things I make look like on other people's computers! My colors are way off, and probably always have been. GRRR!!!

Okay, I had my monitor set to a super bright color (and could see "chasez," but not the picture), and returned it back to what it always was and now it seems so dark. <.g> Man. I just can't win. LOL Maybe I'd get used to the glaring brightness?

Following Kate and Carolyn, I

Following Kate and Carolyn, I added a new little bit to my sidebar...friends describing me. Kinda fun! If you want to add some words in there, leave them in a comment. <.g>

How funny...I just noticed that

How funny...I just noticed that the date for the current day on my journal is in forrest green, and every other date is in red! LOL I have no clue how I did that, but I kinda like it. <.g>

Hey, everyone! Don't forget to

Hey, everyone! Don't forget to go over to Kate's blog and wish her a very very happy 21st birthday. Yay for being legal!!! This isn't very much, but here's a little present for you anyway, dearie. Happy Birthday! {{HUGS}} Have a great day!

Wow, my computer is cranky

Wow, my computer is cranky lately! On AOL, I had to reset how I sign online, and thereby lost all of my shortcut favorites on the top bar. Then I only had, like, 5 windows open, and it started freaking out, saying that I was dangerously low in resources and I had to reboot. That happened three times yesterday, too! I can't wait to get some more ram and stuff on here next month. It desperately needs it. <.g>

I realized something icky snooze button broke! The horror! I have no idea what I'm going to do. <.g> I depend on that thing. Right now, I just have both alarms set to go off, and that's the best I can do. <.sigh> I really really really want my snooze button back, though!

November 26, 2001

Deah Gott...Aarti is redoing her

Deah Gott...Aarti is redoing her sounds on AIM for when people log on and sign off. I just had to go up there and record mine..."Rina Bass!" <.cringe> And I sounded like a perfect lunatic doing it, too! LOL Oh, well. I joined Kate Chasez. ; )

So, did kinda okay on my to do list. LOL Cleaned, got this design up and ready, and organized my cabinet. So all I didn't do was Stats, which I can do tomorrow quite easily. All in all, a good day. <.g> Now to finish helping Carolyn with her archive, and head to bed. Wheeeee!!!!

Oh, heavens. LOL! I just

Oh, heavens. LOL! I just got off the phone with this publishing company who's doing an alum book for all LTHS students, from 1908-2001. So, I called and gave my information. This guy was a riot! What a sweetie. I hate phone calls, I get so nervous not knowing what to expect, but we were laughing and joking the whole time. I really enjoyed that experience. <.giggle>

1000 ways you know you're

1000 ways you know you're obsessed with Harry Potter. Sadly, some of them *are true for me. <.g> There really are a lot of fun and creative ones on there, though! LOL

Okay, now it looks almost

Okay, now it looks almost exactly how I imagined it. Wheeee! Thanks to my Lady K, I learned a lot and made this look somewhat pretty. Yay!! I think I'm going to put on my pretty music I downloaded last night and straighten my room a bit before copying Stats. I may be weird (okay, no, I know that I am), but I like cleaning up, especially with music on. Music makes the whole thing relaxing, and just the act of cleaning makes me feel better because I get so freaky and claustrophobic whenever there are piles around me. Don't care if those piles are jammed into drawers or closets as long as I don't see them. LOL

Okay, definitely needs some help.

Okay, definitely needs some help. Ignore all the, uh, wrong things. LOL Desperately trying to fix them, wish me luck!

"Okay, today I'm going to

"Okay, today I'm going to close class with this picture of a cabinet." Yes, those words were spoken in my class today. <.g> Physiology, to be specific. Gotta love Dr. Kuehn. LOL He really did end class with the picture of a cabinet, and was quite serious about it. <.giggle>

I got my poster up, with a great deal of help from Aarti, so now my wall doesn't look naked. <.g> It's been blank all semester, and it was sad. Now it's pretty. Of course, my bed's a mess, so I should clean that up. It's starting to drive me nuts, seeing it all every time I look at the pretty boys on my wall. LOL

This is a rather easy week. Today's schedule has fun fun things on it! Like, upload a holiday design here (I'm sure Krissy's will be back up in January, though. <.g> Mine designs pale to hers!), and start a silver snowflake design for chasing-rainbows. Then of course, there's also clean up my room, arrange my food cabinet, and copy at least one Stats chapter that I missed. <.g> Not too bad at all, right?

November 25, 2001

Okay, audiogalaxy doesn't seem to

Okay, audiogalaxy doesn't seem to like me anymore. But I discovered Kazaa which is awesome! I downloaded the nsync/Tim McGraw "Stand by Me/Fire and Rain/Lean on Me" medley that had Lance's solo (now to cut out the other songs to leave Lance's lovely Lean on Me), two Michelle Branch songs (Everywhere and Goodbye to You, which was on Buffy two weeks ago when Tara and Giles were leaving), and U2's Stuck in a Moment. Wheeeeee!!!!!!!

Okay now to read and help edit an...ahem...interesting part of my favorte nsync story, In Every Dream, which has FINALLY been posted!!!! Go read, people! And feedback her! Just don't be fooled by the notes on the main page. <.giggle>

Found a great new HP

Found a great new HP story....No Defense of You. It's Hermione/Fleur, and actually has a real, honest to God plot that is interesting and cool. Fleur is a teacher at Hogwarts, and as a veela, needs to find herself a mate, but there's a catch...her mate is the one who is completely immune to her wiles and is rather indifferent to her, or dislikes her at the start. Enter Hermione. LOL Only two parts written so far, but they're good! She also writes Buffy slash, and anime stuff. You can read it all at the above link.

Oh, I forgot to mention

Oh, I forgot to mention the other fun stuff!! I got my Jennie-tape yesterday, and mom, as promised, watched the Buffy musical with me. It was hysterical! She was talking about how she didn't want to like this show, or anything, but then she would start laughing at parts, and by the end, she was singing along. It was the third time she had seen the last 20 minutes, but the first time for the first 50, so she was excited that the end finally made sense. <.g> She was completely horrified, and made sure to tell me so in no uncertain terms, but is also now a Buffy fan. Whoooo! LOL As for me, I LOVED the episode. Those 8 minutes make the episode actually make sense! LOL The dialogue really, really, really needed to be in there. I also finally heard the "curtain closes on a kiss" line which made me smile SO much! Wheeeee! <.g>

Okay, now off to audiogalaxy to find a copy of Lance's solo. <.giggle>

I'm baa-aack! Complete with photos.

I'm baa-aack! <.g> Complete with photos. I finally finished the Lance roll. Sadly, the Lance ones barely came out. "See that grey blob? No, that's the wall. Over...over...yeah! That's Lance." LOL Oh, well. *I* know where he is!

Speaking of Lance......he got a SOLO!!!!!! I watched Friday's CBS concert, and was well rewarded. He had a SOLO!!! Like, his second ever. And it was on one of my long time favorite songs, Lean on Me. Oh, how I love his voice!! And they showed him a lot during the concert, which made me silly-happy. Most notably during Bye Bye Bye when he was the one the camera focused on for the crotch grab. I loved it!! Especially how he quickly looked over his shoulder with this look of, "Oh, my God, did I do that? Was I supposed to do that?" LOL Hey, the little things make me happy, okay? (All right, when I was reading through this to check for typos, I realized that I may want to clarify that I don't think Lance is in any way "little," okay? <.g>)

So, I also got pictures scanned and sized. So here we go. In alphabetical order. <.giggle>
Alice attacking me (Beach house, June)
Me, Aarti, and Kate before we left for Lance (Oct)
Josh doing Bye Bye Bye (Nov)
Josh doing his dance to Green Tambourine (Nov)
Josh sleeping (July)
Kate and Aarti dancing to Pop (Kate's the one wearing the nysnc watch) (Nov)
Liesl (July)
Po and Grammy, me and Grandma Calahan (Easter 1998)
me and Po (St. Paddy's Day 2001)
me and Gen (I'm the one wearing the nysnc watch) (Oct)

There ya go! Like 'em? : )

Okay, time to start putting stuff away. I'll be stepping over Kate's pile o' presents until Tuesday, but I can put away my Christmas videos and books, and put up my (I can't believe I bought this) nysnc poster. <.giggle>

November 21, 2001

Oh, can't believe I forgot!!!

Oh, can't believe I forgot!!! This is THE hottest pic of Amber Benson I have ever seen. Words escape me. *drool* Hot sexy Tara...yum!

And Kate tells me that Joey shaved his head, as seen on TRL yesterday. EEEEK!!! The man has a big, fat head...he needs all that hair. LOL *Justin was the one who was supposed to shave his head, damn it. LOL Oh, well. It may grow on me, right? I'll look for pictures to post later.

I had such a good

I had such a good day yesterday! I was a little worried I wouldn't, because last year yesterday was the day I went on anti-depressants and my granndfather was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, neither of which lent themselves to a stellar day. I was sad for my grandfather, but he's really kinda holding his own these days. Feeding tube, 4000 calories a day, and he's actually up to 118 pounds! Granted, a year ago, he was 270, but this summer he was well past 110. You gotta take what you can. : )

But I decided to try and make yesterday fun for me, and it was! I spent my morning in the kindergarten, which was AWESOME. Oh, I love doing that. Poor mom, every time I come back, she's worried I'm going to change my major. Wish I had the courage to do that, honestly, but I don't. So she has nothing to worry about, really. But Ruth was totally bragging on me to */everyone, it was so funny. she's seen me working with kids for about 4 years now, so she can see how I've grown. And she was so excited that after I finished reading them a book (Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving...everyone with kids MUST read this. It's hysterical!! I almost burst into laughter with the names of the turkeys.), I just asked how much longer we had until the feast and started a new activity on the rug. She was like, "You're a teacher! You've grown into a teacher!" LOL

Then we went to Josh's audiology appt, which was fun! He did an amazing job with all the tests. And yes, I was totally able to understand and translate the results. Wheee!!

Mom and dad went out to dinner, but I caught most of BUffy. It was, to say the least, very disturbing. Very very disturbing. I'll post at Bite Me later. (I'm sneaking this in while they're at the doctor with Josh...this could end at any moment. LOL) I also learned that Josh's TV can kinda get SHowtime...perfect audio, with limited clarity of screen. But I could definitely see what was happening. SO I watched Queer as FOlk. LOL MEl and Linds had just broken up, and Justin was starting the gay/straight student alliance club. Very cool! I wanna SEE that show, damn it!!

Well, better get ready for my day. G-W is so exciting...they keep posting so much! We're up to nearly 300 posts already. I love it. <.g>

November 19, 2001

I'm probably going to send

I'm probably going to send up starting every post from home like this, but...I LOVE my brother!! LOL He cracks me up. Mom and I decided that today, we were going to teach him about music CDs. We've been hesitating because of the confusion we thought he would have since they look just like CD-ROMs, obviously. He did SO well, though!! We started out with Bye Bye Bye, but the minute he realized he could change CDs, he did. LOL Wai-Lana, Madeline, and Elmopalooza were his other ones. So, a few hours later, I was trying to get him to put on Bye Bye Bye again. He shook his head no, and pointed for me to leave. Fine. I did. LOL About 20 minutes later, I leaned over the railing to check on him, and saw that he was putting in nysnc!! He listened to the whole song, dancing away, grinning, and then started rewinding. Mom and I were confused...until he picked up his watch!! He then brought the CD to the chorus, and started the watch so they were singing the same parts at the same time! It was SO awesome!! We're really proud of how well he's been handling it today. : )

Hmmm, what else happened today? I know there were more cute Josh moments, but I'm blanking. <.g> Didn't really do much else...tomorrow I'm going to spend my morning in the kindergarten. Such fun! I'm looking forward to it. Granger-weasley hit 206 members, who have posted 268 times so far this month (a group record!!), whcih makes me very happy...I've never had a list this successful before! Tomorrow's Danielle's 17th birthday, so I have to send her something. I didn't last year.

I think I should probably head to bed soon...early morning with my kidlets for a Thanksgiving feast of crackers and raisins! Wheee!

November 18, 2001

Warning: This keyboard sucks. Josh

Warning: This keyboard sucks. Josh has spilled much into and onto it. Beware. LOL

Home's been okay so far! I love my brother so much. He is So cute! And he's so obssessed with his nysnc watch. <.giggle> He seriously carries it everywhere. He won't leave the house unless he has it with him, and he's constantly playing the song. He also already taught himself how to do the arm movements for Bye BYe Bye...I'm gonna snap a picture of it (8 left on the roll until Lance!) and if it comes out well, post it. <.giggle> He also learned how to press the buttons so he can hear the whole song, and, to my parents' delight, learned how to set the alarm. Which, BTW, plays the whole song through until you turn it off. My parents learned this because Josh has a habit of setting it to, like, 2 or 3 am. And if they don't take the watch away and unset it after he falls asleep, it will end up falling between the wall and bed. Josh sleeps right through the songs. Mom and Dad do not. LOL Tomorrow, we introduce Josh to his first CD...No Strings Attached, of course! Good thing the only song he knows, Bye BYe BYe, is the first one. LOL Oh, cute wallpaper that Kate just sent....Rolling Stone cover shots. I love that cHris was the only one to pick a color (purple, his favorite), and JC actually looks really nice. JOey's just plain adorable. LOL

We're gonna try and see HP tomorrow, instead of MOnsters Inc. Dad doesn't want to see HP, but does want to see MI, so we'll see that Thursday. Mom and I are a bit worried about how JOsh will handle the long, dark movie, but it's worth a shot, I guess. Can't wait to see it again. : )

Kinda watching XF, now. They mentioned Mulder, so at least they aren't completely ignoring his presence! COuld be worse.

November 16, 2001

I saw Harry Potter! I

I saw Harry Potter! I saw Harry Potter!!

I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet...I'm going to give some vague impressions here. I think I'm going to write up a more detailed thing later, maybe after I see it again on Thursday. Then I'll make a page for it, and link it from here. I think that'll work best.

It was *wonderful. They cut things I wanted to see, including my favorite line, and minimized the roles of certain characters I very much wanted to see. It lacked some of the magic of the books, but I didn't expect it to. It couldn't possibly. But I think it came as close as it could. a Ron/Hermione fan, I was really rather ecstatic with certain bits. : ) : ) : ) Bodes very very well for future books, I believe.

OKay, time to finish packing. I just need to collect some tapes and books to bring home, set my VCR to record Xena and Picket Fences, and straighten up my room so it's nice when I come back. We're leaving in 90 minutes, I think I can do that.

but first I need to head to audiogalaxy and download the things Gen is recommending..."Sounds of Spike" and "Willow and Buffy." The first is Spike quotes over a "nifty song" and the second is a reading of a...racy...W/B story. <.giggle>

November 15, 2001

Christians, beware! Harry Potter is

Christians, beware! Harry Potter is encouraging homosexuality and Satanism. Apparently, Flitwick was pairing off Harry and Seamus in more ways than one. Geez, wish I had a school like that. I could use some help.

Done! Sucks and short, but

Done! Sucks and short, but done. Wheeee!!

And yay Leo for FINALLY ditching Laura. Man, she's an obnoxious twit. But I'm not sure I want him with Greenlee, either! LOL I like Jake and Greenlee, damn it. And now that Frankie's on the scene, I want her with Bianca, not Laura anymore. <.g> Such fun.

Quarter of a page, half

Quarter of a page, half a page, full's all the same, right?

Maybe one more paragraph. Jeez, I have NOTHING to say here! LOL

Well, I had my lang

Well, I had my lang dev done by 9:30. I even did the revision for extra credit. EPS, however....I just don't want to write it. I mean, I have opinions on tracking, I know that I do. It seems that the times I have strong opinions are the times that I can't get myself to write. <.g> Plus, I forget what the democratic ideal is. So if/when this does get written, it's probably going to be missing that part of the assignment. LOL UGH! I just need to sit down and write this. Just get it DONE. Right? Urgh.

Man, I am STILL so

Man, I am STILL so tired. At least next week will be good for that. <.giggle> Get to sleep in some days, all that fun stuff.

So, I flaked out yesterday. LOL Well, not entirely...since I had done 75% of the lang dev project before our meeting, we were done by 9:45 and I was able to come back and watch all of Xena with Biz. YAY!!!! It was SUCH a great episode. Lucy Lawless was made for the 1940s look. And my Oxygen comments told me the episodes that they were flashing back to, which came greatly in handy. <.giggle> But yeah...outside of that, did nothing. So this morning, I need to write a paragraph or so on tracking, and a little paragraph analyzing the little's girls morphemes and MLUs for the project. Shouldn't take too long, really. I hope not, anyway!! LOL

Gosh, I can't believe the HP movie is already coming out tomorrow. I've been waiting for SO LONG. Back in May, I thought November was so far away. In some cases, I still wish November was far away. LOL But geez, I hope the movie lives up to the hype. I've only heard great things from friends who already saw it, and I love the clips I've seen. So it *should be good. But there's always that chance. LOL

November 14, 2001

Kate posted a nifty quiz....Which

Kate posted a nifty quiz....Which Sesame Street character are you?. This is me:

You are ELMO. You are cute, and everyone loves you. You are a best friend that no one takes the chance of losing. You never hurt feelings and seldom have your own feelings hurt. Life is a breeze. You are witty and calm most of the time. Just keep clear of backstabbers, and you are worry free.

Hmmm. LOL I'm not sure how true that is. I'd LIKE it to be true, how's that? LOL I was one point away from Zoe, who I think is more like me. Go take the test and see who you are!

Okay, so the test could

Okay, so the test could have gone better. <.g> I knew a lot, but the test didn't quite ask me about what I knew. LOL I think I knew many things, though, and might have gotten a C. Wheee!

Watching the HP Rosie with's so fun! Poor Daniel got pretty scared by Rosie's exuberance, but Emma and Rupert were adorable. At one point, Rosie asked Emma if it was true if she had plyayed jokes on the boys on set. She turned to Rupert, who was next to her, and he leaned far away, crying, "I didn't say anything! I didn't say anything!" LOL!! Cracked me up!!

Okay, must write a page on tracking today, and get started on morphemes for lang dev. Wheee.

OH!!!!! Casey had the chance

OH!!!!! Casey had the chance to be on Conan O'Brien's show, but turned the position down to work on the tiny sports show with Dan five years ago. And that was what really was the beginning of the end for Casey and his wife Lisa. Casey put Dan before everyone! How sweet!

Isaac is likening Dan and Casey's relationship to his own marriage to his wife. <.g> Very cool.

40 minutes until I have to leave....ack....

Awwwww, it's Dan and Casey's

Awwwww, it's Dan and Casey's anniversary, but Casey didn't remember, even though it was one of Dan's most important days. Dan's very sad. Oh, awww, Dan remembers what Casey was wearing, even. LOL

Casey: When we were in Minneapolis, did we do anything untoward?
Dan: Do you mean, did we get married?
Casey: Yeah.
Dan: Then no.
Oooh, wonder what they did that *was untoward that didn't involve marriage. <.giggle> I do love them. They are so slashy. Even the show admits it every now and again. ("You sang Happy Birthday to your partner on air, Dan. Some people find that vaguely gay, but I think it's sweet.")

I really am studying, though. Just with Sports Night on. I think I'm doing good. I hope I'm doing good. <.sigh> Only an hour before I have to leave. Eeek! I wanna do well, I wanna do well...

Oh! Forgot to mention -

Oh! Forgot to mention - we got our HP tickets!!!! 12:30 showing. I am SOOOO excited! Not only have I been waiting all these months to see it, but this will be the first time that I get to see a movie on opening day. Wheeee!

Oh, and Xena rocked last night. I love Christmas (Solstice <.g>) episodes! Sinteclese making toys. <.giggle> I can't wait for tonight's! Yay!!

Okay, g-w topic posted (I know you'll love it, Miggie. <.g>), time to get going. Oh, I don't wanna study. <.sigh> Bad test, bad test, bad test. <.sigh>

I'm sure Kate will find

I'm sure Kate will find picture to upload, but yes, Miggie, JC was wearing tight red leatherish pants with a very clingy and tight black shirt. <.g> See, he was standing next to Lance (who was in black leather pants, black jacket and sparkly silver shirt), so I wasn't paying *that much attention to him. <.g> Sorry. Joey's hair looked nice, though, and Chris is a cutie pie.

I'm so worried about my test today. <.whimper> Although I had thought I didn't know things and then started listing it all out to poor Kate while we were working out this morning. So obviously some things sunk in, huh? <.g> Sorry, Kate. LOL I just hope a lot sunk in. When Kate's out of the bathroom, I'll take a fast shower and start studying. <.sigh> So nervous....

November 13, 2001

You know, classes can really

You know, classes can really put a cramp in my schedule. ; ) Ah, well. I did my lab, now I'm watching Christmas in Connecticut on TCM - first Christmas movie I've seen this season. AHHH! LOL But I'm leaving in ten minutes for my lab. But hey, it's only 25 minutes today, so I'll live. <.g>

I came in at a GREAT time for Xena!! They air it three times a day - 10am, 5pm and 10pm. And tonight's 10pm is A Solstice Carol, which is obviously their Christmas ep. <.giggle> Tomorrow is Xena Scrolls, which I am SOOOO excited about. Biz is gonna dig up her tape so we can watch together! It's set in the 1940s, with the descendents of Xena, Gabrielle and Joxer reading the ancient scrolls. How perfectly me is that? LOL

But first, I will do some major studying. And watching of nsync on Michael Jackson's special. ; ) But much studying.

LOL! I just watched Rupert

LOL! I just watched Rupert and Emma on the Today Show....they are so cute! I don't think Rupert was quite awake. In the teaser, Emma was smiling brightly and Rupert just looked dazed. Katie encouraged him to smile, and it took a few seconds before the words reached his brain. LOL Poor kid. <.g> Anyway, they were so fun and cute, and I can't WAIT to see the movie!!

Ooooh, Marlee Matlin on Picket Fences! Laurie, the Dancing Bandit. I love her so much.

Okay, class at 1. Must do the lab this morning. But lab is only 25 minutes today. Wheee! Then back here to study and watch TRL for Dan, then set it to record while I go to Lang Dev. But first, shower time so I can watch Jon Stewart....I love his views on the newspeople yesterday who kept trying to convince us that it was an act of terrorism. ::shakes head::

November 12, 2001

Reblogger hasn't been working, so

Reblogger hasn't been working, so Kate and I switched to Blog Back. I'm still working on the customizations. <.giggle> But meanwhile, leave me comments!!! LOL

LOL!! Sean Biggerstaff plays Oliver

LOL!! Sean Biggerstaff plays Oliver Wood in the HP movies....he's SO cute. And, to my great relief, legal. Barely. But he's 18, so that makes him fair game. <.g> Anyway, this is from an interview:

16: Anything you'd like the readers to know?
Sean: I've got dashing good looks and I'm single!

LOL!! How fun is that? <.g>

I so suck at studying.

I so suck at studying. I can never concentrate when I don't have something concrete to do. Probably because I never *had to study before college, really. I still don't have to study very often, to be honest. I just read over notes a few times and head out. 95% of the time, that means I get a B, and I go on my merry way. Works less well when it comes to these science based classes in my major, though, but I still don't study. I don't think I even really know how. Anyone have pointers? I want to do well in my classes, I really do. I just have to make myself work at it, something I'm less prone to do.

Like now. I have my notes spread across my bed, but what am I doing? Watching Xena. I love Xena. It's on Oxygen now, and that channel has this black strip across the bottom, like widescreen only just at the bottom. They put these fun comments in there throughout the show. (Gabrielle wakes up Xena): "Don't you wish you're hair looked that neat when you woke up?" (Xena wakes up from a dream within a dream within a dream): "Is this one for real?...Looks like it." (Gabrielle comes up behind Xena to hug her): "Aww, that's so cute." LOL It's so much fun. Hmmm. Anyone wanna rec some good Xena/Gabrielle slash? Or Joxer stories? He's rather cute. Looks kinda like Josh Charles, I think.

Okay, I think I'm actually going to go away from the computer and study now. With Xena on, natch. Baby steps. <.g> But if I study until 6:30 or maybe 7, I can have dinner then. That's good insentive!

At 8:30, I turned on

At 8:30, I turned on NBC to see if Katie was interviewing Dan Radcliffe yet. I saw a lovely sunrise shot of Queens, NY and assumed that they were showing us a shot of New York as they headed into a new segment. So I turned it off, got my tape ready for today. I turned it back on 15 minutes later to see if he was on yet, and saw the same picture of Queens. This time I noticed the smoke. My stomach dropped when I saw "all New York airports closed" written beneath it. All I could think was, "Oh, God, not again." That's not supposed to be my first thought. All these people died, the crash was in a residential area near people that I know...these are horrific things on their own. I should be upset for them. I shouldn't be terrified that people are trying to hurt my country again, that there's an even greater bad thing happening than the loss of these people.

New York City has been closed down once again, just like it was two months ago yesterday. I have to go check on my New York friends...Lydia has been very nervous about everything since the attacks, and she lives on Long Island. She must be hysterical by now.

Whooo! I got a very

Whooo! I got a very solid B on my Stats test. Now that I know that, coud I go back to bed? *eyes bed speculatively* Hmmm. <.g>

Okay, NONE of my shows are on today! TNN is airing an infomercial and Hallmark is showing Bewitched. GRRRRRRRRRR. How annoying indeed.

XF premiere was last night. It wasn't the show that I loved. I very much like Reyes, however, and Doggett and Skinner remain adorable. But Chris Carter did NOT have to make Mulder leave. Especially not 48 hours after he and Scully kissed while holding their baby together. I also don't like that William isn't normal. William should be 100% normal, none of this making the mobile spin while screaming with eerie music playing. I hate that. I don't understand why Mulder couldn't have just stayed home to take care of the baby, and we just didn't see it. <.sigh> How hard is that? Get his stunt double to do a few scenes from the back, you know? Very disappointing. I stand by my decision to not tape, and I can't guarantee that I'll watch every episode. I truly wish that Gillian's contract was over, and she and Mulder could have left together. Then I could enjoy this season more.

Today, I really MUST study for audiology. I reviewed my four pages of notes yesterday before curling up for a two hour nap. Really felt icky - I even kinda dropped off during XF last night. Whoops. So, yes, study. And Kate and I should probably be doing something about having a place to live next year. <.g> So those are my goals.

Ooh, Picket Fences is on now. Wheee! Let's see if I can figure out what episode it is...ooh, there's the stupid therapist dude. Yech. Didn't like him.

November 11, 2001

This is hysterical....I'm watching Katie

This is hysterical....I'm watching Katie Couric's Harry Potter special. She's going around King's Crossing train station and asking random people there how to get to Platform 9 3/4s. <.giggle> I am SO excited about this! She was the only reporter to go behind the scenes, and the only person able to bring a camera with.

Ooooh, Jo Rowling wrote a special bit for the movie, dealing with Harry's past. Wheee!

Wow, HP is really starting

Wow, HP is really starting to get promoted in America now! Daniel Radcliffe will be on David Letterman Monday and TRL on Tuesday, while Emma Watson and Rupert Grint (they're being promoted together! ; )) are on the Today show. LOL Should be pretty fun.

I started working on a holiday design for over here last night. LOL I just have one question - can anyone teach me how to put a box around tables? Like the sidebar and main table, specifically? That would help greatly. <.g> I'm kinda excited - I didn't do a holiday design over here last year, even though I started blogging in December. Oh, but I realized that it would be hard to use last years c-r design again, even though I actually still have it saved, since I dropped AH from the main page and added in HP. Hmmmm. But maybe I can ignore that for a few weeks. LOL We'll see how my schedule goes, I guess!

November 10, 2001

Okay, posted my extremely detailed

Okay, posted my extremely detailed and longwinded thoughts about Once More With Feeling over at Bite me. Enjoy! LOL

Even knowing that things were

Even knowing that things were cut, it was a fabulous episode. I'm rewinding to watch again. LOL Xander and Anya are still my favorite - I loved his Cary Grant vibe. <.giggle> Spike was amazing, the kiss was great, and it adds SO much to Tara's song to see her singing it. And the end, that was way more suggestive than even the lyrics. I LOVED it! LOL Made me smile so big. The whole episode did, really. Did make me sad that one of my favorite lines got cut, though...Xander asking if this meant he had to go be the queen, and the demon saying it was tempting but no. That totally should have stayed in. But I'm glad Tara's "I'm cured! I want the boys!" got to stay in, because that made me laugh so hard, as did Xander and Anya trying to complain to Giles about their song. <.giggle> Thank God for Jennie!!!

Off to watch again now. <.giggle>

Fuck UPN. They're punishing me

Fuck UPN. They're punishing me for getting a higher education, not showing me the full Buffy musical. <.pout> This is blatant discrimination. Thank God for Jennie copying her original one.

Oh, my goodness....I just realized.

Oh, my goodness....I just realized. I can put up my holiday design soon!! Not here, probably, unless I find a super cute and sweet template, but definitely at chasing-rainbows. Hmmmm....what to do this year? I really liked last years, and Krissy always does better than I can. So maybe I'll just reuse that. Especially since I just had an idea for a cute candy cane design here. <.giggle> Oh, well. ONE of my sites will look Christmassy soon enough. : )

I DID it!!! I finished

I DID it!!! I finished that godawful form for Jill. Only took me about 3 hours. But now I've GOT to get up and away from my computer. LOL I'm dizzy for staring at the black on white for so long, and my shoulders ache from hunching over trying to type everything and figure out how to make the spaces look prettier. <.g>

LOL!! I'm listening to the

LOL!! I'm listening to the Who's on First routine. It's cracking me up. <.g>

Oooh, an Angelina Jolie movie is on next...True Women? I think Annabeth Gish is in it too. I can't believe XF is premeiring tomorrow. And that I won't even be taping it! It just isn't going to be the same. But maybe it'll still be a good show.

So, what have I done today? Talked with Jennie and Carol. Did stats. Vacuumed. Ate lunch. Now I just have to finish cleaning, start studying, and work on Jill's form. And count down until Buffy! 6 hours and 18 minutes, by my clock. LOL

This is an amazing Anya

This is an amazing Anya POV story about Joyce's wake. It's so perfect. I think it's heading into that little place in my mind of "this is canon, we just didn't see it."

I watched Blue's Clues this

I watched Blue's Clues this morning. <.giggle> Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper had a new baby boy that his big sister, Paprika, got to name. His name? Cinnamon. <.g> I do like that show. Plus, it was good that I watched - mom, Erin and I decided that we're going to drop Josh's signs. He does such approximations, and makes up others, and no one outside of his family and friends knows what he's saying! So we're going to go with universal gestures. And if you've ever seen Blue's Clues, you know that Steve is all about gestures. <.g> Some are signs, but most aren't. So I'm going to tell mom to watch a few episodes and make notes of what Steve does. I think it'll help!

So, what do I have to do today? Clean a little bit, work on Jill's stupid INAAC form, do at least my Stats lab, and start studying for Audiology. Pretty manageable. If I clean and do the lab this morning, it'll be even more manageable.

November 09, 2001

Okay, great. So I kept

Okay, great. So I kept reading Dancing Lessons. I knew it wasn't smart, but I did anyway, because I was hooked. Now it's not done, I'm left hanging, and really depressed and upset. Stupid story. It's like Ebony's Ron/Hermione story Lost in Paradise, or whatever it's called. Brilliant story, engages you immediately, but leaves me highly depressed. I never finished that one. I think I might finish this one, though. There's a chance I might like the ending. I have to like the ending. Please let them write an okay ending...

AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! This is what Joss

AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! This is what Joss said was cut to make the episode fit into an hour, what I fear I'm seeing tomorrow:

The short version will air I think a week from fri -- it was hell to do, but we pulled out "If Were together" entirely, plus a verse from spike and a verse from "Walk through the fire". Plus a messload of dialogue, the overture and Dawn's Ballet. All gone. So tonight -- and the inevitable if very far off DVD are the real versions of the show. The rerun is kind of like highlights.
Hopefully it still plays as a dramatic piece though, not a hodgepodge

Which is the "If We're Together"?? Is that the part of what can't we defeat, at the beginning, after the theories? They can't cut that! That's vital! And how could they cut any of Spike?? And the Ballet?? I wanted to see that!! I don't want HIGHLIGHTS, I want my damn episode! Who taped it? Anyone? LOL

Okay, this freaking SUCKS. I've

Okay, this freaking SUCKS. I've been reading the Spike/Buffy story Dancing Lessons for the past few days. The first story is 15 parts, the second is a series, 15 episodes. I freaked at the end of the first story, but continued on in case they fixed what I felt was a grievous error. No. But it was okay, because it led to some really fascinating things. Now this, though. THIS is it. This may be the end of the freaking line. I do not LIKE this story any more. At ALL. This is the second time they did this, and I don't know how much more I can take! ARGH!

Oh, forgot the other way

Oh, forgot the other way cool thing that mom and I talked about. Josh's annual audiology appointment is November 20, while I'm home. He's gone to see the same ones for many years now. And mom's going to ask Maureen if I can be in the booth with her while she gives the test! In my audiology class this sem, I learned how to give all the tests, plus read the results and graphs. Now I'll be able to put what I learned to work! I'm really excited about that. <.g>

It's so COLD! LOL Sarah and Tony finally left, so I went downstairs for dinner. Wanted something warm, ending up making my mexican munch ole. Going through recipe books while it heated up, I came up with a new ingredient - worchesire sauce. It made it very very yummy. <.g>

Watching ER now, since I was at my test. It's pretty good. I like Corday's mystery, I wish Roger and Peter would just move in together and share Reese, I want Kerry to come back soon - why don't they even mention her when she's away?, and Grace and Carter werre very interesting. Can't wait to see Susan and Carter.

My brother is SO cute.

My brother is SO cute. LOL Mom just called, and we had a super fun conversation. His new SLP started today, and mom was demonstrating for her what Josh can do. One of their speech things is show and tell - Josh picks an item and answers questions about it. What did he choose today? His nsync watch!!! He's so adorable, I swear. Erin's first question was, "What is that?" and he said NSYNC. Okay, granted, mom had to later pronounciation exception it, but he's obviously been paying attention to the watch if he knew how to spell that. LOL The he said NSYNC WATCH DANCE. <.g> He was trying to tell Erin about how the guys dance on the watch face. LOL I so have to teach him how to do the Bye Bye Bye dance. Not the jumping parts - his right knee is getting very bad now. Like surgery in March bad. So even though I know he'd love to jump like them, he'll have to be content with waving his arms. I know he'll love that too, though. <.g> He's such a cutie pie.

Mom and I also watched the end of GH together. At the end, we realized that Luke and Laura need to get back together. So, we decided Scotty should end up with Bobbie again, and Felicia should be with Jax. I think that could be fun! It was her idea, and it made me giggle since I wrote a GH story with Jax and Felicia's sister. LOL But I'd like to see them - see him with the girls, and see how Mac responds to Jax being with his family. Definitely some interesting tensions possible.

I just had the most

I just had the most lovely lunch! I made a grilled cheese sandwich (with a pickle, of course), some potato soup, and my special hot chocolate recipe. All on the stove, and I burned nothing. LOL Then I dragged my CD player to the top of the stairs and (silly me!) put on a Christmas CD. <.giggle> Then I curled up at the kitchen table with my copy of Gone with the Wind, ate my lunch, drank my cocoa from my Harry Potter mug and listened to Christmas songs. Makes me so happy!! No one else is here, and it felt so good to be alone and doing something special to make myself happy. I never have the time to cook for myself, or eat lesiurely, and I really loved doing it today. So I'm a happy Rina!

Kate and Aarti are leaving

Kate and Aarti are leaving in a few minutes. : ( Kate's going home and taking Aarti with her. That makes me sad - I'll be here alone with Sarah only this weekend!! Eeeek!! Maybe I'll track Damien down and force him to come over and watch Buffy with me on Saturday. He's only seen a few episodes this season, but this is a don't miss, don't you think?

MYV is doing brand new Pop songs now - On the Line was on when I woke up this morning, and O-Town is on now. I don't exactly mind their song. LOL I'm keeping it on in hopes that the Buffy video will be considered pop music.

HEY!!! one week until Harry Potter!!

Blurgh!!! I woke up at

Blurgh!!! I woke up at 6:30 today and went downstairs. Kate decided to learn Pop. LOL I think that should be our Friday treat. <.g> But I learned the first 30 seconds, and now I'm hot and kinda awake. Well, I suppose if I got back into bed, I wouldn't be so awake, so maybe that's what I should do? Yeah, I think so.

Wonder if I'll get out for class?

November 08, 2001

Woo-hoo!!!! Kate figured out how

Woo-hoo!!!! Kate figured out how to link to pictures she uploaded, and how to link to a previous message! <.g> I'm so proud. LOL And the pictures are really awesome, too, if only a little big. <.giggle>

Stats test went AWESOMELY!!! WHOOOOO!!!! I'm so excited. I knew so much! I don't think I did as well as the previous two, but I bet I got a B. I just crammed the formulas into my short term memory, and scribbled them on the exam the moment I got it. I missed one, the SE of averages, but that was only about 5 points. <.g> So I'm feeling totally positive right now. The quiz went way less well, but even though I flubbed half of the written and all of the trachea, I got nearly all of the skull labels right. So that should balance somehow. LOL

MA and I were supposed to play Literati, but she got tired. So I recruited Kate, who's having major Yahoo issues. So I guess I'll try and find someone else. Anyone up for a game?!

I hate formulas. I don't

I hate formulas. I don't know these. ARGH! Okay. Let's see what I can remember.

SEsum=Sq. root n (SD)
SE%=SD/sq.root nx100%

Well, it's not much. But that should get me through a few scary problems. I wish I knew more. I know I can do normal approximations. I can do some box things, and averages. Sampling, too. Possibly even confidence intervals (95% is 2 SEs). Maybe I can do this. I can sure as hell give it my best shot, anyway.

I think I know less

I think I know less now than when I started to study. Oh, my God, I am SO going to fail. I've been so busy with the lab stuff, I haven't even started stats yet, so I'll no doubt fail that, too. I just want this week to be over.

I had such a lovely

I had such a lovely nap!! but when I woke up it was cold and rainy, and I didn't want to go to class. LOL But it's good that I did, 'cause I got two essays back, and both were 10/10. So yay!

Off to study, I suppose. Stupid yucky icky lab quiz.

I think TNN is jumping

I think TNN is jumping around with Picket Fences. It's always hard to tell, unless I get a look at Jimmy and Jill's boys. LOL But I know this is a season premiere, or very early in the season, because Max is in therapy for intimacy issues, and she's about to start sleeping with her therapist and become a nymphomaniac. And I think this leads to some really great Max/Kenny scenes. This show is SO bizarre, but I love it!

Okay. Here's my plan for

Okay. Here's my plan for the day.

Class at 10, do the in class assignment for homework credit. Come back, nap from 11-12. Eat lunch. Go to discussion, hand in sad little essays. Come back, study for the quiz from 2:30-4:30, study for Stats from 4:30-5:30. Go to lab, take the quiz. Come back, study for stats from 7:30-8:30. Go take stats test. Come back and go to sleep.

So it won't be the funnest day ever. <.g> But it'll be manageable! And that counts for something. Plus, it started out pretty well. Granted, I'm exhausted right now, but O-town helped Carson host TRL today, and they seemed like relatively sane people, which was fun. And then, I came upstairs, turned on Arthur, and it was one of my absolute favorites - Ballad of Buster Baxter!!! Art Garfunkel as the singing narrator to the story. "He's a sad, sad bunny! A sad, sad bunny!" "Hey, that's not sounding like a sad song." (somberly)"He's a sad, sad bunny. A sad, sad, sad, sad bunny." Besides, I only have one class tomorrow. Wheeee! So, yeah, it'll be something like waking up at 6:30, working out, going back to bed until 9:30, and heading to class. LOL

Time to get ready and face this oh, so fun day.

November 07, 2001

Kate is learning the dance

Kate is learning the dance routine to Pop. <.giggle> She just demonstrated how much she knows - which is a lot, no matter what she says. LOL I think it would be fun to learn, but I'm probably better off watching her and Aarti and giggling. I have NO sense of rhythm, and dancing has always been pretty far beyond me. Maybe I'll learn the routine to "God Must Have Spent" instead. ; ) (It was "choreographed" with the little fan in mind. I think it consists of pointing and stretching. LOL!)

Time for bed! Time for bed! Screw tests and quizzes, sleep deprivation will do me no good.

Finished typing one EPS, can't

Finished typing one EPS, can't bring myself to type the other just yet. LOL I'm so bad. I'm trying to figure out if I can miss Lang Dev tomorrow - I adore the class, and we're getting our tests back, and an assignment, but I have to find SOME time to study for the quiz and stats test tomorrow night. I was completely sure I knew NOTHING about this stats unit, but apparently some sunk in, as there were several I was able to answer correctly on the practice exam. But I still need to review. And while I know facial bones fairly well, it's pretty damn obvious after today's exam that I don't know the muscles from labs 8 and 9, which are also on the quiz. So. Yeah, needing to study pretty damn badly. If I missed that class, then I could study from 2-5:30, which is a nice amount of time, plus then having the time after the quiz, from about 7:15-8:20, to study more for stats. All that studying time sounds so lovely.

And now that I've finished slurping down my Code Red Mountain Dew, I am ready to ignore everthing I've written in this sad little essay and type it up anyway.

Whooo! After about seven hours,

Whooo! After about seven hours, the internet FINALLY came back.

The exam SUCKED. It was horrible, awful, unbelievably icky. I swear to God, I heard people behind me almost whimpering. There were things I very clearly and definitely knew, but those weren't nearly as often as I'd have liked. See, I knew concepts and facts very well. I know less about the body, and he asked a lot of questions about muscles. <.sigh> But it's done, I guess.

I've been super unproductive all day. I totally crashed after the test - I was sleepy, hungry, restless, bored, it was no fun. Finally, at 6, I went downstairs and made myself dinner - chicken nuggets and stuffed potato skin bits - and brought my EPS paper down with me. I actually wrote it! I guess being out of my room helped a lot.

So I have to type them up, watch WW, review some Stats and go over quiz stuff again. I'm hoping for a slightly early bedtime tonight - maybe 11? That'd be super nice.

PJ O'Rourke is on the

PJ O'Rourke is on the Daily Show - I LIKE him!!! I must buy his books.

I've been studying for over and hour now. I definitely know some things. I know that much. <.g> I'm afraid that I'm not studying everything, though. I'm not always entirely sure about origins and insertions of muscles, but I have a pretty good idea of where nearly all of them are, and that's supposed to help a great deal. It better. LOL Otherwise, all I got going for me is drinking my morning pink lemonade out of a Ravenclaw cup to get some Ravenclaw brains, and hoping sleeping with my notes under my pillow helped osmosis do it's trick.

I don't know. I'm feeling a little better about the exam. Although that could be resignation settling in. <.g> I don't know. I'm not entirely sure I know anything, or nothing. I guess I'll just keep plugging away. Send happy, lucky, knowledgeable thoughts my way, please!

Went to bed at midnight

Went to bed at midnight again, which I think is pretty damn good. But nysnc was supposed to be on Clueless this morning at 6:30, which Kate and I were going to work out to, but even though TV Guide channel told us it was on, WB doesn't seem to start their programming until 7. Grrrrrrr!! I mean, I would have taken the extra hour or two of sleep if I had known they wouldn't be on. <.g> Oh, well, I guess. I worked out and that can't be all bad. <.g>

Yeesh, I'm terrified about this test. <.sigh> After Arthur, I'll take a shower and start studying some more, I guess. I really want it to be over at this point. I also really want to do well, but I don't know if that's possible at this point.

November 06, 2001

Okay, let's work on some

Okay, let's work on some anatomy and physiology, shall we? If I have to do this, so do you.

I know about the lungs. Spongy, porous, R 3 lobes and L 2 lobes (because the heart fits in there). Pleury encases each lung, the fluid makes the friction less. The sac has two parts - outer is costal and lines the thoracic cavity, inner is pulmonary and surrounds the lungs specifically.

Framework for respiration - spinal column (7 C, 12 T, 5 L, 1 Coccyx), rib cage (12 ribs, 1-7 are true and connect to sternum, 8-12 are false and attach up to #7, 12 is floating and only attaches to spine), pectoral girdle (clavicle and scapula), pelvic girdle (iliac crest, pubic crest).

Two muscles on the back are possibly for inspiration - trapezious (upper back) and latismus dorsi (below that).

Exhalation is passive, needs gravity and elasticity. 4 ab muscles contract and lower the rib cage and compress the ab walls. aporneurosis (broad sheath), external obliques (most exterior of them all, corses medially), internal obliques (perpindicular to externals, course laterally), transverse abdominus (deepest, runs horizontally around).

TLC = maximun air lungs can hold (total lung capacity)
REL = reach this when done exhaling out - still lots of air left (resting expiratory level)
FRC = doesn't change in a person at any time, stays constant (functional residual capacity)

Take a deep breath to get a louder voice. Vital capacity sharply peaks, as resut of lung pressure. We take 6.3 million breaths a year - don't want it to be taxing.

A male's vocal folds are 29 mm, a woman's are 21. A man's vibrates 120 Hz/sec, while a woman's is about 220, and a child's is approximately 300. Lance's are actually bigger than normal and vibrate slower. Hence his very big adam's apple and deep voice.

Glottis is between the vocal folds. It's about 8 mm long in a man, 6-7 in a woman. Supraglottis is the airway above it, subglottis below. There are false vocal folds above the true ones, they even have the same places of origin and insertion, but they don't actually do much in the way of speaking.

There are many muscles in the larynx. They scare me. Greatly. In fact, most of the muscles do. I better go review them. I might post them in the morning for us all to delight in. Don't you love me?

So I cleaned my room,

So I cleaned my room, ate dinner, and called mom. Made things much better. Mom called back around 7:50 or so, to tell me that she was really enjoying the episode, and had I seen it before? I explained how NO, this was a new episode, and she said she was sorry she didn't know that, or she would have called at 7 and propped the phone up against the TV for me to listen. <.g> So we stayed on the phone until ten after 8, with the phone close to the TV speakers and her describing what was happening. OH MY GOD!!!!!!! I seriously canNOT believe it. I had thought the music swelling in the finale song was romantic, but oh my GOD I had NO idea!!!!!!!! So happy happy excited! I bounced for a long time.

Which was bad, because Lauren and I were trying to study. <.g> I am so terrified about this test. I know some things now, more than I did. I really need to know more though. So I'm going to head off to study and try NOT to fall asleep. Wish me luck.

From the two K's, Are

From the two K's, Are You a Blogaholic?

I got a 60/100:
You are a dedicated weblogger. You post frequently because you enjoy weblogging a lot, yet you still manage to have a social life. You're the best kind of weblogger. Way to go!

Well, I post frequently, and enjoy blogging, but that social life? Hmmm. Working on it. <.g>

LOL!!! Biz posted the neatest

LOL!!! Biz posted the neatest thing she wrote today - if today's media was reporting World War II. It's funny, but it's also very true, which is rather sad. I guess that's the problem with 24 hours news channels.

I remember this Picket Fences

I remember this Picket Fences episode!!!!! Where Max tries to adopt baby Cara, who she helped deliver, when Cara's mom goes on the run. Fabulous episode - I remember being so sad that my tape chopped off the end. This was when I was first learning to program my VCR, for this show and SeaQuest. <.giggle> Oh, geez!!! They put a pig's liver in Della Reese! I remembered that suddenly, right before Jill announced it. Man, I love this show. I'm so excited it's on when I can watch it - I can't wait to see the Thanksgiving episode where Max and Kenny almost kissed, and the later seasons when Max was a nymphomaniac and then when they got together and got married. This was such a fun, fun show. <.g>

So sleepy. LOL Well, I

So sleepy. LOL Well, I said I would go to bed by midnight, and I did. Turned off the light at 11:57. LOL I did all of the FAFSA that I could, I need to ask my mom for tax information and that's it. So that's good. And I'm calling work-places after EPS today. So really, I could probably lay down and doze for an hour or so. <.giggle> Probably won't, though. Shower, eat, watch Picket Fences (no Avonlea until next week) and study is probably my plan. Although since studying happens on my bed, perhaps I should set my alarm just in case...

November 05, 2001

I'm so TIRED!!!! ARGH! I'd

I'm so TIRED!!!! ARGH! I'd give anything to go to bed now. I pretty much finished the essay - I can finish it as I type it up on Wednesday afternoon. I did some studying, plus Lauren is coming over tomorrow night to study with me. That'll do us both a world of good.

Tomorrow morning, I'm going to work out again. Despite the fact that I've been in pain for about two hours now. <.g> That was obnoxious, it just springing up on me! But after that's done, I'll work some more on FAFSA and take a shower. Go to EPS, come back and call the law firm and where I think Aunt Chrisane works. Go to lab, come back and copy my stats notes from the web. Go to Lang Dev, come back and study for 375 alone and then with Lauren. Go to bed at a decent hour, wake up and start all over again.

I just have to get through this week - I only have one test to study for next week. I can do this. Really.

Well, I studied some. Writing

Well, I studied some. Writing EPS now, although you can't really tell that. Hopefully I'll be done with this by 8, and can do FAFSA during Angel. I didn't call the law firm, so I'll do that after EPS tomorrow morning at 11, plus I'll try and call Aunt Chrisane to see if her department here needs a new employee.

Oh, but I love very nice people who uploaded all 11 songs from tomorrow's Buffy. <.g> Amazing. James Marsters has the most amazingly sexy voice I've ever heard - blows Lance out of the water. LOL Amber Benson has an amazing voice, and her duet with Tony Head is incredible. Nick Brendon isn't very good, but that's okay, because his and Emma Caulfield's song is still sweet and happy. Very 1930s - can't wait to see them dancing! So out of the 68 minute episode, I'm only missing the 13 minutes of dialogue. Sweet. <.g>

My Physiology teacher SUCKS. The

My Physiology teacher SUCKS. The test is Wednesday, right? He asks quickly if we have any questions, and then didn't let us ask questions! A few people called his attention to the fact that they had their hands raised, and he let them ask their questions. And then basically dismissed them, and refused to answer anything because "he didn't want to rehash what we'd already gone over." HellO!!!!!! What else is a review?! UGH. I swear, he doesn't want us to pass.

My to-do list today: Study 375, write an EPS, start filling out FAFSA, and call about at least one job.

<.whimper> Help.

Okay, I'm kinda really sleepy.

Okay, I'm kinda really sleepy. LOL Went to bed at 1:30, woke up at 6:30 to work out with Kate. ::glares towards Kate:: Owie. <.g> Oh, well. Lance popped up on my watch to keep me company, and the moment I finished with the weights, Gone came on MTV as a reward. <.giggle>

ACK! Avonlea's not on! I have to find out if this is a new scheduling thing, or a one time thing. I'd be sad if I didn't have Avonlea to wake up to every morning. : (

I'm quite sure I had something to say. But I'm even more sure that I'm very, very hungry and must go eat. So maybe I'll remember later. LOL

November 04, 2001

Well, I HAD been kicking

Well, I HAD been kicking ass. Then MA caught up, and then she scored a 40 point word with Warren. Amazing.

OKay, well, I tried to

OKay, well, I tried to study. LOL I got through all my notes at least once, some twice, and I was able to teach some concepts to Aarti. I think that's pretty good. I'm a little freaked that the test is Wednesday, though. <.whimper> But I will keep plugging away, and I will get a B, damn it. I will.

So what did I do when not studying? Went to Steak and Shake with Kate for dinner - we both decided we had a craving during Buffy. <.g> Came back and watched Toy Story 2. Watching Uprising, intermixed with some Emmys. We only saw a handful of awards, but only two winners where there to accept, which was so odd to watch. But YAY West Wing!!!! Didn't see if any of the actors won, but I saw that award. Helped Kate add things to her sidebar and post a picture in her post. I also came up with a new design for here, and a new one for her blog, for when we get our own domain name. Hers combines Mickey Mouse with JC, and will probably take way more effort than I think it will. <.giggle> Mine will, too, but at least I know how to do it. For the most part. <.g>

Damn! Playing Literati with MA. First time I'm really not trying, just playing to play, and I'm kicking ass. I don't get it! LOL Oh, well.

I'm super tired. Kinda silly to play with MA this late, but we always have such a good time. And Kate's waking me up at 6:30 to work out with her and Aarti. We'll see if that actually happens. <.giggle>

So, went to check out

So, went to check out the place. It was REALLY nice. Only problem is that it was way farther than we had thought - three blocks away from the campus. Other than that, though, it was perfect. And yet, back to the drawing board.

Had a lovely conversation with my parents today. Daddy was in a good mood, and we had fun chatting together. Then, Kate and I decided we were hungry, so we headed to the kitchen. I took out my Messipes cookbook (microwave recipes for children), and started going through it. We ended up making baked apples - core and peel the apples, stuff the center with butter and brown sugar, top with cinnamon and microwave for 2.5 minutes. That's it! It was SO yummy. I think I'll make it again this week, only use it to top my waffles. And I was thinking I could make apple pancakes for my family on Thanksgiving. That would be SO fun.

Have I mentioned that I REALLY don't want to study? ARGH! I got nothing done today, I swear. I feel bad. I guess I did too much yesterday. <.giggle>

OOOH! 15 minutes to Band Candy! Maybe I'll bring my stuff into Kate's room and make her watch it while we study. <.g>

I'm bored. Hate studying. Doing

I'm bored. Hate studying. Doing it, but hating it. Anyone wanna give me their phone number and let me call them? I have oodles upon oodles (3000) weekend minutes that I never use. C'mon, help me use them!! I'd call my Jennie-girl, but she's sick, and should be sleeping, and I don't know anyone else's! (Well, except Kate, but it's kinda silly to call my own home when I could just go downstairs to talk to her. <.giggle>) I have that nifty program where a long distance call doesn't count as anything but a regular call, so that doesn't matter a whit. <.g> Please, help a bored college student in need...

From May, what Buffy characters

From May, what Buffy characters are you most like? My top five are Willow, Dawn, Buffy, Oz, and Tara. LOL That sounds about right! Got the bookiness, the music, the quietness...the brattiness? LOL Oh, well, still sounds good to me.

Does anyone else have a

Does anyone else have a bizarrely structured morning routine? <.g> I just noticed this today. I wake up facing the wall, flip over to hit the snooze and stay facing that side for ten minutes. The alarm goes off and I hit snooze again, flipping back towards the wall for ten more minutes. The alarm goes off again, I turn it off, I turn on the TV and if it's a weekday, doze to Lois and Clark/Avonlea and if it's a weekend, turn on TCM and wake up. Today I'm watching a Greta Garbo movie, and Sweet Charity is on next. <.giggle>

Okay, must take a shower and start working at a decent hour today. I have various things to write, plus Kate and I are going to check out a two bedroom place at around 3. It's not ideal, but the roommate search isn't going extremely well and it sounds like a really nice place. The bedroom are both fairly big, and there's even a washer and dryer in there - I might actually get laundry done on a regular basis. LOL So we'll see how that goes.

Gosh, I just realized - this is a Book Club weekend on Scullyfic, and no one is talking about it! Poor Kris. I'm sure she had some great questions planned. But I just didn't like the movie Where the Heart Is, and I didn't want to even attempt the book. Man, I hope people don't blow off Bellwhether on my weekend!!

November 03, 2001

I am SO sleepy!! I

I am SO sleepy!! I lost both games of Literati we played, but at least the second game I was CLOSE. LOL I love how I either win or lose spectacularly. <.giggle>

Geez, can't believe it's Saturday night. I so do not want my weekend to end!! This week is gonna suck. Wednesday, 375 exam. Thursday, 375 quiz and stats exam. I HAVE to do well on both 375 things. I mean, really well. Really, really, really, really well. Ugh. At least I know I'll do okay naming the facial bones on the quiz. I'm better with bones than muscles.

Off to bed, so I can study my ass off tomorrow. Whoopee.

Playing Literati with Gen

<.giggle> Playing Literati with Gen and MA. My first word? Lance. Hee hee!

In the thirty minutes I've

In the thirty minutes I've been watching the game, Arizona has scored nine runs. I came in when they had three. I'm, like, numb. I'm a bad luck charm! They just said that every Diamonback who'd been at bat got either a run or an RBI in. Ick.

TEN?! TEN?! Oh my GOD!

TEN?! TEN?! Oh my GOD! I swear Arizona just had seven runs in! Where'd TEN come from?! Man, they were doing better when I wasn't watching. LOL

Band Candy! Band Candy! Band

Band Candy! Band Candy! Band Candy is on tomorrow! YAY!!!!

And now new Buffy. Happy, happy.

Whooo! Did my stats!!! Ended

Whooo! Did my stats!!! Ended up with an 83% and 91% respectively, which I think works out nicely. And it took so long because I read all the chapters, so I studied, too. Nice! So I'll start reading for 376 after Buffy at 8, and everything will be crossed off on my list. YAY!!!

Found more super fun nsync

Found more super fun nsync slash stories! Yay! Unlike Matthew, most of these (most, not all <.g>) are just sweet little PG-ish stories. So, of all of them, I'd rec Abnormal Situations and Basez/Baisez. 'Cause they're cute and funny. <.g>

Whoo, updated my sidebar! New

Whoo, updated my sidebar! New blogs and all, very fun.

Plus, I decided that at 3, I'll let myself have some popcorn. <.g> While working on Stats homework, which i WILL do. Really.

Well, I'm being productive today.

Well, I'm being productive today. I'm just not exactly limiting it to what's on my list. LOL I helped Kate get some cool things on her blog, which was fun. And I straightened up my room. Both are good, yet not cross-off-able. <.g> I did write a poem, though. It was a BAD poem. <.g> I don't think it's submittable. But I guess it was fun writing it. Which I suppose is a good thing, considering I'll most likely be writing another tonight that IS submittable. LOL

I suppose Stats is next. <.sigh> Yuck. I'm hungry. Wish I had food around.

Okay, finished Josh's site, writing

Okay, finished Josh's site, writing a poem and eating lunch now. I can be a good girl and get all my work done, really!

Well, I intended to work

Well, I intended to work on Josh's page. Then I found the Buffy musical promos linked off of Brandon's journal. Oh my GOD I can't wait for this episode!!!! You guys get it Tuesday, I have a full week to wait. But Buffy and Spike!!!!!!! Anya and Xander!!!!! Willow and Tara!!!!! Giles! Spike! Evil bunnies! AHHHHH!!!! I have to hear all of these songs in full. I'll be downloading come Tuesday night or Wednesday, I'm sure. Oh, it's going to be AWESOME!!!! I, too, have the 2.5 minute promo on loop right now. So exciting!!

Yay, it's Buffy day! Very

Yay, it's Buffy day! Very fun indeed.

Also very fun - I watched some WENN last night! Who's Scott Sherwood, The New Actor, and Two for the Price of One. I have such the desire to write Scotty/Hilary right now, after seeing them doing Simmons the gardener. <.giggle> But sadly, no time for that. Unless my poem is from Hilary's perspective. LOL

Okay, this is my schedule for the weekend:
write poem
study 376 exam
stats hw
study stats exam
update Josh's site

write veggie draft
study 376 quiz
write one EPS

I think that's fairly manageable. Some of today's will most likely end up being done tomorrow, but that's fine.I figure I'll study stats while doing the homework, so there's two birds with one stone. Which is really a gruesome phrase. Ick! Plus, studying for the 376 exam is pretty much studying for the quiz, as well, so there's two more. I really have to figure a way to modify that phrase without hitting birds with a stone. LOL

Maybe I'll start with Josh's site, 'cause that'll be fastest, then take a shower and get ready. Sounds like a plan. :nod:

November 02, 2001

It feels so much later

It feels so much later than 9:30! Wow. I just set my alarm for tomorrow morning, deciding that 9:30 was a reasonable time, and realized that if I went to bed now, as planned, that was 12 hours of sleep. Yikes! I can't believe it's so early. Maybe I'll watch a movie in bed. It's been a long week, and this one's going to be even longer. <.sigh>

Okay, so the Insight cable

Okay, so the Insight cable lady was less than nice, but I got this month's total and can send off a check. So that's all good.

Let's see...25 minutes until I can register. I can copy Meghan's notes now, and start Stats. Then I can leave at 1 to drop the notes off and get FAFSA, be back for GH. Lovely.

So I called the law

So I called the law firm about the receptionist job. They sound pretty nice. Of course, I should have asked how many hours a week they wanted and could I work weekends, because those are questions I want to know before I make the long haul out there. Not that I know if it's a long haul, but it took me 20 minutes to find a bus line that seems to run by them. I located them and me on a map, and it doesn't look very far. Well, yeah, okay, it kinda does. Wish I had a license. But she said there was a bus stop right across the street from them, and I think the 2 Red line will get me one block away. There's one that seems to go right in front of them, but I'm not sure how to connect to it. Best to take one where I don't have to make transfers. LOL

I also called financial aid and it's not too late to fill out a FAFSA. So I'm going to head over there at 1, after dropping off Meghan's notes at her place. Then I'll be doing pretty damn well on my to do list. Time to fine the cable company's number.

Hee hee, Miggie! Actually, I'm

Hee hee, Miggie! Actually, I'm a Braves and Cubs fan. But when it comes to this series, I go for the Yankees. And I'm not exactly gloating, just being very very happy. <.giggle>

I so don't want to go to class today! I wasn't going to Audiology anyway, 'cause I'm registering in the middle, so I definitely don't want to hit one class. <.giggle> This is what I have to do today:

Reguster (at 11:40)
Call the cable company because we never got billed in October, and I'd be very sad if my cable went away
Photocopy Meghan's notes and drop them off at her place
Finish stats homework
Call for the secretary job in the paper
Call financial aid place, maybe run over there

Sounds fairly manageable. Especially if I don't go to stats. ; )

Awwww, Gus just left. : ( He proposed to Felicity, who turned him down because her dream is to become a doctor. But then she decided that being a doctor wasn't as important to her as he was, but he knew she would never be happy if she didn't go to med school. But before he left, he gave her back her engagement ring, no strings attached, they kissed, and he said she hasn't seen the last of him yet. Which I knew, but I'm quite excited anyway. I do love them. I love watching Avonlea again, and I can't wait to see the last season to watch how it all ends up. And then start again from the beginning!

November 01, 2001


YANKEES WIN! YANKEES WIN!!!! WHOOOO! One more game and they win the series!!!!! YEAH!!!!!

Oh, good heavens! LOL Okay,

Oh, good heavens! LOL Okay, here's the thing. Nsync's next leg of the tour starts in April. Kate and I obviously plan to join the fanclub and get the club tickets for the Chicago concert, because those seats are almost always awesome. Plus, we've made plans to go see the Atlanta concert. (Bear in mind that no dates have been released. <.g> This is all conjencture.) Her friend knows the hotel where the guys always stay, and can get us a room on their secured floor. For, you know, $320 a night. But divivided by, like, 5 or 6 of us at least, and that won't be too bad. LOL But yeah. Concert tickets at maybe $80 each, that hotel room (which comes with free drinks and hor douves or HOWEVER you spell it, which is good, because we couldn't afford to eat/drink anything otherwise! LOL!), driving to Atlanta, the fanclub...Kate's estimating this at like $500 or something. I'm like, ACK!!!! Geez, I never spent that much in one year on something that I really loved, like Buffy or XF, let alone a music group! So I really really need to get a job, and financial aid next semester. I'm going to call a place about a secretary job tomorrow - I can fit some job time in this semester, I guess, but I know I can work a LOT next sem. Most days, class doesn't start until 1 or 3. On Fridays, I have a 9 or 10 am, but then free the rest of the day. So I think that I can pull 10-15 hours a week next semester, which would be greatly helpful.

$500...on Nysnc...I don't know if that's actually worth it. <.giggle> But it would be SO much fun to go on a road trip to Atlanta - see my new baby cousin, Issac Jared Tormey, born October 30, see my grandfather, see MA and the other Atlanta GBabes...and just have a road trip! Be a typical college student for once. I guess we'll see as it gets closer. : )

My BOYS!!!!!!! WHOOO!!!!! Score was

My BOYS!!!!!!! WHOOO!!!!! Score was 0-2, Yanks down by two, bottom of the ninth, two outs, and we have TIED THE FREAKING SCORE!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!! Go, Yankees!!! Whoooo!!!!!!!!!

Sucks to live with no baseball fans. I get weird looks for running up and down the hall, cheering. But they TIED IT!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so exciting. Even if they don't win, they played their damn hearts out and TIED THE GAME!!!!!!!!

Kate's up and running! With

Kate's up and running! With little help from me. LOL Go, her!

I've been running back and forth between her room and mine all night. Mom's freaking out, doesn't want to run for USSAAC pres anymore. I think she's terrified she'd lose, and terrified she'd win. She's getting into this philosophical debate with herself to me about why she's stonewalling herself and what she really wants. I feel bad - I can't tell if she really wants to do this or not, or what her reasons for agreeing to run were in the first place. I want to help, but she's so confused.

I keep seeing XF commericals that make me very worried about baby William. I refuse to believe there is anything wrong with baby William.

Wheee! My roommate has a

Wheee! My roommate has a blog now! (And she's currently reading mine. Eeek? <.g>) Everyone say hi to Kate, who is Wandering Aimlessly. Okay, so the blog isn't fully operational yet. Let's not be surprised, I was teaching her how. Everyone knows Krissy ended up doing 75% of mine for me, too. LOL So, when faced with an HTML crisis, I did what do I best - e-mailed Kristine for help. <.blush> Sorry, Lady K! It's just that you, you know, actually know what you're doing, and I tend to work on trial and error, which is hard to do when directing somebody else. <.giggle>

Turned in my paper, think I did super well on my Lang Dev exam, quite sleepy now. LOL I think I'll update my sidebar while ER's on, and head to bed early!

October 31, 2001

Whoooo, paper is done!!!! And

Whoooo, paper is done!!!! And I don't think it's half bad - like I told Biz, I usually cringe when I reread what i write. This time, no cringing! Well, just over the three sentences I added in at the last minute. <.giggle> YAY!

I don't get why I'm so super tired right now! I slept for nearly two hours this afternoon, and then followed it up with code red mountain dew and strawberry crush! I should still be going. <.g> But no, I'm chatting with Gen, and that's the only thing keeping me up. And barely, at that!

CJ: I'm gonna change. Charlie:

CJ: I'm gonna change.
Charlie: I'm going to watch.
CJ: <.glares>
Charlie: No.

LOL! That was so cute, and so unexpected. Another fab episode - loved Donna trying to tie Josh's bowtie, and I love that Sam came up with ideas. So often, in fic, writers treat Sam like he's an idiot, a child, but he's not. I like seeing that proven on the show.

WOW next week is going to be amazing...

I love Pacey. Wow. Did

I love Pacey. Wow.

Did he gain weight?

Poor Dawson. I hate this

Poor Dawson. I hate this storyline. I didn't want this to happen. There are always better ways!

Okay, conclusion still not done.

Okay, conclusion still not done. LOL Kate, Aarti and I went to go pick up Chinese food for dinner. I got sweet and sour chicken - it wasn't so bad. Definitely had better, but okay. I had a fun fortune - something like "You will learn to appreciate life's beauty, charm and something" to which we added, in bed. LOL Mine came out best. <.g> Poor Kate's was like "You won't appreciate water until the well dries up" in bed? Nuh-uh. LOL

Anyway, yes, let's see if the conclusion can be done by West Wing.

That was a lovely nap!

That was a lovely nap! Took me ten minutes to fully get out of my groggy state, but I'm feeling good now. <.giggle> I studied before I fell asleep, so all that's left is the conclusion to the paper from hell that really sucks. I'll do that after I finish reading my mail. Yay!

I'm so freaking sleep! ARGH!

I'm so freaking sleep! ARGH! All I have left to do is the conclusion in this paper, then read chapter 5 of my lang Dev book. I can do that, right? I'll finish the paper and take a nap. Or read the chapter and take a nap. Naps are nifty.

Amy's reading Parsley, Sage, Rosemary

Amy's reading Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Crime!! I love that book - Tamar Myers, right? She writes the funniest series. A new Abby book came out recently, but I like Magdelena better. She's such a sarcastic bitch - very much not what you expect from a Mennonite. <.giggle> She cracks me up.

If Frankie is not planning

If Frankie is not planning a sweet and wonderful surprise for her dear, lovely Bianca, I am going to freaking SCREAM.

I think I was too

I think I was too studious yesterday - not getting much done today. Mom asked me not to go to classes, with all the crazies out today (full moon on halloween, seven sisters constellation high in the sky tonight. That with the full moon is allegedly when catasrophes like Noah's flood and the sinking of Atlantis happened, and old legends claimed that when the two were high in the sky at midnight together, the world would end. The evangelist preacher dudes have been out in full force this week, and I'm a little nervous as to how they are today). So, I didn't go to classes. I did register Kate for spring, though, and made myself scrambled eggs for breakfast. Now I really have to work on my paper, though. Really. <.sigh>

Got this Halloween link from

Got this Halloween link from my mom. It's so cool! There's pages on ghosts in the White House, facts about Pumpkins (did you know it's a fruit), etc. Much fun!

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!!

New Anthrax case in Indianapolis.

New Anthrax case in Indianapolis. That's scary - we're very close to the Indiana border. I don't want it close!

Anyway, sleep now. I think I'm going to skip class in the morning. I'll finish my paper, and register Kate for her classes. Or I might end up going. I don't know. Too tired to think. Only, like, a conclusion left, though. Maybe one more little paragraph to have it make some more sense.

October 30, 2001

I just had the coolest

I just had the coolest conversation with MA. I so adore her. We're so much alike, even if she is twice my age. She told me how she and her husband met - they both worked at a department store. He would followed her around, asking if she wanted to buy a duck. LOL He didn't realize that she was too young to have seen Groucho Marx. <.g> Anyway, it was a cute and sweet story, and the moral of it was to work in an electronics store, or next to the electronics department, and find a future engineer to marry. LOL

ARGH! Meghan has totally backed out as our roommate, and so has Aarti. Which leaves me and kate alone. We could look for a two bedroom, which could be fun, but not as much as staying here. So I e-mailed Damien and she e-mailed Dustin and we offered them the third floor rooms. LOL We'll see how that goes, I guess. But we need to know fast, and we don't know anyone else to ask, and it just sucks that it got this late before people backed out on us.

Meanwhile, I'm about 4.5 pages done with my 5 page paper. So yay!

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is on!!!!! First time I've been happy that I don't get Buffy on Tuesdays.

Double argh. Just talked to

Double argh. Just talked to Kate. Aarti, if she does the double major, could only stay for one semester. So it might end up being me, Kate and Meghan, and us finding a fourth roommate. Or a fourth and fifth to share the big room upstairs. <.sigh> I hate this. I don't want to live with Meghan, and I don't want to live with people I really don't know that well. I already feel like the odd one out this year, because Kate, Aarti and Sarah have known each other since their freshman year, and I'm only friends with Kate. If Meghan lives here next year, with or without one or two of Kate's other friends, they'll spend all their time together and I'll be stuck on my own all time. Big huge yuck.

We still aren't sure what

We still aren't sure what we're doing next year, living arrangements wise. Aarti has apaprently now signed on to stay all next year to get a double major, but Meghan decided that she would never get work done if she lived with us. We have to let Judy know on Thursday if we're staying or not, so we're in a total crunch. ARGH!

I made PERFECT cookies this

I made PERFECT cookies this morning! Yay! Not even slightly browned on the bottom, not raw in the middle. <.giggle> Yes, I actually made cookies today. I set my alarm for 6, got out of bed at 7, took a shower and was dressed and writing my paper by 8:30. Cool, huh? I've got about a page done so far, plus the two that I plagerized from myself last night. So I think I'm doing well. <.g> I'll just keep on going, hoping for the best. I just hope I do better on this exam than I did on the last. Grrrr. Maybe not, the way I'm jumping around writing and stealing things. Well, here's hoping anyway.

October 28, 2001

AUGH! Just as I posted

AUGH! Just as I posted that, what happened? He freaking IMed me! LOL It was *totally pointless, too! He was like, "Hey, what's up? I'm signing off right now, just wanted to say hi." So I said, hi back, and he said goodbye! LOL Geez, that is so funny. I mean, sweet that he IMed me, but yeah, haven't talked to him in months and all I rate is a hi, I'm leaving. LOL Just made me giggle!

Oh, my goodness, someone found

Oh, my goodness, someone found me by searching for baby sitters club slash fic! Eeek! LOL And searching for Hermione Potter lesbian fic just cracks me up, because while it makes perfect searching sense, it's like, if her name was Hermione Potter, it probably wouldn't be a Hermione-slash story. <.giggle>

Played two games of Literati with MA while studying - lost the first, won the second. YAY ME! Jon's been online for awhile now. Wish I had the nerve to IM him. He's been on a few times lately, after not being on at all. Kinda nice seeing him again, even if I'm too chicken to talk to him! Actually, I would IM him now, except I'm going to bed. A full weekend of 3 am nights has taken it's toll. <.giggle>

So a toddler's first two

So a toddler's first two word utterances will demonstrate location and possesion. They also overextend until about 2;6 years, but are capable of metaphors. Hence pretend play. Boys use two words at about 24 months, girls at 18.

All over the world, parents use a sing songy voice. This demonstrates to the child that they are being spoken to, so they can tune out other conversations. Ee, ah, and ooh are the vowels that are most commonly drawn out by parents, as they are pleasing to the children. This happens in English (bead) and Russian (Bussi), for example.

Parents use a limited vocabulary wth kids. Midline generality (car, vs minivan or vehicle), diminuatives (bunny, tummy, Joey, Krissy), unique words (ga for cookie), etc. Simple sentences, repetitive, fewer broken sentences, only one clause.

Before age 1 - mom basically talking to herself. Sing songy voice, onomatopeic words like buzz and splat used often, child rarely responds. 12-18 months - mom talking to child, who listens and is influenced by the words. At 28 months, child responds to conversations. Parent adds in more commands and questions, but omits some unnecessary words (Spit it out leaves out "you", wanna go with me?")

MLU 1 - 1 year old. One word per utterance.
MLU 2 - 2 years old. Two words per utterance. Mommy sing. Doggie shoe. Daddy go.
MLU 2.5 - 2.5 years old. Doggie on car. Mommy's shoe.
MLU 3 - 3 years old. No new words, but complex sentences.
MLU 3.75 - 3.5 years old. Past tense, 3rd person singular, linking verbs.
MLU 4.5 - 4+ years old. Irregular 3rd person singular, contractable auxillary "be."

7 parts of a simple sentence emerge at 2-2.5 years and are mastered by 3-4. Subject, main verb, direct object, indirect object, compliment, adverv, auxillary verb.

Did you enjoy studying Language Development with me? Hope so, because it's sure to happen again before Thursday! Yay for only one chapter on the test!

You know, this is totally

You know, this is totally a time when greymatter would come SO in handy! I totally want to write about Justin and Chris's cameos in On the Line, but I don't want to spoil it for anyone who doesn't want to be! But it was so funny. Chris was hysterical and Justin was so gay. I just have to say this - "This hair isn't big enough! I wanna see this from CHINA!"

And that's all I have to say about that.

Off to play Literati with MA.

Okay, so it was less

Okay, so it was less than a productive day. <.g> I did get my outline for my paper done, though. I kinda played with the prompt. It's about vocational education, Dewey's thoughts on it, Eliot's thoughts on it, and which is the dominant view today. Mom called again and we had a much better conversation, although she was still cranky, and I was criticizing voc ed. She was like, "Well, that's what they do with special ed." And I was, "Yes! Exactly! And I hate it!" So I turned the paper into a criticism of vocational education and special ed. Hey, it's totally Eliot's thoughts, what they do today. So it ties in. I hope. It's just about something that I feel strongly about. So hopefully I'll be able to write it this week. There's no class Tuesday, so I'll make sure I write that morning.

So what did I do when not writing my outline for 4 hours? Talked to Gen, of course. <.g> We're insane. LOL I also talked to mom and dad, and read Arabella's new stories, which are set at Christmas. In the first one, Ron and Hermione are stranded at Hagrid's in a blizzard, and part two is like a week later at the Yule Ball. They are SO much fun. To the point that I'm feeling all Christmassy and listening to my Charlie Brown Christmas CD. <.giggle> Well, Kate's listening to Mannheim Steam Roller's Christmas CD, so it could be worse. <.g> We're so bad - we've been listening to Chrismas CDs for a month now! But not constantly, so we're just easing ourselves into the holiday spirit. <.giggle>

Well, game two is finally on. D-backs up by one, but it's only the bottom of the fourth. The Yanks can totally make a come back. They have to. They have to win in New York on Thursday. That's only right. I have faith they can do it.

Gen went away. : (

Gen went away. : ( We had so much fun! She's such an awesome person. Which I knew, since we talk so much, but it was cool to have her be an awesome person in person. <.giggle>

So, yes, we saw On the Line last night. There were, I kid you not, 9 people in the audience. <.g> I really have to start my paper, so I'm not going to go into too much detail. But before I launch into my "review," I must state this upfront. I really, really enjoyed the movie. It made me smile, and I will see it again. That said...

This was the WORST movie!!! LOL Oh, my God, it was terrible! The script needed at least one more draft, and really only Jerry Stiller could act. Well, actually, Joey was really quite good, and he sang a LOT. He was pretty much the best part of the movie. Lance tried valiently, but desperately needs an acting coach. I mean, I didn't CRINGE or anything, but he needed help. What was so awful, though, was the dubbing. There were swear words in there, and after it was shot, it was apparently decided to make the movie PG. (Hence the disappearance of Joey's sex scene that I really, really want to see.) So Eric talked about "messing Kevin over," when he quite clearly had previously said "screwed," shit got turned into crud, Nikki was a hardcase instead of a hardass, his boss talked about something being bass-ackwards instead of back-asswards, and there were a few other spectacular changes. They were so noticible, it was HORRIBLE! Oh, I felt bad, almost. LOL

So, what else? The plot had holes the size of Jersey, no one could act, and GQ's character was so horridly obnoxious. There were no motives, people appeared and disappeared without another thought of them, and the ending was horridly contrived. Not Kevin and Abbey, since that was so obvious, but Rod (Joey) and their other friend who's name I forget. (Not GQ's Eric, the preppy one.) It was like, UGH! I hate talking during movies - I get SO mad when people interrupt. So I warned Gen not to talk, or else I'd smack her. But there were so many times when I wanted to lean over and start making snarky comments. <.g> So I think I need to see it again just to comment, and maybe one more time to just see it. LOL 'Cause, see, the BEST part of the movie, it was SO wonderful, was not even in the movie. <.g> It was during the credits, with Chris and Justin's cameos. We were nearly on the FLOOR we were laughing so hard!! I heard that Chris, and maybe Justin, would recreate those roles on Friends in February, and I would so love that. I will buy the DVD of this movie just to see that one scene in the credits over and over again! LOL Seriously hysterical.

So, yes, people. Go see the movie. Enjoy the movie. Do not expect a good movie, and you'll be fine. Expect to smile and laugh a bit at the poor actors, and it'll all be good. <.g> Then e-mail me so we can talk about it and the cameos! LOL

Now I must do some work. AUGH! LOL Mom just called - they usually do at 3 on Sundays. But dad had apprently just walked in, and was watching the Bears game, and she was very cranky and he didn't seem much better. <.sigh> She's right, she shouldn't have tried calling me. Oh, well, I guess. She said they'll try and call later. Maybe things will be happier then. Either way, I have to not care and do some work.

October 27, 2001

Okay, big ow. Horrid headache

Okay, big ow. Horrid headache today. Don't know why, I had chocolate last night, not this morning! bad! Anyone have some easy remedies beyond a slight overdose of Tylenol?

Okay, last night turned out

Okay, last night turned out to be super fun. Things were a little quiet with Gen at first, I think because she wasn't sure I was me. <.giggle> (I was at an advantage because Kate had a pic of the two of them on her wall!) But by the time we were heading out to the Ghost Rally 20 minutes later, we were chatting away about Harry Potter, Buffy, fic and slash. <.g>

We all piled into Aarti's van - Aarti and Kate in the front, Meghan, Gen and I squooshed into the middle seat. We talked the whole way down to Aarti's about totally random stuff, sang along to the radio, since we have the same favorite songs, and it was cool. While in Aarti's town, I swear we saw SIX deer running by! I saw more deer last night than I have in years. It was so amazing and beautiful. The first time, there were four, and at least one was a baby! It was so cute.

So we FINALLY get to Aarti's. Her mom had planned to make us lasagna, but that didn't work out. <.g> So she made a traditional Indian dish, which turned out to be incredibly fabulous. I must must must eat this again. <.g> I'll have to ask Aarti for the recipes and post. One was, like, potatoes and garlic and spices, and the other was chick peas with something else, and you eat them by breaking bits off of a fried pita and scooping some up. Super yummy.

So then we put the backseat into the van, and drove off to get Aarti's friend Jenny. Then off to the Ghost Rally! It was hysterical - we got SOOOOO lost! LOL You follow the rhymed directions they give you and go places to write things down or pick things up. We missed the second clue, and I swear to God we drove around for an hour on gravel roads in the middle of forests. <.giggle> Then, when we were seriously giving up and just planning to go find another place, we FOUND THE DAMN ROAD we were supposed to be on! LOL It was such an accident, it was hysterical. So, we did it. All by ourselves, and over an hour late, but we DID it!

Then came the ending. Meghan and I are chickens. We very emphatically stated, when asked if we'd prefer doing haunted houses or the rally, that we'd never enter a haunted house, we'd stay in the car, there was no way in hell we'd get involved. I hate haunted houses with an extreme passion. I think it dates back to third grade - I went through my school's with dad and grandma. I was kinda scared, but nothing too big. Then something jumped out, my grandma fell down the stairs, and my dad sent me on to go get my mom and help while he stayed with grandma. So there was this tiny 8 year old, racing alone though a haunted house, crying because she was so scared to do it alone. Then, the next year, I got dragged to the one at my sister's school, complaining the whole way. Jim didn't care, said it would be fun, and we got started. He didn't realize that you did it in pairs. He was with little Dani. I was alone. Again. That cemented it. <.g>

So guess what the last bit of the rally was? Yes, that's right. A haunted house.

Meghan and I hung back, trying to avoid it. But that was not in the cards for me. I saw Kate grab Meghan's coat to drag her in, and then Gen reached for my hand. Gen is fearless, she is brave. (Anyone else have the CD-ROM version of Sheila Rae the Brave? That needs to be sung to Sheila Rae's theme. <.giggle>) So, Gen holds my hand and leads me through this. She's good at haunted houses - she told us of one time where she had to lead her friend through, pointing out all the things that looked likely to pop out and scare her. <.g> Basically, what she had to do last night. LOL We made an odd little train. Gen the Brave went first, holding my right hand while my left gripped her arm, Kate hanging on to my little hook thingie on my jacket, Aarti grabbing her sleeve, and there were two others in there - a little girl (who had been through before) and her mom. Her mom was pretty much hugging onto the back of Kate while the little girl was smooshed between them. <.giggle> It wasn't that bad, I guess. It was long, and there were parts when you couldn't see a thing, and parts when they shone a light in your eyes so you couldn't see, and there were strobe lights that were giving me a headache, and (public service announcement) I think they shouldn't use in case anyone has a seizure disorder. Warnings are nice, they had none. (/public service announcement) Then there were the times you had to crawl on the floor (a very interesting thing to try when holding hands with the person in front of you <.g>), and times when little kids jumped out at you. <.g> Gen said that she had moments were she was getting all maternal and felt like snapping, "Will you STOP it? You're scaring my friends!" LOL As for me, there were times when I didn't scream, but merely got annoyed and was like, "Oh, for heaven's SAKE!" <.g> Which isn't to say I didn't scream, because i did. A lot. <.g>

So did you notice our little train above? How it seemed to be, you know, MISSING two people? <.g> Meghan and Jenny ducked out at the start, right before we started crawling! How sucky is that? LOL There I was, yelling at Gen for always being the leader, since that meant I was right there, too, and Meghan was outside listening to us scream. No fair. LOL Oh, well. It was kinda fun. Won't do it again, but I don't completely regret doing it the first time.

So then we drove back here. There had been a chance we might stay at Aarti's overnight, which I wasn't thrilled with, but it didn't happen since Meghan had someplace to be kinda early today. So we came back here, Gen drew me a picure of Hermione while we giggled over the West Wing story I was reading, and then Kate and I started quizzing her on who was who in nsync. She, too, constantly messed up Chris and Joey, but she had it down by 3 am, which was way better than me. LOL Then we started listening to some of mine and Kate's favorite nsync songs ("You know, baby, our love...will always be true. That's right. [seductive chuckle] Because there is no me, without you.") Then she popped in her Japanese pop music CD (she loves anime, and has her own radio show of j-pop songs. Saturday mornings in Bloomington/Normal, IL if anyone is around there. <.g>) and made Kate and I listen to some of those. LOL It was actually pretty cool, I kinda liked them. <.g> She also showed me tons of pictures of her favorite anime character, who was a cutie pie.

So, 7 hours of sleep later (Yay!), I'm awake and ready to start work. I have to start my EPS exam due Thursday. I have to start studying Lang Dev. My Physiology quiz got pushed back to next week, but it can't hurt to start studying now. And that's it! Outside of Buffy at 7 (Gen and I are very excited to watch it together together, as opposed to online together), Game one in the World Series tonight (GO YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), and On the Line at 9:30. <.giggle> Mucho fun, and I can't wait!

October 26, 2001

yay, my room is clean!

yay, my room is clean! LOL I've been wanting to do that all week. Very, very nice.

It's so weird - I'm nervous about seeing Gen! Like we don't talk 4 or 5 times a week, right? <.g> It's just weird since we never see each other. I got nervous before visiting Krissy, too. : )

Well, she'll be here soon, so I should probably take one last look around, and then watch the end of Shop Around the Corner on TCM. It's the movie that You've Got Mail was based on, and I love it! Jimmy Stewart and Margaret someone. <.giggle>

I wanna be like the

I wanna be like the cool kids and do a Friday Five. <.giggle>

1. What's your favorite time of day? Dusk. I love the blue tint everything has.
2. What's your least favorite time of day? Mornings. Maybe I should start drinking coffee. <.g> I'm not really cognizant of what I'm doing. Which is bad, that's when I read/respond to most of my mail!
3. Are you a morning person or a night owl? Night owl! LOL I can stay up all night, but even if I go to bed early, I can't wake up in the mornings.
4. If you had an entire worry- and obligation-free day, what would you do with it? I would write, write, write! And then write some more. <.g> I'd also watch a movie, since I so rarely have time to do that, play a bit of Sims, and learn some nsync dances with Kate. ; )
5. How do you plan to spend your weekend? My friend Gen is coming!! She's Kate's best friend from HS. From the day I met Kate, she insisted that I had to meet Gen because we were the same person. I met her freshman year for the XF premiere, and we totally clicked. Because we're the same person. <.g> So while I haven't physically seen her in two years, we talk so much online. (Way more than she and Kate do. LOL) So I'm really looking forward to this!! Tonight we're going to go on a haunted scavenger hunt (not so much fun), tomorrow night we're going to see On the Line, and in between we'll be doing a lot of homework in Kate's room while listening to nsync.

Don't we know how to LIVE, man?

Okay, so On the Line

Okay, so On the Line IS premiering here tonight. Yay! Except Kate apparently found out yesterday, and made all the plans for us to go to tomorrow's 9:30 pm showing. Way to keep ME in the loop! Geez. <.g> Oh, well. At least we're going.

October 25, 2001

Silly me! I've been complaining

Silly me! I've been complaining about my shoulder and arm hurting since yesterday morning. I thought I slept badly. Well, gee, could it POSSIBLY be because of my impromtu pitching practice? <.giggle> I swear that just occured to me a few minutes ago! <.g>

Well, anyway, yeah, OW. <.g> Forgot to warm up, and I was really flinging that thing around super hard. Oops.

From Kristine, find your fairy

From Kristine, find your fairy name. This is me:

Feather Silverfrost
A protector from evil demons and a poisoner of werewolves.

Seen When
Only during the first snow of winter.

In high places where the clouds meet the earth

I like everything but poisoning werewolves. <.giggle>

Finished my paper, typing it

Finished my paper, typing it now, Word just tried to tell me it was the 24th. It isn't, right? It's the 25th? Would my calendar lie to me?

Okay, read all the articles

Okay, read all the articles for the EPS assignment, and I swear not ONE one them helped.

Wow. Got set my alarm

Wow. Got set my alarm for 7, with plans to get up early. I did. I usually stumble out of bed at 20 after 8, today it was just after 7:30. Somehow, it's now 9:30, and I'm still eating breakfast. Where did my extra time go? <.g> Oh, well. To work with I! I have three hours to write less than one page single spaced. I can do it.

October 24, 2001

Whooo, finished one EPS, Lang

Whooo, finished one EPS, Lang Dev, AND stats!!! now to bed with me.

I'm so tired! I'm thisclose

I'm so tired! I'm thisclose to saying I'll type up this EPS and the lang dev paragrpah, and go to bed at about 10. Then wake up around 7 or so tomorrow and do the last EPS before it's due at 1. It's an option, I think...

Hilary's little Holly is so

Hilary's little Holly is so adorable! That's a darling picture of her.

Blah, I got one EPS assignment done so far. I kinda spent two hours reading nsync stuff. I'm not entirely sure why Lance/Chris is so popular, but it's kinda fun. I'll link stories later. When my last paper is done. Hopefully before midnight...

Wow, what an adventure today.

Wow, what an adventure today. <.g> I knew that we were supposed to have some storms today. When we emerged from the Union at 12:40 to get to Kuehn's class, I had an uneasy feeling. I did not want to be in class, but I let the feeling go. I had to be there today. We get to class, the wind's picking up, I'm still nervous. About five minutes in, we hear a high pitched whine, and I turn to Lauren, "Is that the tornado siren?" No, it was a lawn mower. But now I'm very nervous, as I realized my phone is at home charging. At the five minute half way break (1:45ish), I look for my radio and realize that it too is at home. I tell Lauren I want to leave, she's always game to leave early. But I remembered I didn't go last week because of my period and Lance, and I had to stay this week. So I stayed.

At about 2:07, there was another high pitched whine. We look at each other. We look at Kuehn. This one is the tornado siren. He's like, "Well, we should probably get away from the windows. We'll go to the basement, but don't leave because we'll have class after." We look at each other as we gather our stuff and snicker. So we head to the basement. The one day I don't have my phone, radio or flashlight! Because of course the power flickered several times. That's what happens when you're in Champaign and three tornados touch down in town. Very scary. So I guess someone had a radio, because they announced we could leave at 2:30. We glance at our watches and see that it's 2:29. The guy next to me remarks that he's sure to die in the one minute we should stay down there. <.g> But we leave, and head into the violent thunderstorm and strong winds that are now plaguing the town. I get about half way home, and who do I see? Damien!!

We stop and chat under a cement walkway for about ten minutes, catching up and not wanting to leave the shelter. <.g> It was great seeing him! Before this, I had been thinking I was an idiot to not follow my instincts and leave all those times I felt uncomfortable, but when I saw him, I knew there had to be a reason I stayed. So then we headed our separate ways and I came home to 5 frantic messages from my mother. <.g> I called, reassured her that I was alive, and all was well. The phone really wouldn't have done me much good anyway - I tried to use Meghan's to call her, but there was no signal. Would have been nice to have a radio, or be able to call mom to make sure there wasn't another tornado on the way, but I'm alive, so it all worked out well. <.g>

I'm still kinda stressed and wired from the experience, though, so I'm eating lunch (hummus and pitas, homemade pound cake, and spicy chex mix) and then I'll settle down to write. Geez, what an experience! LOL

Yay me, went to bed

Yay me, went to bed at midnight. <.g> And mom said she loved the card I sent, which I'm glad for.

Oooh, went to Matthew Time's page to read a story before breakfast, and his title image is my favorite Lance shot. <.giggle> Okay, and, uh, the graphic on the RPS page is, um, interesting. <.g> I somehow don't remember that line, although I'm sure that I read the story. LOL Cute pic, though!!

October 23, 2001

I did it!!!! I feel

I did it!!!! I feel so good right now. I'm happy and laughing and not sick to my stomach and I never once hurt myself! I turned on three songs - One Way Train by Soul Asylum, I Wanna Be There by Blessid Union of Souls, and Leaving Town by Dexter Freebish, sang along at the TOP OF MY LUNGS with Kate laughing so hard at me. I so don't know all the words, especially to one Way Train, but that's not the point. I have energy, I feel happy and I'm ready to settle down and do some really excellent work. So now I know what I need to do when I'm feeling that bad - do something FUN and active and just let it all go. So I looked like a fool? I don't care! So the people next door might have gotten cranky with me throwing things at their wall for 20 minutes? I don't care! Sometimes you just gotta take care of yourself. <.giggle>

Just spent the last ten

Just spent the last ten minutes throwing my plastic pumkin dude at my walls, really hard. Kinda made me feel better. It felt good to be DOING something active and physically, and sometimes it really made me laugh. So I'm feeling less sick to my stomach, and I didn't hurt myself! Pretty successful. I think a few more minutes, and I'll be ready to return to work. I needed to get it out. I think I need to turn off the Beatles, turn on a few MP3s and really scream/sing at the top of my lungs. Give myself a work-out. <.giggle> Kate can sing along if she wishes!!

Eeeek! On the Line is

Eeeek! On the Line is getting a freaking limited release, due to the bad response to Mariah Carey's Glitter. Only 950 theaters, and Champaign does NOT seem to be one of them. NO!!!!!! C'mon, that sucks.

I know, I know, I'm

I know, I know, I'm horrible! It's been nearly a week since my last post. <.g> I'm sure you all know that had I really met Lance and Joey, you would have been reading about it early, early Thursday morning. LOL So no, that wasn't in the cards, although we did see Lance and really did have a LOT of fun. I'm not sure when I'll type up everything - this is such a busy, busy week for me. I have four things due on Thursday. EEEK! LOL

I'm not a smart person. Sunday, Kate and I were up until 2 am, just hanging out, not wanting the week to start. I was GONNA go to bed early last night, but I had things to do. I finished my Audiology assignment and handed it in ay quarter after twelve. Did I go to bed as planned? NO. I found GH stories and sites for me and Jennie to play at. Then I just HAD to read more of my new book, Cold and Pure and Very Dead, that I got this weekend. It's book four in a series, murder mysteries with a literary/academic bent, and I've loved it for years. Karen and her cop who keeps getting assigned to the cases she finds herself in finally seemed to be getting closer, and I had to see if I was right. So I was up until *2:30* reading. AHHHHHHH!!!!!! I am so tired right now.

Anyway, must take early shower, as Lance is on Jon Stewart, and I'm curious as to how he does on the show. <.g> Oh, but quick Joey quote before I go, because he's so adorable. I finally found out how old his daughter, Brianna is - Kate kept telling me she was about 16 months old, but she was actually born this past March, while they were filming On the Line!

"When Kelly and Brianna accompany me, it's all about baby bottles and diapers and stuff. I've told the other guys how incredible fatherhood is, but they just shake their heads. They love to hold Brianna until she makes a squeak and then they hand her back to me."

<.giggle> I just find that so adorable.

October 17, 2001

Wish they would get here!!

Wish they would get here!! We're on a fast time frame as it is. 2.5 hours to get home, then get ready, have to leave at 6 to get there to get in by 7:30. So that's only like an hour to eat and get ready. Grrrrr.

Besides, the faster we leave, the sooner this will be over, I can post details, and my blog can be about something other than Lance, On the Line, this party, and Nsync. LOL I really do think about other things, you know...

All packed and ready! Just

All packed and ready! Just waiting for Kate and Aarti to get back. I have a bag of laundry, a bag of school work/story stuff/books, and a bag of getting ready things. <.giggle> I'm assuming that I'll be getting kicked out, so I'm figuring I'll bring my big black purse/bag and do some writing in the restaurant for a few hours. I'm pretty game for that. The club scene isn't exactly thing anyway, right? Besides, there are no seats in the club/bar area, so if anyone (like Lance <.g>) needs to sit down to have a drink, the place to go is the restaurant. Where I'd be! LOL Also, who's the say they'll stay past 10:30? Lance has to be in NY to be on The View tomorrow, apparently, and may need or want to leave earlier.

I guess we'll just see what happens, right? Anything could happen, really. So I'm just going to relax and let it come. What happens what meant to happen, no matter what. Right?? Right. <.g>

UGH. Kate did get a

UGH. Kate did get a fake ID so she can stay in the party after 10:30. of course, she's not on the list to get in, so who knows. <.sigh> But I'm a goody-two shoes who doesn't want to get one, because it is totally stupid, but Lance isn't worth the risk. And maybe it's not really a risk, and I'm making a big deal out of nothing, but I still don't want one. So I'll be wandering the streets of Chicago alone in the middle of the night while Kate and Aarti have fun.

Besides, I don't know where to get an ID. <.g>

Per my mother: "WGN this

Per my mother: "WGN this morning had 5 pairs of tickets to the hottest party (tonights) you had to be between 13 and 18 and if you are under 18 you need a parent with you. The party is 7:30 until 10:30." So Kate and I won't be the oldest ones there, there will be parents there. LOL Okay, our outfits are SO not going to fit in. <.g> We're really hoping we can stay in past 10:30, when Aarti comes in. I think Kate got a fake ID, but that really leaves me out in the cold! I still think a well timed trip to the bathroom could make the transistion nicely. <.g> Go in when the 13 years are there, come out when the 21 year olds are there, and blend in a heck of a lot better! Plus, you know, it is a club. They like money, will they really care so much we're not 21? It's not like we'll drink - Kate's the driver and I just don't. I guess we'll just see how it goes, right? It's going to be an adventure, and we're not going to look like fools. <.g> I really do wish we were 21, though...

October 16, 2001

See, now I'm back to

See, now I'm back to being excited about tomorrow. LOL Mom's right, it's just an adventure, like when I met Wally Kurth and Rena Sofer. Oooh, but Sammy SOSA's gonna be there!!!! I'm so going to get an autograph for Josh. If there's time, I wanna tell him a Josh-story, too. About how Josh uses the DynaMyte, and his communication wasn't always so great, but he loves baseball. And one of his first spontaneous communications was while watching Sammy play baseball, and he hit a home run. Josh said WAY TO GO. And then there was the time Sammy struck out and Josh said NICE TRY. But the first is a nicer story. <.giggle> I want Sammy to know those.

So, mom called, with the (fancy, embossed and hologrammed) tickets right in her hand. The VIP thing starts at 7:30. Which, you know, way earlier than 9 as originally told. <.g> Oh, well. Uncle Marty also said that the early part is geared towards the 13-17 year olds. Which really makes no sense, since everyone I've talked to (from the Lounge and also the DJ from the radio station who gave away tickets) were talking 21 and over only. But this way, at least, Kate and I will totally stand out. Like I told Krissy, we can go, "Yo, Lance! Hi, we're legal. Not jailbait." <.giggle> Also, we think we might be getting a chance to see the movie in those three hours before other people are let in. Which would be cool. Oh, and with the tickets (numbers 000015 and 000016, might I add? <.g>), the nice ladies gave us 3 promo posters to get signed! How cool is that? I don't own anything nsync, except the watch, so I was kinda sad I wouldn't have anything to get signed. <.g>

Oh!!! And I started to write again today! A continuation of my HP series, Realizations. I am so excited to be writing again. I have missed it so much, really. But now I really must write my EPS homework, because I can't afford to miss more assignments in that class.

Urgh. So not wanting to

Urgh. So not wanting to do work right now. And I'm getting nervous about this thing tomorrow. First of all, uncle Marty doesn't even have the tickets yet, although he should later today. Second of all, even if we do go, there's like no way it'll live up to expectations. (IE, we'll probably be lucky if we see them across the floor.) Which would, in itself, be fairly cool. So I don't know. Guess I'm just proving once again that I hate new experiences, no matter how fun they might ultimately be. LOL I just don't think I quite belong in a club - I don't know what to expect, how to act, what will happen, how to dance, anything. Just a whole big bunch of unknowns, which is quite scary to a girl who likes to know everything. <.g>

See, it was salt. That's

See, it was salt. That's so annoying, honestly. Although I do suppose that since it was found in the HS which was then evacuated, it had to be treated like news. <.sigh>

Meanwhile, it's too cold to take a shower! But I should hurry up and take one anyway. It's super cold - 44 out, 23 windchill. Brrrrr! And silly Sarah (nicest way I could think of to refer to her) left the freaking DOOR wide open when she left. Um, HELLO?! It's COLD out! And the door was OPEN letting anyone who wanted in, in! That drives me nuts.

Okay, we're SO not telling

Okay, we're SO not telling my mother this - local news just reported an unconfirmed case of anthrax in town. I'm sure it's nothing. I hope it's nothing. I wish they didn't report it until it was *confirmed, for heaven's sake! I know of no ways to find out if it is, and that frustrates me.

October 15, 2001

Well, that was an adventure.

Well, that was an adventure. <.g> Kate and Aarti smelled gas, and called the fire department. Then I started smelling it. They came, smelled nothing, but the girls next door saw the firemen and came over to say they smelled it too. Then the firefighters came back to tell us that we're not crazy, they finally smell it too. Near as they can tell, they were filling gas tanks on the next corner over, and since there's no wind tonight, the smell stayed. They measured it in the house, though, and nothing dangerous registered. So it's just annoying. But I got, like, NO work done. Argh! LOL

Angel was awesome. LOL Some

Angel was awesome. LOL Some bits were rather...disturbing, but all in all it was fun and had some great moments. <.giggle>

Ugh. Crappy day. I did

Ugh. Crappy day. I did get a B on my Stats test, though, so YAY!!!! Didn't get my Audiology test back yet, thank goodness, because class was canceled again. We're a bit worried about Dr. Gooler, since it's not like him to miss two classes in a row, but we're glad we have a testful reprieve. <.g> Then I got my period during the two hour break between classes, and had to leave half way through Physiology, at the 5 minute break. Came back, collapsed into bed, and stayed there for two hours. I still feel very blah, but I must get at least some of my EPS done. If I can at least outline/know what I want to say before Angel tonight, I can write it tomorrow when I'm human again.

So, goal. Must move. Tylenol time?

Again, I love seeing how

Again, I love seeing how people find me. <.giggle> Cartographer's for social equality, "rena sofer" picture, sexy images of Alexis Denisof, Malucci sick slash, story of buffy and spike's love in season 5 to 6, Sirius Harry slash, bsc kristy thomas, Scully/Spike, hermione/ginny slash, bridget jones's diary fanfiction. Cartographers for Social Equality is always a big one, as is slash of any kind. BJD fic might be interesting. <.g>Think I'll have to check them out. But now now - very much time for bed now!

This is the first day I'm hungry at bed. I've been drastically reducing my calories - under 1000 for the last 6 days except Wed when I hit 1450 - but in an okay way. Like, still eating all meals but healthier and smaller, and drinking mostly only water. I'm already noticing small differences. But today I didn't do so good - I was supposed to have dinner and only had hot chocolate. Ooops! So I'm going on ravioli and popcorn for a total of 667 calories, and that's not so good. I want a dinner, but it's too way late. Hope this doesn't throw off my breakfast...

Hey! How'd it get to be midnight?! ACK!

October 14, 2001

Redesigned C-R! Now I just

Redesigned C-R! Now I just have to tweak it and upload it sometime this week. Now I'm sipping hot chocolate that Kate and I made with my cocomotion, and watching Stepmom. I haven't seen this since the theaters - which I believe was with Kristine and her family! Wow, long time...

I'm such a control freak. <.g> Aarti keeps getting more and more people to come with on Wednesday. Which is fine, except we're going back to my parents to spend the night after the party! Kate and Aarti we can definitely fit, maybe Aarti's friend Jenny, but certainly not a friend of Jenny's as well. <.sigh> Then Aarti's like, "Well, we can all stay at mine or Jenny's sister's place downtown." Which I guess is okay, except I'm not going back to school with them, I'm going home, and then would be left at a stranger's house alone. Plus, my house is closer to school when they want to leave in the morning. So all this is making me very cranky. This started out as just me and Kate, and frankly I was much happier with that. I guess I'm okay with Aarti going, but why does she need to keep inviting people? This sucks.

Whoooo, did my Stats!! And

Whoooo, did my Stats!! And I got 100%! Yahoo!! I think I'm going to try and come up with a new site design, at least for c-r, which hasn't been changed since May. <.g> Then I'll come up with topics for granger-weasley for the next few weeks or so.

I love feeling so accomplished!

Okay. If you were a

Okay. If you were a blue notebook containing a list of classes that needed to be taken, and you'd been hanging around for two years already, where would you be hiding now?

I love TCM. I woke

I love TCM. <.g> I woke up at 9:15, and watched Now, Voyager. Fabulous movie, with Bette Davis and Claude Rains. Very cool indeed.

Now I need to do some work. I tried to print out the FAFSA last night, but they present it in steps on the website, and you have to complete one page to move to the next. GRRRRRR!!! So I'll print out the guide, I suppose, and do it with mom on Thursday. Hopefully it's not too late for next semester - there are no due dates anywhere on the sites.

Then, I'll do at least my Stats homework today, and definitely my spring schedule. I can do EPS tomorrow, as I've scheduled almost nothing then.

Well, off to work!

October 13, 2001

Okay, got the form done.

Okay, got the form done. It even works. Then I decided to install my digicam, because if it works, that's a lot easier to take pictures with on Wednesday. Um, no. <.g> It worked at first. I took several pictures of Kate and her room. They uploaded, they're on my harddrive, I can open them or send them. Then I tried taking a picture of me. And my room. And anything I could possibly find. Yeah, now we're getting errors. They won't upload, I can't take any snapshots, I am so confused. I don't know what's different! GRRRRRR!!!! I want to take pictures!!!!!!!!

Well, today I was supposed

Well, today I was supposed to do my Stats and EPS assignments due Thursday. I think that's getting bounced to tomorrow, however. Instead, today I shall fill out FAFSA forms (at least preliminarily) and finish creating the stupid INAAC form. I don't actually know how to create forms or make radio buttons, so hopefully I won't butcher this completely...

Whooo! MA and I played

Whooo! MA and I played Literati. She was in the lead by, like, 20-30 points at any given time, right up until the end! I won, 220-202. Totally shocking. First I added a s to make "tempts" and got 21 points, then I just put an s down, creating "trices" and "pis" and got 12 points. <.g> We still don't even know what a trice is. LOL But how cool is that? I like playing against MA - she gives me a run for my money. <.giggle>

bedtime for rinas!

October 12, 2001

Geez, I'm bored! LOL I

Geez, I'm bored! LOL I was going to watch Fantasia 2000, but DVD player on the computer is acting wonky, and kate and Meghan are downstairs watching Rebel Without a Cause. Which I could certainly join them for, but right now I'm in the mood for a new movie. I've seen Rebel many many times. LOL

So, my Jennie-girl and I are chatting instead, which is super fun of course, but I'm used to multi-tasking. I can't just chat with one person! I need more people online, or something to do. Oooh, I need to find someone to play Literati with me, over at yahoo games....that would be cool!

I downloaded a bunch of new music today - some were completely new to me, like the Jonatha Brooke and Dar Williams songs, both of which Lady K recced to me. Actually, she just sent me an e-mail full of more song recs that I'm going to have to investigate tonight and tomorrow. <.giggle> But then others were comfort songs like Chicago's You're my Inspiration and the Archie's Sugar Sugar. But my favorite one by far that I downloaded is Soul Asylum's One Way Train. I LOVE that song!!! Very exciting.

I love these MASH games!!!

I love these MASH games!!! LOL I used to do them all the time in elementary school. Super fun. <.giggle>

WE'RE IN!!!! Uncle Marty called

WE'RE IN!!!! Uncle Marty called mom about 2. The party is Wednesday night. We have VIP tickets, which means we get to go in about 2 or more hours early. Oh, my GOD, it's really going to happen!!!!!

We were at the mall for two hours, shopping. I SO love Lerners. I got this awesome dark dark grey knee length skirt with leather trim at the waist, knee, and around the slightly high slit, a little black dressy-type shirt with two buttons only, dangly rhinstone earrings and black tights. All for $50! Big sales. <.g> I so have to get my digicam up so I can take some pictures of my cute new outfit. <.giggle>

Okay, so my plans for today are to clean my room and look into loans for next semester. I don't think I'll go to Meghan's after all. I think I'll just hang out here and watch my new DVDs - Daddy mailed me Snow White and Fantasia 2000!!!!!

It's only 12:45, but it

It's only 12:45, but it feels like a 3 am. <.sigh> I think it's time for bed. I have a lovely day planned tomorrow, with or without Chicago, and it WILL be lovely, damn it.

October 11, 2001

Whooo!!!!! I got at least

Whooo!!!!! I got at least a B on the stats exam!! I counted up all the points I knew I got right, and it turned out to be an 80%, plus I purposefully lowballed myself on several. I am SO excited!!

Kate is driving me INSANE! LOL She's getting SO anxious about not hearing from Uncle Marty. And somehow, we're also going shopping tomorrow, "just in case." <.g> Well, we can return things if we don't wear them, I guess. But how did new outfits get into this?! Kate swore that she wouldn't buy anything special. I realize it's hard not knowing what's going on, especially since I am the Queen of Routines. I hate change, and I'm so not spontaneous. But there's nothing we can do!! It either happens, or it doesn't. And of course, she's still planning for Wednesday. I'm a bit leery of fake IDs, or borrowing IDs, but I guess it would be worth the risk. I just have to FIND an ID. Grrrr. I don't know, she just keeps harping on it, and it's losing fun for me.

Well, I feel fairly confident

Well, I feel fairly confident about the quiz. I bet I got at least a C. <.g> Really, I thought it went well, indeed.

What was not fun was mom calling right as I was outside waiting for Meghan. When I answered and she sounded rather upset, I immediately assumed that she was steeling me for bad news. Which she kinda was, but not the no-nsync thing I had first imagined. <.g> Still no word. But no, she was telling me how Mayor Daley had cut into the 5pm news with the announcement that they shouldn't be alarmed, but we should be prepared for more attacks in the next few days. Wow, SO not what I wanted to hear. I mean, seriously. That's terrifying and horrible and awful, and I'm scared. Mom and Dad want me to come home. I don't want to. This was my week, damn it. I called this week, starting tomorrow to be my week of bliss. I was going to get my two assignments done, and I was going to get ahead. I was going to have fun. Going home does not figure into that, unless it's coming home at 5am Saturday morning after partying with nsync, only to leave a few hours later.

This is so stupid, but I feel guilty. All along, I insisted to mom that no more attacks could happen until the week of the 15th, because that's the only time where I could work in dealing with it into my schedule. I didn't MEAN it! I don't want ANY more attacks, and I never did. And I don't think my witchiness caused it, but I hate that I said it, and here we are.

I don't care if Chicago is a target or not, if I can meet Lance Bass, I will. I will be there, attacks or no.

I'm not going to let myself get overwhelmingly afraid or anxious. There is nothing I can do if people are planning to attack us again. If there was, I'd do it, but there's nothing. Being afraid won't change what's going to happen, good or bad. So I won't be. I'm going to keep on living my life, shallow bits and all, because what else is there?

Rushing off to the stupid

Rushing off to the stupid anatomy quiz. I'm way more prepared than I was last time, so wish me luck!!!! Then I'll be back between the quiz and my stats exam, in order to study mucho for that. Joy.

Argh? I heard back from

Argh? <.whimper> I heard back from the White Star Lounge guy. He was very nice, said he would be more than happy to add our names to the entry list, and hoped we had a lot of fun. Then he said we had to make sure to bring a "proper ID" showing us to be at least 21.

Aarti can go. Kate, however, is 6 weeks from her birthday. I'm 7 months away. (Exactly, now that I think of it. Oct11-May11. LOL)

Okay, new developments. <.g> Shortly after getting that e-mail and starting to write this (about an hour ago), I got a call from mom. Uncle Marty called her - seems his CTA contact says that the party is tomorrow night and that she might be able to get us in. Us meaning me and Kate, unfortunately, as mom didn't know Aarti was also planning to go. : ( So either, a, the CTA lady has her facts wrong, or b, we might get to go to a very private, unpublicized party. So, basically, everything is still up in the air. <.g>

Back to studying.

I'm beginning to wonder if

I'm beginning to wonder if Blogger will ever publish again. <.giggle> (That's the cue for this to go through....)

I studied quite a bit for stats last night. Over an hour, I think. It all makes sense when I'm reading over it. I know how to do each math problem. When she explains it, I go, "Oh, yeah! That makes perfect sense." I feel all confident because I know the formulas, I know the steps, I know everything - until confronted with a problem. <.g> Then I have NO CLUE what to do. I'm thinking that may present a bit of a problem. I'll just keep trying, I guess.

Every five minutes, I swear, Kate or Aarti is asking me if I've heard from my uncle or the Lounge guy. LOL It's kinda cute, but kinda annoying. If it happens, it happens. Out of the three of us, Aarti is the most excited, which is hysterical, because she keeps saying she's not a fan. LOL Oh, well. It would be fun to go - everyone who has cameos in the movie got invited, and that means Sammy Sosa will be there!! I was very excited to hear about that. Probably more excited than when I heard Lance and Joey were coming. LOL

October 10, 2001

Kate and I were talking

Kate and I were talking today. We're both having problems this semester. We're not sure if it's the attacks or what, but we're not doing well in school. We can't concentrate, we forget assignments, we don't do assignments, our test grades are significantly down, it's horrible. Kate's worried that it might be the whole nsync thing, but I don't think so. I mean, I'm the Queen of Distractions, but I get my work done. But this is getting to be like last fall, but without the overwhelming depression part of it. It's not that I'm just having problems concentrating on school work, I have problems concentrating, period. Schoolwork, TV shows, stories, nsync, I can't do *anything for a long period of time. A lot of people I trust and respect have been having similar issues, being on edge, not wanting to go out and do things. I don't know. I just don't like feeling like this. I don't know how to make it better, though.

I was doing so well.

I was doing so well. Only 710 calories today - oatmeal for breakfast, 4 mcnuggets for lunch, 3 chiknuggets for a snack, and lots of water. Then came dinner. LOL Waffles with PB&J. This alone is pretty much 710 calories. <.g> Oh, well. Still under 1500, provided I don't try and snack during the West Wing premiere. <.giggle>

Studying pretty much flew out the damn window earlier this afternoon. I have to start again. Soon.

Well, I have messages in

Well, I have messages in with my uncle and the White Star Lounge guy. Wish me luck.....

LOL Kate and I just

LOL Kate and I just spent the last 20 minutes giving each other pep talks on how we'll stay sane if we get to meet Lance and Joey. LOL We're insane. But I've agreed to slap her if she squeals and she's agreed to kick me if I start mumbling vowel sounds and have to run away. <.g> We refuse to be insane, freaky fans who, like, cry when they meet them. Because those fans are idiots, and we're really intelligent women.

And this intelligent women must now take a shower so she can study more for the 11am midterm, so she can come back to call her uncle and try desperately to find a way to above party.

October 09, 2001

ARGH!!!!!! AIM broke!!! I have

ARGH!!!!!! AIM broke!!! I have no buddy list, I can't IM anyone. AOL isn't doing great, mail is having a hard time sending, and blogger isn't letting me publish. I am quite distressed.

Lance and Joey are coming

Lance and Joey are coming to Chicago!! Next Wednesday! Thanks to the Loup and the Chicago Transit Authority. Okay, my uncle was a major top guy in the CTA for years and years, up until a few months ago. Wonder if he has any connections still?? And does the fact that the Loup service is for 13-18 year olds mean that the party is only for them? That's generally NOT the target audience for the Kiss.... I so must investigate this farther.

Also on that link, find your Nysnc nickname. I am Lance's Sexy Cuddletoy.

I have super fun plans

I have super fun plans for Friday!!!!!! Meghan invited me to go with her and some friends to Curtis Orchards and find pumpkins, then bring them back to her place to carve, drink apple cider and watch It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! I am so excited.

Also, I took the time after lab to do some studying. I so know all of my muscles from lab #4. <.bows> I am very proud of myself. I might not fail the quiz. LOL Of course, now what I really have to study is Audiology. So, wish me luck!

October 08, 2001

Well, I did everything but

Well, I did everything but do the lab assignment, and I could have studied more. Could be worse. I'll try and do the lab tomorrow afternoon, and study more after Angel.

Aarti is cooking something for her sister downstairs, and I think I'm allergic. All of a sudden, I smelled something, and my throat got scratchy and my nose got itchy and my eyes got watery. No fun.

I'm trying to find the "On the Line" MP3, 'cause I can't seem to find or download the one Miggie has, and all I found was the new nsync song "Falling" which is also on the soundtrack. I like that one, too, but I want On the Line! LOL

Angel was too depressing. ER's been depressing all season. Both eps. <.g> Buffy made me cry. I don't like these trends. Where's my funny?

Oh, wow. Remember my friend

Oh, wow. Remember my friend Amy, who lived by WTC 7 and can't really get back to her place for a few weeks or months? She's the one who gave me the Eden Riegel autograph when I was in Maryland. It turns out that Eden actually lives (lived?) in the same apartment building that she does (did)! She apparently had much more damage, since she faced the WTC, unlike Amy.

I'm instructed Kate to not

I'm instructed Kate to not let me stay up later than 10 or 10:30 tonight. I am SO TIRED!!! AUGH! Plans for today:

10 - Stats
11 - Audiology class review
12 - drag Lauren to computer lab to do lab assignment
1 - stupid icky anatomy class that will be passed watching my watch to see who pops up
3 - study audiology
6:30 - head to Lauren's to transcribe 5 minutes of Land Dev tape with her and Meghan
8 - study audiology

Sounds kinda manageable...

October 07, 2001

Witness how little work is

Witness how little work is getting done. I still have 3 math problems left! but E! is doing a Buffy night - right now is Aly and Alexis doing the celebrity adventure, and they are really so adorable together. I love it. It's so weird hearing Alexis without an English accent. <.giggle> And next is "Buffy's Back" about the start of the new season.

I really am determined to get the stats done, however. Then tomorrow I can study for audiology, Tuesday for stats and Wednesday for anatomy.

Lance has a cocker spaniel

Lance has a cocker spaniel named Lexi. I swear I'm ready to burst into tears - she looks so much like my Liesl. What a beuatiful, beautiful, beautiful dog.

I want my baby back.

I've been trying to get

I've been trying to get work done today, but I'm not being very productive. I'm nearly done with my stats homework, however, which is a good thing. I've had a news channel on mute pretty much all day - ABC and MSNBC on flips. That's how I learned the Emmys were canceled. Mom told me they would be (right when she told me the attacks would happen in about an hour or two. She was dead on with both), but I had kinda hoped she'd be wrong. I started flipping through other channels about 15 minutes ago. I couldn't stand to see the words anymore, even tempered by listening to Tchaikovsky's Greatest Hits. So I found out that Colin Firth's Pride and Prejudice is on A&E right now.

Now that's Must See TV.

It started. We're bombing Afghanistan.

It started. We're bombing Afghanistan. I'm not ready for this. Neither is the MSNBC lady. Her voice is shaking.

I wanted to watch the Emmy's tonight. Will they still be on?

I'm back!! I went to

I'm back!! I went to my first frat party, and survived. <.giggle> It was kinda fun, actually, but I preferred the bars we went to before hand. We hit Murphy's and Legends, and then the party. I did drink a little - it turns out that I love Mike's Hard Lemonade and Jack Daniels Hurricane Punch. LOL I just don't feel comfortable drinking outside my home yet. I most likely would have drunk a LOT more of the Hard Lemonade had I not suddenly had a panic attack that somehow I'd be caught on the way home, underage drunk. <.g> Kinda took the fun out, but it's a valid fear, I think. So I'll ask Kate to get some for her party in November, and have fun then! When my room is just a few jumps up the stairs.

Kate did my hair, too, and it turned out really cute. She curled it and everything! Wish I had my digital camera hooked up!! I'd show pictures. : )

October 06, 2001

Told Kate I was tired

Told Kate I was tired and got handed a Mountain Dew along with a "You ARE going." So, yeah, going. <.g> Half of my outfit is Kate's. LOL I brought a black babydoll tee and cute black shoes, she lent me black pants, black socks and a red hoodie. LOL She says it looks cute. I'm just going to trust her.

Oh, yeah, taking off the supercool Nsync watch. LOL

Now I just don't want

Now I just don't want to go. <.g> I've been watching Good Will Hunting, and really all I want to do is curl up and go to sleep. I guess we'll see if I get dragged along. I kinda want to go out, just not tonight.

I am SO TIRED!!! I

I am SO TIRED!!! I took a short nappish thing before Buffy, but I'm zonked now. And we're going out to the bars before heading to Greg's party. How on earth am I going to stay awake? How on earth am I going to study tomorrow? AUGH! LOL This probably wasn't the best weekend to decide to be a typical college student. I have the audiology exam Wednesday, Anatomy quiz Thursday evening, followed by the Stats test Thursday night. Plus, chances are, I have to do a little presentation type thingie Thursday in EPS.

I think we're leaving at 11:45. Give me 45 minutes to decide what to wear and get ready, maybe I can get an hour or so of sleep in before we go?

Wow, we had such a

Wow, we had such a great day!!!! My little boy is so cool. <.g> Anyway, I now own my own nsync watch. <.giggle> So does Josh - I was demonstrating how it sang all of "Bye Bye Bye" and he decided he wanted a singing watch, too. LOL I also bought a copy of Nov's Teen People for Kate, with the big nsync interview. It was hysterical! They crack me up. I loved that they kept saying things that were so juicy and yet could not be printed in a teen magazine. <.g> So, yeah, I gave it to Kate, but rather unwillingly. At least it's near by if I ever want to look at Lance in leather again. LOL

So, as I promised Krissy, I'm going to the frat party with Kate tonight. Of course, I agreed before I found out that it starts at midnight, and really I have to study a LOT tomorrow. Whoops. Oh, well, it'll be fun still. I hope. <.g>

People came to check out our apartment today, and Kate said they spent a LOT of time in my room. It was at that point I realized I had my Lance wallpaper on the screen. <.groan> So what we're looking at is nsync, Snow White, Harry Potter and Buffy being my themes. <.wince> Yeah, a 20 year old lives here. Really.

Argh! Say it ain't so,

Argh! Say it ain't so, Miggie!! I do NOT want Justin to grow back the fro. I swear, I never thought the boy was even remotely goodlooking until he got the buzz cut. He was hot in "Gone." He grows the hair back, I have to take back the very few nice things I've said about him. <.g>

And LOL!!! Love you too,, dearie. <.giggle> I take it your signing up for my classes? LOL

Counting the days until the OTL soundtrack is released....

October 05, 2001

Now I made an Nsync

Now I made an Nsync one. Eeek! LOL I think I'm going to have to be putting a new misc. gallery on c-r for nsync pics. <.groan>

Mom, dad and Josh are leaving around 9 or 9:30 tomorrow, to arrive here between 11-12. I'll be getting up around 9 in order to clean the entire morning and get ready for what will most certainly amount to about 20 minutes in the townhouse. LOL We're gonna all walk to the quad and the Chocolate Bar (there's a place on campus that ONLY sells chocolate - drinks, candy, coffee, etc. Yum.), then maybe see a movie or go shopping. Should be a nice day!

I made a Lance wallpaper.

I made a Lance wallpaper. <.groan> I can't believe it. LOL Just adds to the fact that Kate and I went to Toys R Us and bought her the nsync watch. <.g> Then, we went to Barnes and Noble next door and read a teenybopper magazine interview with Lance and Joey about the movie. LOL I felt the need to grab and read a WW2 magazine after finishing BOP to regain some brain cells. LOL

Meanwhile, I need to find a way to keep my AIM up and not block Lance and Dirk the ferret. LOL

October 04, 2001

I saw Buffy, I saw

I saw Buffy, I saw Buffy! I cried. I miss Giles already. I love Spike babysitting Dawn, I love that he's trusted to. I laughed so hard with Giles and Anya beating each other up. I loved Tara in the teaser - so funny and confident and fitting in. And Willow's so powerful! I love that Willow and Tara have moved in. Dawn has two mommies. <.g> That kinda freaked Aarti out - she and Kate decided to watch with me. In the first scene, I said, "That's Willow. She's dating Tara and is a witch," but I guess she missed it, because she was very confused as to why they were in bed together. <.g> Speaking of which, I love how touchy feely they were - much more so than on WB. The whole show has a more adult bent to it now, like with the allusions to rape. They never would have been able to even suggest such a thing. Not that it's a good thing to suggest, or in anyway comperable to Willow and Tara's sweetness, but you get the point. <.g>

This is so disjointed, I'm sorry. LOL I cried when Xander realized that they'd left Buffy to claw her way out. I cried that she had to. I cried when Giles left, and he hugged everyone. Especially Xander. It made me sad that he blamed Buffy's death on himself. Dawnie sleeping next to the Bot made me cry. It was a tissue-worthy episode, and so powerfully written. I bow to Marti Noxon - I'm glad she's EP now.

I'm sure I'll have more to say Saturday night, after it really airs by me. <.g>

Okay, so I got a

Okay, so I got a 45% on the stats homework and 100% on the lab. LOL I think I'll try some of the homework again after lab. <.giggle> Also watched all of the Making of the Video On The Line, which is really fun. Joey and Lance make me giggle - they were obviously having fun with it, and I like to see that.

At some point, it will be necessary for me to change the lightbulb in my room. <.g> I've been doing work in Kate's...

I can't believe it's already

I can't believe it's already time to think about where I'm living next year! I'm not ready. <.g> I do have a few options, however.

1. Become an RA in the dorms. This has positives and negatives. For one thing, room and board is totally covered, plus I get a monthly stipend. So, no need for a job, I'd be paid for staying in my room. Something I do anyway. <.g> But, the downside is that I'd be alone. I'd have the room to myself, and I don't know how good a job I'd do at socializing outside of what I needed to do. And when I get to feeling very sad, which happens more than I'd like, I need to have friends around. So that's a big something to consider.

2. Live with Kate and Meghan. I would LOVE to live with Kate again. We're awesome together. We're talking about going to grad school together. Problem? Meghan is her best friend, and I don't like her so much. I mean, she's a nice person. Quite a lot of fun, really. But she's a special ed major and all I can think when I listen to her talk is that I would not want Josh or any of my kids in her classroom. Special Ed is obviously something I feel strongly about, and I tend to look at what people think about that and inclusion and pretty much form an opinion on their personalities from it. I suppose that's judging them, and probably not always fair, but I can't help it. Besides which, Meghan totally intimidates me, and I'm almost terrified to speak in her presense. <.g> But I'd love to live with Kate again, and there's always the chance that I'll get a backbone sometime over the next year and things will be fine.

Any thoughts? Other things I should consider? I'd love to hear from you.

This guy pretty much summed

This guy pretty much summed up my feelings on last night's West Wing very nicely.

I'm so tired! Very weird.

I'm so tired! Very weird. I went to bed before 11, but I so oddly woke up before my alarm! And I couldn't fall back asleep, so I dozed for nearly an hour before getting up. Oh, well. I'm gonna have SUCH a busy day today. Class at 10, back at 11 to do the assignment due at 1, class at 1, back here to work on some more Stats homework, class at 3:30, back to finish more Stats, class at 6, back around 7:30 to watch Friends and finish the Stats homework. LOL If I really put my mind to it, I think I can get everything done. Wish me luck!

October 03, 2001

Wow. I mean, seriously, truly,

Wow. I mean, seriously, truly, incredibly, wow. I bow to Aaron Sorkin. He made me laugh, cry, think, and reflect on what is happening to our country without actually making anything happen to the WW-verse country. I I loved every bit of it. I need to rewatch it to be coherant. But I do know that the opening with the cast explaining the episode was amazing, and that closing it with Buffalo Springfield's For What It's Worth was genius. Perfect ending. Chilling, even. And the, that was awesome. I didn't know the story of Isaac and Ishmael, even though I did know Sarah and Abraham. Fascinating. And so applicable now.

There's something happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear. There's a man with a gun over there, telling me I got to beware.

I think it's time we stop, children, what's that sound, everybody look what's going down.
There's battle lines being drawn, nobody's right if everybody's wrong.
Young people speaking their minds, getting so much resistance from behind.

I think it's time we stop, hey, what's that sound, everybody look what's going down.

What a field-day for the heat, a thousand people in the street.
Singing songs and carrying signs, mostly say, hooray for our side.

It's time we stop, hey, what's that sound, everybody look what's going down.

Paranoia strikes deep, into your life it will creep.
It starts when you're always afraid. You step out of line, the man come and take you away

We better stop, hey, what's that sound, everybody look what's going down.

I do don't wanna be

I do don't wanna be doing homework now. I spent a lot of my afternoon playing at On the Line's official site. It's kinda fun. <.g> Also watched making of the video for the title song - Lance raps, Joey gets solos, it's really pretty fun. And also on the soundtrack, Joey gets a WHOLE SONG to himself. <.g> And from what I can see in screenshots, Lance sings, too. Very exciting. It's coming out on Oct. 26 now, which is when Gen is coming to visit Kate and I. She's not quite an nsync fan in any way, so won't she be surprised that we see it once or twice? <.g> Oh, and Kate and I are gonna see Zoolander this weekend - Lance has a few cameos. <.snicker> We're so sad.

Anyway. Yeah, all that, and BRAND NEW West Wing on in a minute!! WHEEEEE!! Kate and I are gonna watch and do our Silver Ingrid ab crunches. <.g>

On now, like the opening...

Good God. Chicago is apparently

Good God. Chicago is apparently on high alert - there was a cement wall built around the Sears Tower to protect it. *Over night.* It wasn't there yesterday, but it's there now. Wow.

And on a funner note - mom taped Buffy and is overnighting it! Yay!

Oh, and did I mention

Oh, and did I mention that like 95% of my usual blogger reads are Buffy fans?! Luckily I've discovered this only by reading posts from yesterday that count down the hours, no one actually talking about it yet. This'll be easier next week. I think it's just this week I'm going to be militantly anti-spoiler, after this I'll be okay knowing what happens. But this episode is special.

You have no idea how

You have no idea how much I want to run to the Kitten boards and read summaries of Buffy last night. Or transcripts. ARGH!!!! I've been going insane. <.g> I talked to Johnny right at 9, who was under strict rules to tell me nothing, and begged for details. LOL All I got was that I'll need tissues about 45 minutes in, the first hour was masterful writing, a few quotes, and knowledge that Anya in her bunny costume stayed in the credits. <.g> I can't even go into my Giles folder for fear of seeing episode related e-mails that I'd be trying to open.

The wait is gonna kill me.

October 02, 2001

I cannot wait for this

I cannot wait for this movie!!

And can I just say

And can I just say that this is very sexy and impressive?

Oh, God. LOL I was

Oh, God. LOL I was in Kate's room looking at JC pics, having sent her to Church of JC. And there we found the JC bending back picture. Kate likes it very, very, very much. <.g> And it is yummy. So I said that I wanted to find yummy Lance pictures like that. She said she didn't think they existed, I said all they had to do was take a picture of what he does on stage, as he bends over quite nicely then. Kate agreed, but cautioned that Lance doesn't have the tummy of JC. I told her that that wasn't the way I like to see Lance bent over, and she couldn't stop laughing for a full two minutes. LOL I think I shocked her. <.g>

Meanwhile, she's working on the sequel to her nsync story. I get to be Lance's date for the Christmas party!! We went to high school together, long time friends, and he flew me in. Very exciting.

I uploaded Victor Comstock Woke

I uploaded Victor Comstock Woke up Gay!! Now Kate wants me to write an nysnc story. <.groan> Apparently the fact that I'm writing again means I should be writing Real people fic. Hmmm.

ARGH! Where are my WENNer

ARGH! Where are my WENNer friends when I need them?! I wrote a new WENN story! "Victor Comstock woke up gay." <.giggle> If you scroll down my sidebar, you'll see a link to the site that hosts the Wake Up Gay series. Super giggly fun!

So, yeah. Got out of lab early, headed to Panera to study, and did. For 20 minutes. For the remaining 70, I wrote the story. LOL Oh, well. The test was kinda hard, too. but at least now I know how to study for it, right??

Oh, this is fun! I

Oh, this is fun! I finally figured out how to have alt text on my links. <.giggle> I'm not sure when that will really come in handy, to be honest, but hey, it's fun. LOL So, what can I link to to demonstate my new found knowledge and skill? Here we go: Daiva's name is NOT on the list of missing and presumed dead that MSNBC gives for the WTC! That made me so happy. I saw the address on the scroll, and went to check it out. I was pretty much holding my breath by the time I hit the Js, and almost burst into tears of relief when it went from Jurgens to Kandell. No Jurys!

Yummy breakfast - Thomas' fresh

Yummy breakfast - Thomas' fresh blueberry waffles, morning star buffalo wings and skim milk. <.giggle> And, of course, Sports Night prominantly featured Casey and Dan in their underwear for most of the 30 minutes. My kind of episode!

October 01, 2001

Love the picture, lady godiva.

Love the picture, lady godiva. <.giggle> Actually, love ALL the Nsync pictures. And I agree, Lance should have been under JC.

Whoooooo!!!!! Screen shots of Nsync's

Whoooooo!!!!! Screen shots of Nsync's new video, Gone!!!! Let's see, which are my favorites? Lance and JC all 1920s-y. Chris. Lance and Joey. YUM! Lance dancing. The guys on the stairs. Extreme sexy Lance close-up. Joey (my mom's favorite).

Hmmm, gee, anyone noticing a theme? <.snicker> Anyway, you can look at the other 80 or so on your own. LOL

Hmmm. Last time I took

Hmmm. Last time I took the color test at emode, I'm pretty sure I was brown. Now I'm blue:

You're blue — the most soothing shade of the spectrum. The color of a clear summer sky or a deep, reflective ocean, blue has traditionally symbolized trust, solitude, and loyalty. Most likely a thoughtful person who values spending some time on your own, you'd rather connect deeply with a few people than have a bunch of slight acquaintances. Luckily, making close friends isn't that hard, since people are naturally attracted to you — they're soothed by your calming presence. Cool and collected, you rarely overreact. Instead, you think things through before coming to a decision. That level-headed, thoughtful approach to life is patently blue — and patently you!

Well, I definitely prefer a few very close friends to anything, but I don't think people are naturall attracted to me. <.giggle> And I do think things through (too much) before making a decision, but I do overreact. A lot. LOL

I should be studying now. I have a lang dev exam tomorrow. But honestly, this is practically the third time I've taken this class, and it's nothing I didn't learn senior year in HS or last year during Child Psych. So I'm sick of reviewing.

Wow.... The entire cast of


The entire cast of TV show The West Wing are donating their salaries from a special terrorist attack episode to disaster-related charities.

The drama, which is being filmed over the weekend, revolves around the White House being in lockdown following an attack by extremists.

Actors are donating their salaries for the episode to charities such as American Red Cross and the Twin Towers Fund.

The episode is airing on Wednesday. I can't wait.

Oh. My. God. I'm watching

Oh. My. God.

I'm watching my first Christmas commerical of the season.

That's wrong! First of all, it's a Christmas CD. Everyone knows that the first commerical has to be those razor people. Second, it's only OCTOBER!! AHHHH!!!

Kate's so much fun

<.giggle> Kate's so much fun to shop for. I'm gonna get her an nsync barbie doll for her birthday (11-27) and Darrin's Dance Grooves for Christmas. If she's going to force me to learn nsync's dance routines, at least we can get some help. <.g>

This weekend was pretty fun, actually. David turned out to be an nsync fan, so we chatted about them for awhile. All of those hours I was forced to listen to techno, and I could have been listening to Nsync. <.sigh> Oh, well. LOL Saw my grandfather, too. He was at home, at least temporarily. On the couch, lying down, hooked up to IVs and other nasty stuff. But making sarcastic comments and laughing, which I found to be good. Dad was cranky, but not overly so. He ended up driving me back last night, and we went out to dinner with Kate. I think he enjoyed himself. Kate and I can be pretty silly, and he doesn't usually get to see me silly. It makes him laugh. <.g>

Josh's horse show was *fantastic.* Oh, my God, he's so cute. He got third place! Okay, granted, four kids in his class, but third place! He didn't really listen to the judge's instructions, he was too busy hamming it up for the crowd. <.giggle> He'd wave and smile and giggle and I can't wait to get the pictures developed! He found this one family in the stands (NOT ours LOL) and pointed to them and waved and just was generally the most sociable one there. LOL When he got off the horse, he tried to go over there and say hi to them, since they had been so sweet and waving back to him and all. LOL Mom didn't let him, though, so he just stopped her and said THANK YOU FAMILY. <.giggle> He is so awesome!!! I love my baby boy.

Oh, and shoot. Jennie-girl, remind me to tell you why it's cool I drove by Brother Rice HS, okay? 'Cause it is. <.g>

Oh, and I passed my physiology test! It wasn't even a D-. Close, but hey, I passed. LOL

September 29, 2001

Mirror, mirror on the wall,

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the cutest one you saw? She's underneath the disco ball, the disco ball, the disco ball. Standing next to strobe lights, dancing hot, looking tight. The freaks sure do come out at night, at night, night, night, night. What more (Whoo!) do I have to say? Two-step!

Kate and I sang this all freaking night. LOL It's so silly and bouncy and catchy. (And from the song JC wrote, Up Against the Wall. He really likes the sex images. Digital Getdown, anybody?)

Time to shower to get ready for David's call at 9:30, so he can tell me we're leaving at 10 and not actually come until 11.

September 28, 2001

Kate and Meghan left, like,

Kate and Meghan left, like, 45 minutes ago to rent Bridget Jones for us to watch, and they're not back yet. Weird.

September 27, 2001

WHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! I got a 100%

WHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! I got a 100% on my Stats homework, and saw my first Harry Potter trailer during ER!!!!!!! I've seen two that I downloaded, obviously, but never one for real and never this third one. So YAY! Malfoy, flying, Remembralls, Harry, how exciting!!! Less than two months!

Running off to cadaver lab,

Running off to cadaver lab, but I'm excited about EPS. I got a 5/5 on my homework, and a 10/10 on the last assignment. Wheeee! Yay me! I was getting so bummed with my 8/10s. All it takes it not doing it in 15 minutes, I suppose. <.g>

Remember to read Cairnsy's story

Remember to read Cairnsy's story later...

Whooo! S1 Buffy DVDs on

Whooo! S1 Buffy DVDs on sale January 15!!! 3 DVD set, about $35. I'm excited!

So I guess I AM going home this weekend. I was supposed to, but then I didn't have a way to get back, and I kinda was leaning towards not going. I mean, they're coming to visit me next weekend, anyway. But now my stupid cousin David is giving me a ride back. <.sigh> Oh, well. I might get to see my grandfather in the hospital while I'm home. Did I mention he was back there? His kidneys have begun to fail. Those of you who watch ER know that that's the first organ to start failing. : (

I think my intro makes

I think my intro makes it sound like Horace Mann did good things, and the rest of the paper talks about all the not so good things he did, or the good things he didn't do. And I'm not entirely sure I answered the question correctly, because I lost the question. And frankly, I don't know that my conclusion makes sense. But I have a conclusion, which is something I don't always do. And the whole thing is done. And it's four pages. So things could really be a lot worse, honestly.

September 26, 2001

I've come to the conclusion

I've come to the conclusion that while it is short, it's not a BAD essay. Just, you know, short. I'm tired. Bad paper, go away. Writing conclusion and saying "Hell with it!"

Good God, I hope this

Good God, I hope this is four pages.

Hmmm. Okay, took a break

Hmmm. Okay, took a break to play a Harry Potter game with Kate and her "buddy" Amie, who's 11. (I won. Hee hee!) But so far, my paper is 2.5 pages. It's supposed to be 5-6. I hate limits like that. If I can get it to 4 pages and have my fifth page be my name, I'll be satsified.

Wish me luck.

You know, I don't think

You know, I don't think that this paper will be long enough. Hmmmm.

I still love "Gone," but

I still love "Gone," but I totally believe that Justin wrote it. For himself. <.g> And then he got his girlfriend's director to come and make the video - for him. LOL It's seriously 97% Justin, and the rest just get tiny flashes. And Lance's face kept getting obstructed by the "World Premiere" logo in the corner. Drove me insane. LOL

Oh, and TRL had Justin on the phone for an interview. I had read earlier that his and Britney's vacation place where they're staying right now had been broken into. Justin said nothing was taken. AOL, E!Online, and Brit's publicist say that $5000 worth of video equipment, including a video of Justin and britney "intimate," and alcohol was taken. Gee, wonder WHY he prefered to say nothing was taken? LOL I mean, first, ew. Did they not learn anything from Rob Lowe or Tommy and Pamela Lee? Also, I could have so lived without knowing they video themselves. Bad image. Two, Britney's publicist said that the alcohol could have belonged to anyone in their families staying there. Uh-huh. Right. <.g> Cracks me up...

Okay, I had TRL on

Okay, I had TRL on for 20 minutes and I had to turn it off. LOL Do they deliberately pick idiots to talk during the videos? And why can't they show a video without idiots talking or the tickers running underneath them? I want to hear the music and see the pretty people, damn it. So obnoxious. I'll hope Kate is taping and watch with her later. <.g>

Trading Spaces time!

Well, the test is over.

Well, the test is over. <.shrug> That's about as much as can be said about it. Lauren and I crammed for the hour beforehand, and I knew most of her note cards. So I think I may have reached our goal of 65%. LOL I knew a lot, but i don't know how much. Oh, well. Now I have another 2-3 pages to write in my exam essay due tomorrow. BLAH! I should have worked on it last night, but you all saw the condition I was in. LOL I still don't know why - no sugar, no alcohol, no stimulants of any kind! LOL Just a natural high. I think Kate and I were egging each other on. LOL We ended up staying awake past 1am. It was fun, but not very productive for either of us. <.giggle>

Okay, God help me, I have TRL on while I clean my room. I'm sure that Gone will premiere at #1 today, but I don't want to miss it. <.g> it's a good song!! I love how it kinda sounds silent movie-ish. <.g> And Lance looks way hot in the video - he lost weight and gained muscles! Which is a bad thing, because previously I weighed less than him. Now I'm not so sure. LOL

Oh, man, I want Dan

Oh, man, I want Dan Rydell right now. I want a Dan Rydell. I fell so in love with his character in today's episode! He spent the whole time trying to get Rebecca to watch a baseball game with him. That's it. And at the end, he was telling her how he would tear down the wall she built around herself after her divorce, and he was in that for the long haul, and would stay no matter how long it took him to do it. She replied that she had booked a suite at a hotel, where a bottle of wine was chilling, waiting for them. He said that would speed things up considerably. <.g> But then she told him to bring the tape of the ballgame, and the smile on his face was AMAZING! He was so happy! And he walked out with her, and put his arm around her, and was just totally smiling. I'm not seeing how Sloop John B was appropriate music to be playing in the background (Drinking all night, got into a fight, I feel so broke up, I wanna go home; this is the worst trip I've ever been on, I wanna go home), although it does fit Jeremy's storyline. But not Dan's. Oh, well. Guess it's foreshadowing. I kinda like ending the episodes with fun music - last week they used Crimson and Clover. LOL

Okay, must study now.

Okay, test from 1-2:30 today.

Okay, test from 1-2:30 today. prayers welcomed. I'm so gonna need them. <.whimper> I'm trying so hard to remember things. I hope that when I see the test, I realize more sunk in than I thought. That happens sometimes....right?

From Krissy: My journal's name

From Krissy:
My journal's name is Blue Roses.
I call it this because I like the color blue, and I like roses. LOL They're also very rare. S'm I! <.g>
I've changed the name never.
I've changed the location never.
I've had an online journal since April 2000, with Kristine, and December 2000 by myself
I have a tendancy to blather on about nsync, Harry Potter, or other fluffy things instead of what's really on my mind.
My layout changes kinda often.
I like reading journals that are written by interesting or funny people who are interested in the same things I am.


Oh My God. LOLOLOLOL This is so horrible, kate and I laughed hysterically for so long. We've both been so hyper and bouncy and LOUD all night long, and I started to read a nsync story on matthew time's page. And Kate had read aloud a little bitty one to me earlier, and I was almost done with this one, so she came in and I was reading to her. But i still had my MP3s playing, right? And it was total porn that I was reading aloud, which, okay, NEVER did before, but it was fun. But then ELMO came on my MP3 player singing with the Goo Goo Dolls!!! And i was reading porn! I started screeching and had to turn off the music fast, and then Kate was laughing so hard she fell off my bed.

This post sounds like a 13 year old wrote it, and it looks like it too, but I am SO BOUNCY and i DON"T KNOW WHY and I have to finish my porn and go to bed so I can fail my test tomorrow!!

September 25, 2001

Heaven help me, I just

Heaven help me, I just watched a preview of Nysnc's new video on TRL. And yes, of course I'm watching the premiere of it tomorrow. I never even knew when the show was on, now I find myself watching. I do like the song, though. (Gone) And the video seems nifty. Black and white, serious, love it.

Pretty much gave up on the test. Now I'm doing my other physiology assignment due tomorrow. I hope I get credit on it. Watch me not.

I hate school. I hate

I hate school. I hate classes. I hate tests. I'm sick of school, and it's barely midterms, if even.

Okay, granted, today sucks because it's a bad anniversary. So I'll just buck up, keep reading my physiology book over and over, and hope lots of people keep sending me mail so I can hear Lance say "Oh, baby" when it comes into my mailbox.

Kristine reported the top 100

Kristine reported the top 100 banned books and which of them she's read. I could rant about the horridness of stupid people who ban books, but I'll just relay the ones I've read, as well, plus comments. LOL This might get long....

Scary Stories (Series) by Alvin Schwartz (How could you not love these?)
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou (She's an amazing woman.)
The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain
Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck (7th grade English)
Harry Potter (Series) by J.K. Rowling (I don't believe anything needs to be said here)
Forever by Judy Blume
Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson (we read this in school! Josh is this year, too.)
Alice (Series) by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor (This is a fabulous series for young girls!!)
Heather Has Two Mommies by Leslea Newman (and the Harry Potter spoof, Harry has Two Uncles....)
The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger (Freshman year in college)
The Giver by Lois Lowry (My God, I love this book! Third graders read it at Josh's old school!)
Goosebumps (Series) by R.L. Stine
The Great Gilly Hopkins by Katherine Paterson
A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle (One of my all time faves)
The Stupids (Series) by Harry Allard (Erin and I found this one day and laughed our asses off in the middle of Waldenbooks...)
The Witches by Roald Dahl (Fabulous book!)
Anastasia Krupnik (Series) by Lois Lowry (WHY is this banned?! I love Anastatia!!!!)
Blubber by Judy Blume
Killing Mr. Griffin by Lois Duncan
We All Fall Down by Robert Cormier
Julie of the Wolves by Jean Craighead George (My mom read this to me when I was 9. She skipped the rape. I didn't know it was there for years...)
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee (This is Chicago's book! Mayor Daley is trying to make everyone read it.)
Beloved by Toni Morrison (Senior year in HS, English class)
The Pigman by Paul Zindel (I still love this book)
Deenie by Judy Blume
Annie on my Mind by Nancy Garden (I really want to read this again.)
A Light in the Attic by Shel Silverstein (Not SHEL! How can they ban Shel?! He's a genius.)
Brave New World by Aldous Huxley (Mom made me read it before 8th grade, and it still blows my mind. Love it.)
Sleeping Beauty Trilogy by A.N. Roquelaure (Anne Rice) (I took them out of the library, because I love the fairy tale, not quite knowing what I was doing. I was 16. Why did they let me take them out? LOL I'd love to buy them, though.)
Cujo by Stephen King (Okay, never read it, but this was our nickname for Liesl. : ) )
James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl (Josh's favorite!)
Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret by Judy Blume
The Face on the Milk Carton by Caroline Cooney (I love the whole trilogy.)
Carrie by Stephen King (8th grade. My friends' parents were horrified.)
Family Secrets by Norma Klein (I've read everything by her. She rocked so much.)
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain (7th grade English was a good time for banned books, I guess)
Summer of My German Soldier by Bette Greene (I still read this and the sequel. Beautiful books.)
The Drowning of Stephen Jones by Bette Greene
View from the Cherry Tree by Willo Davis Roberts (This author also wrote Sunfire books. That's how I found this one)
The Headless Cupid by Zilpha Keatley Snyder
The Terrorist by Caroline Cooney (This was scary, but is that a reason to ban it?!)

41 of 100. not bad.....

Oh, fun fun Miggie wavs!

Oh, fun fun Miggie wavs! I need to find a place to have Lance tell me, "Oh, baby." LOL God, I love his voice. <.g>

I'm very sleepy and cold. Wish I didn't have to go to class this morning, then I could study some, maybe do some writing. I love this class, but see how much I keep trying to skip it? LOL

I swear to God I had something of actual substance to blog, but it has gone poof from my mind. Huh.

September 24, 2001

Woo-hoo, two full pages done!

Woo-hoo, two full pages done! very nearly half way there. And I had so much fun with Miggie tonight! yay! And Angel - wow! Shocking ending! Let's discuss, people. <.g>

And Wade.

And Wade.

And lance and Joey and

And lance and Joey and JC Chris and Justin.

Blogging the link from Miggie

Blogging the link from Miggie for ongoing boyband fic so I don't lose it.

I cannot read this story

I cannot read this story until I finish one full paragraph. End of story. After all, Angel's premiere is on at 8 tonight, followed by the granger-weasley chat.

Okay, I typed that at approximately 5:15. Did I send it? No, because I've been in Kate's room this whole time. LOL Sprawled out on her floor, writing a full page of paper, and listening to the Nsync Christmas CD. <.giggle> We're crazy. But on the first chilly day (it was 58 today), I like to listen to Chrismas Carols. I, however, don't have any here. But Kate does, and she suddenly called out that she wanted to listen. So I told her my tradition and we settled in. LOL it was lots of fun, and I totally got good work done. I adore their versions of The First Noel and O Holy Night, which was done a capella. They were so amazing, it's unbelievable. Just breathtaking. And I love that you can hear Lance so clearly, keeping the beat with his low sex voice and totally making me shiver. LOL

Now to type up my page and get ready for ANGEL!!!!

Added new cliques in my

Added new cliques in my sidebar, yay! They are fun ones, indeed.

Outlines suck if they can't make you write. LOL I know what I'm going to say, just don't feel like saying it. My thesis is basically, "Horace Mann had very good intentions, but ultimately led us down the road to hell, education-wise." 'Cause he did. He had some good ideas and ideals, but he sucked.

And with language like this, is there no wonder I can't write my essay? LOL

I just downloaded two more

I just downloaded two more songs - Pride by Elmo and the Goo Goo Dolls, and Furry Happy Monsters by Sesame Street Monsters and REM. : ) AG makes me so happy...

September 23, 2001

I'm listening to Elvis sing

I'm listening to Elvis sing "Unchained Melody" and I want to burst into tears. My grandfather loves Elvis. I once bought him a sweatshirt for Christmas that was Farside, about Bob the Elvis impersonator flying with Santa. He wore it every Christmas for almost 10 years, and didn't last year. I don't think he'll be alive to wear it this year, and that's killing me.

I talked to him today. There wasn't much talking. He's not in the joking frame of mind, not that I blame him, and I don't know what to say to him. That's our relationship. We banter, joke, make smart ass comments at each other's expense, and laugh a lot. A whole lot. We haven't laughed in awhile. He just got back from the hospital yesterday, and had a very bad night, didn't sleep. They put in the wrong fucking tube, the bastards, and it doesn't even work.

I keep looking at his picture. I have two tacked up behind my computer - one from when he was healthy, and one from July. He's laughing in both. That's who I want to remember. That's who I want around. God, I miss him so much, and he's not even gone. I want to cry and scream, "Please don't take him away from me" but what's the point? He's going, and I can't stop it, no matter how much it hurts.

Sometimes I go days without blogging about him, but he's never far from my thoughts. I haven't mentioned Liesl in weeks, but I still cry about her. Carol has cancer. I still don't know about Daiva. I cry when I see a memorial service or any reminder of New York. My mom warns me of retaliation attacks that will most likely start next weekend. How much more death can I take? I feel like I'm going to crumble. I babble about inane things, Josh Charles, Lance Bass, stories I'm reading, because I have to. I can't let all of these bad things tear me down like they're trying to do. I have to be strong, but I don't know that I know how. All I know is that Elvis is making me cry.

Ugh. After a full day

Ugh. After a full day or so of eating fine without being sick, it started again. I wonder if there's something I'm *reading that's making me sick to my stomach, or what. LOL Maybe it's Kate telling me over and over that JC is only 145 pounds. ;) I remember when I was 145! I think I'd like to be again. Just, uh, not quite this way.

I'm so tired. I wish I had done more EPS writing. I mean, a full page is fabulous and all, and I do have an outline (aren't you proud, Lady K?), but still. Oh, well.

Downloaded Anne Murray's Danny's Song.

Downloaded Anne Murray's Danny's Song. <.giggle> I have always loved this song! "Even though we ain't got money, I'm so in love with you honey, tell me everything's gonna be all right."

My internet is back! It

My internet is back! It left last night and just came back.

I had a boring day, since I couldn't surf. Wrote a full page in my essay, finished my other EPS assignment, watched nsync on Leno (interview and "Pop" which is SO much fun), watched nsync on Before They Were Stars, watched (can you guess) nsync do the super bowl half time show. Kate came back with videos. <.g> By that point, I needed the distraction, so I was fine with it. LOL

I should write more in my essay, but I can't work myself into it. 4 pages are left, though, and 3 days to write. Maybe I'll try again in a bit.

September 22, 2001

Hee hee, I was person

Hee hee, I was person 11 to try for Dan Rydell. LOL

Man, this day has gone

Man, this day has gone by way too fast. I did succeed in doing all the reading for Wed's exam, plus I reviewed all my notes. I still plan to do more with it tonight, but it's a start. It turns out that the information is actually very interesting, there's just so MUCH of it. I have some mneumonics to remember a lot of bits, but I'm still working on a way to tell which mnuemonic goes with which bit! LOL CTOS is something, I know, but I can't remember what. LOL Tissues, maybe? Connective, uh, and three others. Yeah, still needs work. <.g> But really, I'm fascinated by it, but I don't know how I'll *learn it.

Did you know that cadaver

Did you know that cadaver is an acronym? From the Latin caro data vermibus - "Meat given to worms."

It's kinda cool to see your professor cited in your textbook.

I'm going to start studying

I'm going to start studying at 1 today, so I have 30 minutes of fun-me-time. <.giggle> So, going through my dailies. So far, the uncut version of the HP movie is 4 hours - man, I can't wait for the director's cut DVD. LOL You know there has to be one. Only two months until it's in theaters, though. YAY!!

Okay, lunch time so I can do good work. Wish me luck!

September 21, 2001

Okay, you should be able

Okay, you should be able to now leave me comments for each post. Yay!

God help me. Krissy finally

God help me. Krissy finally got me over to AudioGalaxy. This place will be the death of my computer! I've downloaded 10 songs, and done ONE article. But at least I have good music to listen to now.

Bette Davis Eyes - Bonnie Tyler
Total Eclipse of the Heart - Bonnie Tyler
Amazing Grace - Nsync
Celebration - Nsync (Joey sings lead, and I decided he's the best singer, next to Lance who also has a few solos here)
Just Like Romeo and Juliet - The Reflections
Unchained Melody (live) - Elvis
Every Breath You Take - Anthony Stewart Head
Time - Tori Amos
Toucha Toucha Touch Me - Amber Benson
Time After Time - Cyndi Lauper

Yes, I have very very diverse tastes...

Okay, I've scheduled my entire

Okay, I've scheduled my entire week. It's keeping my mind off the fact that I'm hungry, but afraid to eat. LOL

Friday: Write 3 paragraphs on muscles, start stats homework
Saturday: Study for Wednesday's 375 exam, choose a topic for 390, write thesis for EPS
Sunday: start writing EPS exam, write at least 3/6 sentences for homework
Monday: study 375, write EPS, granger-weasley chat
Tuesday: study 375, write EPS
Wednesday: finish EPS and sentences
Thursday: finish stats
Friday: go home!

My, won't this be a lovely week? Grrr. I found my three articles, now to read them.

Hmmm. I've been avoiding dairy

Hmmm. I've been avoiding dairy products the last few days, to test my theory on whether or not they were making me sick. I've come to the conclusion that I really have no clue. <.g> At first, it really helped and I ddin't feel sick, but then yesterday, I don't know what happened but no matter what I eat, I feel sick. Just now, it was a pickle. Last night, it was sour cream and onion ritz bits. I wish I knew what was up here. I seem to be screwed whether I eat or not. This was not the way I planned to lose weight.

September 20, 2001

I now have 18 Nsync

I now have 18 Nsync songs on my computer, and too many Lance pictures. All courtesy Kate, natch. This is fast getting sad. LOL I downloaded a bunch of songs off of Celebrity - Pop, Game is Over, Gone, Tell me Tell me Baby, etc. Kate made a list. LOL

I'm actually gonna go to bed early tonight. Very soon even. No more 1 ams for me! But tomorrow will suck, as I plan to spend my afternoon in the library doing next week's physiology assignment, so I can spend my weekend frantically trying to study stuff I will never understand, and writing the stupid EPS exam. I can't wait.

Good God. Amy sent us

Good God. Amy sent us some pictures of her apartment building that another tenant took. Her apartment is on the other side, so her windows aren't broken like this, but this is where she *lives.

Woo! Finished Stats and got

Woo! Finished Stats and got a 95%! Gosh, I probably didn't have to miss Lang Dev after all. Oh, well, I felt much more relaxing doing it at 4 than at 9! And since I did end up going to class this morning, I could totally take the next hour for a nap. How wonderful that would be!

God help me, I have te desire to go into Kate's room, borrow her mix CD and copy another N'sync song. Must...resist...

I don't really want to

I don't really want to go to class this morning. I could use the time to type up the assignment I did last night and take a lovely nap. I think that would be time well spent. Of course, classes might be time well spent, as well. I suppose I'll decide at 9:40, when I'm supposed to leave!

Now it's time to watch Steve Colbert do his report on OJ and homosexuality. Gotta love the Daily Show.

September 19, 2001

Lance really likes Dr. Suess.

Lance really likes Dr. Suess. What a cutie pie he is/

I'm very sad right now.

I'm very sad right now. My mom's best friend, and my dear friend, Carol found out today that she has breast cancer. I'm devastated. She's my Buffy buddy. Her son, Brett, was in my camp this past summer, and Carol also works at TI. She has three kids - Jess is going into her senior year of HS this year, Matt's a sophomore, and Bretty is in 5th grade, I think. Her husband is a lazy bum who's barely holding onto his job, and she has so much on her plate already. I know she's strong, but she's used to being the helper, and not helpee. That might be some of the hardest part.

So she has a lumpectomy scheduled for next Friday, followed by chemo and radiation. Mom has already started cooking and freezing food for her, all of her friends are doing something to help. I've asked the GBabes (Carol was with us for a few years) to help me in sending her one or two funny cards a week to cheer her up. I know that would mean the world to her.

God, guys, she's so thin. I can't imagine what chemo and radiation will do to her. But she's a survivor. If anyone can beat this, it's Carol. But she still needs all of our prayers.

Great, now my problem is

Great, now my problem is that it might be too long. LOL

Yikes. Well, I hope it's

Yikes. Well, I hope it's long enough. Now I'm nervous.

Okay, so not a LOT

Okay, so not a LOT of thought went into this assignment. It took a few hours, and it should be long enough, but yeah, not a lot of thought. It can only be one page, how much thought do they want?!

I finish typing this up, and I get to eat dinner. I'm bribing myself. <.g>

Pretty much finished the assignment.

Pretty much finished the assignment. So I have to type it up, and then do the other EPS, which is basically to come up with three questions on the latest chapter. I think that's do able for tonight!

Hee hee. <.g> I'm talking with Jennie's little sister Melissa. LOL She's a sweetie.

September 18, 2001

Yeah, so, gave up. I'll

Yeah, so, gave up. I'll finish the assignment tomorrow during lunch. Then I'll type it up, type up the three questions on the chapter, and then do stats.

Or maybe I'll just skip and do Stats on Thursday afternoon. <.g>

Ha. Finished two of four

Ha. Finished two of four questions, and only one minute behind schedule. (I gave myself an hour to do each, going to bed at midnight.) Amazing, since I didnt start question one until nearly 9. <.g> Ah, well. If I can just get rough drafts done tonight, I can fix them up while I type them up tomorrow night.

Wow, see how I'm not

Wow, see how I'm not doing EPS? I should. But I'm so tired. And I don't want to think. And it sucks. But it has to be done for Thursday. Like the other EPS assignment. And the stats homework. All due Thursday.

Oh, my God! LOL I'm

Oh, my God! LOL I'm watching Comedy Central until Sports Night is on, and guess who's the guest! Peter Krause! That's Casey on Sports Night! And now Nate on Six Feet Under, but Casey on Sports Night! WHEEEE!

I'm looking very American today.

I'm looking very American today. <.g> Mom ironed my fourth of july shirt and sent it with dad. I'm wearing little flags, apple pies, teddy bears, school houses, and stars all over! It's cute. I got it few years ago when I was in Germany for independence day. Showed my American spirit. LOL

My Jennie-girl and I made

My Jennie-girl and I made a bet as to whether Max and/or Todd find out Todd's the dad before or after the baby is born. She says before, I say after. If she wins, I have to write a Nexis story, if she wins, she writes Sonny/Alexis.There shall be no welching on this bet, it has now been publicized. <.g>

Never fails to crack me

Never fails to crack me up - every time "Everything I Own" comes on my MP3 player, Kate is in here singing and talking along with Lance. She must have a special nsync hearing threshold. I have it on super quiet right now, since the other girls are sleeping, and she STILL heard! LOL She even commented that I had it on so quiet, and she was straining to hear so she came in during the right part. <.giggle>

Well, I just hit chapter 20 in the story from hell, and that's it for tonight. <.g> I already read the last two chapters and epilogue (shhhh! Don't tell Kate!), so I feel comfortable leaving the rest for tomorrow. Hee hee. She'd kill me if she knew I had already read the end, before she did, and she's been reading for a week. LOL

September 17, 2001

Oh, man. LOLOL I'm sitting

Oh, man. LOLOL I'm sitting at my computer, reading the nsync story from hell, when I noticed it was raining. I was about to say something to that effect to Kate, when she came barreling into my room and threw herself down on my bed covering her head and laughing. Turns out she, too, had noticed it was raining, but only after she heard some guys on the walkway downstairs saying that. She said, "Holy shit!" really, really loudly, they heard, and started laughing so hard at her. She just got back up and went into her room, and they're still laughing. LOL!

This is a very interesting

This is a very interesting quote, from Sarah Orne Jewett:

In the life of each of us, I said to myself, there is a place remote and islanded, and given to endless regret or secret happiness.

Which is it for you?

God help me, Kate has

God help me, Kate has been reading this story for over a week. And now she sent it to me.

I'm not a very smart

I'm not a very smart person. I think I should probably eat now. It's been about, oh, 18 hours. Give or take a few. And yes, this was done deliberately. I need to work on how I react to feeling bad.

My grandfather went in for surgery at 4 today, to put in a J-tube. It's a direct feeding tube to his small intestine, since he can't keep any food or water down. I'm scared for him. I wish I could have called him before he went in. I know he had a hard time talking last time, very emotional and had to get off the phone, but I love him so much and I want to keep telling him that, over and over again, for as long as possible. Because as long as possible is not as long as I'd like.

I'm watching Bald CJ give

I'm watching Bald CJ give another press conference. I like him.

I saw Bush talking from a mosque today. Never before have I realized how important an image that is. There is a Muslim girl in my major. I don't know her name, but we've talked a few times. She wears the headdress, but American clothing. Wore, I should say. Today, instead of her headdress, she had her hair pulled up into a blue cap. I almost burst into tears. Why shouldn't she be able to follow the customs of her religion? Why must she change because of the idiots in the world? Three-five days a week for the last three years, I have seen her with her traditional wrap. And now it's a baseball cap. <.sigh> I'm horrified.

So I'm back to needing

So I'm back to needing to fill out FAFSA forms and getting another job. <.sigh> Lovely conversation to have first thing Monday morning. I still feel sick over it. I just don't get why he doesn't like me.

September 16, 2001

Tring to distract myself, I

Tring to distract myself, I checked my mail. My favorite Buffy authors, James Walkswithwind and Mad Poetess, are now writing HP slash. Heaven love them, I don't care that it's Percy/Lucius and I don't read Lucius, and frankly I think Percy belongs with Neville if he must be slashed, maybe Oliver, otherwise he's with Penelope, I will read it and love them muchly.

That was a wicked sentence. Wonder if it made sense? But this will - I looked through the Vanity Fair dad got me. Forget the Weasley twins, the kid playing Oliver Wood is so cute. He looks like Jon Jackson did as Lucky!! Very exciting.

Teddy bears do wonders -

Teddy bears do wonders - I feel a little better now. I really felt really bad for awhile. I wish there was an easy solution. Or a solution. But there doesn't seem to be one.

Turns out I was wrong last year, when I thought living in an apartment was an answer for me. I could retreat to my room, but know I had people that I could be with when I needed. Well, I needed to be with people today, and I couldn't manage to get out of my room. They were laughing, talking, having fun, and I didn't think I could do any of those. Maybe it is time to talk to a counselor or someone, like Bobbi suggested. I was not having very good thoughts for awhile, and that makes me unhappy. I was clutching Trevor very tightly so that I didn't do anything I'd regret, and I *didn't. So, yay. But not feeling very yay right now. Why do I let other people's problems get me so down? Okay, yes, this problem is my fault, but while it's a bad situation, I shouldn't feel like this. No one should.

And getting my stats grade didn't help. I only got a B. <.sigh> Fuck.

September 15, 2001

My friend Biz sent me

My friend Biz sent me this's Captain America. Wow.

I had such a great

I had such a great day with my daddy! We went to the mall, and then we went to Damon's, a sports bar, for lunch. FABULOUS food. Then we went to go see Rat Race - OMG, it was hysterical! We laughed all the way through. Loved it, loved it, loved it. We were both wondering how it could possibly end, and the end was *perfect. I can't wait to see that again. : ) Breckin Meyer is SO hot, and Seth Green is a total cutie, and it was so fun!

Then came the *really fun parts. LOL We hit Borders AND Barnes and Noble! Yay!! I bought The Philadelphia Story on DVD, a trashy romance novel to keep my mind on fluffy things, and the latest book in a Elizabeth 1 mystery series I read. Then I bought two Connie Willis books (one a bunch of her short stories, and the other written with another author) and Kilmeny of the Orchard by LM Montgomery, so now I own every Connie Willis book and every LMM! We also spent a few hours browing through a vintage clothing store, which was SO fun, and a rare/vintage/old bookstore right next door. Daddy and I really had a great day. : )

And now I must unpack all the things he brought for me! I know that the HP Vanity Faire is in there, but everything else is surprises. : )

Hee hee. Krissy is blaming

Hee hee. Krissy is blaming me for playing with manipulated pictures. I say, bring it on! Blame me if it makes you make more. <.g>

I read the list of "ten things you can do right now" that she has linked from that above post, and she's right - I totally felt like Molly! And every other character in WW2 homefront books that I've read, which, believe me, is a lot. LOL Part of what makes the homefront so interesting to me has always been the way Americans banded together, stuck together, loved their country, everything I never really felt. I mean, sure, I was American and I was glad of that. But never before have I felt this patriotic love for my country. I like it. I wish it didn't come out just in wars.

Yikes! I told my daddy

Yikes! I told my daddy to come down at 11. So, I set my alarm for nine, giving me two hours to shower, eat, vacuum, finish my grocery list, etc. I checked my IMs from overnight, and mom said that daddy had been so excited to see me, he left at 7! 7! It takes 2-2.5 hours to drive down here.


September 14, 2001

According to the Our Boys

According to the Our Boys West Wing quiz, I am Sam Seaborn. Hmmmm. And in the Sports Night quiz, I am Jeremy Goodwin. Both are fairly complementary, I think, and maybe even close to accurate. Although I'm not half as smart as those characters!

I'm COLD! It's cold out,

I'm COLD! It's cold out, and it's cold in. Kate says to get used to it, because the heat will stay at 72 all winter long. That's not heat! That's going to be really hard for me. At home, we always have to keep the heat high because Josh can't get sick. The dorms were always a comfortable level. This will not be. I'm kind of upset about that. I think I'm PMSing on top of this (I was due yesterday), because that news just makes me want to burst into tears. I think everything is just piling up right now, and something as trivial as needing to wear a sweatshirt all winter long in order to not be cold is just about to topple the pile.

September 13, 2001

Okay, not upset at Kate

Okay, not upset at Kate now. Turns out she's horrified that Aarti read the JC/Lance story I sent, and is panicking that Aarti read her story, because she realizes that it's way more psycho to write than read stories. So Aarti thinks I'm psycho, but I don't care about that very much. I'd be upset if Kate thought that, but she doesn't.

Physiology quiz did NOT go

Physiology quiz did NOT go well. I tried my best, though. The Stats test went much better - I bet I got a high B or A.

The memorial service wasn't really a memorial service. There were at least 3,000 people there, probably more. The chancelor that no one likes right now opened and closed it, and I don't think anyone was impressed with her. The rest of it was mostly music - some Bach, an Adagio, the Glee Club sang songs like "You take the high road, and I'll take the low road, and I'll get to Scotland before you," of which I fail to see the relevance. A Maya Angelou poem was read, as was another one. The best part was when the head of EPS dept gave his personal reflections. He grew up in the South, and talked about all he saw there, from the Birmingham Church bombing to the deaths of all the greats in the 60s - JFK, MLK, RFK, and more. He talked about tolerance and love being the best way to "fight" back, and it was so moving. He was the only speaker/performer to get applause, and it went on forever. He made it worth it.

I can hear Kate and Aarti talking across the hall in Kate's room, and I think it's about me. Okay, so I read slash stories about N'sync. I'm not twisted. I don't read *many stories. I've only read a few, way less than Kate. But because she reads het fic, it's okay? Hell, she's *writing Nsync stories! I don't think she gets to talk about what's disturbing and what's not. If you're going to invade the privacy of a real person by reading/writing about them, how is it worse to put him with his best friend than an "original" character that's really yourself? I was talking sarcastically last night about how everyone put JC and Justin together, when JC *obviously belongs fully with Lance, but I don't think they realized I wasn't being serious. I couldn't give a damn who Nsync sleeps with or dates. I can't even tell all of them apart!

They fucking moved Cheney to

They fucking moved Cheney to Camp David, closed airlines, shut down air space over NY. I'm so terrified, because I'm going to a quiz, followed by the memorial service, followed by an exam! I'm going to be totally removed from everything. I'm nervous.

My mom makes me laugh.

My mom makes me laugh. Ari Fleischer, the press secretary, has obviously been on TV a lot. First mom referred to him as "that CJ guy," and now, "the bald CJ." LOL!! (CJ, of course, being the West Wing press secretary.)

This has been going around

This has been going around the internet since yesterday. An X-Phile in New York has asked Philes everywhere to write "I Want to Believe"
(in whatever you want to believe in) on your car or home windows.

Pick up a web-banner from Jenna.

I want to believe in peace

I'm trying so hard to

I'm trying so hard to be extremely supportive of Bush these days. I think I'm even succeeding. However. <.g> That call to NY? Yeesh, poor guy obviously needs a teleprompter. Of course, he has bigger things on his mind than memorizing a speech, but I think Clinton would have pulled that off better. He's natually a good speaker, something Bush isn't very talented at, IMO. I was laughing at the way he was kind of pacing as he tried so hard to remember, though. That's something I would do. <.g>

NBC, and possibly other stations, are pushing back season premieres one week.

"The first war of the twenty-first century." God help us.

September 12, 2001

Got this forward today. I'm

Got this forward today. I'm feeling so helpless, at least these morale boosters help a little bit.

> Ever since yesterday morning, the chorus from one of my favorite songs has been running through my head, over and over again. The words just seem to speak to what's going on right now.

> Don't let the light go out --
> It's lasted for so many years!
> Don't let the light go out --
> Let it shine through our love and our tears!

> What has happened is an attack on the light of freedom, the light of sanity, the light of peace and hope, all across the world. Let's show the cowards responsible for the attack that it failed! Tomorrow night, 9/13/2001 (American date), put a candle in your window or on your porch, anywhere that it can be seen.

> Picture it -- from every neighborhood, in every city across the globe, tiny points of light glowing in triumph!

> We can make it happen. Forward this to every list you're on, to every email contact you have. Talk to your neighbors about it. Spread the word. We *can* make it happen!

Kate and I are doing it.

Found some. I'm such a

Found some. I'm such a bad person. I was so anti-real person fic. I still see red whenever I see someone writing/advocating David/Gillian. So why is boyband slash okay? Hmmm.

For the last 36 hours, I've been constantly reminded of the Gulf War. I remember when war was declared. That was third grade, the year I was writing down every book I read. (Mom's pet project for me. I ended up with nearly 400, but that's besides the point.) I wasn't supposed to reread any books, which was just *killing me. I adore rereading books. I constantly reread books. War didn't really mean anything to me, but I could tell it meant something for my parents. They were very nervous. I think I picked up on that, but I don't remember for sure. What I do remember is that mom let me reread BSC books for those 6 weeks. I had started rereading one during the announcement, to get out of the room, and she walked in on me sprawled over my bed, reading feverishly. She reminded me I wasn't supposed to reread, but I said that I was scared and it made me feel better, so she let me. I don't remember if I really was scared, or if I was grabbing at the opportunity. I wish I could remember.

I've been feeling so bad these last two days, and there are times I don't feel I have a right to. Are these feelings real, or am I taking advantage of the situation? I can't tell anymore. I do know that a very smart person that I respect greatly posted her feelings on the Scullyfic list, and they exactly, to the letter, matched mine. And all the TV stations are now talking about how it's normal to feel this way, and that it will take time to feel safe again. I think part of it is the university - the official stance seems to be, "Who cares? Go to school." But it seems so unimportant right now. I keep seeing all those people who died, whenever I close my eyes. And I didn't know any of them. Even if Daiva died, I haven't *seen her in 10 years. I've talked to Gabija more recently, of course, and actually, Daiva as well. Last year, in fact, right when she started working at the WTC. But she's not part of my daily life. So why am I so upset? Sometimes I feel like I feel or think things because it's the "right" thing to do, more than actually having the feelings. But I think I do have these feelings now, and I'm not sure I should. Oh, I don't know anymore. I just wish I was handling this better, I guess. There's no real reason for me to be like this, but when it got dark out yesterday and today, I got so irrationally scared and upset. I don't even know if I'm making sense anymore.

This sounds horrible, and I'm

This sounds horrible, and I'm sure I'll regret saying this.

Why can't I find any JC/Lance fic? Everyone pairs JC with Justin, but Lance is so much better for him.


I can't believe I said that.

But I did get my EPS homework done. Shame I didn't do Physiology, but I can't stay focussed on the article long enough. I did try.

America: The Good Neighbor. (from

America: The Good Neighbor. (from the 70s, but stands the test of time.)

Widespread but only partial news coverage was given recently to a remarkable editorial broadcast from Toronto by Gordon Sinclair, a Canadian television commentator. What follows is the full text of his trenchant remarks as printed in the Congressional Record:

"This Canadian thinks it is time to speak up for the Americans as the most generous and possibly the least appreciated people on all the earth.

Germany, Japan and, to a lesser extent, Britain and Italy were lifted out of the debris of war by the Americans who poured in billions of dollars and forgave other billions in debts. None of these countries is today paying even the interest on its remaining debts to the United States.

When France was in danger of collapsing in 1956, it was the Americans who propped it up, and their reward was to be insulted and swindled on the streets of Paris. I was there. I saw it.

When earthquakes hit distant cities, it is the United States that hurries in to help. This spring, 59 American communities were flattened by tornadoes. Nobody helped.

The Marshall Plan and the Truman Policy pumped billions of dollars into discouraged countries. Now newspapers in those countries are writing about the decadent, warmongering Americans.

I'd like to see just one of those countries that is gloating over the erosion of the United States dollar build its own airplane. Does any other country in the world have a plane to equal the Boeing Jumbo Jet, the Lockheed Tri-Star, or the Douglas DC10? If so, why don't they fly them? Why do all the International lines except Russia fly American Planes?

Why does no other land on earth even consider putting a man or woman on the moon? You talk about Japanese technocracy, and you get radios. You talk about German technocracy, and you get automobiles. You talk about American technocracy, and you find men on the moon - not once, but several times - and safely home again.

You talk about scandals, and the Americans put theirs right in the store indow for everybody to look at . Even their draft-dodgers are not
pursued and hounded. They are here on our streets, and most of them, unless they are breaking Canadian laws, are getting American dollars from ma and pa at home to spend here.

When the railways of France, Germany and India were breaking down through age, it was the Americans who rebuilt them. When the Pennsylvania Railroad and the New York Central went broke, nobody loaned them an old caboose. Both are still broke. I can name you 5000 times when the Americans raced to the help of other people in trouble. Can you name me even one time when someone else
raced to the Americans in trouble? I don't think there was outside help even during the San Francisco earthquake.

Our neighbors have faced it alone, and I'm one Canadian who is damned tired of hearing them get kicked around. They will come out of this thing with their flag high. And when they do, they are entitled to thumb their nose at the lands that are gloating over their present troubles. I hope Canada is not one of those."

I'm still having such a

I'm still having such a hard time concentrating. I mean, forget school work. I tried to read Dan/Casey stories, and couldn't even concentrate on them! I alternate between humming Fred Astaire and REM ("Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again," vs. "It's the end of the world as we know it.")

I think I'm going to go try and lay down again. I think I'll fall asleep,

You know, I'm damn proud

You know, I'm damn proud to be an American right now. I keep hearing about what's going on in New York, and I want to cheer. Shoe stores gave out sneakers to women in heels who had to walk. Five seperate strangers offered my friend Amy a place to stay when they learned of her situation. People are pulling together. America may often be a divided place on many issues, but you attack us and we band together. It's going to be hard, but we're all going to get through this. Not that we really have a choice, but we're doing good so far.

Classes didn't much happen today.

Classes didn't much happen today. We reviewed in Stats for the test tomorrow, but Audiology was only talking about our feelings about the the attacks. Physiology was canceled.

Things were pretty subdued on campus. On the quad, the chalk writings generally say things like, "Happy Birthday!" "Got Beer?," things like that. Today, it was all "God Bless America," and ways to help the Red Cross. Religion guys were all out in full force, handing out Bibles. I actually took one. People were standing on every corner, collecting money for the Red Cross. Blood Drives have been set up for October, which is when the country will really be needing it. The National Blood Supply is at an all time high right now, but once you donate, you can't again for 54 days. Few people were doing the red/white/blue thing, instead opting for lots and lots of black.

I borrowed my mom's headphones last weekend, which get radio and TV, so I listened to Bush's remarks. So now he and Powell are both calling it acts of war. When he said that he was going to go to Congress and ask for....<.long pause.>, I was convinced he was going to ask for a declaration of war. No, it was money for relief funds, but that pause terrified me.

I hesitated to do this yesterday, but I have exhausted every venue open to me. If anyone has heard anything about Daiva Jurys, who worked in the WTC, please please please let me know. I know the only nine survivors found today were police and firefighters, but she may have escaped the building early, or not been at work, but I can't find her name anywhere. Thanks.

Okay. Hmmm. I didn't go

Okay. Hmmm. I didn't go anywhere yesterday, and now I don't know where my keys are...

Bush to speak at 9:45

Bush to speak at 9:45 CST. That does me no good! I'll be walking to class then. Bah humbug.

"Did you know that two

"Did you know that two thousand years ago a Roman citizen could walk across the face of the known world free of the fear of molestation? He could walk across the earth unharmed, cloaked only in the words ‘Civis Romanis’ I am a Roman citizen. So great was the retribution of Rome, universally understood as certain, should any harm befall even one of its citizens. … Where is the retribution for the families and where is the warning to the rest of the world that Americans shall walk this earth unharmed, lest the clenched fist of the most mighty military force in the history of mankind comes crashing down on your house!?"
--Josiah Bartlet

I love quoting West Wing, but I don't like that this quote is so linked to real life now.

Well, I managed to get

Well, I managed to get some sleep. Yay! Fell asleep, lights on, after Sports Night ended at one. I woke up several times, but did fall back asleep, which is rare for me. I'm happy about that.

Bonnie set up a list/clique for those who condemn yesterday's attacks. So far, 64 people from all over the world have signed it.

Also, today is American Pride day. Wear as much red, white and blue as you can! It's an easy way to honor those who died and show the terrorists that we're still Americans, and we're still standing.

September 11, 2001

Oh, MY God. In a

Oh, MY God. In a very lighter note, I just discovered that Anne of Green Gables the cartoon is on. Possibly the only non-attack show on. This is...highly bizarre. In the credits, Anne sings about bringing a world of smiles, as Matthew defiantly brought her bag in and Anne ran to hug Marilla, who looked surprised then smiled. Now Gil, who sounds 10 and looks 15, is trying to take a picture of Anne, and she's telling him he needs a job. He then decides he's going to babysit Mrs. Lynde's nephew. ::shakes head::

One more try? Bye-bye, Mary?

One more try? Bye-bye, Mary? Please?

Okay, I know I uploaded

Okay, I know I uploaded it and hit publish. Now don't get me wrong, I love Mary. BUt why is she still here?

Okay, trying to put up

Okay, trying to put up the new design. Wish me luck.

Every so often, it hits

Every so often, it hits me. New York was attacked. Four buildings have been destroyed, not to mention the Pentagon. That doesn't fit with my schema for America. This doesn't happen here. I look out my window at the bright blue sky with the afternoon sun shining merrily, and it doesn't fit the death and destruction that happened only a few thousand miles away in my country. In My Country!

Oh, thank God. One of my two unaccounted for friends is okay. Her apartment is one block from the WTC, but she was at a dentist appointment at the time. <.relieved sigh> Now we just wait for Daiva.

As the day goes on,

As the day goes on, this seems less and less real. I still can't believe this happened. It's all so fantastical. I found out that my old friend Gabija's mom, who I've known for 16 years, worked at the WTC. We have no idea if she was there, if she is alive or dead. Ironically, when I learned that is when this became so unreal. I don't really pray, but I am praying for Daiva and Gabija today.

I think mine is the only university not closed today. I can't go to classes, though. I'm still numb. Can't concentrate on anything. Mom wants me to come home. I don't know. I'd like to see them, but I have things to do here. If we go to war (if? When, most likely), I'll still go to school. I'll wish I lived closer to home, and seriously reconsider Columbia for grad school, but life goes on. That's what happens.

But I'd still kinda like to be home right now.

Beckman Institute, the place on

Beckman Institute, the place on campus that makes us high on terrorist levels, has shut down. The university may soon follow. I just...this is too close now. I hate that precautions are necessary.

Daddy's on a train, finally, but all trains are making every stop. But he'll be home soon.

According to AOL's news, "In

According to AOL's news, "In Florida, Bush was reading to children in a classroom at 9:05 a.m. when his chief of staff, Andrew Card, whispered into his ear. The president briefly turned somber before he resumed reading. He addressed the tragedy about a half-hour later." You know what? I like that. I like how he handled that. Please let him do this right.

I just reported something to

I just reported something to Biz before CNN did! About the second plane heading towards the Pentagon. I am so sick and scared. What kind of fucking bastards do this? They are not human. This is the Pearl Harbor of the 21st century. Did you know that Urbana is high on the terrorist list? Mom and Aunt M are planning mine and David's evacuation already. I'm so sick. Just sick. Why is this happening? PLease let me be overreacting. I do that. I'd rather be embarrassed later about the way I'm shaking and crying and being scared than have bad things happen.

Daddy's out of the building now and trying to get home. It's obviously a mad house. CIty.

Sears Tower evacuated. My daddy

Sears Tower evacuated. My daddy works by there. I'm so scared. Please, God, don't let this happen.

Pentagon on fire! Evacuating the

Pentagon on fire! Evacuating the White House! This is getting worse and worse. My God. Fire at Washington Mall. Now I'm really shaking. This is a nightmare. This doesn't happen in the US.

My God. This puts my

My God. This puts my last post into such trvial light. I signed online to two IMs, from mom and Kate, to turn on the TV. I turned on MSNBC, and my God, I am horrified. Hijacking an American flight to crash into the World Trade Center? This is unbelievable. This changes everything in the world. This is...this is war starting. I'm just shaking. What if they hit Chicago? My dad works downtown, at the Daley Center! I have to go find more details.

September 10, 2001

NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! I am so pissed

NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! I am so pissed off. When's my Buffy premiere? October freaking *6*!!!! I get my Buffys on SATURDAYS! No one else has Buffy on Saturdays! Gen's UPN is WB, too, and her commericals tell her that she gets her eps on Tuesdays still! God, I hope Kate's commercial she saw was wrong! <.sigh> Man. C'mon, I'm totally the one who always knows what's happening and is on top of everything. People come to me with questions on the show. And now I'm going to be days behind everyone else watching! No fair.

You know, I'm really, really

You know, I'm really, really tired. I wish I didn't have to stay up late to be productive.

Eh, done enough. I'm just

Eh, done enough. I'm just about finished with EPS that's due Thursday. I'll type it up later.

Kate just showed me Lance Bass on Seventh Heaven. He's so cute. <.g> And he can act! How surprising!

Ech. I just read an

Ech. I just read an entire book on cadaver dissection for physiology, and I don't think I can use it. ARGH!

I swear to God I'm

I swear to God I'm working now. And those stories weren't even very happy ones. <.pout> ::makes mental note to not visit KCollect again::

Any story that begins with

Any story that begins with the note: "A separate thanks to Chris, who said that explicit gay sex is never inappropriate" is just plain fun. <.g>

BTW, I swear it's only 7:19 NOW, not during the last post. One story, and I work.

If anyone knows how to

If anyone knows how to password protect a file folder, please let me know!

I jazzercised! I was bouncing

I jazzercised! I was bouncing with energy, now I'm just tired. <.giggle> But work must get done, so I shall do it. I'll start at 7:15 and work until it's all done.

Solace is 99% done. Yay!

Solace is 99% done. Yay! I probably won't get it up today, though. I need time to make sure everything works right, and right now, I have to do schoolwork. And then Jazzercise. Which I'm really not looking forward to tonight. <.sigh> I know I should go, but maybe it's okay to miss today?

To schoolwork I now go.

ARGH! The redesign is THISCLOSE

ARGH! The redesign is THISCLOSE to being done, and Tripod's not saving it. I'm gonna scream! How obnoxious.

Wheeee, found a Sports Night

Wheeee, found a Sports Night journal. <.g> Also found a picture of the Weasley twins, who are so cute! I'm very excited. Of the main characters we see in book 1, they're the closest to being legal. <.snicker>

I have stuff I need to do tonight. I will...write some paragraphs on muscles read EPS. Them's my goals. I think I can do it.

September 07, 2001

Weirdest thing happened! I'm walking

Weirdest thing happened! I'm walking back from class. It's sunny, it's sunny, it's raining and still sunny! I didn't see a rainbow, though. : ( But then the sun went away and the rain stopped. LOL Now it's sunny and thundering!

I was supposed to go home at 7 tonight, but mom called me at 11 to say that dad had just left. 'Cause of the storms, they didn't want me on the train. So the 5-6 hours I could have gotten work done went POOF out the window. As did GH. <.sigh> Oh, well.

Whoo, a real breakfast! French

Whoo, a real breakfast! French toast, sausage, OJ. Yay me.

September 06, 2001

Thunderstorm outside. It was raining

Thunderstorm outside. It was raining when we came out of the building, and then really let down half way to the car. It's too similar to last Thursday. Another storm, but hopefully no more death. Of dogs, people, or internet.

One week since Liesl died.

One week since Liesl died. That sounds so long, but it feels so much shorter.

September 05, 2001

Oh, I need to work

Oh, I need to work on this. I'm 19% slut, and 28 women agreed that they too would sleep with Josh Charles. Yay for them! LOL But I need to get my slut quotient up there.

ARGH! I typed up my

ARGH! I typed up my full page of writing, and it was, like, one third of the page. Stupid non-double spacing rule. So I definitely have to write more tomorrow. Maybe two more questions? Blech. I'd love to not go to class at 10. I tried that last week, and ended up going. So annoying. But maybe it'd work better this week. <.g>

Orientation sucked. I'm so tired.

Orientation sucked. I'm so tired. I should be typing up EPS. I so don't feel like it. If I can start tonight, I can finish tomorrow, though. I hope.

Yay to Krissy on working only 4 days! I'm so proud of you.

Brian and Justin are hot

Brian and Justin are hot as hell! Hot damn. After Solace (which I probably won't be able to get up for another week. GRRRRRR), I think I shall make my blog Brian/Justin. <.snicker> Just look at those super hot pics! Yes, Kate and I watched Queer as Folk yesterday. Wish I had Showtime.

Internet keeps dying. I never know when I'm gonna be able to get on. I HATE IT!!! I also hate that I have to go to Orientation for my job tonight. So not in the mood. Blah.

September 03, 2001

I am so tired. I

I am so tired. I tried to blog over the weekend, but AOL crashed as I was finishing. <.sigh> I'm too tired to write about how sad I still am. I should have done my lab over the weekend, but did I? No. So now I have 6 questions or so due tomorrow at 1, and no initiative to do them. Maybe if I take a nap for an hour or so, I'll feel refreshed.

But hey, my internet is back. It died Thursday night, came back for an hour Friday morning, and has been down since then, until 5 today. So it could be worse.

August 31, 2001

I'm very sad. Last night

I'm very sad. Last night I was hanging out with Jennie and Biz when the internet died. Obviously, it's back now, but that's not why I'm sad. Well, it added to my sadness, because I didn't have anyone to be sad with, and I needed my friends.

Shortly after the internet broke, my mom called. After a great deal of pussy-footing around it, giving me details that were making me nervous and upset more than anything, she told me Liesl had been put to sleep. She had told me earlier yesterday in an e-mail that Lee had had an episode on Monday and wasn't doing great, but that was it. Lee has had them before, and bounced back. But this time mom called the vet, who said it didn't sound good, and to bring her in last night. This she neglected to tell me until after the appt. She said Liesl didn't know where she was anymore, and the vet was very kind, but she had to go. And now my baby is gone. I didn't even get to say good bye. I was coming home less that 24 hours later, and I didn't even know she so bad. I miss her so much already.

August 30, 2001

Season 6 promo shots are

Season 6 promo shots are out and Willow is BLONDE! <.sob> See? Willow
But here's all of them and UPN's as well.

August 29, 2001

Heh. They are so cute,

Heh. They are so cute, and so slashy! C'mon, Lance and Joey in the shower, JC and Chris(?) drinking, JC and Justin nearly kissing, Lance and..uh, JC? Joey? in bed together, Joey in JC's lap, it's all fun!

And yeah, it's fleas not bed bugs, and I did something bad to my ligaments and my patella. Woo-hoo. I refuse to get up for class tomorrow at 10. I'm sad and pathetic, but I'm also exhausted and not wanting to walk. So there.

It's been so long since

It's been so long since I've been able to check out my referrers. They always make me laugh! Blue Roses and BDSM, cartographers for social equality, snape/ginny, hermione ginny lesbians, Proud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver characters. They are all so varied. LOL Oh, and hi to the person searching for gangster babe galleries. Either you *are a GB, or there are other GBs I don't want to know about. LOL

So. The toilet is backed

So. The toilet is backed up. We appear to have bed bugs. We have mosquitos. And our phones aren't working right.

I'm itchy, and crabby, and my knee hurts. And I'm tired. But I watched Clueless, and now it's SO close to Sports Night, it'd be silly to not watch. Right? And until then, I'll keep reading Casey/Dan stories, because they belong together. But I'm cranky. And scared to get into my bed. So, when I look at the next four weekends and I realize I'll be home for three of them, I'm less worried about classwork and more glad I'll be out of this dump.

Stupid apartment.

August 28, 2001

Okay. As many of you

Okay. As many of you know, I know sign language. Josh uses it moderately to communicate, I taught at least 3 signs per day for the last 3 months, I know my alphabet perfectly. My mom always tells me to put it on my applications when I try and get a job. I am by no means fluent, and I never say that I am. But tonight at the group interview for Assembly Hall, I mentioned that I knew some sign language. Kate said she knew right then that I would be hired, because that's a very necessary skill. So now I feel guilty! Would I have gotten the job if I hadn't said that? I didn't lie - I do know sign. And if someone wants to know if they can eat ice cream cones by the campfire with a walrus, I am so your gal. But I wasn't completely truthful. Is this bad?

I suppose I shall be boning up on signs this weekend. <.g>

Okay. Now, "Some Dreams" might

Okay. Now, "Some Dreams" might actually be "Sundreams." No one really has a clue, it's all conjencture. The lyrics I found intermix the two, so feel free to make up your own mind. LOL

Artist: N'Sync
Album: Unknown
Title: Some Dreams

Oh oh ooh oh ooh...

She stood out just like a diamond baby
Amongst the tourists in a crowded room
I took a walk along the sandy beaches
Under a silver carribean moon
That's when she...

She promised that (I promised this)
And I promised this
And 'til this day I can still picture it
She took my hand (I took her kiss)
And I took her kiss
So temporary these moments of bliss

Some dreams just fade away
Like yesterday's sunset
Sundreams are made to stay
She's one dream I'll never forget

Oh oh ooh oh ooh...

Everyday just seemed to go too quickly
And every night just passed us in a blur
I never noticed the blue skies and water
Because I only had eyes for her
And so when...

She promised that (I promised this)
And I promised this
And 'til this day I can still picture it
She took my hand (I took her kiss)
And I took her kiss
So temporary these moments of bliss

Some dreams just fade away
Like yesterday's sunset
Sundreams are made to stay
She's one dream I'll never forget
Those crazy summer days (Oh yeah)
Stroll back
I'll find you through the haze
Some dreams just fade away
Like yesterday's sunset
Sundreams are made to stay (Sundreams will stay)
She's one dream I'll never forget

I have internet! Ethernet internet!

I have internet! Ethernet internet! YEAH!!! Took the (cute) guys two hours, but we're all set up! I actually had some nice conversations with the two guys who were mainly in my room. One of them used to watch XF, so I caught him up. <.g> He was a total sweetie.

Oh!! And I got a job!!!! I actually just interviewed today, and got the call not an hour later! I'll be an usher at Assembly Hall, where the concerts/musicals/sports games are all held! So I get to see everything for free! Wheeee! It's hysterical, because Kate and Aarti, my roommates, also got the job! So we're all going to work the same events. <.giggle>

I'm very bouncy tonight. LOL Not literally, though. I did something to my knee. It's weird - it's doesn't quite hurt, but it feels wrong. And it does kinda hurt to bend and stand up. And it doesn't quite lean back all the way. I don't know. OKay, NOW we're in the pain. I went downstairs, knelt to look for food, and almost burst into tears. OWIE!!!

What a day, what a

What a day, what a day, what a day. I joined Jazzercise and downloaded 40MB of Nsync songs onto my MP3 player. <.groan> Can you believe that? Either! LOL

So, yeah, Jazzercise. LOL Kate was going, and dragged me with. Which, really, I needed. Dragging me was good, or else I'd never go anywhere. We ended up really having a good time. We're the youngest by so much, but that's fine. So
many of my friends are in their 30s-40s, it doesn't bother me a whit. I have no talent, but I do have enthusiasm. <.giggle> We'll be going on Mondays and Wednesdays, and maybe Saturday mornings. We'll see!

And N*sync. <.groan> Kate's obsessed, okay? So every time we go out in her car, she's playing one of the CDs. And damn it, I like them. So now I have these songs:

Bye Bye Bye (Reminds me of camp last summer.)
Some Dreams (My FAVORITE!!! I'll have to find lyrics.)
Space Cowboy (Shut up. They ride bulls during it.)
More Than a Feeling (It's pretty, that's all I know about it.)
It's Gonna Be Me (Guilty pleasure.)
Tearin' Up My Heart (My first n*sync song.)
The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Great remake! JC is SO soprano.)
God Must Have Spent A Little More Time on You (Old favorite)
I Want You Back (It's catchy, damn it!)
Sailing (Remake of Christopher Cross' song. You know, the guy who sang "Laura.")
Everything I Own (Another remake of a song I love.)
I Drive Myself Crazy (It's fun. <.sigh>)
This I Promise You (I'm a sucker for a ballad, all right?!)

So, them's my stories and I'm sticking to them. LOL If you want one, let me know and I'll try to send. Especially "Some Dreams," which no one has *ever heard of. Fabulous song.

I also ran into Damien walking to class, and he promised to call me. So that's good, even though I have NO weekends free. Home this weekend, home next weekend, dad coming the following weekend for dad's weekend. (I so have
to remember to buy tickets for the football game!!)

Okay, State of Grace's finale is on, and I'm totally dizzy from excersizing. Hope this gets posted soon. LOL T-24 hours to ethernet....

(originally written at 7:52pm, being posted this late because I'm an idiot who wants to watch Sports Night. That was my other big thing today - I saw my first episode! That was Aaron Sorkin and Tommy Schlamme's first network show. It was great. And on Monday, they start again with the whole run! So for once, I have perfect timing. Yay for Comedy Central!)

August 25, 2001

I SO don't feel like

I SO don't feel like doing any work today. LOL I have a lot to get done, though. If I can finish my EPS summary (which I did) and my stats problems, I can be done for today. I woke up at 10:30, watched a lovely episode of Avonlea (I am so excited to watch that again! It's been years since I've been able to), then an episode of Christy (Hallmark channel once again. LOL I'm a sap...), before starting on EPS at 1. 2.5 hours later, I finished the damn summary, because I also played (AND WON!!!) a game of computer solitaire during it. And spied on the hot boys acorss the way who, hysterically enough, drive an old blue minivan. <.giggle>

I also just joined 4 new WW lists- ClaudiaJean, CJ_Sam_fanfic (I've been searching for that list since day 1! Wheee!), WWfemslash (I just see something between CJ and Abbey, okay? LOL), and Jed-AbbeyBartlet (so I like her with her husband, too. LOL). I also unsubbed from a number of lists I've been ignorning. My big steps of the day - I unsubbed from HP4GrownUps and WillTara!! Yay me! I've been ignoring those lists for months, esp WT. I set that to nomail over a year ago. <.giggle> So I'm down to 36 lists total, not much of which give me mail. Oh, did I mention I joined a Moulin Rouge fic list called Red Windmill? LOL Super fun! I found a story that crosses over with Titanic - what if Christian's last name was Calvert, and that's who Rose married? He's a writer, she's an actress, they both lost their true love in a tragic way, and he'd only be in his mid-30s or so when she was 18. That was more than acceptable then! I love finding stories like that, which make perfect logisical sense. LOL It's called Just To Love by Sarah French on that site above.

Maybe I can play Sims for an hour or so before Stats. Megan, Kate and I are going to the movies tonight, though. We're gonna see Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Really, if it wasn't for Eliza Dushku in it, I'd probably not want to see it, but I did love Chasing Amy, which Kevin Smith did. So maybe it'll be fun. : )

August 21, 2001

Taking the 6:07 from ISR

Taking the 6:07 from ISR and getting there at 6:34 is probably comperable to that, though. If I can get the 6:07 from ISR without killing myself. I did bring my inhalor, but geez, it's not a miracle worker. Hmmm. I can't be the only one with this problem. The class before is a SPSHS class, too, so there has to be other people heading to the same class with me! The major is way tiny, and there are only two options for this lab. So I can ask around at class on Thursday, I guess. See what other people are doing.

Now I better sign off before I spend too much money!!

Okay, make that 20-25 minutes

Okay, make that 20-25 minutes late. I can take the 22, getting on at 3rd and Daniels (my class is at 5th and Daniels) at 5:56 or at the Library at 6:04, get to PAR at 6:12, and run the several blocks where I've never been to before in maybe 10 minutes.

Maybe mom's cab idea wasn't so bad after all. <.g> Standing cab and all that, can't be more than $2 or $3, since it's $4 to go to the train station, which is way farther. At this point, I'd consider anything.

If I'm reading this correctly,

If I'm reading this correctly, I'm screwed.

Vet Med is served by two early morning 22 Illini trips and then is served by the 25 Loop every twenty minutes until 5:05 P.M. Beginning at 5:07 P.M., and thereafter at :37 & :07 after each hour at Illinois Street-ISR side (Engineering to FAR-PAR) these trips serve Vet-Med at :34 & :04 and depart at :36 & :06 with the first bus arriving at 5:34 P.M.

I need to leave the Psych building at 5:50 and get to the Vet Med building at 6. I don't think I can get to ISR from the Psych building at 6!! AHHHHH!!!!! But I seriously can't have a 8-10 class. I just plain won't go. But how can I be 45 minutes late to class every week? Unless I can try and hit the regular 22 to PAR and run the few blocks. Might get there only 15 minutes late.

Someone wanna see if I'm just plain reading it wrong, and there's another way for me to get there? Thank God this class is only once a week. That's going to be more than enough, for more than enough reasons.

Last night sucked! Anna and

Last night sucked! Anna and Tara couldn't make it, and I was SO BORED. The cable came on downstairs at 6 last night, but Kate and I can't figure out how to get it up in our rooms. <.sigh> I called this morning to ask, but she wasn't there. We stopped after Quad Day, but she wasn't there. Running theme with this place. grrrrr. I also called because my stupid desk chair broke when I was sitting on it - not fun. I also have to ask how the internet works here, and where packages are delivered. This place is making me be full of questions!

So, yeah, went to Quad Day. I signed up for NSSHLA, and a medieval times history reconsturction thing. It sounds like a LOT of fun. I didn't find the swing dancing or democtatic students groups, but I can search online for those, I guess. I stopped at the theater booth, and I think I'm going to get a job as an usher. Could be a lot of fun, since I'd get to see the shows for free! I also want to sign up for the broadway series - Rent, Titanic, Ragtime, Annie Get Your Gun and My Fair Lady. I'd LOVE to see those musicals!!! I've already seen Titanic (my 18th birthday present from my parents. Listening to the CD right now, actually...), but I'd love to see it again. It was just amazing.

I have nothing to do for the rest of the afternoon. <.sigh> I guess I can watch soaps downstairs now. But I want to be in my ROOM watching! Ugh. The phone rings off the hook constantly, but it's never for me. Quite depressing! I feel so isolated from al my friends. Even my friends who are in town, I talk to online. I'm almost anxious for classes to start tomorrow. It'll be something to do.

August 20, 2001

8/19, 1:50 pm See this?

8/19, 1:50 pm
See this? What I'm doing? Way expensive. Why? No internet until Aug. 28. I'm dialing up through AOL right now, on my phone line. BLAH! Bad bad bad. Anyway, I'm all moved in, and mostly unpacked. I'm taking a break before beginning to decorate my walls.

Yesterday was an adventure, moving in - two tornados in the area. So we're at Sears, they tell us to go to the Shoe dept, the safest place in the store. They close the store, shut registers, we're locked in. For 35 minutes. We leave and go to Bergner's, where they tell us to go to the junior dept because that's the safest place in THEIR store, and there has been another one spotter. ARGH. Only 20 minutes there, though. Well, at least we know that stores have good safety precautions. LOL

8/20, 1:04pm
I hate this no internet thing. GRRRRR! 8 more days. <.sigh>

So, my friends Tara and Anna from HS are coming over tonight. This is their first year here, since they both transfered from community colleges, so it's exciting. I'm a little nervous though. Both of them are very strict, conservative Christians and I'm...not. And my room reflects that, with it's Harry Potter theme and Buffy sub-theme, you know? Let's face it, I have pictures of Mulder and Scully in bed on my door, and lesbian witches on my wall. And of course magick potions being brewed right over my bed (Harry, Hermione, Ron and Snape). Well, if they can't deal with it, it's their loss. I suppose it could be worse - I could have actually brought my Wicca books with me. I didn't think I'd have room, but I was wrong, so I'll probably be bringing them and other books from home later.

So my room is all decorated now. Possibly even over-decorated. I might end up taking stuff down soon. LOL It's just one wall, really. Maybe even half a wall that's too much. We'll see, I guess. I still have lights to put up - I think XMas ones around my patio door, pink ropes around my door, and the hearts around the HP poster. Or maybe I'll wait on those and put them up around the Hogwarts poster when I get it framed. That could work...

OH! Kate and I saw American Pie 2 last night!! I adored it. Sure, it wasn't high on plot, but Aly Hannigan had a much bigger role, and she was awesome. I was half right on the ending - got Jim's, didn't get Finch's. <.g> Oz didn't have much of a story, though. I gathered that he *did, but all the girls except Michelle ended up getting most of their scenes cut, so there went his storyline, too. It was really cute, though, lots of fun, and I can't wait for it to come out on DVD.

August 17, 2001

c/o Kristine: 1. Open up

c/o Kristine:

1. Open up your CD player, what's inside? Nothing, I cleared it out to move. <.g> But it had been Yo-Yo Ma's Simply Baroque, Moulin Rouge, Return to Me, Beatles 1963, and Alfred Hitchcock radio broadcasts.
2.Look in your VCR, is there a movie? Yes, thank you for reminding me! I would have left them behind. Deck one: Bring it On, Deck two: Valmont. It's Dangerous Liasons with Colin Firth and Annette Benning. I LOVE Colin. Yum.
3. If there happens to be music playing right now, what is it? Drops of Jupiter, by Train. Everytime I hear this song, I'm reminded of A from camp. : )
4. What are you wearing? Grey t-shirt with Elmo and Grover and red shorts.
5. Look down, what's the first thing that catches your eye? My copy of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
6. Turn on your TV if it's not on already, what network is it? The Learning Channel - I watched Trading Spaces this afternoon while I packed my CDs.
7. Look out the window, what's the weather like? Sunsety.
8. If you were to hit redial on your phone right now, where would it call? Western View restaurant - I ordered dinner.
9. Say "hello?" out loud, did anyone answer? Nope, my voice is scracthy and doesn't carry far. LOL Besides, mom and Josh are downstairs in his room and dad's out shopping.
10. What are you planning on doing next as soon as you get offline? Snuggle with mom and Josh.

I can't believe my summer

I can't believe my summer is over. I'm moving to my apartment tomorrow. <.sob> I'm so sad. I want to spend more time with my mom! We hardly got any time together this summer. Although we did watch ER just about every day. <.giggle> But still, I want more summer, please. Don't wanna go back to school.

Work ended up nicely. When I skipped on Tuesday, Janet, Jane and Kim had a talk. Whoops. <.g> Oh, well, Jane knew exactly what was going on. Apparently Janet totally came down on our side, and Kim's attitude improved muchly for the rest of the week. So that was good. But now I'm rid of her. : ) : )

I know I had things to say, but I just can't remember! So sad. I'm totally sick. I got my period yesterday, a very bad one, which just contributed to it all. Bad bad allergies - I'm hoarse, my voice is scratchy, my nose is stuffed, I'm dizzy, have a headache, and am moving tomorrow morning. Yippee freaking skippy.

Grammy and Po came over for lunch on Wednesday. I'm getting a scanner/copier/printer for school, so I'll scan in pictures. He looks so bad, and it's breaking my heart. He's down to 112 pounds (from the 132 he was at the end of July), and he's not quite himself much anymore. I wasn't able to make him laugh as much as I normally can, and that makes me sad. He had to go throw up four times in the two hours he was here, and three of them were before he had his half sip of wine. They were headed to the hospital to hook him up to an IV after they left. It breaks my heart to think of it. He's such a good man, an amazing man, and he's starving to death right in front of my eyes. It's just not fair. <.sigh>

August 14, 2001

Wheeeee! My lovely advisor fixed

Wheeeee! My lovely advisor fixed the boo-boo that put me in the 8-10pm lab on Thursdays. Everyone knows that I don't go to night classes. <.g> I'm back in the 6-8, where I belong. Yay for Kathi!!

I didn't go to work today. I know, I'm horrible. But I just couldn't do it. Kim pissed me off so many times on Monday, I don't think I could have faced her without bursting into tears, ripping into her, or screaming. None of which would have been good in front of my babies. Okay, first, I'm writing up the note for the parents. I ask a simple question. "Kim, what are you doing for closing today?" Blank look. "I didn't know I was doing closing this session." My turn for a blank look. "This session? This is the same session as last week. Remeber how for the first 2 sessions, Jane did opening and I did closing? Now for the last two sessions, I do opening and you do closing." Dumb look. "Oh. Well, I guess I'll read your book and review the day." Which, BTW, turned into her reading the book and doing nothing, leaving me to do closing, too.

Then, in opening, A was leaning towards S's DynaVox. He has an impulse problem that generally means he tries to talk with the device. We ask who's voice it is, ask who uses it, he usually stops. Kim actually reached over and yanked him back to sitting by pulling on the back of his shirt. A almost burst into tears. "Don't pull my shirt," he wailed. "You don't do that!" Jane and I were horrified - she could have hurt him, any number of things could have happened. That was such a bad thing to do. i felt so bad for him.

Then the kicker. During the art project, R spaced out. I mean a full 20 seconds, staring out without blinking, unresponsive space out. I'm, of course, afraid it was a seizure - 20 seconds is unacceptable. it was terrifying. So I asked Janet if R had a history of seizures, she said not to her knowledge. He kind of did the same thing in the ball pit later, but for much shorter times. So at the end of the day, I walk over to where Kim is standing with R and his mom. Kim, who wasn't in the room when it happened, was trying to explain and bungled it horribly. I asked his mom if he'd ever had a history of seizures, she said no. I explained what happened, and that I had been concnered and curious. She said he'd had Benedryl the night before, I agreed that was liekly the cause, but I wanted her aware of the situation, and then headed off to M's mom who was asking me questions, so I didn't quite get to close with R's mom, which I regret. The kids leave, and Kim, Jane and I are walking down the hall back to our room. Kim was like, "You know, I don't think you should have said that word, seizure, to the mom. I talked to Janet about it, and she said we shouldn't because we're not doctors. So you shouldn't have said the s-word." The S-WORD! Since when is seizure a swear word?!?! I explained, as calmly as I could, that I had asked if he had a history, because that's something I need to know. Janet hadn't been aware of one, but she never treated him. His mom would know. Jane backed me up. I never once tried to diagnose him, I just asked if he had a history! She then had the audacity to say that "Seizure kids" would tell you if something was wrong. SEIZURE KIDS! My, wasn't I surprised to find out Josh was a SEIZURE KID. I was incensed. No one deserves to be labeled as a disability. Good God in heaven, I almost smacked there and then. Voice quavering with fury, I told her not to call them seizure kids. She's like, "Kids with seizures, whatever." BITCH! AUGH!!! Janie drove me home and we shrieked about her stupidity the whole time.

So, yeah, I couldn't do it. I don't know how I'm going to last three more days. My mom backed me up fully on the R situation - if it was Josh, she'd want to know if something was up. Yeah, it probably was the Benedryl. It can totally knock a kid out. But wouldn't you rather be safe than sorry? This is a kid's health and safety we're talking about!

Okay, I have to calm down. I have to see her again in 12 hours, and it'll take me that long to steel myself to it. She just drives me crazy. One summer at LADSE and a secondary ed teaching degree makes her an expert? I've been Josh's sister for 13 years, but I don't claim to be an expert, even with him. On R's first day, I didn't know how to handle the situations. I'm not always sure of what to do, and I don't pretend that I do. I'm still learning, even with all of my experiences. But if you ask Kim, she knows how to do everything. Because every kid with special needs is the same, obviously.


August 11, 2001

How obnoxious. I can't post

How obnoxious. I can't post the Tara fic to the Kitten board. <.pout> And I got in trouble for asking! They need a FAQ for the creative board like they do the main board.

This story is fast becoming not worth the trouble. I can't decide if she's Scully or Dana, I don't like the way it's written, and I have limited places to post it. UGH.

Jax had his first line

Jax had his first line on Friday - he is so ugly. <.shudder> Bad hair color, bad hair style. It's that awful Caesar cut that even George Clooney couldn't really carry off. :(

This is much more interesting, and I know it's true:
"According to backstage sources, Maurice Benard was having a discussion with Executive Producer Jill Faren Phelps (probably the most disliked exec in daytime tv right now) recently about the upcoming direction of the Sonny-Carly-Angel storyline.

The way it was proposed, Sonny would develop feelings for Angel and right at that time, he would find out that Carly is late on her period not because she is pregnant, but because she has cancer.

The shakier rumor is (no validation on this one) that this was to provide an exit for Tamara Braun, complete with deathbed professions of love a-la Love Story, and Sonny battling AJ for custody of Michael.

As the rumors go, MB heard the plan, he told JFP that he wouldn't play it. She told him that if he didn't like it, he could leave and so he did. No big hoopla, no yelling, no tantrum. It was all very civilized. He went out and called Felicia Minei Behr, Senior Vice President of ABC Daytime Programming, who is based in New York and gave her the story. Jackie Zeman (Bobbie) was supposedly already threatening to not return to work unless things got better. FMB flew out to LA, and set up office there until the whole mess is straightened out. There was reportedly a meeting yesterday amongst those concerned.

Unfortunately, big changes on the GH set did not happen as a result of this confab. The story goes that all the tensions were glossed over at the meeting, MB worked yesterday and today with no problem. JFP is on "double secret probation" until January and ratings have to stay at a certain level or she's history.

This isn't what the JFP-haters on the internet wanted to hear, but it is certainly a bad sign when someone like MB tells TIIC that a storyline sucks so bad he won't do it. Add to that the snarky, sarcastic remarks made by cast members about the storylines--Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) and Wally Kurth (Ned) for example--and GH appears to be a show teetering on the edge."

The show has been SO bad lately. Even Tony Geary can't make his stuff good. Total shame. So apparently JFP can't get fired until January, but she's most likely going to be a figurehead until then. Some rumors say that Bob Guza has already taken over. Time will tell. Meanwhile, MB has an out in his contract for January, and if his storyline stays so bad, I'm sure he'll leave. He does have contracted that he okays all storylines, and he already okayed one that will get him and Carly back together this fall. I hope so - I adore them together. Angel can't act a bit, but Tammy has talent. I hope ABC fixes GH soon.

Big hugs and smoochies to

Big hugs and smoochies to kristine for fixing that post!!! Woo-hoo!!!

Anyway, I keep saying I don't want to watch XF S9, but they're pulling out the damn stops.


I love that CC said straight out William is 100% human and 100% Mulder and Scully's. I don't love that we have to keep an eye on him, something to do with a Sixth Sense type of storyline.

I hate that David is gone forever. I love that Lucy Lawless is joining the cast. I more than completely love that Cary Elwes is joining the cast.

Cary Elwes!!!! On XFiles!!!! I so adore him. Have ever since I saw Robin Hood: Men in Tights. Great actor.

I'm so torn.


August 10, 2001

I have no clue

<.sigh> I have no clue how to fix it. Sorry.

Anyway, what got cut off is me wishing Gillian Anderson, who is now a very yummy 33 year old, a very happy belated birthday. And being the (dare I try to link?) very bad president that I am, I did NOTHING for it. Not even a post down the list. <.sigh> Bad me. I hope everyone is still collecting poptabs for Piper, because that is actually still on. I've got a good 10,000 all by myself, and one other girl had 40,000 back in February. Next year, if there is a next year, we don't count, we weigh. Much easier. LOL

And now that I found this 911 Gillian site, I'm going to create a Gill folder and download a great deal of them. Bad me.

Uh-oh....I did such a bad,

Uh-oh....I did such a bad, tired job on my links in that last post, I can't even seem to edit it! I click on edit and go to Krissy's error page. LOL Wow, it takes talent to screw up that greatly. Wish me luck that Blogger lets me fix it. Somehow.

As I said at Krissy's

As I said at Krissy's journal, I took the test from and they told me a bazillion Maryland cities. LOL Actually, my top six were:

Baltimore, Maryland: The Sparkling Harbor City
Providence, Rhode Island: New England's Best Kept Secret
Gaithersburg, Maryland: The Park City
New Haven, Connecticut: Home of Yale University
Charleston, West Virginia: The Home of Hospitality
Portland, Oregon: City of Roses

Other MD cities included Annapolis (#7), Frederick (#9), Easton (#13), Salisbury (#15), Hagerstown (#19). Okay, so only 7. LOL I also had a large number of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Oregon cities. Actually, everything was east coast except about 4 or 5 Oregon ones. LOL

You know, I totally love TNT. Mom and I watch ER every afternoon at 5, and she gets to watch at 8 and 9 in the mornings, too. But today at 5 was "All in the Family," where Lucy died. My God, what an episode. We're still shellshocked. It's such a fantastic show. I'm also enjoying the Lois and Clark reruns at 7 am. I've been watching all summer, but they were later episodes when L&C were engaged and married. The show had lost it's spark by then, and while I enjoyed watching them every morning, it wasn't anything special. But now - now they've started over again. What UST! Wow! It's electric. I remember why I fell so much in love with the show! Of course, the innuendos don't sail over my head anymore. LOL I remember being my very naive 12 year old self, and asking mom why Lois was mad at Clark for saying she liked to be on top. <.g> Poor mom. LOL But I get so giggly and excited watching these episodes now. I remember them SO clearly, and I still love the shippy stuff. L&C pretending to be married, kissing on the bed, amnesiac Clark asking if they were more than friends. <.happy sigh> I can't WAIT until the episode where they go undercover in Smallville. I adore Lois' long brown country-style dress, and seeing them be all lovey-dovey. Yes, some 8 years after the fact, I can still picture her dress, him in the denim doing the hammer thing at the fair, and the two of them line dancing. <.giggle>

I don't think this is AOL only, but fair warning. It's an American Pie 2 quiz on which character your most like. I'm most like Michelle. LOL Maybe, but gee, I never had that much fun at my band camp! <.g> Which I heard we get to visit in this movie - most fun! Also, the site has snips of dialogue to download. Aly seriously cracks me up!! I love the turkey line, "You’ve got to preheat the oven before you stick in the turkey." Of course, the Potatoes line is cute, too. LOL I have this total sudden desire to pull out my AP DVD. LOL

And because I'm such a horrible president, happy belated birthday to Gillian Anderson, now a very yummy 33 years old. Can you believe I did NOTHING for this? I hope people are still collecting poptabs for Piper, because that ends soon. I have, at least, been doing that.

August 08, 2001

LOLOL!!!! Stavros walked into Luke

LOLOL!!!! Stavros walked into Luke and Helena kissing. He was as disgusted as I.

EWWWWWW!!!! Luke and helena are

EWWWWWW!!!! Luke and helena are making out. <.whimper> My eyes! My eyes! And ick, I thought Tava had been fired?!?! Why is Chloe on my screen! Be gone, before someone drops a house on you! Like, me. I'll drop it. Just say the word.

Jax is on my screen,

Jax is on my screen, and he's a brunette. Uh, is there a male version of brunette, or does that go for both sexes? Eh, it suits him either way. <.eg> He looks so yucky. He used to be cute. His character used to be interesting. His fan club used to be fun. All these used to bes - why is he back again? I heard a rumor (NOT spoiler) that he'd be with Angel, which works for me. I already FF her.

Like Kristine, I'm so sad that Belle is gone. : ( Best of luck to you, dearie. I'll miss your posts, sporadic as they occasionally were.

Still reading Son of a Small Fry. LOL I'm on chapter 18 of 27. Jennie and I storied each other last night. I think Cookies and Quizzes is done now. Except for Scully. I can't decide whether to call her Dana or Scully! It's now jarring both ways. See, it's two years in the future, meaning 3 years after the only person to call her Scully disappeared forever. In 3 years, I imagine that she's already thinking of herself as Dana again, if she ever completely stopped. But I'm not quite past calling her Scully, yet. LOL Any thoughts on this? Please e-mail me or post if you do. If you were reading a fic set in the future, with no Mulder or Mulder mention whatsoever, would you think it bad to read about Dana instead of Scully? It's driving me nuts.

Awesome West Wing tonight, and I'm Josh's snuggle buddy. That means sleeping early! yay! I need that. I'm super sleepy, and the little kids sap my energy a lot. We have little little kids, like 3-4 y/o, and they spent most of Tuesday crying for mommy. : ( They are darling, though, and so I still look forward to them. Just have to be rested first. LOL

August 06, 2001

Woo-hoo! James and Abby wrote

Woo-hoo! James and Abby wrote the sequel to Small Fry! Now Wes, Willow, Tara and Giles are four year olds. <.giggle> I'll link when it comes onto their site. I adored the first one, and this is way bigger! First one was 11 parts, this is 27. I'll be sitting at my computer forever and ever. LOL

Today, Shari, the director at the clinic, told me I could have a job there next summer! : ) I'm excited. I'm also going to ask Janet if they're planning on a winter camp over break. I'm dead set on going to the Scullyfic spring training (I've got a ride and everything!), so having money is helpful. <.g> It's about $100 for the registration, shirts, swaps, etc. Plus raffle money, and gas money, since I'd be joining a caravan. So I'd need about $300 to pay for the entire weekend, which is a two week paycheck with money left over.

I was telling mom's friend Carol at work today about our big news. I, of course, start with mom's, which is still mindboggling. <.g> Janet, who was listening, was like, "No! Tell her your news first!" I said, "No, no! Mom's is better," which Janet tried to refute. But Carol's right, I guess I am my mom's daughter. <.g> I'm just so excited for her! But Carol was like, "So you know what you need now? A license." I pointed out that I was going to live in NYC for 4 years. No one drives in NYC! It's the perfect city for me. LOL

Oooh, Philadelphia just started on TBS! I adore this movie. And now I know to look for Brad Whitford as Jamie. <.g> Oh, and I think I finally finished my Scully/Tara story! I just don't like the title. Once I come up with a name for the Cosmo quiz they take on how well they know each other, I think I'll steal/modify that title and use it. I originally had "Ladies Night," and Lana suggested "Cookies and Quizzes," which I like better, but still doesn't capture the story. I'll be excited to get a story posted - I haven't finished one since May! Plus, this will be my first ever Scullyfic story post, and I'm quite curious to see how it's recieved. I'm going into it not expecting much, if any, feedback, since this group has the best writers in the fandom and they're a bit snobby, and this story is definitly not up to their standards. I didn't really write it to be - it's funny fluff. Nothing more. I had oodles of fun, though, and the people I've shown it to so far have really enjoyed it. So I'm pleased with just that, honest.

HEY! I can post it to UCSL! I just realized that. <.g> It has Tara, duh. I think I'll try posting to Kitten board, too. Maybe I'll post to AXTC, but maybe just upload to Ephemeral. How odd to have options. <.giggle>

August 05, 2001

Wow, I slept for 12.5

Wow, I slept for 12.5 hours last night! Freaky. I'm kinda moving slow today now. <.g>

I love Mary Minter Miles still, but I can't wait to get a new design up. I need a sidebar. <.g> I just don't update as much when I don't have a sidebar. I'm considering using a Krissy-design for a few weeks until I can make my own. She has such cute stuff up these days! I probably won't make changes until I move back to school. In less than two weeks. <.whimper> I'm horrified. Where did my summer go?

I'm typing out a recap of my USSAAC experiences to post, but I have to talk about this first. <.g> A lot of people complimented me on my website, which I thought was cool. I, of course, figured they meant my Disabilities Advocacy pages. Well, they did. But then they were talking to mom and talked about my writing! They were so impressed that I "included a realistic portrayal of a secondary character who uses AAC" in one of my stories. I gave a strangled gasp. They're freaking reading my Buffy stories! More specifically, Coming Home. GAH! LOL I think I want to finish that story now. <.giggle>

While we were gone, I also wrote another paragraph in my WENN/XF crossover story For All Times. I've let it sit long enough after super bitch plagerised and tried to blame me for it. Hell with her, I loved that story and I am going to finish it. So there!

August 04, 2001

I'm ba-ack! Of course, I

I'm ba-ack! Of course, I came home to AOL 6.0 corrupted AGAIN, after less than two weeks. <.sigh> Very distressing. But USSAAC was a huge success. Highlights: the current president asked my mom to be the next president elect. That means that she'd serve as VP for two years starting Jan. 1, and then be president for two years. Of a NATIONAL group!!!!! First non professional EVER. Isn't that amazing?!?!?!? As for me, I seem to have the chance to go to Columbia in NYC for grad school on full tuition if I agree to work in the NY public school system for two years after I graduate. How awesome is that??

I'm super tired and mad at AOL, but I see that Krissy finally moved back into her first HR home. Yay! : )

I'm going to curl up on bed, watch "The Truth About Cats and Dogs," and be very very mad at AOL.

July 31, 2001

Well, I just got a

Well, I just got a *lovely e-mail in my inbox. Check this one out:

You are one of the many copy cats of Rina. I know the original, in fact we are relatives. She just happens to be working on a site as I'm writing called "All about Rina". You are the greatest insult to our family yet. I am outraged that people like YOU can't ever be ORIGINAL. If she knew about your site she would probably send you an E-mail MUCH worse than mine. The Mae family elders would be more angry than I am. YOU are the last thin Miss Rina should have to put up with. I'm not done but I'll stop anyway. Don't be surprised if Miss Rina writes you her self.

Uh, 'cause there can't be more than one Rina in the world? Or is it my stories she's annoyed about? Yeesh. LOL

Trying to get ready to leave tomorrow. I can't believe we're leaving tomorrow! I'm starting to get terrified of the plane ride. <.g> I think it'll be okay, though. We're nearly packed, and then I have to do my carryon. It's so freakish to not be working on a story! Ahhh! LOL I need an idea, stat.

Oooh, I almost forgot! J, I'm e-mailing you, but I'm also saying it here, 'cause I don't know how often you check. I'm subbing you to g-w and sending you topics for the rest of the week. I'm SO sorry, but the people I asked didn't respond, and I'm kinda desperate. There's no thinking involved, really, just C&Ping a topic into a new e-mail to every morning (or the night before). So, uh, yeah. Check your mail, sweetie. <.g> I really am sorry, but rest assured I'd do the same for you. (Okay, yeah, might grumble a bit, so feel free to do that, too. <.g>)

Urgh. I just am so afraid I'll do something wrong to set dad off and ruin this for mom. Wish me luck, and I shall hopefully be back Saturday night.

July 30, 2001

So I took this Buffy

So I took this Buffy quiz. You know, what character are you most like? Get this - I am an equal combination of Anya and Tara! How hysterical is THAT? I'd actually been more Anya than Tara until I changed one of my answers. This is what it says about me:

You're kind of offbeat and sometimes unsure of what to say around others. You like to be the center of attention though sometimes your method for getting to be the center of attention are a little bizarre. But you've got a really good heart and you try your best to comfort others when they need your help. You may be considered cold-hearted at times but that's definitely not you inside.

You're a beautiful person, you're always there to help people and you always look for the best in people. You don't judge people once you first meet them and you always try to make the best out of a bad situation. You're always there for your friends. You're smart and intelligent but you're quiet and that sometimes prevents you from meeting people. You aren't superficial and are an extremely creative person.

Nice, huh? <.g> I like those descriptions. Some are even true.

I've totally got to talk about what happened at work today - Kim tried to plan the fourth session and ignore what I had to say. She left, and five minutes later, Janet, Janie and I had begun trashing her ideas and starting completely over. It's not that they were bad ideas, it's just that she didn't want a theme and the kids need one. <.shrug> So we did one. I feel bad that we have almost nothing that she suggested left, but her ideas just didn't fit. : ( Like Janet said, "What do sock puppets have to do with soccer?" I responded, "I don't know. What do sun catchers have to do with baseball?" You just can't pair those ideas up and expect the kids to buy it. So I get to tell her in the morning what the new plan is.

At least I'm gone Wed-Sat, and she won't be there Mon-Wed! I'm going to Minneapolis/St. Paul with mom for the USSAAC conference. Probably will be a bust, but we'll be away, and she needs that. Plus, they rented out the ENTIRE Science Museum for a reception, so I can wander that, plus the hotel is connected to a mall. <.giggle> Happy me! Shame I won't be getting paid before I go. <.g>

July 22, 2001

Bad AOL. Bad weekend. 6.0

Bad AOL. Bad weekend. 6.0 crashed again and I had to reinstall. I lost all of Hermione's bookmarks, I lost any new bookmarks since about December on the other names. I know I had saved them much more recently, but when I tried to replace, nothing came in. So I had to use what I had from 5.0. I could seriously burst into tears. I don't even remember 9/10th of the places I had saved over on Hermione, because I was still investigating them. And heaven knows what I'm missing on the others! I am so frusterated. And starting tomorrow, I'm in charge of opening instead of closing, and I am terrified. I hate change. <.g>

Wish me luck!

July 18, 2001

What a day. ::shakes head::

What a day. ::shakes head:: I felt much better after writing my crabby post last night, but I'm still sad I don't have the CD. Oh, well. I have other things to be sad about.

For once, camp went well today. It wasn't a total success - B used the device I programmed for him with great sucess, but it was a little rough going to make the other kids not talk with it. LOL We learned TONS of signs - A brought in a sign book and taught us about 30 signs. LOL I'm so glad he's enthusiastic about learning! Scott, the owner's 14 year old son, came in to help again today. We only have one girl in the camp, and she has such a crush on him! It's adorable. She had had a big one on D, but he's nearly forgotten in her desire for Scott. <.snicker> He's a total sweetheart, really shy, and seems rather attached to me. LOL Probably because I'm the only one really talking to him - I had to have him record B's device, because B would much prefer a young man's voice to mine, I am very sure. But, like, he came in late this morning, and I was sitting between B and A. Scott squished in between me and A, where, believe me, there was no room. Then I moved to head off another kid from B's device, Scott followed, and P followed him. <.snicker> Like a little train.

Talking with letters is driving me nuts! The names, I mean. But confidentiality and all that such. I know who I mean, at least.

Jennie is moving!!! I'm so happy for you, sweetie. I want pictures of your new place! And the Hollywood Diet sounds interesting. What's the low-carb one? Maybe we can do this together. : )

Now for why I'm sad, much farther than beyond a silly little CD. My great-aunt Karen used to be married to this great guy named John. She and Uncle John divorced probably about 20-25 years ago, and she's lived with Sue for almost that long. Uncle John stayed very much a part of our family, and when he remarried, his new wife became my Aunt Chrisann. She teaches at UIUC, where I go to school, and she is a wonderful lady. Uncle John is both mine and my mom's godfather, and while I don't see him and Aunt Chrisann very often, my mom was very close to him, and we both loved him very much.

Mom called me at work today, after her mom called her. Uncle John had a heart attack yesterday. He went in for a quadruple bypass surgery, and it was not sucessful. His heart stopped on the table, and they got him breathing again, but he's in a coma now. He has a 50% chance of surviving through the night. It's just not right. He's so young - he turned 60 last week, and Denise had flown up so that the entire family (the five kids, he and Aunt Chrisann) could spend a day at Great America. I'm very sad, but now I am very mad that I can't WRITE about how sad I am because my brother is, as I type, signing onto AOL and kicking me off.

July 16, 2001

I am unbelievably tired. I'm

I am unbelievably tired. I'm going to take a shower and go to sleep - I can tape the last hour of Mists of Avalon.

I spent the weekend with my best friend and her family, and we went to see a movie. No, I am *not in love with Elton John, thank you very much. <.snicker> We saw Moulin Rouge - I so adore Ewan McGregor now. Damn, is that man hot!!! Look how cute he is in this movie. Look at that floppy hair! I have to see his other movies now - people have told me for years that I'd love him. And he can sing! I can't wait to buy the soundtrack. I've been singing "Your Song" since I saw it, Erin has "Roxanne" in her head, and Carol loves the "Come What May" song. LOL We were singing ALL WEEKEND. <.g> Much fun! We also went to the Drake Hotel for high tea on Sunday, which was fabulous. I actually enjoyed my tea (Bombay Chai) and Erin's (Ginger Peach), and Carol's (Mandarin Rain) was also good. I never liked tea, so this was a big thing. LOL

July 15, 2001

I hope you don't mind

I hope you don't mind that I put down in words, how wonderful life is now you're in the world.

I have to stop looking up bios of actors I fall in love with. Makes my fantasy world harder than it should be. There are only so many ways to nicely get rid of wives.

Can you tell who I'm in love with now?

July 11, 2001

So Jan called mom today.

So Jan called mom today. Jan, some of you my remember, is the mother of Jon and Dave, my childhood friends. I've had a rather big crush on Jon for years, and last year, it seemed like something might actually happen with us, but then he met Helen. Which obviously drove me nuts. LOL So anyway, Jan calls today. She and mom have been friends since HS, they like to talk at least every few months. Jan was talking about Helen today, how she and Jon seem to be getting pretty serious, but she's still not sure Jon won't break her heart. So as nice as Helen is, she doesn't want to get really attached to her. Then she (and later mom) emphasized that Helen was such a nice girl, and I'd really like her, because she's so much like me. I'm like, great! So not only did he decide to not date me, he decided to not date me so he could date someone just like me! LOL My luck.

Oooh, yummy Aly Hannigan photos!!! She's on the cover of Out magazine - I love the second caption - "After one take," remembers Hannigan of her steamy kiss with Amber Benson, "Joss did say 'Can we have one that's less like you're going to sleep together in about five minutes?' " LOL!

According to a site Krissy sent me, Allison Janney, Richard Schiff, John W(? - Leo LOL) and my Brad are not going to work until they get a raise. Yeesh! Like the set isn't having enough problems with Aaron's drug arrest? But if they really are only getting $30 and $40,000 per ep, then I do support them. They deserve so much more than that. Way more than Friends or ER people do. I mean, those are pathetic sums. I'd feel better supporting them if I knew that they didn't really wait until the first day of work (ie Monday) to let TPTB know they wanted raises. LOL

Why can't I remember what John's last name is???? ACK! LOL I know it's at the end of the alphabet, because he's right by Brad Whitford in the credits, but I feel bad now. LOL

Emmy Noms tomorrow!!! Good luck to Buffy and WW!!!

Yeah, more Never the Twain! I should go read before mom kicks me off. LOL

July 10, 2001

Long day. Another bad employee

Long day. Another bad employee day - I had to leave at one. Between the heat and getting my period, I was in meltdown major. I came home and slept until 4, went with my parents to Josh's first piano lesson, now came home and will take a shower and go back to sleep. I feel like such a wuss, but the pain gets so bad! Coupled with the heat, it was just unbearable. <.sigh> Janie gets the same periods I do, and she says it's much better now that she's on the Pill. She talked to another woman who had the same problems, and she said it went away after her first kid was born. Also, the pain is just about as bad as childbirth, so at least I'm prepared. Small consolation, with motherhood so far off. LOL

The camp kinda went better, I guess. The little kids are always more well behaved - that's why I love 5-6 year olds so much. They pay attention, but are gaining their independence. I tried to be nicer to Kim and ask her opinion on things and stuff, and got totally rebuffed. Then at snack, I asked her next time to make sure the kids didn't start eating until snack was all set out in front of all of them and they ate at the same time because that's how they do it in schools around here, and the routine would help them in the long run. She started telling me no, that it wasn't necessary. I stood my ground though, and she was finally like, "Whatever." Which is such a bad response, because it is something the kids need to work on!

Josh's piano went AWESOMELY. I was so proud of him - he didn't holler once! He chatted with Miss Jones, and she made him laugh. So we really really like her. <.g> The lesson is at a senior center, so one of the available magazines is "Reminisce," which is stories and photographs and memories from the 20s-50s, basically. I snatched the subscription form for me. <.g> $40 for 3 years! Right up my alley.

Now I shall fall asleep with baseball. : ) Yay for the first Tuesday after the Fourth of July!

July 09, 2001

I'm watching Peggy Sue Got

I'm watching Peggy Sue Got Married!! This is one of my favorite movies. I love Nicolas Cage, and I love going back to the past. <.g> Fabulous movie, really.

So today was the first day of the second session. To say it was a disaster is being kind. Beyond the loud children was frazzled, warring counselors who accidentally gave a child on a gluten-free diet a brownie. <.sigh> I could seriously cry. Janie and I have to get it together with Kim. But she's so BAD! She severely underestimates the kids, and we're afraid that they'll meet her lowered expectations. And she contradicts us in front of them, and takes credit for what I do, and has no idea what she's doing. And I guess Janie and I did snub her, but we have such a good rhythm going. We work together well, and can modify on our feet and adjust to the kids. Kim can't match us, and we didn't really let her. <.sigh> I'll try and work on that tomorrow. I feel bad, but I don't want her there.

The air was bonkers at work, so I went home at 3. I'm such a bad employee. <.g> Wait until I tell them I'm going to a nation conference in the middle of session 3. <.wince>

I'm downloading Sims skins now. I adore my Willow and Tara ones - I built them an awesome house. Ron and Hermione still have my favorite rooms, but this latest one came out pretty damn cool. Oh, and I found the only really good Willow/Tara story! It's called Never The Twain and it's an AU about what if Willow never completed the soul restoration on Angel, and therefore Tara was a vampire. It's fascinating, with twists and turns, and great characterizations, and interesting retakes on the episodes. Like in the one where Spike and Buffy get engaged? It's Faith and Buffy. <.g> And Xander doesn't become a demon magnet, he buys Anya a bunny. LOL Really fun.

I'm super sleepy. Maybe I need an early night to bed to face tomorrow's lovely camp. Yipee. Can't wait.

July 06, 2001

Oooh, just got back from

Oooh, just got back from Border's! I so didn't need more books - I still have 600 pages in John Adams, plus my Eleanor of Aquitaine bio! But here I am, proud owner of the new Buffy book, Door to Alternity, two Anita Blake books, The Doublet Affair by Fiona Bucley, Jitterbug (a mystery set in WW2), and the Train CD. LOL I also bought three books for Carol's birthday (I can't believe she's going to be 16 in less than a week!!!!!!) that I kinda plan on borrowing some time down the road. <.g>

L-P is broke again. : ( Poor Krissy. And my poor mailbox - it keeps getting the same boring 6 messages every time it checks it! LOL

I really want to Kitten-chat, but my computer is acting up. Guess I'll try rebooting and see what happens!

July 05, 2001

Whooo! I found an awesome

Whooo! I found an awesome Buffy Sims Skin site!! Most of the ones I've found in the past suck, but I love these. Willow, Tara, and Anya look dead on, and Wes' face is actually pretty close. Cool cool.

Speaking of Buffy, I heard a lot of spoilers, but I think they're all false. I think Joss said to disregard anything we heard on the boards. Some seemed like possibilities (the plot of the all singing and dancing episode, for example), but I still don't buy them all.

I love tonights Will and Grace, when Will and Jack sing the Lady Marmalade song to their friends' baby. LOL It's really cute.

Ooooh, awesome Buffy pictures!!! B/S, W/T, very fun. I think I might buy.

I'm gonna look for Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter book spoilers and watch Will and Grace. <.giggle>

July 04, 2001

Happy fourth of July, everyone!

Happy fourth of July, everyone! Hope you all had a fun, relaxing day. : ) Me, I watched Godfather 1 and 2 with my mom. LOL My first time, her sixty-somethingth. <.g> She loves those movies. I thought they were quite good, esp 2, but not quite my favorite. Too much death. <.g> I felt so bad for Fredo!

Blah for work tomorrow. I didn't go on Tuesday - called in sick. I'm gonna have like NO money this pay period. LOL Oh, well, I cleaned my room and now it doesn't make me claustrophobic anymore - I hate having things on my floor! But I sadly have to go tomorrow. We have a summer camp meeting.

I'm so very very very excited - after all these years, I'm doing what I've always wanted to do - subscribe to a full season of plays at our local theater!!!! $77 for seven shows, October through May. They all sound so fabulous. The first is set in 1939 Atlanta, from the guy who wrote "Driving Miss Daisy," and another one I'm dying to see is called "Lily." It's the story of Edith Wharton writing "House of Mirth" and Lily becomes a real person who teaches her to change her life. I can't wait until April!! I've seriously wanted to subscribe since we moved here ten years ago, but I just never did. And now I am!!

July 03, 2001

Finally time for the recap!

Finally time for the recap! This gets fairly long, but I really want a record of my fun time, so here we go. <.g> Maybe I'll move it to another page and link it? I don't know, we'll see how it goes. <.g>

Rina's Trip to Maryland to visit Gangster Babes
Through some miracle, I got everything all packed Thursday night. <.g> So when Friday morning came along, I was able to get up and head off to work with no worries outside of plane delays or crashes. <.g> I was able to leave at 10:30, since Janie came, and dad already had my luggage in the car. We stopped at home so I could say goodbye to mom and Josh, and we headed out. I was still feeling a little apprehensive, so I turned on the oldies station. Always a guarantee to make me feel better! A few songs in, what is playing? "The Joker" by Steve Miller Band. We've long considered this to be the Gangster Babe song - there are lyrics about "They call me the gangster of love; they call me Maurice." Kinda fun when you're a fan club for Maurice Benard who plays a gangster. <.g> So that really cheered me up and got me excited. That was only the first sign that this weekend was meant to be. We got to the airport, and found a spot seriously right by the elevators. We go to check in and there's a long line. We wait for maybe two minutes before an employee walks up and says that we can go to the first class area to check in since no one was in line there. So we do, and we're ready to go immediately. Then, wonder of wonders, my gate is the second one! I'm so used to walking all the way down the terminal. LOL So we headed to the food court and ate yummy Mexican food for lunch before sitting down to wait for my plane. My group was called and I boarded the plane. When he hugged me goodbye, Dad said there was a surprise in my bag that I should look for right when I got seated, so I was a little excited. I get settled in, and take a peak - he had bought me a copy of David McCullough's "John Adams" book!!! I've been dying to read that, but was planning on waiting for paperback so I could afford it. LOL I was very excited. I started reading it, but when the plane started moving, my tummy got all nervous again. I started rifling through the magazines just to keep occupied. The final sign to get me through the flight is presented to me - who is on the cover of the inflight magazine but the lovely David Duchovny! So through takeoff, I read about his favorite hangout places in Vancouver, Canada. Very nice indeed. The flight passed just fine. I read books, listened to WENN episodes, and munched a snack bag they passed out. I was a little nervous about finding the Gangster Babes, but luckily they recognized me, because I sure didn't know them! LOL It was Alice and Nikki, and Alice didn't look much like her picture at all. So we hugged, and got my luggage, which was amazingly fast. We drove to Alice's, allowing me to get my first taste of the Beltway. LOL When we got there, Amy rushed outside, saying that she was anxious to meet me and gave me a big hug. She was so much like what I expected her to be! I followed her inside and the rest of the women descended upon me with hugs. LOL Bonnie was also just how I expected. Mary Ann was somewhat less, but I could still tell who she was. Jami was nothing like what I expected, although I still don't know what I did expect. LOL Bess I had already seen photos of, so no surprise there. I met Alice's boys, and Jasim let me use his slinky phone to call my mom. <.g> Everyone was amazed at how soon I was there - my flight had actually gotten in ten minutes early. So I chatted with them for awhile, and headed back down. Shortly after we had arrived, a big storm started, so we decided to get pizza delivered and wait out the storm. Now here comes the AMC moment I mentioned to Kristine. <.g> We began talking about the show because Jami has several connections there - she was one of the people who would have been hired to write had there been a strike, and there's a strong possibility Richard Culliton might hire her. Amy lives in NY, and often sees stars walking around, but has never asked for an autograph. She made two sacrifices for us last week, however. She was at the beauty parlor getting a manicure when she saw Eden Reigel, Bianca on AMC! She knew that several of us watched and liked that character, so she decided to go over. Her first sacrifice was grabbing any bottle of polish in her rush to sit next to her, and ending up with cotton candy pink nails. LOL The second was, of course, the autograph. She told her about how we were getting together this weekend, and several watched the show. Eden was quite gracious, and asked who would be attending. She then wrote out a note addressed to all of us, wishing us a fun weekend. (Amy told us all this w/o revealing the actress until she passed around the autograph. <.g>) We all looked at it, and I told her how cool I thought it was. Then she told me I could keep it!! So now I have an autograph from Eden Reigel. : ) : ) : ) After the storm passed, we loaded up Alice's minivan and Jami's jeep and headed out to the beach house. I went with Alice, Amy, Nikki, and the boys, while Jami took Mary Ann, Bess, Bonnie, and her own son Alex. As much fun as I had with Alice's gang discussing soaps, Jami's was the place to be, as they were reading "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire." LOL Oh, well. Took us over an hour, but we finally got there. Man, was it worth it! Gorgeous place. All dark wood, with a wrap-around porch, surrounded by trees. When you walk through the doors, there's the kitchen on your left and a hallway leading to a bathroom and bedroom on the right. That's where I stayed, with Nikki. Walk a bit and the living room is on the right and the dining room is on the left. Walk forward a bit more and you have the master bedroom on the left and the screened porch with the hot tub on the left. Down the circular stairs is the family room with many couches, and another bedroom with bathroom. Simply gorgeous. We got our stuff put away, and settled down in the living room. (The boys took over the downstairs and pretty much stayed there.) We were up until after 1, eating chocolate, drinking Nikki's secret-recipe daqueris (or, in my case, Cherry Mountain Dew, which ROCKS), and talking. Nikki had brought along this "morals" books, with questions like "Would you pay for an expensive education for your child if you knew he would grow up to be a truck driver?" Things to inspire discussions, and boy did they. LOL We talked about everything from kids to politics, living in the past to General Hospital memories. It was so great. Then we went to bed. LOL

Saturday dawned bright and early for some of us, but not me. LOL I slept until 9:30 (which really felt like 8:30 for me, so that's not too bad. <.g>), and was the last one up (barely). I joined everyone else on the porch, drinking OJ and munching donuts, all of us still in our pajamas. I had only been out about fifteen minutes when Jami decided to go finish the book she was reading. This, my dear readers, set the tone for the rest of our weekend. LOL I shortly followed, wanting to head to the air conditioning. I saw that she was on the couch reading, and a big grin spread across my face. A gathering of friends wherein I could go off and READ?! Woo-hoo!! By the time I decided what book to read (John Adams), Amy was also there next to Jami reading. <.blissful smile> Jami finished her book, the third in the "Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter" series. Somehow, we began talking about it.

Now, I must say this. I've known Jami for years - she was in the group when I joined. But we never really connected. I didn't quite *dislike her, but I never really liked her, either. I think this stems from senior year when she offered to read my non-fanfic "When Angels Cry" and suggest changes, since she was a professional writer, and then told me to scrap the entire thing and make it so that Gracie had long had a brain tumor and always knew she would die soon. I politely thanked her for her opinion and immediately disregarded it. LOL Although now I'm thinking that might be an interesting plot for another story. <.shrug> Anyway, that didn't quite endear her to me. So I kinda went into this thinking that it was good that I had flown into BWI and not National so that Alice picked me up and not Jami, etc. Yeah. Keep that in mind. <.g>

So we started talking about Anita Blake. She said she thought I would enjoy it, I picked it up and started skimming the first chapter, I got hooked. LOL I began that book while she picked up the other book in the series she had brough, two down the line. Throughout the day, we would sit down together, read her books, and discuss the characters and plot lines. Then, we got started on Harry Potter. LOL Turns out she's even on the HP4GU list with me! So we started getting into these huge discussions and debates. I loved it! She met me scene for scene, quote for quote, opinion for opinion. Late in the afternoon, she, Amy, Bonnie, Bess and I went into the hot tub. We all discussed GH and its history, and then Jami and I got started on HP. <.g> The others were leaving the tub and we didn't even notice. For over an hour, we sat in there and debated SO many different topics. I would say that I spent most of my weekend with Jami, to be honest. I had always kinda been turned off about how opinionated she was. Then I realized that we had so much in common, that I could be opinionated right back. LOL I don't feel comfortable entering debates or conversations unless I'm sure on my facts, and the things we have in common where things on which I'm sure of my facts. (GH, AMC, HP, WW, Clinton vs. Bush, etc.) She was reading GoF aloud to Alex throughout the entire weekend, so after she finished a chapter for him, we would discuss. Poor Alex was so confused about our adult level HP stuff. LOL (He's 7.)

I got ahead of myself, though. LOL In the early afternoon, we went to the Chesapeake Beach. I got some lovely pictures. I had my suit on, but didn't feel like heading into the water, although I regret that now. I had thought we were going back later and I'd be able to, but that didn't work out. So I stayed on the beach and chatted with Nikki, who is such an awesome person. Lots of fun. While most of us were there, Alice and Mary Ann had headed to the grocery store for our weekend food. We were under the impression we'd be there for maybe an hour, but that didn't work out. <.g> Two hours later, we're baking and starving, and no Alice. Just as the ice cream truck pulls in and we're finally eating, she shows up. LOL Our last GBabes, Lydia and her daughter Christina, had driven in from Long Island, NY, and Alice and Mary Ann had met them and taken them to the beach house first. So we pile in and head back. We hung out, reading for awhile, before jumping into the hot tub. We had a delicious dinner - steak and cheeseburgers for me and Nikki, and rock fish and crab cakes for everyone else. Jami and I adjourned to the couch to read Anita Blake (I finished the first one by 11. I'm a speed reader), while the others chatted and did a puzzle. Then they came over where we were and we talked politics for awhile. Very interesting to hear everyone's view points. We also discussed the various medical procedures many of them have been going through, so I got a taste of what's to come. LOL They all couldn't believe that they were discussing these, thinking those conversations wait until you're at least in your fifties, but there we were. LOL Then it was time for bed! (At a very early 12:30, I might add. LOL)

Now onto Sunday, our last full day there. I was up at 10 this day, but not the last one up. <.g> Back onto the porch for breakfast - OJ and corn muffins that Lydia brought with. Very yummy. Jami had stayed up until 2 finishing her book. Knowing that I didn't mind spoilers, she told me what changes had occured in the series, and we were astonished together. <.g> We all hung out in pjs until noon, when Lydia and Christina had to leave to drive back to NY. We read and discussed what books we were reading, and I totally gloried in that. LOL I just loved being in a group where everyone had brough with at least one book, and sat down to read periodically. Such fun!!

We had lunch, left overs from dinner on Saturday. Nikki had to leave that night, so they planned on leaving around 5 to get her to the airport. So before we had to do that, we decided to go to a nearby town, Solomons Island. We walked the boardwalk, and explored the marina. It was so beautiful there! We met a man and woman sitting on a bench, and asked them to take our picture. The woman was quite happy to do so, and ended up taking about 6, with all of our cameras. LOL She was such a sweet person, and thought that the story of how we all met was just so exciting. <.g> We finished up with ice cream from the little store. We had to drive back quick, so I so sadly lost the chance to drive over the super long big white bridge. LOL (I have an intense fear of heights and bridges. <.g> You can imagine my disappointment.)

Alice and Nikki left for the airport, and Mary Ann and Amy decided to go with. They rented a car there so that we would have an easier time getting the three of us (MA, Amy and I) to the airport so early in the morning. It turned out to be a great idea! That left me, Bonnie, Jami, and the boys to hang out and endure the storms. Bonnie read, the boys played downstairs, and Jami and I played Quidditch card game and talked HP. Then Bonnie played a few rounds of HP Uno with us, and made brownie cupcakes. <.g> After the storms stopped, at about 8, Jami and Alex had to leave - he had camp in the morning. We hugged goodbye, and I forlornly waved the book I was reading goodbye. LOL I was on chapter thirteen of the book she had finished very early that morning. <.g>

The airport gang arrived about an hour later, and we hung out, talking about all sorts of things. I was kinda out of it, as I had taken two Benadryl before I ate my brownie - just a precaution. LOL It worked, but I was sleepy. I did manage it until midnight, though, when I crashed into bed, fully packed. Amy agreed to wake me up at 6:15 so we could leave at 7 for the two hour drive for my 9:50 flight. <.g> I like being early, as Kristine and Megan have learned. LOL

So, I woke up at 6:15, and headed downstairs to take a shower. Now come the signs that it was time to go home. LOL I saw this big spidery daddy long legs thing in the bathroom. After dancing nervously around and it failing to squash it, I decided to let it hop around all it wanted and just ignore it. I bent down to pick up my clothes, and out sprang another, bigger one. I nearly shrieked, grabbed my clothes, and RAN. No shower that day. LOL I got dressed up in my room, and threw my last minute things in my bag. Alice, Bess and Bonnie woke up to hug us good bye, and we set off. Me being me, I did get totally carsick, but that's okay. Amy is also a WENN fan, and Mary Ann has seen an episode or two, so we popped in my WENN tape and listened to two episodes. Of course, we had to sit through a few songs and two scenes of Silk Stalkings first, but they didn't mind. LOL I, however, cringed when I realized that the tape was from junior year, and I had the Spice Girls' "Two Become One" on there. <.wince> That was embarrassing. But my other songs were good! LOL Build Me Up Buttercup and Total Eclipse of the Heart, among others. So the drive passed quickly, and we got there monstrously early. (8:30) Amy went with me to check in my luggage - we were the first and only people in line! We hugged goodbye in front of the security check, and I realized that once again, my gate was second. Yeah! LOL So I headed to the airport gift store and bought souveniers for my family. Daddy got a local newspaper, mom got a Maryland candle, Josh got two post cards (one Baltimore Oriols ballpark and one Jefferson Memorial), mom and dad got seafood salsa to share, and I got myself two shirts. One is pale blue, with a yellow daisy on it, and says "washington dc" in alternating blue and yellow letters, and one is ash grey and says "Baltimore" on it with three symbols underneath - peace, love, and USA. They're very cute. <.g>

So I settled down to wait for my flight, and got on easily. No more David on the cover of the magazine, as this was now July, but this plane had music and free headphones. So I listened to the INXS channel, jazz, classical, and kids station. LOL The flight passed quickly, and dad was waiting there to get me. My bag was the first suitcase out of the plane, and I was home less than an hour after I landed. I finished off my role of film, and dad took it to Walgreens, where we picked it up later that night, as previously blogged. LOL I haven't had time to scan yet, but I have a few I'd like to share sometime soon. <.g>

So, that was my fabulously fun trip! Hope you liked reading!

July 02, 2001

My pictures came out awesomely!

My pictures came out awesomely! I can't wait to scan and show a few of them. I got a disposable camera that can flip to panaramic, and it's so cute because I accidentally took a panaramic shot of ChiChi the chihuahua! Big picture of such a tiny little dog. <.giggle> (I was trying to use up the last few shots.)

So, where did I leave off?

Bonnie rededsigned - I like it! : )

Oooh, Purity Brown over at Diaryland finally has a journal title, and an update! Love the name.I adore my stats, too. LOL So much fun to explore them and see who's visiting me!

Okay, I'm sorry, but there is no way James Marsters is 38 years old! LOL 28, yes, I'll go for that. <.g> I really had thought he was more like 32, though.(6/29 @ 12:55pm)

From Kate comes the Color Quiz. My results?
Existing Situation: Sensuous. Inclined to luxuriate in the things which give gratification to the senses, but rejects anything tasteless, vulgar, or coarse.
Stress Sources: Eager to make a good impression, but worried and doubtful about the likelihood of succeeding. Feels that she has a right to anything she might hope for, and becomes helpless and distressed when circumstances go against her. Finds the mere possibility of failure most upsetting and this can even lead to nervous prostration. Sees herself as a 'victim' who has been misled and abused, mistakes this dramatization for reality and tries to convince herself that her failure to achieve standing and recognition is the fault of others.
Restrained Characteristics: Believes that she is not receiving her share--that she is neither properly understood nor adequately appreciated. Feels that she is being compelled to conform, and close relationships leave her without any sense of emotional involvement.
Feels that things stand in her way, that circumstances are forcing her to compromise and forgo some pleasures for the time being.
Desired Objectives: Unwilling to participate and wishes to avoid all forms of stimulation. Has had to put up with too much of a tiring or exhausting nature and now desires protection and noninvolvement.
Actual Problems: (1) Disappointment at the non-fulfillment of her hopes and the fear that to formulate fresh goals will only lead to further setbacks have resulted in considerable anxiety. She tries to escape from this by withdrawing and protecting herself with an attitude of cautious reserve. Moody and depressed. (2) Depleted vitality has created an intolerance for any further stimulation, or demands on her resources. A feeling of powerlessness subjects her to agitation, irritation, and acute distress from which she tries to escape by refusing further direct participation. She confines herself to a cautious approach and a concealed determination to get her own way in the end.

Those don't sound very positive. LOL Parts are true, and parts are pretty off. Pretty interesting, though.

Fiona posted pictures! You are such a doll. I loved seeing them. : ) I hope your mouth feels better soon.

At first I was excited that Keith had finally updated (It's been a long while since I made it to the end of my blog list to check LOL), but then I read his post about Fiona's checkup. I'm really sorry. I know a little about what you're going through (my brother had open heart surgery when he was a newborn. We're still dealing with ramifications), and I'll be sending you all some happy thoughts are you get through this latest development.

I think that's it for tonight. I'm gonna quick make a lunch for tomorrow (BLECH to work) and then go to sleep. <.g> I decided to go in at 9 tomorrow since there's no camp. Sleep in a bit, watch some ER. My kind of morning.

I'm baaaaaack! I can't believe

I'm baaaaaack! <.giggle> I can't believe how much fun I had this weekend. I've always read these books about groups of friends who just hung out, and talked and stuff, starting from the BSC on up, but I never had that. My friends were all scattered and mostly didn't know each other. I had that this weekend, and it was more awesome than I could have imagined. I'm gonna type up a recap tonight or tomorrow so I can always remember. : ) Plus, I took my camera to Walgreens for one hour development, so I'll share some of those. One in particular. <.giggle>

I had the full day off of work today, so mom and I watched GH, which sucked. But that's okay. <.g> I'm seriously still on this high from the weekend. It's amazing - I came back today and Josh is WALKING!!!!!!! Friday was his first day out of the wheelchair, and he was terriifed to put weight down on his leg. Now he's doing fabulously with his walker. I am so proud of him.

It's been oodles of days since I read my dailies, so here I go.

J, I hope it works out with Holly! You know I'd totally miss you if you were without internet, but it still sounds like a cool deal. I'm sorry the start of Friday sucked, and I love you too, babe! {{HUGS}}

Baby Sam is so adorable! I love the pictures, Carrie. : )

L-C says that it seems likely that HP movies 2&3 will be filmed back to back, to accomodate the kids growing. The soundstage was book for an entire year's worth of filming. Damn, that would be SO cool. I'm going crazy waiting for November! LOL

Amy, thanks for the review of Atlantis. I really want to see it, but so many people are down on it. You've restored my faith. <.g> Also, the bi blogger ring is such a cool idea. If you're not feeling super creative, maybe use one of Krissy's designs? Hers are so cute. LOL

Oops, gotta go get my pics! Be back later to finish. (Beware any bad links - my browser isn't letting me C&P, so I'm typing them all out. <.g>)

June 28, 2001

Krissy already linked to it,

Krissy already linked to it, but I wanna, too. LOL The Trib posted the article about ZZD today! My mom is Pam, who was interviewed. Cool, huh?!

I take the train to work every morning and back every afternoon. The conductors don't always come by, so I've had some mornings where I didn't get my ticket punched. Lately, though, they've been catching me after I get off the train. LOL Today the guy kinda waved me over, and I went immedately. As he punched it, he was like, "I know we don't come around all the time and you can get away with it, but I appreciate you coming over like this." It was nice, but also kinda grumpy. But I don't try and get away with anything! If I see them, I get it punched. If I don't, I don't go out of my way to find them. Is that bad?

Tomorrow at work will be interesting. I'm leaving at 10:30 for my flight, Janet is leaving at 10 for hers. Janie is sick. Hilda has other clients at 8 and 9, and is trying to reschedule her 11. That would mean our HS volunteer would be the only one there with 7 kids!! It can't happen. Janie has to come, and Hilda has to reschedule. I feel bad, but there's no way in hell I'm mising my flight. They knew about this day off for me since before I got the job. <.g>

I'm all packed for Maryland. I don't know WHAT I packed, but it's heavy. LOL Well, I know what's in there, I just don't know why it's so heavy. LOL I have books, Rob Lowe on the cover of Archectural Digest (I'd marry that man for his house. Hot damn, it's amazing), headphones and tapes (Jax from 1996 that I brough to Germany <.giggle>, Krissy-tapes, WENN and music), notebooks and pens and Trevor in my carryon, plus clothes, bathing suit, dress, shoes, Hermione pillow and toiletries in my suitcase. You'd think that would be manageably light. LOL

I'm so excited, but also nervous. I get terrified when it comes to planes. I kinda wrote myself into an XF story on a plane next to Mulder, and the plane crashed. I need to rewrite that character and make her NOT ME. But even before I wrote that story I always freaked. I leave a letter for Erin under my bed everytime I get ready to go places. <.giggle> I'm just out of control if the plane crashes, you know? BUt it won't, of course. I'm going to have fun writing, reading, and listening to music (I bought a new book today - Girl with a Pearl Earring. I've been wanting to buy it for months, and now I did!), I'm going to have a blast at Alice's, and then I'll have fun coming back Monday morning. It's going to be a fabulous experience.

But I love you all, okay? LOL

June 27, 2001

I have had a killer

I have had a killer headache all freaking day. If tonight wasn't my fave WW and Jennie wasn't on to watch with me, I'd be asleep right now. <.sigh> Oh, well.

ZZD went fabulously. It was an amazing success, and I loved every minute. I got to shake hands and chat with the owner of the company!! I also met the possibly only male speech path in the history of the world. <.snicker> His name is Mike. It was hilarious - we were doing a volunteers photo, and it was 14 women and David, the DynaVox rep who helped mom do this. Then someone was like, "What about that other guy? The speech guy!" Jen turned to me, excited. "You mean there's a MAN here?" LOL It's just so rare. <.g> Anyway, NBC didn't come, but we'll be in the Chicago Tribune's metro section tomorrow for anyone who has access to Chicago papers!! My sibs activity went awesome, and every single one of them loved it. We tie-dyed t-shirts, and mine is blue and purple. <.g> It looks cute.

I also got my hair cut! It's about chin length, with lots of layers. I like it. <.g> Turned out really cute.

OH! And the HP trailer came out today!!!!! Go see it at The Leaky Caudron or AOL keyword Harry Potter. It's *awesome!!!!!!!!!! Ron and Hermione have a hysterically cute scene, and we actually hear all of the main characters talk - Harry, Ron, Hermione, Percy, Dumbledore, McGonagall, Snape, Hagrid, etc. It's amazing. I have to go see AI now, because I have to see it clearly. There's only one scene I don't like - on the train to Hogwarts, Ron asks, "Do you really have...the Scar?" completely awestruck. Harry grins as he pushes his hair aside to show him, and Ron's mouth drops open and he says, "Wicked!" Uh, no. <.g> Harry's embarrassed about his scar because he already doesn't like the attention, and Ron is much more shy and reserved about how he feels upon meeting The Harry Potter. I don't like how that played out at all. But everything else I like. I mean, I don't think Emma said the "If you're not careful, you'll all be killed...or worse, expelled!" line just as I imagined it, but I like how she said it, and Ron's answer of "She really needs to sort out her priorities" was a perfect response. So, yes, I'm excited. The kids can act, I think Emma and Rupert have some chemistry (not that I'm pairing off 11 y/os, mind you. I mean they act well together. <.g>), and the script and blocking fits with what I imagine. I approve.

I'm sure you can all rest easy knowing that now.

June 26, 2001

I'm trying to go to

I'm trying to go to bed by 10 tonight. We'll see if I manage! LOL

Bess, one of the GBabes, called me tonight. She's the one who lives in Chicago - oh, my gosh, she sounds so nice!! Seriously. I'm so very very very excited!!

AOL and the Leaky Cauldron had the second HP trailer up today, but it's gone now. <.sigh> Oh, well. It'll be back tomorrow, and then it'll be previewing with AI and Cats and Dogs. Very exciting!

ZZD is tomorrow, so things are crazy crazy. But everything is all set, so yay! ZZD is a day at the zoo for people who use augmentative communication and their familes, and my mom started it/runs it with a rep from the company that makes the devices and a speech path. This is our second year, and already more are popping up around the country! NYC, Portland, Minnesota, and one other place, I think. NBC news is coming out to interview David and Jill (mom maintains that she will be the one with the back to the camera so that the "DynaVox" on the back of the shirts are shown. LOL).

Jennie, are you reading this?? Okay. Last weeks' West Wing was one of my top five favorites. But tomorrow's IS my favorite! The Stackhouse Fillibuster, 8pm, NBC. Please watch with me! I think I'll leave your phone a message just in case. I'll be the redhead with the newly shorn hair, most likely dressed as Hermione Weasley.

Of course, heaven knows what my hair will look like. I'm going for the Alyson Hannigan cut again, but I lost the damn picture!! I've been searching everywhere - I know I put it in that dreaded "safe place." LOL I guess I'll ask for a layered, chin-length cut that kinda frames my face. Thats the best description I can come up with, which sucks because I'm seeing a new person. I waited too long to make the appt, and Val is all booked up. Hopefully Donna won't butcher my hair. <.g>

Well, 9:51. I shall say goodnight to Kate, pop on over to TP and e-call Jennie, ignore all of the mail I have waiting, and go to sleep. I'm so tired, I may even make G-W an off-topic day tomorrow. <.g>

June 20, 2001

West Wing is on! It's

West Wing is on! It's one of my top five eps, Someone's Going to Emergency, Someone's Going to Jail. I'll be singing that song all week now. LOL Where oh where is my Jennie girl?! You would have loved this episode! CJ and the cartographers for social equality! Toby wants to make out with CJ! Josh touches CJ, Josh notices Sam's new shirt, Donna get a number of scenes with someone not Josh, Josh and Donna take Sam out to get drunk and then put him to bed! It's a fabulous, incredible episode in all ways.

Mom ended up paging me several times at work today. One was at the end of GH - I knew that Amber was leaving GH, but I had no idea Emily was dying! They couldn't freaking wait until AFTER the Nurses' Ball? If we only get one skit this year, I'll be pissed. I love the dances and stuff - the highlight of my viewing year. <.g> But seriously, soaps generally don't kill off teens during the summer. Esp when they only have 5 others, and they're all in their twenties and/or getting married. Doesn't really attract the teen viewers, I don't think.

Camp was okay. I just don't like the big kids as much. Janie and I agree that it went much better without Kim (who has a masters in seconday ed - we think she only got this job because her mother in law works there. She just doesn't know how to work with or relate to kids), but it was still something of a problem. When it was just us, after Janet and Hilda had to leave, the kids really didn't want to listen at *all. It was quite discouraging, to be honest. I wish we had the little ones 3 times a week. It's just that we're so unorganized, and the parents are paying out the nose for this! $90/week for the older kids, and $60/week for the little ones. It's just not worth that.

Then after work we had a meeting for Zippity Zoo Day volunteers. One of these days when I can stay awake, I'll have to share details about what that is. It's really, really awesome. Short version is that it's a day at the zoo for AAC users and their families, that my mom runs with two other people, co-sponsored by DynaVox Systems, which makes the DynaVox, DynaMyte, and DynaMo devices. It was fun, actually; we met at Pizza Hut and munched a lot. <.g>

Time to watch GH, I guess! : )

June 19, 2001

Will I ever feel not

Will I ever feel not sleepy again?! Egads. Anyway, I love my little kidlets. What darling little sweeties. <.g> There's nothing like a three year old's arms wound around your neck to make you feel special!

Again I had planned on sharing actual details about camp today, 'cause I like to be able to come back and look at what I write, but I'm too tired! So I'll just share my smile story from this morning.

I take the train to work every morning. It's a 4 minute ride, and although I have a 10 ride ticket, the conductor rarely comes by to click them off until after my stop. So basically I get a lot of free rides. <.g> This, naturally, terrifies me into thinking I'll be caught some day. LOL So I get off the train this morning at my stop, and as you can see from my blog, I was nervous and unhappy. I was walking towards/just passing a conductor on the sidewalk and he said, "Stop!" Not only did I stop, so did my heart. LOL I cocked my head to wrinkled my forehead at him, confused and anxious. He grinned and said, "Say hello!" I couldn't help it - I smiled right back and chirped at him, "Hi!" This made both of us laugh, and I went on down the sidewalk. I swear I didn't stop smiling until after I was starting to get things ready in the classroom. <.g> He made my morning a happy one, and I think that helped a lot today.

Camp went a lot better - the kids are much more up my alley, to be honest. I'm used to working with 3-6 year olds, after all. I really enjoyed it. The afternoon was totally hectic, though! My job is supposed to be organizing and purging old files, right? And Cindi, the business manager/computer person, is leaving her job and only works a few hours a day. Enter me. Janet knows me from Josh's team for a few years, and knew I'm also a computer gal. So everyone comes to be with questions, favors, things to make, things to edit, things to print, etc! And I don't mind, but those little things add up!! Plus Janet said they're doing this new organizational thing at the clinic, and everyone decided I'm the person to do it, basically. Again, I don't mind, but yeesh. There's this special project, everyone's little things, and I input all of the billing, on top of what my job was supposed to be! They sure keep me hopping. LOL As much as it exhausts me (I'm doing Zippity Zoo Day on top of everything else!), I kinda like being needed.

Time to watch GH so I can be ready for the Nurses Ball tomorrow. : ) I can't wait to buy my shirt! The design is awesome this year.

Welcome home, Krissy! : )

Welcome home, Krissy! : )

I'm so freaking terrified about camp today. I don't wanna mess up, I don't want to be in charge of anything, I don't want to do the closing. It went kinda bad yesterday, and I don't want it to be bad today. <.sigh>

June 18, 2001

Well, I survived my first

Well, I survived my first day of camp. Barely. Janie, who does the opening, was over an hour late. The whole thing was rather an uncoordinated mess, to be honest. Even my closing (the only really planned thing) wasn't all that great, despite what Kim said. Ugh. The kids are sweethearts, though. I just adore them. I wanted to actually go into detail about the day, but I'm just too tired. I wish this wasn't an every day thing. I just don't really feel comfortable, to be honest.

I'm thinking about signing up for Hogwarts Online. It looks well-organized, and the classes look cool. Do I want to be a Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff? I like the Ravenclaw Head of House, professor Willow Laffengraff, and I think I want to take her class on handwriting analysis. But characteristic-wise, I'd most likely end up with Hufflepuffs. Ravenclaws are wise of mind, with a ready mind "where those of wit and learning will always find their kind," while Hufflepuffs are "just and loyal, patient, and unafraid of toil." I've got the just, loyal, and patient more than I do the wise and ready mind. <.g> I'm not even going for Gryffindor, 'cause I'm sure that most people are aiming for that house, and not everyone can be accepted. I think I'd like to be a Ravenclaw, though, even if that probably wouldn't be my "true house."

Yes, I'm spending this much time analyzing for a virtual wizarding school. Hush!

Carrie has a baby!!!! Congratulations!

Carrie has a baby!!!! Congratulations! I can't wait to see a picture of little Sam. How totally cool for Eric that he was born on Father's Day. : )

June 17, 2001

LOLOL!!! I had forgotten -

LOLOL!!! I had forgotten - today is my wedding day. <.g> Last semester, in about November, I decided to do a psych profile in WENN chat, to test the evolutionary psych theory. Only one guy, Kevin, got almost everything right (according to that theory), as did I. So this other guy said we had to start procreating to save the world. So Kevin and I planned our wedding for today, on the WI/IL border, with a 40s theme. <.giggle> So, thanks to those who reminded me, and congrats to me and Kevin. <.snicker>

I'm so sleepy! Man, I'm

I'm so sleepy! Man, I'm exhausted. Which is good, I guess, since I have to go to bed early to get up for summer camp tomorrow. I'm so totally terrified. I'm in charge of the closing bit, for 30 minutes, at the end of every day. I have my schedule all figured out:

1. Dance to Tropical Fish song from Rock 'n Learn. (The guys who did Multiplication Rock.)

2. Sing to a summer version of "If You're Happy and You Know It" that I made up - ...swim in the water, ...put on your sunscreen, ...shout/sign "summer!"

3. Learn to sign theme related words. (Summer - bend your R pointer finger into an "x" and wipe it across your forehead; Fun - Both hands, point your index and middle fingers. Hold out L hand, put the R hand at your forehead and bring it down to hit the left hand. No, they do not make sense to me either. There's no X in Summer and no H in fun. LOL)

4. Read a story - Magic School Bus visits the ocean floor.

5. Go around the group and ask what they remember about the day.

6. Sing a goodbye song (that I'm shamelessly stealing from a preschool seen on Teletubbies.)

See, since closing follows playtime, I start them out with gross motor activities (dancing), then move down to sitting while still doing gross and fine motor, then fine motor/communication, then calmly listening, open communication, and a final, always done song. Does that sound okay? Or totally stupid? <.sigh> That's what we're doing the entire week, since routine is SO important. Then next week we'll do a different song, different signs, different refrains, and a new story, but with the exact same format. I'm so nervous. I don't want to be in charge! I wanna stay in my nice little office (it's yellow and purple! I love it) and do filing. I like doing my own thing. Why on earth did I decide I liked working with children? I mean, I totally do and I love it, but damn, I get so worked up and nervous beforehand!!! GAH!

I ended up coming home early from work on Friday. I told Janet that I had a dr. appointment, but I really just wanted to be home to play wth mom and Josh. I didn't really, though. Janet dropped me off at home at noon, and I worked on the T-shirt designs until almost 3. I was so bummed, because I totally missed GH! What's the point of being home with mom if I can't watch our soap together? But I finished the design - it wasn't want either of us had in mind, but the color she wanted just plain wouldn't work on white. On black, most likely. But not white.

Mom and I watched Primary Colors last night, with John Travolta and Emma Thompson. It was awesome!! Billy Bob Thornton was also in it; now I understand why Angelina married him. LOL He is very yummy, IMO. I'd love to read the book now, though. Mom had tried to make me read it when it came out, but I was 12! I had no interest whatsoever. Now I do. I even bought All Too Human by George Stephanopoulos yesterday. It's wonderful! I love his style, and I'm learning some, too. Like he went over this statement that he had written and explained why he used certain words, and it was very cool. I'd love to be able to write with a purpose like that. Dad was all sarcastic, asking if I bought it because I thought he was cute (he's on the cover). I mean, yeah, he is, and I am shallow, but not always. I bought the book because it looked interesting to me. I had heard people talking about it on a WW list, and so I decided to keep my eye out for it. I walked to the bookstore yesterday to buy dad's father's day present, and decided to look for it. I also bought Alison Weir's bio of Eleanor of Aquitaine. Yes, I have unusal reading habits. LOL But I adore Eleanor - I first learned about her reading EL Konigsburg's A Proud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver, which my cousin Rachel lent me. Rachel is actually descended from Eleanor through her mom's side. How awesome is that??

I've probably blathered on enough now. Mom just came in to tell me that Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation is on shortly, and that's one of my absolute favorite movies. I adore Jimmy Stewart, and it's just hysterical. If you're reading this between 7 and 9 CST, turn on AMC and watch it! I promise you'll laugh. : )

June 14, 2001

FUCK! I left the disk

FUCK! I left the disk in the drive at work - I was in such a rush to give Cindi back her computer. Damn, damn, damn!! I am so mad at myself. And even if i HAD the damn disk, I couldn't work on it because of the storm coming right now. God knows what I'm going to do now. My first week and I totally fucked up.

We're having a heat wave,

We're having a heat wave, a tropical, tropical heat wave.

Gotta love Marilyn Monroe! Anyway, we are. It's hideous. Temps in the high 90s. At least the air at work is back on - it was out yesterday afternoon. Yesterday, I spent the entire day inputting billing things, which is now part of my job, and today I did random stuff. I get my own access and log in name now! I have to finish up the summer camp t-shirt design tonight - I've been doing it every night this week, and she always wants something different!!! It's driving me batty, I swear. I'm just gonna throw together many options and tell her to pick one. <.g> Work really isn't that bad, though, I guess. I love having an office. : ) Everything in the clinic is yellow with periwinkle accents (that I'm desperately trying to match from home for the blasted t-shirts), and it's pretty soothing. I bring in CDs to play on Cindi's player, and everyone is happy. I'm even starting to like Cindi a little - she loves Return to Me, and told me I came up with a really good idea yesterday. So, yay! I just don't think I'll be doing this next summer.

Guess I'll go watch Charade on AMC and work in PSP. I have things to say, I just don't feel like saying them. I'm too tired to do much. My dailies should really be called weeklies, they way I go. Only one I read regularly is Kristine, because I'm so used to it. And it's up in my AOL bar. <.g> I really have to unpack this weekend - Josh's cast came off, and he might be able to move back into his room next weekend, which is when my grandfather then might be coming up. But 15 days until I go to Alice's!!!! That's what is getting me through this crap.

June 12, 2001

Death to staples. Sorry, Kristine,

Death to staples. Sorry, Kristine, but my clippy staple remover thingie has replaced you as my best friend. Egads, TI uses way too many staples. Staples are the work of the devil, I swear.

Work was okay today. Went fast, I guess, even if I was there for 11 freaking hours. Heaven knows how many of those I get paid for. Tomorrow, I get to input computer stuff, though, which should make for a nice change of pace. No staples. <.g>

I'm SOOOOOO tired. Last night I had INAAC and didn't get back until 10. Didn't get to bed until 11:30. HUGE storm rumbled through and kept me awake until nearly 1. Josh wakes me up at 5 when he decides to play with his talking Rolie Polie Olie doll. (I was downstairs on the pullout bed because my room was an oven.) Then I was at work from 9-8, because of a meet the parents function for camp. There are some cute kidlets, plus I actually got to talk to the other staffers. They agreed with the suggestions I was able to make, which is good. Also, I no longer have to do snack; I am the closing gal. I get to find a good-bye song. : ) Janet was amazingly cooperative and nice about me missing June 27 to work at Ziipity Zoo Day and then half of June 29 to fly to Chesapeake. And she didn't blink an eye when I asked if I could start working at 9:10 instead of 9, so I could take the 8:59 train instead of the 8:12, and she has no problem with me leaving at 4:25 so I can make the 4:31. She even told me that if I ever needed/wanted, she could easily swing by and pick me up in the mornings, since she goes straight down Ogden to get there, and also that I was doing a really good job so far. So I'm feeling kinda good about this place, for now. <.g>

Oh - I totally have to share next time I have time. Josh's 5th grade class did a yearbook, as they are leaving Laidlaw and moving on to the big bad junior high school. They did these fill out answer sheets, and I so have to share some!!! Like, one girl wants to be either a doctor or a hair dresser. LOL What stunned me was their favorite movies and TV shows. Bring It On, She's All That, Cast Away, lots of Adam Sandler, Saturday Night Live, Friends. 10 year olds! For the love of God, what are their parents thinking? I know, I shouldn't talk. I was 9 and watching Twin Peaks. A lot of it went over my head, and it's possible that it goes right over these kids' too. But what's the fun of watching Friends or SNL if you don't get so much of it? And if they DO get it, well, God help us all. Besides, it's quite distressing to realize that I have the tastes of a ten year old. Many of them also put down HP books. <.g> There's the one boy who's my sweetie, though. If he could be on a desert island with anyone, he'd pick Gary Cooper. He's a classic movie trivia buff who loves HP. Why couldn't he be ten years older? I'd settle for 8 or 9, even. <.g>

Damn, this was going to be such a short entry on the evilness of staples. But now I have to say this one more thing. <.g> Josh, of course, hasn't been in school since September. (We pulled him out and started homeschooling on Sept. 25 because he was being abused by his aide, the damned bitch, may she rot in hell.) He's stayed in touch with several classmates, however, and nearly the entire fifth grade class (three classrooms) signed his yearbook with these incredible messages. Anyway, Josh wasn't in school when they filled out the survey things, so his friend Charlie volunteered to do it. This is one amazing kid. It's so fun watching them together, because Josh is tiny (part of RTS is short stature. He's on the very low end of typical.) and Charlie is taller than me (I'm 5'4). He's been taller than me for about a year or two now. <.g> Anyway, he's a total sweetheart who loves to come over and play with Josh. He'll watch Barney, he'll play basketball and trains with Josh, they'll just hang out on the couch and play Nintendo. It's just beautiful. Anyway. LOL So he filled it in for Josh, and I could not believe how well he knows Josh. Only change I would have made was his memory of Laidlaw - Charlie said their fifth grade teacher, and I would say Ruth and Lisa from kdg. But since Charlie didn't know Josh until third grade, this would be the second choice. So it made me totally smile and be happy to see what a cool friend my baby brother has. : )

June 11, 2001

Well, I survived my first

Well, I survived my first day of work. It wasn't bad, I suppose. I did have to go into the loft at the start of the day, and let's just say that my life is a few years shorter now! I had to climb up this rickety pull down wooden ladder. I finally made it up there, only to realize when I put my hand on the ground to steady myself, my pinky was hanging off the edge, that's how close the ladder was to the edge. I almost burst into tears on the spot. I then edged myself over to the files, where Janet (my boss) was. There was only about a foot and a half across of floor space up there. I clutched the heating pipe and prayed I wouldn't fall through either the trap door down or down the edge into the hallway. I was terrified. I'm getting shaky just thinking about it!! So Janet brought me down tons of files. What I do is go through all of them, and purge out almost everything. Then I shred. I purged all morning, and decided to shred in the afternoon. Bad decision! That's going so much slower, I'm not even half done shredding what I purged.

In the afternoon, there was this little girl in the waiting room. Her little brother was being evaluated, and her mom and the brother's therapist just left her there! This poor child. What a cutie pie - her name was Amber. She kept bouncing and asking where her mom was, her brother, etc. Finally, I kinda adopted her. LOL She came behind the desk with me, and I filed while she drew in her diary and made patterns with crayons I found for her. <.g> Oh my God, she was such a darling. She kept cracking me up. So I spent my break time drawing with her and reading her stories. <.giggle>

I'm super tired now. I wanted to mention that the stupid train got me there an hour early this morning and I walked all through La Grange and got Starbucks' raspberry mocha chip frappacino, I do NOT like Cindy the receptionist person I was supposed to work with, and I went to the INAAC meeting tonight with mom and got placed onto the web committee and I have to quick learn how to create forms and radio buttons for the INAAC website! ACK! Tutorial time, I guess. Oh, and it was almost 90 today. After all these WEEKS of 50 degree temps, it's hot out when I have to leave the house. Grrrr.

Bedtime for Rinas.

June 08, 2001

I meant to do this

I meant to do this a few days ago, but then I didn't feel like blogging. <.g> So, after several days, it's time to find out which is false. Believe it or not, it's #8 - I do not like going to the library and checking out books. I have absolutely nothing against the library. But I have this thing about returning things I borrow - I don't. <.g> I like to own things in case I ever want to read or see it again. Which means my friends have learned that if they lend me things, they either shouldn't expect it back, or should be ready to come over and grab it for themselves. LOL

So, yes, that does mean my mother thinks I'm a pregnant lesbian. I am neither, despite my big crush on Gilly. <.g> Every time I skip my period (currently more than two weeks late), she gets this idea I'm pregnant, and the lesbian thing comes from my lack of boyfriend, and the fact that I like Willow/Tara. Oh, and I watched Xena last weekend. <.g> I first started talking to Krissy when she volunteered to send me a Jax/Sonny story she found, and then she continued to send me stories from the Jax NC-17 list that I was too young for. LOL The bossiness and movie business went hand-in-hand; I wrote adventure stories about my swingset and forced Jon, Dave, Erin and Gabija to act them out. You know, having to cross the jungle-swingset from one side to another because the grass was quicksand, and things like that. <.g> Bossiness gave way to shyness and quiet control freakiness when we moved to WS in 1991 and I didn't know anyone, but really, I was quite the Hermione Granger. I think I'd like to be again.

Oh, and the batting story - I played baseball in 3rd and 4th grade, and then softball through 8th. It was the summer between 6th and 7th, I think. Went up to bat, strike one. Strike two. Next one came, I smashed it out of there and ran. When I arrived safe on second, the adrenaline wore off and I realized I was in a great deal of pain. <.g> Called over the 3rd base coach, went to the hospital. They lasered a little hole in my nail (middle finger on my right hand) and blood fountained up. Splitnered the finger and nail, which fell off a few months later. That's how I can tell which finger now - the nail is a different shape! So is the pad of my finger as a result.

So, that's me. Thanks for playing! <.g>

June 06, 2001

J updated...a lot!! I'm so

J updated...a lot!! I'm so happy, I could cry - I've gotten her hooked on Josh and Donna, and she hasn't even seen them yet! LOLOL We will definitely be watching as much as possible together this summer. <.g> I love your new colors, J, and I'm so glad you're mom is doing well. The afghan is absolutely gorgeous, too...

June 05, 2001

J is hooked on GH!

J is hooked on GH! Yes, honey, I am very proud. ::wipes tear::

Nick Brendon is so cute.

Nick Brendon is so cute. LOL Kinda cool that In Style is doing a photo shoot at his wedding - I think I'd like to see it, since he obviously is okay with that. <.g> I wish I had FX - Buffy reruns starts Sept. 24.

Oh, congratulations, Bonnie!! I'm sure

Oh, congratulations, Bonnie!! I'm sure you and Claire are going to be very happy. : )

Meanwhile, since when is Anne of Green Gables a six book series? Going through Anne of Ingleside is NOT a full set, PBS lady. I know Rainbow Valley and Rilla of Ingleside are more about the children, but they're still a part of the Anne series.

So there.

Hey, wow, Sherry Stringfield is

Hey, wow, Sherry Stringfield is coming back to ER! I loved Susan, but it sucks because Mark is married to Lizzie now.

Dani is trying to help me with my stories now. She's being more encouraging that helpful, but I'll take what I can get. <.g>

Hey, David's on Rosie today!

Hey, David's on Rosie today! Found that out quite by accident. <.g> Oooh, and Dad bought me "Bring it On" last night - it was on sale at Blockbuster. I can't wait to watch it! But not tonight - Anne of Green Gables is on my PBS station. I love those movies.

On Sunday, we went to go see Shrek for mom's birthday. It was okay - my parents liked it a lot more than I did. The humor was more up my dad's alley than mine, but some scenes were just hysterical (like the very last one!). I think Mike Myers could have stayed in his accent much better, too. But the animation was so breathtaking - there was always stuff to look at. I think I would see it again.

June 04, 2001

Following in the grand tradition

Following in the grand tradition of Amy and Kristine, among others, we're gonna play a little game. <.g> Of these ten statements, one is not like the others. Meaning nine are true and one is false. Can you guess which one? Leave your guess under "Words from you." : )

1. My first concert was the Backstreet Boys.
2. My mother thinks I'm a pregnant lesbian.
3. In my greatest inning, I hit a double off of my middle finger.
4. I got hooked on slash and NC-17 stories because of Kristine.
5. I spent my childhood writing and directing adventure movies starring my best friends.
6. I've been hugged by Wally Kurth (Ned Ashton on GH).
7. I have a crush on Gillian Anderson.
8. I love to go to the library to check out books.
9. I was a bossy, take-charge type of child.
10. I learned cursive writing in first grade, and spent recesses teaching it to classmates.

I do not want to

I do not want to be awake. I do not want to be awake, Sam I am. Not in the morning and certainly not before eight.

So it doesn't rhyme. Or make sense, really. TOUGH. I'm exhausted. I want to be asleep. I don't even have to be awake! Today is Josh's IEP meeting, at 8. Mom and Dad were going to go, obviously. So I woke up at 6 freaking 40 in the morning to get ready to babysit. I get out of the shower at 7:20, and they're all, "Oh, hey, guess you didn't have to be up anyway." Josh is feeling off, so dad stayed home. I guess it's fun to watch both ERs (and the end of Lois and Clark) but it would be SO much more fun to sleep!

June 03, 2001

Okay, trying a new comments

Okay, trying a new comments system. It's about all I can do on a free server with no PHP. <.g>

June 02, 2001

Dad rented Billy Elliot for

Dad rented Billy Elliot for us to watch tonight - it was wonderful! I loved it. I also liked seeing Julie Walters in such a large role - she's playing Mrs. Weasley in the HP movies, and I had never seen her work. Now I wish Mrs. Weasley had a bigger part! LOL Mom and I kept going, "Wow, Mrs. Weasley can dance!" and things like that. <.g>

Now it's ten to midnight, meaning ten minutes until mom's birthday. Guess who gets to stay up and wrap all the gifts??

June 01, 2001

A CJ/Sam story!!!!!! They're so

A CJ/Sam story!!!!!! They're so rare, I get so happy to find one. <.g> This is a sad one, though. But very real, too.

Happy birthday, Marilyn Monroe! I've

Happy birthday, Marilyn Monroe! I've been watching her movies on AMC all day, and she was such a brilliant actress. They showed a documentary of her final days, and reconstructed 37 minutes of the film she was working on when she died. It was amazing. I know it was later made into a movie starring Doris Day called Move Over, Darling that I've seen a few times, but damn, Marilyn was so far superior to Doris in all ways. It made me sadder that she died so young.

I'm 64% obsessed with Harry Potter: Very obsessed. You may be suffering from withdrawl symptoms while waiting for the fifth book to come out. Hee hee.

I'm also watching Matchbox Twenty on VH1's Storytellers. I love Rob Thomas. <.g> He was talking about how a fan had come up and asked him if he had broken up with his girlfriend based on the song "If You're Gone," and Rob was like, "No. The song is IF you're gone. If. Pay attention!" LOL It was cute when he said it. The final song is 3am, and it was just him and the piano. Both he and members of the audience were in tears. And me. It was just beautiful.

May 31, 2001

I get SUCH interesting referals.

I get SUCH interesting referals. Things like:
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Ron having sex with sounds very interesting, I think. <.g>